Sony X950H Review

Sony X950H Review

sony x950h review

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

We test the 55-inch Sony X950H XBR55X950H and expect that the same review applies to the 65 inch, 75 in, and 85 inches models. The 49-inch variant does not have Sony’s X-Wide Angle layer, which improves viewing angles. It is expected to have a greater contrast ratio. Additionally, there are differences between the variants. These include speaker configuration, border lines, input location, and the placement of speakers. This TV, also known in Europe as the XH9505, is expected to deliver the same performance.

Let us know if you come across a different type panel or if your Sony X950H does not correspond with our review. We will update this review. Please note that certain tests like the grey uniformity can vary among units.

Size North America Model EU Model ‘X-Wide Angle’

49″, XBR49X950H XD-49XH9505

55′ XBR55X950H XD-55XH9505

65″ KD-65XH9505

75′ XBR75X950H D-75XH9505

sony x950h review

Sony X950H 4K Hdr Tv Review: Seriously Satisfying

While you may not be looking for a TV that is as great as the Sony X950H’s, it’s likely you’ll want one.

If you want a Sony TV with excellent picture quality, and great gamer-friendly functions, then the Sony X900H would be a good choice. It is just below this X950H. But if the quality of your LED TV’s picture is important to you, the Sony A8H OLED TV may be for. If you want the best picture quality Sony makes this year and indeed one of the best TVs you can buy in 2020 consider the Sony A8H OLED TV For perspective, the X950H is available in 49-, 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch versions for $998, $1198, $1698, $2798, and $3,998 ,respectively (nonsale pricing). The X900H is available in five sizes: 55, 65, 75, 85, and 2198 respectively. The 65-inch X950H is $400 cheaper than the X900H.

Sony’s finest TVs are my favorite. It’s picture processing. Sony’s goal of delivering “creator’s intent” may be a marketing slogan, but the company achieves its goals through picture processing. This chip transforms any LED TV panel that can be purchased off-the-shelf into an art piece.

For clarity, I do understand that precision is not an important consideration for many customers. However, it is possible to find cheaper TVs that are more useful for everyday use. Sony does not apologize for making the X950H a niche TV. What is the best TV for you? Let’s make a decision.

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Take your time unboxing this box. There is a ton of plastic clinging to the X950H, presumably to protect its gorgeous, glossy design accents. The X950H also has a large amount of paper. Setup and product manuals are the most common.

sony x950h review


No HDMI 2.0

Very few dimming spots

Motion Interpolation could have been better


Cheapest places to buy :

2020 was certainly a very important year for Sony TVs and for Sony in general. To offer models compatible with the latest PlayStation 5, the Japanese manufacturer needed to prepare a lineup for the next year. However, things weren’t quite as straightforward as we thought. We found that many flagships from the Japanese manufacturer, including the one reviewed here, didn’t have the HDMI 2.1 necessary to fully take advantage of PS5 capabilities. Today’s Sony X950H Review will focus on the best 4K LCD LCD available and whether it is worth your investment.

Although the X950H is a premium flagship TV, it comes packed full of technology features, which makes it a high-end model. But here’s the paradox. While the lower X900H TV features a HDMI 2.1 port the X950H is not and this seems to be a very strange move from Sony with a lower tier model getting such a high profile feature and their flagship isn’t. It shouldn’t surprise that their HDMI 2.1 implementation for their 2020 models was shaky at the best.

sony x950h review

Trickle Down Economics

Technology advancement often brings down prices. This is a good thing. Flat panel TVs were expensive 20 years ago. They didn’t look very good and weren’t really flat. The screen size has increased, the panels have been slimmer, and picture quality has improved. Even technology and features that once were expensive or innovative will soon be available on lower priced TVs. Sony’s Ultra HDTV 4K Ultra HDTV, X950H from Sony is an excellent example.

