Z Grills Review

Z Grills Review

z grills review

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z grills review

Z Grills line-up

Z Grills sells three types of grills, in different configurations.

You have the “basic series” which includes the smaller 450, 550 and 450A which comes with (you guessed it) 450 square inches of cooking space.

The 700 series, which features the 700E as well as the 700D4E, is in the middle. For most, this is the perfect size.

The 1000 series houses the most powerful grills, such as the 1000E. Within each series, you have plenty of choices with different color configurations and storage options.

Z Grills offers a comparison tool which allows you to plug in 3 models of grills and then compare their specs.

1. Z Grills 700D4E Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker – Our Top Pick.

Main grill offers 697 square in cooking space. It is evenly divided between the main rack (504), and the tops racks (193). The 700D4E’s body is entirely made of rolled or stainless-steel and includes double-wall insulation.

z grills review

Here’s what I don’t like about me:

A single shelf area. You don’t have any other options. I love to have a front or side table that I can set my things down on while I cook.

Z Grills 700E Pellet Grill

Read our full Z Grills 700E review Older and slightly cheaper than the 700D4E, the 700E has is still a decent grill, especially if you can get it on special.

The grill’s body is made of stainless steel. However, the 700D4E does not come with double-walled insulation. The 700E’s lack of a gasket at the lid can cause smoke to build up during startup but it seems fine for maintaining a consistent temperature.

You get 694 inches of total cooking space, as well as closed-cabinet storage and thick coaster wheels. But, you won’t find the PID control or the pellet cleaning hatch at the back.

There are three options for the top racks. One, two or all of them can be used, so you have a great deal of control over the cooking area.

z grills review

Here’s What We Enjoyed

Great price point – While it might be lacking the features of the 700D4E, there’s no denying that the 700E is a large, well-made, grill for a very competitive price.

Flexibility – With the adjustable upper shelf system, you have complete control over how your grill is set up.

Why Wasn’t It Good

The screen is the 700E’s very tiny LED screen that regulates temperature. In direct sunlight, it can be hard to see.

A great grill at a reasonable price. The 700E does have a few design shortcomings, such as the control display. However, these were corrected on the 700D4E. For our money, we would spend a little extra and get the latest version though.

Z Grill L6002B Wood Pellet Grill

See our Z Grills L6002B complete review. Now, it’s time to get down to basics with the L6002B.

z grills review

The Things We Do Not Like

Problems with heating up sufficiently to sear. Pellet grills can be marketed to do everything. The one area most struggle is searing. Searing on Z Grills is no exception. It has a temperature maximum of about 450degF.

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Clean ash and unutilized pellets. Some greasy and sticky ash can build up and it’s not easy to eliminate. To ensure that you do not damage your household vacuum cleaner, invest in a small shop vacuum.

Apart from these two issues, the grill can be used to smoke meat, maintain a high temperature, and is built with top quality materials.

The confusing thing about this is that they all list under the exact same Amazon listing. So make sure that you select the cart option that you desire.

Get the latest Z Grills prices.

Read our full Z Grills 10002B2E review The next step up from the 700 series, you have the 1000 series which are the largest grills from Z Grills.

Similar grill designs exist, however they introduce a third rack. This allows for more food to be fit.

z grills review

Temperature Range

Z Grills offer a temperature range from 180 to 450 degrees F, which is quite standard for pellet smokers. Z Grills advertise that the temperature range of 180-450degF can be used for grilling or searing. However, this is not hot enough to make it do the job well.

Traeger has upgraded their temperature controller so that most of its models, except the Renegade, can now reach 500°F. It’s not a lot extra, but, if you do want to be able to do it all on the one unit, that extra bit will help you out.

Note: Some Pit Boss Pit Chefs have an slide and grill feature that lets you cook even hotter right over your firepot. Compare Traeger to Camp Chef here, or see the Pit Boss review of Traeger. Traeger can get a lot hotter… TRAEGER.

z grills review

Z Grills Review

The post could contain affiliate links.

It was difficult to write a Z Grills Review. Their website didn’t have much information and was confusing.

The person who answered my call was helpful, but she wasn’t able to answer all of my questions.

The best thing about writing reviews was the way they made me feel.

When I was trying to learn more about the Zgrills and add them to my review page for pellet grills, I came across a article ( ) which revealed that the Zgrills were essentially clones of Traeger pellet barbecues.

Someone emailed to say that they look more like Grilla Grilla Grills. All of these facts explain the low price for the z-grill pellet smokers. They remove the middleman, and sell identical pellet smokers under the American brand.

Many Z-grills reviews are very similar to my Traeger reviews. These reviews make it even easier for me to believe that they have the same pros/cons.

z grills review

Z-Grills Models And Features

This z-grill pellet grill review will show you how to look at each model and to see how they compare to other brands. Here is a link to their website, where you can find them for a low price.

450 Square inches grill area

10 lbs hopper

Fold-able shelf


I was not able to find a lot of people who talked about their experience with the Zgrills ZPG 450A model but the ones I found gave it an average of 4.3 stars.

In this Z-grill-450-A review, I give it a higher rating because of some packaging complaints. However, this has no bearing on the quality or performance of the pellet smoker.

