Beckett Simonon Review

Beckett Simonon Review

beckett simonon review

Beckett Simonon Durant Oxford Review: A Sharp-Looking Shoe At An Excellent Price

Ben Robinson Beckett Simonon is an interesting brand. Although their shoe designs can be quite beautiful, they are also very reasonably priced at $199 for boots ($149 for GATs and sneakers). I have heard positive comments from other people who have tried them. Full disclosure: They asked me to review their Durant brogues and I accepted.

Not too long ago, $200 was pretty much guaranteed to net you a pair of shoes were actually over-priced something featuring second-rate leather, that were glued together, and extremely eager to fall apart, probably quickly.

That has changed. A good place to start is $200. But $300-$350 can buy you some pretty nice shoes. Shoes that are stylish, comfortable, durable, and that provide all of the benefits that make footwear worthwhile. This movement’s main driving force is the direct-to consumer business model. It aims to eliminate all retail markups, and more often the retail store costs, and then pass the savings onto you, the previously overpriced and beleaguered consumer.

However, this doesn’t make any pair of shoes worth $200 great. In fact, most are still quite bad! Maybe they market savvily on Instagram. They might be great at taking pictures. None of those things mean they’re fantastic at making shoes. Stitchdown will help you to find the best quality footwear for your needs, no matter what price range.

What if you can make the greatest shoe ever for $199. The answer is no. The realities of top materials, construction, and truly elevated design rule that out. However, is it possible for you to be happy with a shoe? Let’s take a look.

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beckett simonon review

Beckett Simonon Review – Our honest thoughts on this direct-to-consumer footwear company

Beckett Simonon brings style to footwear.

When we visited Milan last summer, I was struck by the exquisite leather shoes worn by all of Milan’s men. The shoes looked so much more expensive than my New Balance trainers.

I find it difficult to believe that $300-$400 would be enough for nice, leather shoes when we backpack.

Beckett Simonon reached me about a month ago to offer their shoes or leather boots to me.

I normally wouldn’t openly consider this type of collaboration because Beckett Simonon shoes don’t seem to be budget-friendly to me. However, for $149 to $1229 the price seemed really reasonable.

This was my chance to try out a Beckett Simonon pair of boots. Beckett Simonon’s Male Frugal Fashion Male Fashion Subreddits had positive reviews, so this helped me to make my decision.

Disclosure: Beckett Simonon sent my boots to me for no cost, but for this review I was not compensated.

beckett simonon review

Quality & Beauty

Beckett Simonon makes full grain leather. This is the same type of leather you will find in expensive boots, i.e. It is the finest grade of leather.

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My Gallagher Boots are my favorite pair of shoes. These boots are a perfect mix of dressy and casual.

But they make a wide range of styles from sneakers to super dressy shoes. The following styles are my favorites:

Gallagher Boots are my absolute favorite. I think they’re a great deal considering the high quality of materials and craftsmanship. The look is amazing, I could easily match them with the fashion-conscious Europeans.

They are not cheap, but we think they offer a great value for money. Plus, unlike cheaper boots/shoes, the sole can be replaced so Beckett Simonon’s have a long lifespan.

beckett simonon review

Brogue Battle: Beckett Simonon Vs Allen Edmonds

In one corner we have Allen Edmonds , a fan favorite, and American classic that stands the test of time. Beckett Simonon is a relatively newcomer to men’s footwear. We’re looking at the Beckett Simonon Durant, Allen Edmonds Strand and Walnut as well as the Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue Dark Chili.

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The shoes will be evaluated in regards to style, design, craftsmanship, price, sizing, and durability. Then I’ll conclude by listing the pros and cons of each shoe.

Let’s get to the point.

beckett simonon review

Beckett Simonon Shoes Review

Written by Amy Evans January 20, 2020

Beckett Simonon Beckett Simonon offers stylish and fashionable shoes for men. It is also a fashion brand that’s innovative. The products are handcrafted by skilled artisans using premium materials. This ensures their durability.

Beckett Simonon review will offer insight on the company’s products, so you can make an informed choice before making your final purchase.

Overview of Beckett Simonon Nicholas Hurtado, Andres Nino initially sold their products at retail shops that were selling them misleadingly priced. Beckett Simonon was established in 2011 by Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado to ensure customers receive high quality products at a reasonable price.