Spec It out The X950H range of screens is available in screen sizes ranging between 49 and 80 inches. The 65-inch model that we reviewed ($1699.99 MSRP) weighs a little under 50 pounds without the stand and a little over 50 pounds with it. In addition to built in WiFi, the set offers a hard-wired ethernet port, two USB ports, a composite video input, a fiberoptic digital output, a headphone output and four HDMI inputs. All four HDMI inputs can support HDCP-2.3 and eARC. This headphone jack add-on is great, but the set also includes Bluetooth headphones for those who wish to remove that specific cord.

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The Sony XBR65X950H has a 65 inch screen and retails at $1699.99

The X950H series features an LED-lit LCD panel with Sony’s Triluminos technology for enhanced color reproduction. The 65 inch model is affordable, but it also features an array of LED backlights with local dimming to improve contrast and uniformity. For better reproduction of Ultra HD Bluray, streaming or HD content in 4K resolutions, the set also offers HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) support.

The Big Picture HDR Support: This set supports HDR10 and HDL (Hybrid Log Gamma), as well as Dolby Vision. This allows the set to make the most out of the majority of 4K/HDR content that you can buy or rent today. It was a great experience to watch 4K/HDR content, with its deep blacks as well as bright and vivid colors. While it wasn’t nearly as amazing as OLED, the set was still very enjoyable and it cost much less. Sony uses their “X-Wide Angel” technology to help off-axis viewing. It is important to have a large viewing angle if the television will be mounted in a larger room. Viewing content on the Sony Sony side-by-side I experienced very minimal color shift and image dimming.

The X940H Series has 4 HDMI inputs, all which can support HDCP 2.3 content security. It even has a headphone jack.

Sony’s X-1 Ultimate picture processing is made to process SD and HD video and upscale to Ultra HD. The quality of the Sony set was excellent. I was able to watch a couple of (recorded!) football games in 720P HD. The action was clear thanks to the panel’s 120Hz refresh rate, advanced motion processing, and its native 120 Hz panel refresh. Also, with a direct line of sight to the broadcast towers on the Empire State Building from my living room, I watch a lot of news and sports live over the air. The major networks broadcast in 720p [ABC, FOX] and 1080i [CBS, NBC] and these broadcasts looked nice and detailed using the Sony’s built-in ATSC tuner. While it might not have been 4K it sure looked amazing… and it was absolutely free.

sony x950h review

Note: This Review Has Been Updated To Cover Info For The 65” Xbr65X950H

65″ model Introduction Sony’s XBR950 Series is continuing its high-end excellence. The new X950H is Sony’s finest 4K LED/LCD TV. Sony’s latest premium-class display offers the most advanced features and technology, as I will discuss in my review.

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The X950H is available in five size options which include 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 85″ screen sizes.

Design and Feature

Side View 85” The X950H has an attractive yet modest design that is typical for flat-panel TVs in today’s market; which means it doesn’t have any visual features that would allow it to stand out from any other TVs currently available. Although it has a thin bezel, the 85” model looks a lot thicker.

The 65-inch model has a razor thin bezel. The top and sides are approximately 1/4″ thick, with a slight difference at the bottom. This is the thinnest I’ve ever seen. This unique design gives the 65 inch model an unrivalled appearance.

Semi-gloss is the screen’s surface.

To illuminate the pixel structure of its XBR950H, full-array leds are used with local dimming. This backlighting system allows for better contrast levels and black levels as well localized screen dimming.

Is Sony X950H Worth It?

HDR gaming can be done with the Sony X950H. Because of its large color gamut, high peak brightness, and quick response time, the Sony X950H is great for HDR gaming. Even in HDR mode (10-bit), its input lag remains low. Unfortunately, VRR is not supported to minimize screen tearing.

Is Sony A8H Better Than X950H?

The overall quality of the Sony A8H LCD is higher than that found on the Sony X950H. But they also have different panel types. Because the panel is OLED, it can display blacks perfectly and has a larger viewing angle than the model X950H. A8H is faster for gaming.

What TV replaced the Sony X950H

The X950H’s predecessor, the X95J is only available in sizes 65″ and greater, and it will likely cost higher than the X950H at launch.

Is the Sony X950H capable of 120Hz?

Amazon offers the Sony X950H 65″ 4K Smart AirPlay 2 Android Television for $1,398 Shipped … …

.Sony X950H Review

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