Bellami Hair Extensions Review

Bellami Hair Extensions Review

bellami hair extensions review

Remy Human Hair Extensions Reviews

Hair extensions are used by many celebrities, including women. Some conceal it, some show it off, but others are proud to display it on their social media. However they agree that extensions should be invisible so they can seamlessly apply them, mix the colors and match to perfection.

You will find detailed customer reviews for many hair extensions brands online. These descriptions can help you determine the quality and worth of your hair extensions. There are some key points to consider:

THE BENEFITS Length, thickness and shine – Although we know that hair extensions can enhance length and thickness in your hair, the best ones are double drawn. Bellami Hair is a good example of this. You get the same length with double drawn hair as with single drawn. With single drawn hair the thickness and length vary. Bellami Hair Bambinas 20-inch strands are 20 in length. With single draw brands, approximately half of the hair will be 20 and 12-14 inches respectively, making it appear thin.

You can’t match your natural color with extensions. The shade may not be exactly the same as your hair (and some people have already had their hair colored). Bellami Hair extensions are unique in that each shade captures highlights and lowlights from your hair. They blend seamlessly with any natural color, regardless of whether it is lighter or darker.

Styling – As 100% remy human hair extensions are heat resistant, you can style them as you would your natural hair using a blow dryer, straightener or curling iron. Bellami Hair extensions also have a silicone strip on their clips that further protects the hair it’s attached to, never snagging or pulling, while hair extensions stay perfectly secure and intact, without the use of additional products that can potentially damage the hair. These high quality hair extensions also hold a curl or any particular style option extremely well so there’s less of a need for extensive styling or heating product usage.

Bellami Hair is known for its variety. With more than a dozen color choices and many different colors ombres or balayages available in various volumes and thicknesses, there are hundreds of styling options. Bellami Hair products are proud to have had exclusive collaborations made with famous names such as Guy Tang and Lilly Ghalichi. The celebrity endorsement has been placed upon the product and millions of people on social media love sharing their own unique look using the extensions. This brand is unique because of the level of enthusiasm it generates, not only due to celebrity supporters but also the high quality and immense value that the brand offers.

Bellami Clip-in hair extensions require very little maintenance. They are easy to use for anyone with basic skills. It all depends on how many times you wear them. Because they don’t stick to your hair permanently, they won’t absorb any oils from the scalp and therefore do not require daily washing. They can be washed once or twice a week, if they are worn daily. It’s possible to wear your extensions on occasion. You won’t likely need to wash them often. You should use your best judgment to care for hair extensions. Always use mild products, which are free of sulfate or paraben. This will extend its lifespan.

bellami hair extensions review


You’re probably familiar with Bellami Hair, thanks to the immense popularity of this company and its use on social media. Bellami Hair may be the best-known online company to do hair extensions. It has seen a tremendous growth rate. We don’t take into account its annual revenues because Bellami is a private business and such information is not available to the general public. We can therefore only estimate. They are still the most well-known hair extensions company via social media. Their physical presence is also far more than that of any other company. They do own some hair salons within the United States. Recent expansions of their business to Canada include the opening a Bellami Hair salon, Vancouver, Canada. It’s a significant step in a business’s development to open a salon. There aren’t many hair-extension companies that own their own salons and do so in at least two countries.

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Bellami Hair is a well-known and popular hair brand that has grown rapidly. Does their celebrity and success imply quality service and high customer satisfaction? It technically should. But it doesn’t have to. Unfortunately, when companies expand rapidly, their quality and customer service can’t keep up with the expansion and they begin to decline. It’s like a big blob of slime. You can handle it well if it’s small. The slime will eventually break down if it is expanded. This is similar to the rapid expansion of a company.

Keeping in mind the popularity of Bellami Hair, I decided to check for myself if their products were actually worth the fame and the price. This review will include my overall experience with Bellami hair. Since I haven’t been to Bellami Hair in person, the review is focused on Bellami Hair online. Their shipping, pricing, customer service and delivery will all be the focus of my review. Bellami Hair’s quality can be found here. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself before we start reviewing it. A certified professional hairstylist in the installation of hair extensions. As a hairstylist for many years, I’ve acquired a lot of expertise. I was introduced to hair extensions by my friend. It’s amazing how quickly and easily they can change a person’s appearance and solve almost any hair problem.

Also, I am a professional editor. Since I’ve had the opportunity to interact with many brands and companies dealing with hair extensions, I know how to properly assess the quality of hair extensions. My skills will help everyone understand the differences between different brands and types of hair extensions.

