2024 Ultimate Guide: Are Knockaround Sunglasses Good? In-Depth Review

Discover the truth about Knockaround Sunglasses in our 2024 review. Are they the reliable eyewear you’ve been searching for? Read our comprehensive guide for quality, style, and affordability insights. Shop smart!

Knockaround Sunglasses Review

knockaround sunglasses review

The Truth About Knockaround Sunglasses

Ryan Corte OD. Suzy Davenport overview Products. Pros. and cons. Order alternatives. Sunglasses, eye health. Summary. We list products that we feel are helpful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Knockaround is an internet brand selling nonprescription sunglasses. You can either choose one of the ready-made designs or you can create your own pair.

This article will discuss what Knockaround means, the products available, how to order and how sunglasses can promote good eye health.

Adam Moyer founded Knockaround in 2005. Knockaround is based in San Diego, CA and offers stylish, practical, affordable sunglasses.

Ready-made, custom sunglasses are available from Knockaround. The company also offers limited-edition sunglasses and collaborates with partners to sell branded and holiday-inspired frames.

Knockaround is not listed on Trustpilot and has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company does have an Amazon shop, where most buyers rate its products 4/5 stars.

Positive reviews indicate that the sunglasses are sturdy and affordable. Customers also mention that the sunglasses are comfortable to wear and stop them from squinting when in sunlight.

knockaround sunglasses review

Shades For The River: Knockaround Sunglasses Review

Disclosure: The sponsored post includes affiliate links. In exchange for an honest review, Knockaround provided compensation and a courtesy product. These opinions are entirely ours.

When you need a pair of shades for your upcoming beach trip, you want something friendly on your wallet that’ll stand up to an intense game of volleyball. If you go with the wrong brand, you’ll end up with a nice piece of trash.

Our Knockaround sunglasses review tested several models from the brand and found that they were the most suitable for an active summer.


knockaround sunglasses review

Are There Other Reviews of Knockaround Products?

Justin (@steele_running). Knockaround received a high-average rating of 4 stars (4.9), with 64,000 reviews. Rarely do you find a company with so much customer feedback. There’s always more information than one can read.

Although I could not find the motivation to review all 64,000 reviews for the book, some of these comments kept popping up again and again.

Reviewers are very conscious of the importance of value. This is the perfect choice for people looking for decent and affordable sunglasses that you can put on all year.

The arms fit snugly on your head, almost everyone says that.

knockaround sunglasses review

Knockaround Sunglasses Review – What Do They Have to Say?

Knockaround Sunglasses: The founding said that his father kept a pair for him when he mows the lawn. They were his ‘knockaround’ shoes. He knew they could always count on them.

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So, I just applied that idea to sunglasses. These sunglasses should be reasonably priced so that you don’t have to worry about them breaking or losing them. It seemed natural that the Knockaround name would be a fitting fit.

I tried the Premium Black – Smoke Knockaround Sunglasses. The polarized version was also available. These glasses are available for just $18.75, as you will see in the photo above. They are only $25 each! The non-polarized version is only $20!

This is much cheaper than my Ray-Bans’ $200 price. Now, I thought about what they were.

These sunglasses were also packaged with a great carrying case. But the truth is is: they are simple, lightweight, nice sunglasses.

There’s no crazy branding anywhere. Bright colors are not allowed. However, you can still see a tiny “K” on the side. You can see it clearly in the photos, but in real life, it’s a little harder to see because of the matte, black-on-black look – which I really like! You can also see subtle branding at the top right corner of the right lens. Again, the K is slightly backwards. It is not very well screened. You’d have a hard time finding it without really looking closely.

Review: The subtle branding is a great idea.

knockaround sunglasses review

How Do Knockarounds Help You Save even More Money?

They still look great. I have worn them all summer. They aren’t scratched at all. They’re not even beat up, but frankly, if they do get beat up, who cares? Because they’re only $20 sunglasses. They’re not the $200 ones!

This is something I don’t like, but now I have flip flops that are “nice”, and flipflops that are “not nice”. Now I’m the guy that has “nice” sunglasses and “not nice” sunglasses.

Check out the Knockaround shades. The Knockaround sunglasses will impress, unless of course you want to wear a name-brand brand. These glasses are a fantastic alternative to the more costly sunglasses. The optics quality is excellent! If you get your sunglasses at Walmart, or at a gas station, there is no weird curvature.