They came up with a simple solution: they would be the ones in charge at all times. Because they used third party suppliers to source their goods, the products were customized for each person. Selling online also saved on high prices in retail shops.

Beckett Simonon is proud to create a memorable experience for its customers. The company believes shoes should offer comfort and reliability that you can rely on. The shoemakers even made their foot-shaped molds so you get the best from your shoe.

At their studio in Bogata, Columbia, Beckett Simonon carefully crafts each shoe with materials sourced from Argentinian and Italian tanneries with a guarantee of the finest leather that will last for years.

beckett simonon review

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots Review

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots are a favorite style. You can wear this elegant shoe on casual occasions or for special occasions. These shoes are timeless and elegant thanks to their soft leather shine. These boots will be admired by everyone who sees them. Beckett Simonon has a wide range of Chelsea Boot styles available, to suit your personal style.

The Bolton Chelsea Boot with its tapered waistline and slightly extended shaft fits well underneath slim-fit trousers and suit pants.

The Easton Side Zip Chelsea Boot has minimalist detailing and discreet zipper. It also features an almond-shaped heel that adds contemporary style to jeans, chinos and suits.

The Preston Chelsea Boot line has a western flare, designed for durability and unique marking patterns with wear. This line also offers suede.

Beckett Simonon’s Chelsea boots are available in burgundy and black shades, with a price tag of $229 each.

When I wrote this Beckett Simonon shoes evaluation, the Preston Chelsea Boots Black was my personal favorite. I find flat-soled boots with laceless soles visually attractive. It has elastic side panels that allow for easy on-off and slip-on of the boot as you go to school, work or simply run errands. For every occasion, the boot will look great.

Chelsea Boots

beckett simonon review

Beckett Simonon Oxford Shoes Review

Beckett Simonon Oxford Dean Oxford Review. We can’t leave out the classic Oxford in this Beckett Simonon shoe review. The 11 Oxford styles Beckett Simonon makes are difficult to choose between if you are like me. Every style adds a unique style element to an outfit. It’s easy to find the pair that suits your personal taste.

There are three options available for $199: A classic yet elegant option, such as the Dean Oxford, which is also available in burgundy, black, and burgundy. You should have a pair of shoes like these in your wardrobe. The shoe looks great with simple outfits but can also be worn with a suit or tie. This pair should be a staple in every closet.

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You can think back to when you bought shoes for the first time that you were invited to a party. Beckett Simonon’s shoes are built to last. Your investment will pay off for reliable, high-quality footwear that lasts for years.

You can also choose a suede Dean Oxford option if you aren’t a fan of leather. Brown or chestnut are available for $199. This suede shoe is not for people who prefer a traditional, black leather shoe. The shoe is constructed from water-repellent water-repellent suede. Because there is nothing worse than accidentally stepping in a puddle.

Yates Oxford will give you a unique touch of style. The carefully brogued details will give your outfit some character without trying too hard. With five different colour options, you can’t go wrong. Accessorizing with shoes is a wonderful way to dress up plain clothes. Broguing is subtle but effective in making you stand out among the rest.

Beckett Simonon Yates Oxford Shoes Beckett Simonon Shoes Reviews: What do Customers Think?

In this Beckett Simonon shoes review, you read what I have to say about the brand. Is this what verified customers pay for? Beckett Simonon’s website shows that over 5,000 customers have reviewed the product and 100% would recommend it to friends.

beckett simonon review

All-Day Shoes

Cohen Loafers As New Shoes can be found in nearly perfect condition on most blogs. Because they are so rarely worn over time, it can be difficult to tell how they have aged. We have reviewed many Beckett Simonon pairs and decided to return to the pair we love most.

The above photo shows the Cohen penny loafers as they looked when new. While they’re not my favorite Beckett Simonon shoe, I love their simplicity and use them almost every day.

They live right by my front door, and they are often thrown on and off as I go about my daily business. I am honest to be truthful, I tend not to take care of the shoes I wear most often.

Cohen Loafers After Two Years Of Daily Wear Although some pairs worn for special occasions are treated quite well, the majority are kicked around. Additionally, I’m as clumsy as I am neglectful, which are two qualities that go well together as you can imagine!

