Hypervolt Go Review

Hypervolt Go Review

hypervolt go review

Premium Components, Meticulous Engineering

Hypervolt’s GO feel just as good as the original Hypervolt. The build quality is the first thing you notice.

At 1.5 lbs, the GO feels substantial in your hand. The weight makes it feel like a high-quality piece of equipment without being unwieldy or cumbersome. You will feel the device balanced in your hands and its rubberized handle feels soft.

Fleet Feet’s reviewer states that “it has a really satisfyingweight to it without burning your arm if it’s held for a while.”

Hyperice powered this massager using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It will operate for up to 2.5 hour on a fully charged charge. The speed setting can also affect how long it takes. Hyperice provided different adapters for plugging into power outlets outside of the United States to highlight the GO’s versatility.

There are also two options for attachments to the head box. The broad, flat and targeted bullet-shaped heads can be found in this package. Flat heads are ideal for larger muscles like the quads, hamstrings or chest; bullet attachments allow you to pinpoint trigger points in glutes hips, shoulders, and other complex areas.

Its intuitive operation is what makes the GO so great. Tester who has never tried a massage machine before discovered it was simple to remove the packaging and get started without any complicated settings.

“It is simple to grasp and easy to use,” she stated. The two massage heads are simple to remove and take off. I appreciate that I don’t need to read a manual to use this thing.” Compared to the standard sized Hypervolt, the GO is smaller overall and lighter. Designers managed to reduce the weight by a full pound without sacrificing the power percussive action and speed options.

hypervolt go review

Quiet, Powerful Operation For Warmup And Recovery

The HypervoltGO’s smaller dimensions don’t mean it is less powerful. However, it provides the necessary power to perform a warm up and recovery.

Hyperice designed and built the GO, with its proven brushless electric motor. The 40W model in the GO is powerful and consistent. The GO uses the same QuietGlide technology of the Hypervolt so you can run it without having to wake up your dog or house.

Fleet Feet reviewers love the GO’s powerful punch.

“Even the lowest setting is quite powerful,” one reviewer says. “I typically don’t go higher than the lowest setting on the GO.” Another tester used the GO for a few weeks to accelerate her warmup and cool down after a tough run.

She says that she does a lot of glute activation prior to running and the Hypervolt Go helps speed it up to prepare my muscles for the run. The GO is also useful as a recuperative tool. Two head attachments allow for more flexibility. It is appreciated by users for its ability to quickly change attachments and allow them to use different parts of their body.

A reviewer stated that “the flat head is fantastic for all-over massages, or to target broad areas such as the quads or calves.” Pointed heads are great for deep, targeted massages on smaller issues like hip flexors, hamstrings.

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hypervolt go review

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Hyperice Hypervolt Go The Hypervolt is an advanced percussion massager that fits into a compact, travel-friendly package.

Hyperice built the GO for a beat rate of up to 3200 percussions an minute and gave it a 1.5-hour range.

Although there are better and more sophisticated massagers available, such as Hyperice’s Hypervolt or Hypervolt Plus models, the basic GO model is a great option for those who want a small, reliable, and affordable choice that still delivers plenty of power.

The Hypervolt GO is easy to use and can be used as a standalone device or part of more complicated recovery procedures. It has interchangeable head attachments.

A reviewer stated that “The HypervoltGo is elegant in design, and powerful in functionality.” It is very portable and easy to use anywhere. You can choose between different head styles and massage intensity levels. You can customize your warm-up, or recovery experience with the Hypervolt. Read more about Hypervolt’s big brother!

S t ill not convinced? Don’t sweat it.

Fleet Feet allows you to try your new shoes or gear for free. Our return policy allows you to test drive your gear and send it back within 60 business days. All orders on qualify for free shipping and return shipping. It’s the Happy Fit Guarantee.

hypervolt go review

What is it?

Hypervolt Go takes the entire DNA of original Hypervolt, modifies it slightly and reduces it by 30%. A reduction in size comes along with a decrease in cost. Hypervolt is now cheaper than ever, with a $199 admission fee.

Despite minor design tweaks (no pun intended), GO remains a hypervolt. The GO, like its peers, feels extremely premium in the hands. Tradition has been preserved with the GO’s iconic black soft touch exterior finish and its silicone clad handle.

As with other mini massage guns that we have recently reviewed, there are tradeoffs. Expect disappointment if you expect to get the same percussive-massive benefits as its elder siblings.

The GO is not a hypervolt full-size, however, it might be enough to satisfy your requirements.

hypervolt go review

We now move on to the negatives.

Although we wanted to be in love with Hypervolt GO, it was impossible to commit.

As we just mentioned, it’s the most powerful mini massage gun we’ve tested to date. So why not recommend it? For starters, it’s obnoxiously loud.

Let’s see: The GO is quiet and silent when it’s turned on. When you place downward pressure on your massage head it starts to rattling. We’re not sure if our review unit was defective, but it seems added pressure causes the internal rotary shaft to knock against the plastic body. The noise is alarming and can make you think that the whole thing might have a problem.