That being said, the one thing that annoys me more than anything is when fake reviewers, or shall I say, “paid reviewers”, talk about hair extensions and other similar products that they’re not qualified in reviewing. Has anyone ever witnessed a dermatologist or a doctor perform skin grafts? Each individual is skilled in their particular field. Only a person who is qualified in their field can assess products that are related. Because I am only trained in hair-care products, you won’t see me reviewing skincare products.

Many people post negative reviews because they are offered a reward for their opinions. Bellamihair is one example. You may have noticed YouTube reviewers who gave positive feedback about the hair. They also had a coupon code for Bellamihair named after them. Those coupons are provided by Bellami Hair to the reviewers to make the reviewers write a positive review about them. This fake reviews convince others to purchase Bellami Hair products. This is called affiliate marketing. It is a form of marketing that uses “affiliate marketing”. However, reviews should be truthful and objective. Reviews must not have been paid for by the company they are reviewing. Not only do such bloggers and YouTubers promote dishonest reviews and guide the ones following them incorrectly but they also diminish the credibility of other websites, like this one, that is dedicated to giving unbiased product reviews. It’s a loss of the true essence of blogging and reviewing. Most bloggers are motivated by monetary gains and don’t have passion for either the industry or reviews. This was one reason I started writing reviews and creating this website, aside from my love for hair extensions. All the reviews that I’ve posted on this website are 100% genuine and unbiased because I paid for the products with my own money in each case!

This doesn’t mean, however that every Bellami Hair review on the Internet is fake. Keep reading to find out my personal review on Bellami Hair in general!

bellami hair extensions review

Bellami Hair Reviews

Below is a personal review of Bellami Hair. This Bellami Hair review is based on my personal experience with Bellami Hair. For a more detailed thorough review regarding the hair quality offered by Bellami Hair, please click here . Bellami Hair’s customers also have reviews. Bellami Hair’s hair extensions are worth my time. I conducted a brief internet search before buying them. I was surprised to find so many negative reviews, which I don’t believe are genuine. However, as well as had a large number of bad reviews. These websites had the most negative reviews. Some customers weren’t satisfied with their Bellami Hair products and urged other people to avoid Bellami Hair. You can see my thoughts in the screenshots I posted below.

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. 62% were poor reviews and 29% was good. Only 10% of all reviews were favorable. You can view the reviews and comments people left about Bellami Hair. It’s clear that many customers weren’t satisfied with their products. This is only one site. Let me show you screenshots of Bellami Hair reviews on , which has many more active users than TrustPilot.

Bellami Hair was again given a very poor rating. This hair was given a rating of 1.9 from 5 by 182 average ratings/reviews. This is because the rating of this product was more widely shared than on TrustPilot. Both ratings, however, are quite poor. As you can see, customer satisfaction was low with Bellami Hair products.

Why, you ask? It’s because I was told to not trust anything I found on the Internet. Bellami Hair has two hair salons, and is the world’s largest hair extension firm (I believe). This isn’t an accident. Bellami Hair extensions was ordered by me to see if they were worth their fame and price.

bellami hair extensions review

E-Commerce: What’s the Good?

It comes as no surprise, then that e-commerce continues to grow due to its convenience. Bellami Hair has opened numerous hair salons in North America. Recently, they opened their first Canadian salon in British Columbia. But, this rapid growth comes with many negative consequences. In fact, online shopping has a great drawback; that is, companies can easily manipulate their reviews and tempt customers into buying their products even if they’re of a very low quality. In addition to this, I’ve been taken advantage of by hair-extension companies. This happened not once, twice, but many times. Because of these issues, I ended up having to bring a dispute with my credit union, only to be told that they had cheated me. This leads me to the realization that many credit cards companies refuse to do business with hair extension sellers. It’s both shocking and disturbing at the same moment.

Stripe and Braintree, the two most well-known payment processors have a very strict policy regarding hair extensions. A number of drawbacks are associated with the hair extension industry and no dealers in their network can sell it. This is why no reputable payment processor would permit such an act.

There aren’t any strict regulations for e-commerce. The customers cannot physically touch or see the products. This is why it’s so simple to con them. It is possible to deceive customers using advanced payment methods. Customers who shop online often receive two items. Of course they will have already made the payment by opening their parcel. Also, it’s impossible to lodge a complaint regarding the order because the company already knows the facts and doesn’t want you to be sorry. Online shopping has many risks that can make it easy for businesses to scam customers.

