Kamikoto Knives Review

Kamikoto Knives Review

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knives Reviews

There’s stiff competition in the Japanese knife category. Kamikoto knives are the best or is it a well-marketed, but not very special product?

In today’s Kamikoto review, I will be focusing on this topic. I’ve collected a fair bit of wisdom and experience with cutlery in my decade of professional kitchen work, and am happy to put it to good use.

This guide will take you through everything that Kamikoto knives have to offer. After reading this guide you will be ready to determine if Kamikoto is worth adding to the kitchen.

Kamikoto knives can be described as a classic Japanese knife. Their single bevel blades take some finesse, but deliver exceptional cutting power. Beginners may have trouble getting used to this new blade style. Intermediate and advanced chefs will appreciate how sharp these knives are. The price is comparable to Japanese knife brands and they are a good choice for any kitchen.

It is possible that we might earn commissions if you buy something.

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Japanese Knives Buyers’ Guide: All You Need to Know

Kamikto makes traditional Japanese knives using time-honored techniques. A few Japanese knife producers incorporate modern techniques. Kamikoto, however, sticks to the traditional style.

It is particularly evident in single-bevel blades. This type of sharpening is also called “chisel style blades”. It produces an extremely sharp single edge. Kamikoto knives demand that their owners employ a cutting technique different to standard knives. It is extremely easy to learn and it provides unparalleled control and precision.

Kamikoto may be based in Japan. But their premium knives are actually made in Yanjiang. I think this has caused some concern online, but it is not a problem. Yanjiang’s knife making history is as long-standing and extensive as Japan’s Seki. And since Kamikoto uses Japanese Niigata steel for all their knives, they’re of the same discerning quality as any other Japanese blade.

Kamikoto’s pricing structure is the only thing I have a problem with. It is clear that Kamikoto’s direct-to–consumer business model allows for lower pricing. However, their website displays an overinflated price, often into the thousands.

My tip? Avoid the sales-driven gimmicks and concentrate on the knife’s quality, relative to what they cost. Kamikoto’s Japanese knives have a lot of things to offer, and that is what I believe you will discover.

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knives are Worth it?

All that matters is your needs, wants and budget. Kamikoto knives stand out as great displays, and more than almost any other brand. Although they are not as functionally superior than other premium knives, the Kamikoto knives come with display stands, look great, and when you Google the brand name they’ll be able to show you a price list that includes an extra zero.

Kamikoto knives might be well worth the money if your main concern is impressing people at home.

However, the truth is that they aren’t sold at their full MSRP. Each Kamikoto knife that I have researched had an interesting history of deep discounts. Companies often use these knives to give gifts and prizes of high value. This means that they are quite expensive.

You can make these knives more attractive by finding a deal for around 50% less than MSRP. Kamikoto knives aren’t my favourite brand of knife, but they still make high-end knives that have a lot of “wow”. These knives are not exactly the most cost-effective in cutting, slicing, and chopping but they can be bought on sale at half-off or more.

Note that the prices of internet sales fluctuate a lot. While these knives have been on sale occasionally in the past, there’s no reason to believe that they’ll be on sale in the near (or distant) future. It’s best to get a Yoshihiro if you don’t have time to wait. However, if you do need to buy a Kamikoto set at a lower price, it’s worth waiting.

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kamikoto knives review

Japanese Knives, Chinese Made Knives

Before we go into detail about individual knives, let us talk briefly about the country-of origin. These knives were made from Japanese steel in China. These knives are made by knife-making artisans in China. Many people believe they are inferior to Japanese knives because of their Chinese origin. Kamikoto knives might even be made with fake Niigata iron, as some claim.

China doesn’t have a better knife-making skill than Japan. Though these knives can be more dangerous than knives made from Japanese brands, the country they came from is irrelevant. These knives are based on the designs and materials used and quality assurance by the manufacturer.

Kamikoto knives may also be called “traditional Japanese knives” by many. It’s okay. Although some Kamikoto knives may be heavier and thicker than one would expect, they work well as knives. Japanese knife makers don’t only make single-beveled, super thin blades.

