Kenda Klever Rt Review

Kenda Klever Rt Review

kenda klever rt review


While I enjoy the design and off-road performance a M/T provides, my Montero is my main driver. The R/T was the perfect choice. Comfortable cruising speed of 65 mph is achieved without any vibrations or excess noise. It also has predictable tracking and very little wandering. Because the tire weighs 59.96lbs, it has a minimal effect on fuel economy. It is lighter than 10-ply tires, at a 285/70/17 weight. I was surprised by the KR601’s ability to grip roads and perform well under braking and cornering in wet weather. This is an extremely difficult situation for aggressive offroad tires. It is vital for me, since I reside in the Pacific Northwest.

While quite satisfied with the tires’ on-road performance, I have been even more pleased with the Klever R/T’s performance off pavement. With the same comfort I found on the pavement, the Klever R/T’s ride quality and safety on the dirt has improved. R/Ts are capable of handling any terrain in North America. Each situation has shown that the tires are capable of gripping the terrain. Unfortunately, they did not clear stones and gravel from between the tread blocks with equal ease, a fact that becomes apparent through the clicking of rock on tarmac when transitioning back to pavement.

When crawling on trails through Central Oregon lava rock, the aggressive sidewall demonstrated its effectiveness. They now feel confident that they can withstand the toughest terrain.

Amidst the overall good I found in this set of tires, Kenda’s lack of sizing options may deter some. There are currently 29-35 inch sizes available, however, there is no option for sizing 15- or 16-inch wheels. In the current market, it would be a good idea to add 35-inch options for smaller wheels. Kenda’s retailer reach will increase, as would their size options in this tire.

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Longevity has been favorable thus far, with successful balancing of the tires at each rotation, but as I write this review I have begun to notice a slight vibration beginning to develop at highway speeds.

kenda klever rt review

Kenda Klever R/T Kr601 Tire Review & Rating

Kenda Klever U/T KR601 has just been released. This is Kenda’s latest all terrain tire. Designed for light trucks and SUV’s, the Klever R/T (Rough Terrain) is a model that fits between an AT and MT tire. Kenda calls it an extreme all-terrain rubber.

Kenda employs a harder-cutting and more resistant to chip all-weather compound for their T3 Triple Threat sidewall. According to Kenda, this new sidewall will allow the tire to tackle rough terrain without having to give up on ride and comfort quality.

The tread blocks on the upper sidewalls of the tire help to traction in deeper water, gravel, and sand. Kenda engineers put more emphasis on snow performance when designing this tire. The all-weather compound shines in winter conditions. If you require extra grip in harsh conditions, they have pinned the tread to allow for the addition of studs.

In total, 19 sizes are planned to be released in 2018, ranging in size from LT235/80R17 up to 35×12.50R22LT.

Kenda will be creating the model against Toyo R/T (BFG KO2) and Cooper ST Maxx (Copper ST Maxx). That’s a tall order for any tiremaker and it remains to be seen whether they will accomplish their goals. Once the Kenda T/T KR601 is available, we’ll have an in-depth review.

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kenda klever rt review

These are the Key Facts

Official website Available Sizes in line:

Year Released: 2017 Regions for sale:


It took us several hours to read reviews by experts and owners of tires. In summary, this is what people think about Kenda Klever R/T KR601. This is how you vote for each item.

Reasons to Buy Vote if You Agree – Some drivers have commented on how impressed they are by this tire’s quiet, smooth ride.

– Buyers were amazed at the tire’s performance on wet surfaces.

Reasons not to buy – One driver complained that these tires were difficult to balance.

kenda klever rt review

Kenda Klever Rt Sizes

Does the Kenda Klever RO Loud?

The Kever RT tires are not quiet, but they’re still very quiet for their class. Computer optimization has allowed for a more quiet tread design and a lower volume than a traditional all-terrain tire.

What is the Kendaklever-RT good for in snow?

KleverRT has a very aggressive tread pattern with lots of void space. This gives it good grip even in deep snow. But, because it’s not winter-certified, the tread can freeze to the ground in cold weather. The tread loses some of its grip when this happens. To make it more winter-ready, you can add optional studs to the tread.

Kendaklever RT tires last how long?

The tread life of the KleverRT is not provided by Kenda. However, we can estimate that you will get approximately 40,000 miles based upon the specifications, expected use, and reviews from users.

Are Kenda Klever Rt Tires Loud?

The Klever RT’s road noise is a major advantage. This tire has a very cool, aggressive appearance and is extremely quiet. May 17, 2018

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Are Kenda Tires Good Quality?

They provide excellent tread life and are suitable for both dry and wet surfaces. Kenda tires are a favorite among other low-cost tire brands like Milestar, Lionhart and Ironman. For only 10% added cost, Kenda tires perform much better across the range, and they also last much longer.Jul 24, 2020

Are Kenda Klever Rt Tires Good In Snow?

KleverR/T’s “M-S” rating means it will perform better than any snow-specific tire. Its combination of siping, tread compound, and tread design does not allow it to be eligible for the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. Jan 6, 2021

Kendaklever Tires Are Durable for How Long?

Kenda states that the warranty is for 60,000 miles, but you should expect to get closer to 35,000-340,000 miles. Tire performance in snow and rocks is terrible, even though it has a slight advantage.

.Kenda Klever Rt Review