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z grills review

Z Grill Reviews

There’s a whole Aussie Z Grill Owners Facebook page, full of people loving their Z Grill with a ton of great reviews.

Then again, was it possible to believe that this could be real?

It’s amazing how a single, inexpensive, simple-to-use appliance can grill, bbq or roast and braise? Z Grills can be amazing.

Outdoor Happens is reader-supported. Our affiliate commission may also be possible if you shop through our links.

Click here to find out more. Could this be a Traeger at half the price?

You can see their prices here to see just how inexpensive they are. You even get $20 off at the moment when you spend more than $100 – coupon ZG20OFF.

z grills review

Z Grills Review: Is it Any Good? Which one is right for you?

The Z Grills brand history is covered. We also compare them to other brands. Plus, we have a review of several Z Grills grills. By the end, you’ll know if Z Grills is worth considering for your next pellet grill purchase.

In the past, there were only two options when it came to buying a pellet-grill. The pellet griller now has many choices.

It is good to have the option! The downside is that it can be difficult to reach a final decision. Is a pellet grill right for you?

In this article, we’re checking out Z Grills and their lineup of pellet grills. We’ll give you some background information about Z Grills as well as their reputation. And we’ll talk a bit about how Z Grills stands up to the competition before reviewing several of their best grills.

Z grills rank up with some of the most popular pellet smokers on today’s market and deserve your consideration.

Let’s see what happens. You can read on to find out more about the Z.

z grills review

Z Grills Brand Overview.

Z Grills has been making pellet grills since around 1930. The crowdfunding money enabled Z Grills to go it alone and sell pellet grills marked Z Grills.

Z Grills is not only able to make pellet grills but also offers accessories such as heat-resistant gloves and a wireless thermometer.

Z Grills wants to be affordable and provide quality grilling experiences for everyone. This means that Z Grills’ focus is on functionality and not frills. The grills are designed to cook great food.

Their social media presence is strong. There are nearly 5000 people in the official group, as well as several large fan-run communities, with two of them having over 5000 subscribers.

Z Grills has received overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. I find that this is quite a positive sign.

Looking through comments, it’s clear that Z Grills has received a lot of good feedback. I love when people care even after receiving their money.

z grills review

Z Grills 1000E Reviews

Z Grills 1000E are a big pellet grill that offers three levels of cooking space as well as a large smoker hopper for smoking up to 20 hour without needing to refill.

This review is a result of a month-long test with the grill in snow and below freezing temperatures.

You might consider adding a pellet grill to your kitchen and wondering if it would be the right choice for you. This is where we will tell you everything we enjoyed, the things we would change, and who we feel this grill would best serve.

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Please note: Affiliate links may appear in some of the articles. Although it won’t increase your cost, the affiliate links will help us to continue our channel. Read our disclaimer for more info.

z grills review

What I Like

Courtney Reilly / Backyard boss. The initial firing instructions were started after all the parts had been installed. Everything went exactly as described and all worked well. We had to burn off all oil and any other oils that were not required. This took just over an hour. Meanwhile, we made our brisket. In our excitement to start the cook we forgot to place tin foil over the grease drain. It wasn’t difficult to clean.

Easy cooking! It is so easy to set the temperature, and the grill does the rest. All of its components work in harmony to provide consistent temperature settings and cooked foods that are evenly cooked every time. You can also enjoy the delicious flavor infused into your food. Z Grills used cherry flavored pellets for the smoked beef brisket and we had an amazing dinner.

And, if you’ve read any of my past reviews, you know that my absolute most favorite part of any new appliance is a cookbook! While there wasn’t a physical book included, Z Grills’ website offers an endless amount! You can find information about my cooking methods, the type of food and holiday-specific recipes.

This is my favorite part about grilling.

An 8-in-1 cooking capability is another great feature. We have two picky little eaters so I was concerned that the pellet grills wouldn’t allow us to cook hot dogs or hamburgers. With the 500c, and other model options these days, we are able to do all of that and more.

Finally, this grill has a modern aesthetic with hints of rustic. The bronze detailing are my favourite, but I also love the wooden shelf. Not only does it complement our outdoor decor, but it’s the perfect prep station.

Are Z Grills Made In China?

Wood Pellet Grills are our specialty. Our focus is on BBQ Grills and Outdoor Products since 1992. We are proud to say that Wood Pellet Grill is our most popular grill brand in China.

Which Z Grill Do You Think Is the Best?

The Z Grills 700D4E Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is our top choice. An upgrade to the 700D4, the 700D4E has a variety of features that makes it stand out in the Z Grills lineup. There are 697 square inches of cooking space on the main grill.

Z Grills: Where are they made?

My A to Z Brands list shows that there are plenty of pellet barbecues and smokers available on the current market. Many of those pellet grills/smokers are made in China, but some are still made in the USA.

Z Grills can be made in Australia

We bring all of that knowledge to Z Grills Australia. Z Grills’ manufacturing plant has manufactured hundreds of thousands gas, electric, and wood pellet grills. These have been used by leading brands. Z Grills can be used all over Australia to prepare delicious food.

.Z Grills Review

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