Online retailers are able to use a variety of tricks, unlike the world outside where regulations and rules must be adhered to. Online companies often use it to manipulate online reviews.

bellami hair extensions review

Bellami Hair Extensions: Reviews

In light of the information above, can the online reviews of Bellami Hair be trusted? Bellami Hair manipulates online reviews to get fake, positive feedback that tricks gullible customers in buying their products. In my opinion, I don’t know! Can you imagine? What do I know? A lot of YouTube videos that review Bellami Hair clearly have Bellami Hair sponsored content. I’ve read some reviews accusing Bellami Hair of filtering reviews on their website (but how can we verify this?). Therefore, it is important to read Bellami Hair reviews on a different platform than YouTube and the company’s website. Online retailers can fool their customers quite easily, I’m sure.

In general, these are some of the best places you can read honest reviews from customers:

Google Places reviews Google Reviews Trust Pilot BBB Website Jabber Makeup Alley. Independent review websites such as this Bellami Hair have many positive reviews, however a Google search will uncover something else. If you search TrustPilot BBB MakeupAlley, it will reveal that Bellami has many disappointed customers and low-quality reviews. It was quite surprising to me. This surprised me. Luxy Hair Bombay Hair Clip Hair has high ratings from reviews sites.

Of course, bad reviews are inevitable for any business. Not everyone is going to like your product even if it’s 100% real and genuine and delivers what was promised. Negative reviews can be a part of every business. But that’s just one side of the story. It isn’t the main point. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Bellami Hair is the largest hair extension provider in America, and it doesn’t take long for that to become a household name. Bellami Hair Extensions is a good choice for people who like it, despite the fake reviews.

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You should keep in mind, however that negative reviews are generally more popular than positive. Bellami Hair could have been the victim of rivals trying to destroy their reputation. Obviously, this is just a though and I cannot know the real answer. Bellami Hair is so well-known that it has millions of fans all over the globe that I believe other people may have given fake negative reviews.

To settle this dispute I will be writing an honest review about Bellami Hair Extensions, which I purchased with my own cash from Bellami Hair. Because I use my own money, I made it explicit that I was using it to make my point.

Bellami Hair Extensions might not make sense if you’re still unsure. Keep reading to discover more about Bellami Hair and its quality.

bellami hair extensions review

Hair Quality

When I went online researching Bellami Hair extensions before I purchased them, I attempted to separate the true reviews from those that were fake. I was shocked to learn that Bellami products received many negative reviews. Because of the many negative reviews, I was really worried. Bellami Hair is known for having unhappy customers. These people are trying to make it seem like they don’t care about their experience and convince others not to purchase Bellami Hair products.

Bellami Hair received poor reviews from many of its customers. Bellami Hair is a bad choice on, I’ve attached a few screenshots from these websites to show you exactly what I’m talking about. took the above screenshots. You can see that Bellami Hair received 21 reviews, with 62% rating them only one star. Bellami Hair has also been criticized for the poor quality of their hair. Bellami Hair’s reviews have been very negative. Bellami Hair received just one to two good reviews, out of 21. We’ll now look at the opinions of MakeupAlley about Bellami Hair.

Taken from, the screenshots below show Bellami Hair receiving a rating at 1.9/ 5 through 182 reviews. These 182 reviews are a majority of disappointed customers and they will tell you not to purchase Bellami hair products ever again. This can’t possibly be an accident. I mean, getting 1.9 out of 5 on a trusted review website is bad, really bad. Bellami Hair has also been featured in a screenshot with some comments. The customer satisfaction level is low, and hair extensions quality is very poor.

Bellami Hair is a company that works with Guy Tang, Kylie Jenner and Kylie Jenner. One more interesting fact.

Bellami Hair founder Kylie Jenner bought Kylie’s house. Bellami Hair has a huge name and is so well known that they can be trusted. This cannot just be due to being scammed. In this light, I ordered Bellami Hair Clip-In extension to check if the product was truly worth the price.

What is the life expectancy of Bellami hair extensions?

How long do BELLAMI Hair extensions typically last? BELLAMIS hair extensions can last anywhere between 3 and 6 months depending on how well they are maintained and used.

Bellami Extensions for Hair are Real?

Bellami Hair extensions use 100% remy, human hair. They have been carefully separated after being collected to ensure the best quality. Bellami Hair is the leading supplier of Clip-in and Tape-in hair extensions.

Bellami hair is from China

March 30, 2015

What length does Bellami hair take?

Bellami ships all orders via our Los Angeles-based worldwide distribution center. Bellami operates a modern facility that ships over 99% orders by noon Pacific Time. Orders placed between Monday and Friday are shipped the same day.

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