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Darts in a dartboard

governing body

Nicknames throwers, arrows, tungsten, dartsmith
First played approx 1860s United Kingdom


Registered players 655


ranked players



ranked players
Team members Team events exist, see

World Cup


PDC World Cup of Darts

Mixed gender
Separate men’s & women’s championship although no restrictions on women competing against men.
Target sports


Individual sport
Equipment Set of 3 darts, dartboard
Glossary of darts

best dart board

This is the Best Dart Board for You in 2021

We’ve spent over 40 hours testing 17 different dart boards with a variety of different darts and the results are in.

This narrowed it down to 11 of the best options and you’ll find detailed reviews on each below, as well as the pros and cons:

Winmau Blade5 Bristle Dartboard – Best Bang for Buck TG Champions Tournament Bristle Dartboard – Best Value Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle Best Cabinet Dartboard Viper League Pro Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Cabinet / Best Wooden Dartboard Dartboard Cabinet / Best Tournament Dart Board Doinkit Darts / Best Magnetic Dart Board /For Kids

best dart board

#2 – Tg Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard-Best Cheap Dart Board

The Winmau Blade 5 or any other dart board is not very costly. But if you’ve never played darts before and just want to give it your best shot – the TG Champion is quite a bit cheaper and good enough for someone getting started.

You can get it for half the cost and it’s branded as “tournament dart board” – which, while I would say that is an extreme stretch of imagination, is actually better than 95% on Amazon or at Walmart.

Why then have they called it a tournament dartboard? You could theoretically use it that way. It’s exactly 18in in diameter, with a 1,75in wide frame. It also features a standard bullseye that is free of staples to prevent bounce-outs, and a slimmer spider wire. You can’t be more frustrated than seeing your dart fly off the wires. You can maximize your score every time you play.

The bristle dartboard is made of self-healing sisal fibers. You can expect the board to last for at least two years with moderate play. Cork and wooden boards would have holes after a while, but these will not happen as fibers will self heal.

This dartboard is also able to accept both soft and steel tip darts. Some people have reported it being used to throw knives, however we don’t recommend it. It doesn’t offer any healing and can cause serious damage.

You’ll find a lot of people complaining that the bullseye is too difficult to adhere to on the TG Champion. But this isn’t true. There is a good chance that you are using plastic darts made for bristle boards, and then blame the board.

The best investment you can make is to get a set tungsten steel tip-darts. They will stick better and will improve your accuracy.

best dart board

#6 – Cricket Pro 900 By Arachnid – Best Electronic Dart Board

Although we are more fond of traditional darts than electronic ones, they do exist and Arachnid has the Cricket Pro 900 which is their flagship model.

It’s been called the “best electronic dartboard” for numerous reasons, but the thing that really stands out to me is the ease of use. This dartboard has extremely thin segment divisions. Because of the NylonTough materials it uses, bounce-outs are very rare and it appears to last the test.

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You don’t have to worry too much about the longevity of an electronic device.

Surprisingly, the Cricket Pro 900 is able to keep score in gaming. I find this frustrating with many other options, but Cricket Pro 900 is very accurate in keeping score.

The board can be used with as many as 8 players and keeps score for up to four teams. You will find 48 games in the box (most have 40), which is plenty to keep guests entertained for many hours. Also, you can reuse certain games to create new versions.

Let’s get to my favorite part… the dart board has a “heckler”, essentially it is the dart board speaking to you. The “heckler” feature is an excellent way to make the game more interesting and have fun.

Every audio feature has both a volume control option and a mute button for your spouse to use when they complain. Your friends will need to be adjusted differently.

best dart board

Our Top Pick For Top Dartboard

The Blade 5 Dual Core is still the best dartboard on the market. There are many boards with a similar appearance and feel to the Blade 5 Dual Core, but the additional layer of sisal grips makes darting more enjoyable and extends your board’s life.