Yoshihiro produces a range of knives in thicker, symmetrical styles. It seems that there’s no harm in buying a Kamikoto, despite the fact it has some Western elements.

kamikoto knives review

Should You Buy Kamikoto Knives?

Kamikoto knives can be quite expensive. Although they can often be purchased on sale, the price is still higher than Yoshihiro knifes or top-brand knives. They’re great knives.

They’re also beautiful and have a bit of additional prestige that comes from the high cost of each knife.

If you can afford them, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a set for your kitchen. It’s best to shop around for deals or buy a different brand if you have a limited budget. Kamikoto knives are absolutely not worth the full MSRP for most households. They are known for their deep sales. Their future deep sales are more profitable if they can be spotted.

Kamikoto knives are made in China. However, it shouldn’t affect your choice. Kamikoto uses knives made by Japanese manufacturers that look very similar to Kamikoto knives. The Chinese craftsmen Kamikoto uses are as talented as those employed in Japan. Although the Kamikoto knives might not be for the most discerning of knife-makers, they are beautiful and do great job in the kitchen.

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kamikoto knives review


Some users believe the knives by this brand don’t have a good edge and aren’t sharp enough. Others claim they come dulled or imperfect

Kamikoto’s minimalist aesthetic matches the simplistic yet powerful nature of its knives. We can see that the duality between the sleek blades and the simple black handles is a sign of their purpose.

In the next section of this Kamikoto knife review, we’ll take you on a journey through the brand’s diverse sets before showing you its most popular blade.

Kamikoto knife set review: The company makes its knives mostly in Tokyo’s shoreline using traditions passed down through the generations.

Kamikoto knife review will feature the brand’s best-selling sets, ranging from those specially made for meat slicing to expansive collections that help you excel in the tasks before you.

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kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife-Set Review

Let’s find out what the Kamikoto Kanpeki knives set looks like after we have done a hands-on two-week-long test.

Note: A lot of people call the knives and the brand fake. Truth is, Kanpeki Set (Genten) are made from Japanese Steel, and sharpened at Yanjiang in China. Yanjiang has a rich history of both knife-making and swordmaking. Kamikoto headquarters is located in Japan, and the Genten series products are marked as “Products of Japan and China”.

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Kamikoto initially offered to send me the knife set for review. I was skeptical, as it is my first sponsored deal. They stumbled upon my first cookbook on Amazon by accident. They are great quality knives. I’ve been using them for about two weeks. These knives are extremely well balanced, despite their solid weight. They feel good in your hand and truth be told: They are sharp as f***! These knives will last me for many years. This is the fuller review.

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knives: Review + Top 3 Best Picks In 2021

Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy a high-grade set of knives may be? Nearly all of us know that there’s one place in the world that has an indisputable reputation for making them well. We’re going to be reviewing Japanese knives. These are known for being high-quality and very affordable.

In particular, three top-quality handcrafted Kamikoto knifes will be reviewed to assess their suitability for your purposes.

Honshu-steel blades are perfect whether you need a set for kitchen use or to display.

Kamikoto knives can be heavier than any other Japanese knife, and are well-known around the globe. However, there are many Japanese high-end knives that can be purchased on the marketplace. So why should you choose a Kamikoto blade?

Here’s a brief history of Kamikoto knives. The island of Honshu, and particularly the city of Niigata, have had a rich heritage in metalworking since the Edo period. Kamikoto became a part of this industry of blacksmiths and metal workers, and continue their craft to this day.

Japanese craftsmanship is distinctive… Japanese blades are distinguished by their unique designs and superior quality. Kamikoto, a Japanese company that specializes in metal work from the Pacific Rim, has noticed a marked contrast with inferior works.

Kamikoto’s family business was founded in 1908. They had a long history forging Samurai swords. One time, they made steel blades that were used by the Japanese navy.

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knife sets at their best

Kamikoto offers a variety of great knives sets. They all come with an elegant wooden gift/wooden storage box. If you are planning to gift them, it makes an excellent presentation. These make wonderful anniversary or wedding gifts. We review three of the best Kamikoto knife sets as rated and voted by customers. Take a look below to see what makes their knives so sought after by many Michelin star chefs.