The GO is a great vehicle, aside from its noise. It looks great. It is great. Overall, we give it two thumbs-up from the team.

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There are, regrettably, a couple more minor drawbacks that are worth mentioning.

We’ve been very vocal about this in the past, but we disdain the fact that the Hypervolt GO does not come with a carrying case. Hyperice is different from every other company (including Theragun) that does not come with a case. You can purchase this accessory for only $49 more. It’s insane.

Similar to the baggage fee charged by airlines, it feels unfair that you pay more for something that is not included.

hypervolt go review

Meet the Hyperice Hypervolt Go

For those who are always on the go, The Go is a unique product. It offers convenience and portability. It is a compact massage gun. The mini version of mainstream massage guns is a popular trend. Different brands have tried hard to sell them.

Unfortunately, many brands have created these devices too quickly and there is an oversupply of products that don’t meet the needs of consumers. But was the Hypervolt Go rushed, or did Hyperice come up with a well thought out mini massager?

Our knowledge of Hyperice (recently Therabody) is that they are both industry leaders. Some might argue that they have been long-term rivals.

Theragun introduced their Theragun miniature device in May 2020. The Go appeared in November of 2020. Perhaps Hyperice took too much time to launch their mini-gun. Is it worth the wait. Let’s check it out!

hypervolt go review


Comes with just 2 attachments:

If you are looking to target large muscles groups such as the quads or hamstring, this is a must-have. It can be used on the back or chest.

This is used for trigger points in muscles (shoulder blades, ligaments, muscle knots). Only 2 attachments are required for the Go to be used on feet

Unfortunately, a massage gun of this price only includes two attachments. We’ve tested several devices with three or more attachments.

Hyperice, however, may have come up with a better solution than the Theragun Mini that has just one attachment.

Also, it can be used with any other Hypervolt attachments. It’s compatible with other Hypervolt attachments, so if your Hypervolt is full-sized this should not cause you concern.

Hyperice’s primary objective is, like Theragun and their Mini with their Mini, to get the Go sold to their current clientele.

hypervolt go review

*Caress Might Not be All That Tender at All

The Hypervolt’s motor has a powerful output. While you’ve seen many massagers sold at Clicks, which cost R450-R1,700 per head, these aren’t as powerful as the Go’s 40W brushless engine. You can’t press too hard on the chest, and you will lose your breath. Your vision will disappear if you press on your neck. It will bounce and judder like a 4-cylinder engine without three cylinders. Your muscles may be left wondering if they did any workouts this hard before.

You can expect it to last approximately 2 1/2 hours. The rechargeable battery may take longer, however. Because it is less than 1 kilo in weight, even the TSA which has the strictest security protocols outside of war zones will allow it to be carried around with you. Odds are you’ll wind up keeping it close at hand anyway, regardless of the lump it makes in your work backpack.

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Hyperice Hypervolt Verdict Hyperice HypervoltGo is not a masseuse. It isn’t what you expect to hear when it comes up. The first thing you should know is that it’s not relaxing. It’s a proper piece of exercise equipment, a tool that lets your body work longer and harder without suffering from the after-effects of that punishment. Hypervolt can reduce muscle soreness by reducing it to dull, or sometimes completely eliminating it. While you may feel a little more tired after a hard workout, whipping out the massage gun from Hypervolt can really help your muscles go farther than you expected. At 700 grams, it’s very portable, the battery lasts long enough for it to travel with you, and it’ll let you hack your body in unexpected ways.

Is it worth R4,000 to have featured Hyperice Go review?

hypervolt go review

Hyperice Hypervolt Review

Gregory Minnis DPT, Physical Therapy Medically reviewed. Written by Kristina Galaea. Percussion massage brand overview Safety Hypervolt models Pros & cons. Summary: We only include products that we believe are of value to our readers. We may receive a commission if you purchase through the links provided on this page.

Hyperice’s Hypervolt percussion massage guns are handheld devices that people can use to relieve muscle pain, tension, and soreness. For people who do regular exercise, percussion therapy might be a good choice. It may promote flexibility, and assist in muscle recovery.

Hyperice sells three different models of massage gun, each of which offers slightly different features. It is important that people carefully follow the instructions on how to use these devices, as they have the potential to cause injuries with incorrect use.

This article discusses Hyperice and three Hypervolt Massage Guns. These devices are also discussed and some alternatives suggested.

Are The Hyperice Worth it?

The Hypervolt GO is quieter than most massage guns. There is still a slight hum but it will not interrupt FaceTime or Zoom calls. This all makes a consistent, good massage gun which could be the ideal stocking stuffer this holiday season for you and your loved ones. November 20, 2020

Is Hypervolt Go Quiet?

The Hypervolt GO was designed with simplicity in mind. It is TSA approved and offers surprising power combined with quiet operation.

Which Hypervolt Are You The Best?

Hypervolt 2 Pro Our most powerful percussion massage device ever. Hypervolt II Pro has 5 speeds now and an updated digital dial. The Hypervolt II Pro can help you recover and warm up like a pro.

.Hypervolt Go Review

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