Jenni Kayne Review

Jenni Kayne Review

jenni kayne review

Is Jenni Kayne Worth It?

Overall, the Jenni Kayne pieces are luxurious and high quality, although, you are definitely paying a little extra for the brand name. Their 100% cashmere shoes or pieces are my choice over any other products in the collection. Overall, sizing does run large. If you want your pieces to look like how the models are wearing it in the photos then take your usual size for an oversized look. A size smaller is better if you are looking for a flattering look. Crossover sandals and the Cocoon Cardigan are some of my favorite pieces. My least favorites are the Twill Pants and Merino Sweater (because I feel like you can get these styles at other places). Jenni Kayne’s California Lifestyle brand review was a pleasure. Let me know if you have any questions!

Jenni Kayne launched a brand new skincare line recently! You can read my full review of Oak Essentials Line HERE. MORE JENNIKAYNE REVIEWS

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jenni kayne review

Jenni Kay Everyday Sweater Review

It was the beginning of 2020 that I started to shop a lot. My birthday is in December and with Black Friday sales a week before my birthday, and the little birthday shopping that I do every year, I racked up some great purchases that I’ve been trying for the past couple months. JenniKayne Everyday Sweater Review: This is the one thing that I wanted to write about. Although I like the Jenni Kayne aesthetic, it can be intimidating to order a sweater online if you aren’t sure how it will fit.

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I couldn’t find any reviews on the fitting for petite curvy persons in all of my internet research. So I ordered two sizes to see if it was right for me. A medium was ordered in taupe, and an extra large in camel. The colors of both the taupe and camel are gorgeous. I love them so much that they will coordinate with everything else in my closet.

My name is Curvy Petite. I normally wear a size m/l in the top, and an extra large on my bottom.

medium, taupe

big in camel

jenni kayne review

Jenni Kayne Everyday Sweater Fit Comparison

I took several comparison photos so you can see the medium vs. large sizes. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to love both sizes. Both ended up getting kept. Both the large and medium are slightly smaller in both the length and sleeves. The large is roomier and the sleeves are longer. My biggest concern was the length. I had hoped that the larger size would have a longer length. Although it is slightly longer than the large, not much. The sweater I am wearing is technically not a cut, but it definitely has fewer sleeves than some of my other sweaters.

They are both too casual for work. The taupe sweater would be my choice if it was Friday. However, the sleeves are too long for office wear. The only thing that would determine the outcome is whether campus is open for students.

I have been wearing one or both of these sweaters at home, either working from home or on the weekend. It’s so soft and comfortable that they are my favorite sweater. They are too short for me to cook in so I make sure I cuff them when I am in the kitchen.

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Another thing I want to mention is the fabric’s quality. Soft yarn has the tendency to pill, so you definitely want either a sweater shaver or Gleener to de-pill every once in a while. All of my high-quality, soft yarn pills are actually mine. Personaly, my Gleener is available to be used on any of my sweaters.

I really hope this was Jenni Kayne Everyday Sweater review was helpful for any curvy petites out there who are wondering about the sizing! Since I bought them, my Jenni Kayne sweaters are in constant rotation and would be a great purchase.

I’m available to answer any questions.

jenni kayne review


It’s time to move from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption, and do reviews. There are many reviews from Everlane and Elizabeth Suzann on this site. My goal is to live a low-waste lifestyle and I love bags. Jenni Kayne Mules Review. They have been a topic of conversation for nearly a year now (I actually first mentioned them in September 2018), and I finally decided to buy Jenni Kayne mules. Are they really necessary? But, I blame the post-surgery pain medication for this one. Maybe it was my “I feel sorry” shopping impulse lol. I didn’t mind either way, but I do regret buying them. Tl;dr, I will be returning them. Yes, I’m returning them.

This one feels luxurious on the feet. You like this one? This one? Not so much. Jenni Kayne’s version has elastic bands that try to make the mule hug your feet. This is a very cheap option for shoes costing $395. They may feel more luxurious and stretchy than the regular leather versions, but I only have blacks and already own a lot of black mules. Everlane’s Boss Mules, which are $84 less than Jenni Kay ones, feel so much more luxurious. But I must mention that my favourite mules of all time are the St. Agni.

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These Jenni Kayne mules have no cushion in the insole so it’s not something I would recommend for prolonged, strenuous walking. They do run TTS though and the 38 fit me fine.

The mules were disappointing, overall. My wallet however is celebrating. The truth is, you don’t know what something will look like unless it actually happens. It can be hard to stop longing for it and just buy it. In general, Jenni Kayne is a great idea. However, my current collection of ethical brands allows me to create more high-quality basics.

Weekend Update/Ramblings –

Jenni Kayne Products made where?

Because true craftsmanship does not compromise quality, our shoes are made exclusively in Italy. We work with a women’s cooperative in Peru for our textiles, because we believe in building up and empowering communities of women.

Jenni Kay is who?

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors is owned by Richard Kayne, Kayne’s dad. Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors is his sole investment.

Jenni Kayne Is a Person?

Jenni Kayne can be described as an American designer. After her first venture into design, in 2003 she established her unique look. Jenni is known for creating clothes with a subtle, yet classic interpretation of American sportswear. These are, in her view, chic, and even more importantly, simple to wear.

Jenni Kayne Sells?

Jenni Kayne’s cozy and luxurious designs are a favorite of many.

.Jenni Kayne Review