But before we discuss each specific knife set, first let’s talk about the core principles of Kamikoto knives and what they’re all about. Each Kamikoto knife is use using 100% Honshu steel, 420J2 steel for the Genten Series or SLD steel for the Ganjo Series. Genten Series blades have a HRC of 53 due to the 420J2 steel, while SLD steel has a 62 HRC. These knives will keep their edges for a long time. These Ganjo knives, while being hardened, can crack if they are not maintained properly.

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Santoku Knife Review:

Our last Kamikoto knife review was their Santoku Genten. The Santoku knife is a Japanese chef’s knife that has become very popular over the last 5-10 years. For those home chefs that already have all the knives they need in a set, this is a nice specialty knife that will really impress. This is a great gift for someone who doesn’t want to spend as much on a set of knives, but still wants something affordable. The storage/gift box is included, as can be seen.

This is less of a show-piece that the knives above. This santoku is the perfect work horse, and will get to work in your kitchen. Americans will love this particular knife because of its unique shape. The thicker spine with slight curve and the slightly curving blade make it an ideal santoku. We’ve all be trained to cut with a rocking motion on our chef’s knives. This traditional Japanese knife is single-bevel. The blade is sharpened only on the one side. Left-handed chefs will not find it useful.

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The knife’s reviews will show that many people think it is balanced, sharp, well-made, and easy to use. Kamikoto knives were also praised for making cooking at home more fun. Any when you see the price today when compared to the previous MSRP of $675, you’ll be thrilled at the potential savings.

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kamikoto knives review

A Lot Of People Are In On It (Paid Media Collaborators)

They not only pay American chefs, but also provide media collaborations like “My husband is a sushi chef and this is his favorite Kanpeki knife set. The knives, which are beloved by sushi chefs, have Japanese-steel blades that are handcrafted.” While they can imply any and all things, such as Japanese chefs, sushi chefs, or chefs of Japanese cuisine, will not allow Kamikoto to speak the truth.

Kamikoto, a master in traditional knife making practices, is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from Niigata in Japan. This town, which has over 1,000 years worth of history in sword and knife manufacturing, also boasts blacksmithing. Yanjiang is today the centre for Japanese-style knife balancing and forging.

Our blades are made by a small group of skilled craftsmen from Yanjiang in China – a place with more than 1,000 years worth of sword and knife making history and, today, the most important center for Japanese-style knife forging.” CA.Kami

kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto Knives Reviews Versatile, Durable Options

Kamikoto, a Chinese knife maker uses traditional Japanese techniques to make Japanese-style blades. To stay current, several Japanese knife makers include new styling details. Kamikoto sticks strictly to its classic design. This Kamikoto knife review will provide more information.

Kamikto single-bevel knives are the best example of their distinctive Kamikto quality. This cutting technique is sometimes called “chisel,” and it produces a sharp, single edge. Kamikoto knives have to use a different method of cutting than standard knives.

You will soon become comfortable with the process and it gives you unparalleled control over your kitchen. It’s also regarded as robust when compared to Western kitchen knives. It is light and allows you to control your cutting.

Honshu, in particular the city Niigata has had a distinguished history of metalworking since the Edo Era. Through this business of blacksmiths and metal artisans, Kamikoto got involved, and they have maintained their skill to this day.

Utility knife Nakiri knife

8.5-inch slicing knife

Wooden box

Kamikoto made in China

Kamikoto knives were made in Niigata Japan. Several sources claim that certain blades were made in Yijjang (China). Jul 2, 2021

Kamikoto knives are forged?

Kamikoto’s blades are made of high quality Japanese steel. Kamikoto gets its steel from a few steel mills in Honshu Ben Zhou, one of which is located near the prefectures Niigata Xin Xishi, Ibaraki Ci Cheng Xian a Kanagawa Shen Nai Chuan Xian.

Kamikoto: Is it Real?

Kamikoto has its headquarters in Japan. However, the high-end knives they produce are actually made in Yanjiang. Kamikoto’s knives use Japanese Niigata stainless steel. This makes them as discerning as any Japanese knife.

.Kamikoto Knives Review

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