2024 Update: Walmart’s Price Error Policy – Can You Save on Mismarked Items?

Discover if Walmart must honor pricing errors in 2024! Learn about Walmart shelf price policies, mismarked items, and in-store error protocols. Protect yourself from being overcharged at Walmart with the latest updates on how stores handle price mistakes. Click to know your rights!

Walmart is a one-stop shop for a wide variety of products. While the store takes great care in maintaining accurate pricing, there may be times when a product is incorrectly priced. Here’s what you need to know about Walmart’s Wrong Price Policy.

The $20 Threshold

When a product is listed with the incorrect price at Walmart, customers are entitled to receive the difference back up to $20. This means that if you purchase an item that is priced at $10 more than it should be, you can get a refund for the difference. However, if the price discrepancy is greater than $20, the decision will be escalated and determined by the Walmart manager.

Walmart Wrong Price Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know!)

Verification Process

On the occasion that the price difference is over the $20 threshold, you may need to show the advertised price or walk to the aisle with the store manager to show where you took the product from the shelf. This is to ensure that you are not attempting to take advantage of the system.

Amending the Price

The magical number is $20. If the price difference is less than $20, the team member in charge of the register can amend the pricing of the item. This means that you don’t need to go through the hassle of showing the advertised price or taking the store manager to the aisle.

Canadian Price Policy

The price policy for Walmart in Canada requires Walmart to provide customers with the item free of charge should the product price be incorrect. In Canada, customers can also receive $10 off the price of the product in question. This policy is more generous than the policy in the United States.

Store Manager’s Discretion

It is important to note that the store manager is under no obligation either by law or by store policy to honor the price difference. However, as the face of Walmart for that community, it is completely under his purview to keep the peace and grant the difference. This means that if you are polite and respectful, you may have a better chance of getting a refund for the price difference.

Verification at Checkout

Yes, Walmart will check the mispriced item at checkout. This means that you don’t need to worry about going to customer service to get a refund for the price difference.

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Price Change Timing

On occasion, an advertisement for prices will go out before the staff has had a chance to reprint pricing tickets for items in the store. While Walmart stores pride themselves on efficiency and timing for price changes, there are occasional products that slip through the cracks. If you notice an incorrect price, be sure to bring it to the attention of a store employee.

Walmart’s Wrong Price Policy is designed to ensure that customers are treated fairly when an item is incorrectly priced. By understanding the policy and following the rules, you can save money on your purchases and avoid any potential issues at checkout. Remember to be polite and respectful when dealing with store employees and you may have a better chance of getting a refund for the price difference.

For one item , $20.00 or less, adjust. Use “Pricing Error” as the reason for the override. However, use common sense. If the item is $21.00 and they say the shelf showed $1.00, call a CSM to approve it.

One item only is allowed for a price adjustment. Any identical items after are at the price they scan at.

For a $20.00 price difference, call for a price check. CSM will either approve the price difference on the spot or will chase it down at its location.

If it was the only item sitting with a group of others that match the shelf, it was obviously in the wrong place. No price adjustment unless approved by CSM or management.

If it was the only item sitting on the shelf, exercise either the $20 difference or common sense. Greater than a $20 difference get authorization.

Walmart sells thousands of items and is therefore not surprised that Walmart may accidentally overprice products or misplace them under incorrect price sections.As a customer, this can be frustrating, so we’ve had a look at Walmart’s wrong price policy for you! Continue reading for all of the information you require.

Walmart Wrong Price Policy In 2023 (All You Need To Know!)

If a product is labeled with the wrong price at Walmart, customers can receive a difference in the price of up to $20 when the item is scanned at the registers. If the price difference is over $20 for a product, it will be up to the Walmart store manager to adjust the advertised wrong price.

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Walmart Will Honor Products With Wrong Prices

Walmart will often honor any wrongly priced item, so long as it is not an error made by Walmart staffers. An item placed on a different shelf for a customer is acceptable.

Walmart could, for example, stock products and price them incorrectly as cheaper models or versions. Customers have the right to request price adjustments.

This is a good idea if you are going to do this. Take a photo of the products and label so the cashier can see that it has been clearly marked.

Walmart may, however, claim they were wrong and deny that there was any price match.
To avoid any commotion, Walmart managers will often abide by your request and offer to match prices if the situation escalates.

Walmart Pricing Checks a Pricey Item

Walmart personnel will individually decide whether to price test items that are less than $20 from the price marked on the aisle or the price at check-out.

Walmart has a policy of calling a price check on any item with a $20 price difference or greater.
Staff will decide whether the item is placed through at the initially stated price or checked out. These decisions can vary between stores.

Walmart Misprices Items Frequently

Walmart often charges items incorrectly for customers who move or store items on the wrong shelves.
Walmart staff may also incorrectly price products if they label them incorrectly on their products or on the aisle pricing tag.

Walmart workers may stock some items in the wrong place. It can make it appear that the item costs less than it actually costs.

Walmart employees work tirelessly to ensure that prices are correct, however technical problems may occasionally occur. Sometimes, an item on sale may not have been marked as discounted yet at the checkout.

Walmart Wrong Price Policy Canada

Walmart Canada shoppers will be able to get their items at no cost if the customer pays more than the listed price. This is up to a maximum of $10. Additionally, if there is a wrong price on an item, Canadian shoppers can receive a $10 discount on the price.

How can I get my money back from Walmart?

The best thing to do is go back to the same shop with both the receipt and the item. Then, calmly approach the customer support desk to explain the situation.

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The manager may ask you to prove that you know the correct price for the item.
This information will be taken into consideration by the manager who will decide if they want to refund part of your payment.

Walmart cannot issue partial refunds. This is very important. If you don’t receive a full refund, you have the option to keep it or return it.

For more information, see our guides to Walmart Price Matching and Walmart Price Matching at Other Walmarts.

Additionally, you can see our post on why Walmart’s in-store prices are different from their online prices.


It is down to staff discretion whether a mispriced item will take the lower price.Walmart has a Price Match Guarantee policy, which allows customers partial refunds on items purchased elsewhere.

Walmart must honor a mispriced price

Does Walmart Honor a Product Labelled With the Wrong Price? Walmart will usually honor any incorrectly advertised price as long as the mistake was made by a Walmart Stocker. An item can’t be placed on another shelf than a customer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The law. It is generally believed that retailers are not required to honor posted prices if they make a mistake. Some stores may do this as a matter of policy or in individual cases.
Walmart will correct the price for products that are reduced within seven days after purchase. Clothing, clothing, accessories, decorations, furniture and automotive products are all covered.

Walmart Wrong Price Policy

Does Walmart Check Price Overrides?

Walmart will review the item that was mispriced at checkout. Walmart now offers self-checkout which adds an entirely new aspect to the situation. Dec 27, 2021


Walmart Wrong Price Policy In 2023 (All You Need To Know!)

Question Answer
Can customers receive the difference in price of up to $20 when the item is being scanned at the registers? Yes
Is it acceptable to place an item on a different shelf to a customer? Yes
Does Walmart charge items incorrectly for customers who move or store items on wrong shelves? Yes
Does Walmart staff incorrectly price products if they label it incorrectly on their products or on the aisle pricing tag? Yes
Does Walmart have a Price Match Guarantee policy? Yes
Does Walmart honor a product labelled with a wrong price? Yes

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