These glasses are great and they’re very comfortable. We’re happy to give Knockarounds the We Tried It seal of approval.


knockaround sunglasses review

Let’s get to the bottom

These sunglasses are fun to design and well worth the money. The sunglasses let you show your individuality while offering sun protection. Polarized lenses are especially useful. Although your Knockarounds won’t last forever you might be able to afford another pair of them every so often.

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knockaround sunglasses review

Do You Want To Knockaround

This is The Backpack Guide. We are always searching for new equipment to review, trails or wildernesses to explore.

I’d love to know if you have any experience with Knockaround Sunglasses and, if so, what you think of them. If you do decide to purchase a pair, let me know what you think about them.

Feel free to reach out to me directly (email below), or share your latest adventure or backpack by tagging @thebackpackguide on Instagram I hope you’ve enjoyed this Knockaround Sunglasses Review and I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. I am available to respond to all questions or concerns.

Go out and “knockaround!”

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knockaround sunglasses review

Review: Knockaround Slingshots Couch Couture Ski Goggles

Knockaround sunglasses are made in California by a company called Knockaround. They also make two kinds of winter goggles for snowboarders and skiers, the flybys and slingshots. These are the Knockaround Flybys and Slingshots Couch Couture goggles that we tried.

This is for the record. The Knockaround Slingshots were used in this review. The post includes affiliate links. We’ll receive compensation for any purchases made after we click these links.

These ski goggles are opaque in design. The 60s were a time when flowers were the dominant element in the design of these ski goggles.

The Knockaround Couch Couture has a strap in floral colors, including white, orange and yellow. The matching lenses feature pink to yellow fade.

They cover the whole face, not just your eyes. That is very helpful during fast downhill skiing or when the weather is bad.

While the design was inspired by historical events, technology has been incorporated into it. Lenses are UV protected, anti fogging, and have anti-glare coatings.

For easy replacement, magnetic lenses are available. You will also receive an extra lens with these goggles. This allows you to adjust your vision for different weather conditions.

knockaround sunglasses review

Recent Comments

Add comment Image courtesy Knockaround. According to Adam Moyer founder, the inspiration for the name came from a pair “knockaround” shoes his father had stored in their garage. Moyer describes, “They could be counted on, they were reliable, and it didn’t matter if you got beat up,”

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That same approach was used to sunglasses. It was important that they be easily lostable or broken. The Knockaround name seemed like a natural fit like, I’m just going to knock around this pair of sunglasses.”

They are stylish and comfortable, which is part of the brand’s appeal. We’ve spotted frames as low as $7 for regular sunglasses $30 for custom-built sunglasses , where you can choose everything from the shade of your lenses to the color of the temples. With literally hundreds of thousands of possible customizations, Knockaround offers an astonishing selection for the everyday sunglass enthusiast.

Because I am a regular user of sunglasses for my driving, walking to work and when I’m outdoors, it seemed like a good idea to try a Knockaround pair.

You can read below about why I carry two pairs of Knockarounds every day.

Knockaround, as I mentioned earlier, offers many different sunglasses. This is great for people who struggle to find well-designed shades that they feel good in.

There are many styles and sizes available at Knockaround, so it was easy to pick the right one for you. The brand offers a variety of sunglasses, including square and aviator styles. I was looking for shades I could take to the beach, so I decided on the “Glossy Tortoise Shell Amber Fort Knocks”. These injection-molded glasses feature hidden spring hinges and a recessed Knockaround logo. These sunglasses are comfortable and sturdy thanks to their form-fitting design.

Are Knockaround sunglasses reliable?

According to the company, its sunglasses are made of durable materials and high-quality material. All Knockaround sunglasses feature UV400 lenses. Knockaround offers reward schemes for regular customers. They are FDA-approved sunglasses and can withstand impact. Jul 22, 2021

Is Knockaround Com Legit?

Knockaround currently has an average rating of 4 stars (4.9) and over 64,000 reviews. July 7, 2020

Does Knockaround sunglasses have UV protection?

Knockaround lenses options Both are excellent at blocking sunlight and have maintained their quality over the course of a month. These lenses have UV400 protection and are resistant to impact. They block between 99-100% UV light. UV400 is essential because UV light could cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Is Knockaround Sunglasses Made?

Sunglasses are shipped from San Diego California and manufactured abroad. … see more.

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