Beckett Simonon managed to keep his Cohen loafers remarkably cool despite the punishment! Thanks to their high-quality Argentinian calfskin uppers, they have developed a rich patina, which buffs up nicely when given some care and attention.

The soles may show wear over time, but are unlikely to need to be resoled anytime soon.

beckett simonon review

Closing Thoughts

Beckett Simonon Yates Shoes Although brands often speak of “disrupting fashion” or “paradigm shifting”, Beckett Simonon’s is one that actually seeks to fulfill its promises in such an important way.

Furthermore, the shoes are very affordable and provide great value for money. The shoes age gracefully even when neglected while retaining their shape and comfort. They will likely last decades if you take care of them.

Check out these guides to learn more about Beckett Simonon and its history. Also, see individual reviews of the shoes. If you prefer, visit their website which gives a full overview of all its responsibility-related efforts!

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beckett simonon review

Free Product Review: Beckett Simonon Shoes (With 20% Discount Code)

About three months ago, I was contacted by the brand relations coordinator at shoemaker Beckett Simonon, Adela Cardona Puerta, with a proposition: she wanted to give me a free pair of shoes because she was sure I’d love them and would sing their praises. After I explained my Menswear Musings free product policy, Adela Cardona Puerta said she would be happy to give me if fair and honest reviews. After some discussion about my style preferences and size, she added me to the mailing list for a pair Durant Oxford brogue cap-toe shoes in dark brown.

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Continue reading for my thoughts and then click the link to shop a pair.

They delivered my shoe at the start of January after a wait of approximately two months. Beckett Simonon doesn’t have inventory. Instead, once per month they send a bulk order to their shoe manufacturing factories. Only the sales are taken into account. They say it’s part what makes their shoes so special. Their website states that carrying inventory increases the cost of your shoes in many ways. Inventory takes up storage space that is then added to the overall cost structure. Also, it requires significant upfront investment. This must be backed-up by high profit margins. It makes perfect sense to me. Although I cannot speak for them at this level as I’ve not tried to operate a large shoe manufacturing enterprise. Other factors that may explain their low prices include using factories in places around the globe where there is a higher living wage than here; using high-quality full grain leather, although it is not top-of the line; and selling directly to consumers instead of through wholesale channels.

It doesn’t matter how well the company does business if their product isn’t worth it. They are indeed worth the price. They took me about a month before I could write the review. After that, I was able to wear them two times a week for a while to check how they were breaking in. Even though I don’t know how long they’ll last, I was impressed with their performance after about a month.

Very clean workmanship (no random, scattered stitches) and it’s not something you will find on similar shoes at this price. It’s full grain leather, which means it doesn’t use inferior skins to make it better. The color is a gorgeous dark brown and has a little burnishing at the toe. Adela says it was tanned in Hurlingham (Argentina). We have a great relationship with an established family-owned and operated operation, which has been tanned hides for many generations. They are respected among the top tanneries worldwide,” she added.

Blake/Rapid-stitched, which means they can be resoled (though maybe not by a random local guy And the welt goes around the entire shoe, heel included (a 360-degree welt, as it’s called). While this can occasionally add some weight and bulk to overall slimness, it’s not a problem as the heel cup of these shoes is quite narrow.

I love the last shape of these shoes. It is not too pointed, but tapers wonderfully with a round toe. These look great for closed-lacing dresses. Adela said that they use one last for their dress shoes and another for casual shoes.

Beckett Simonon – How Long Is It?

This process may take up to eight to ten months to complete, but it is worth the wait. Once your items are ready, your order is shipped directly to your door. We offer free shipping, returns and exchanges.

Is Beckett Simonon True To Size?

These shoes will fit you exactly according to your Brannock device. If your measurements haven’t been taken on a Brannock, you can still order the US dress shoe size that you wear. If you have wide feet and normally wear shoes in E width, please order the next half size up.

Is Beckett Simonon Good Reddit?

Dec 31, 2020

Beckett Simonon Is Based in?

Beckett Simonon is a shoe company that sells shoes for as low as $79 and was established in 2012. It is located in Bogota in Colombia. Jan 23, 2013.

.Beckett Simonon Review