This dartboard is the most sophisticated in the world and has British Darts Organization’s (BDO) endorsement

Better durability, less lost darts with our patented Dual Core Technology

Higher scoring areas with 14% smaller wiring systems than previous Blade 4 Dual Cores for greater scoring potential

Less bounce-outs and better dart deflection by reducing the angle of razor wire to 30 degrees

There are two options available: the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core or the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core.

best dart board

These are the 10 best dartboards for steel tip darts

Winmau Blade 5 Winmau is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, so just by name alone, you should know what to expect from this bristle board.

The Blade 5 has been the dartboard that is most successful since its launch. Blade 5 offers high quality, distinctive design, and superb performance.

This is the reason:

Blade 5 boasts a greater scoring area with a remarkable 14% improvement on the previous generation Blade. The Blade 5 uses a lighter wire that has a wider cross section, which allows for a greater scoring potential.

Through its superior dart protection, the Blade 5 reduces annoying bounce-outs. The wire angle is reduced by 30 degrees.

Blade 5 features a more robust steel than the previous generation thanks to carbon diffusion technology.

The Blade 5 also features the Rota-Lock triple-wheel mounting system, which allows easy attachment to any wall.

best dart board

You Have Found The Best Dart Board in 2021

We’ve tested a lot of dartboards on the market and have narrowed down our selection to 13 top picks.

These are our thoughts on them, and what makes them so great.

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core stands out among all other bristle board options. You can find many reasons to this, but here are some.

It is made from sisal with a high density, making it extremely tough and keeping bounce outs to an absolute minimum.

The triangular wire used reduces bounceouts and is also more efficient than the standard staple-free design.

This allows for a minimal amount of dead space on the board. There are virtually no bounce outs and darts will stick most of the time.

This doesn’t necessarily hold for all darts.

best dart board

5 Best Dartboards For Dart Players Reviewed

I’m not joking when I saw a dartboard can mean the difference between turning darts into a real hobby and giving up after the first try.

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Picture this, in case I sound dramatic. For $20, you rush to buy a dartboard. It’s so exciting to take home the dartboard, and you rip out the packaging. Then hang it up. To get going, you grab your darts and throw them at the board.

Almost every time you throw a dart, it hits the board then bounces right out. In frustration, you throw more darts to try to get the darts to stick. You realize that not everything you do works, and you go on the hunt for another hobby.

While it may seem crazy, such a scenario is very common. It’s amazing how many people email me asking for help with getting their darts stuck after they find my website. Nine times out of 10 when I ask beginners what board they use, their answer is “A $20 Toys R Us” or “A Walmart one.” The problem almost always disappears after switching to a better quality board.

This guide was born out of that desire. If your goal is to become a darts expert, you should invest in a good dartboard.

Because there are so many dartboards on the market, it can seem overwhelming. Also there is a lot of incorrect information about choosing one. Don’t be discouraged, I have you covered.

The complete Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Dartboard has been created by me. I’ll walk you through what to look for, matching the right darts to your dartboard and show you my suggestions for the best dartboards for every budget.

best dart board

How much should you pay for a dartboard?

Did you see the dartboard sets at your local big-box retailer?

These kits often include both the board and darts. You may believe that this is the best way to get everything you need in a single package.

Trust me!

Usually, the combination kits contain the lowest quality boards and darts, which is why they’re able to price them so low.

It is better to buy them both individually.

The question is, what should you budget for a dartboard.

Most review sites will endorse boards which cost hundreds. Most of the time, they only recommend boards that cost hundreds of dollars because it earns them a higher commission when you purchase them.

best dart board


This article walks through the process of finding the right dartboard. The first thing you have to realize when choosing a dartboard is there is no one-size-fits-all

The Best Dart Board For You In 2021

“>best dart board. Many dartboards are made from different materials. The best dartboard will depend on you and your individual needs.

Also coming into the whole buying process as a beginner you may not even know what to look for. What makes a quality dartboard? Which dartboard is best for you? Should I get a bristle or electronic dartboard? These and many other questions will be addressed in this article.

You should know that there are 6 kinds of dartboards available: Electronic, Magnetic (Bristle), Cork, Cork-Coiled Paper and Wood. Although each type is detailed, this article only addresses three: Bristle Electronic and Magnetic Dartboards.

The three dartboards listed here meet the same requirements as the six others and can be considered superior to the rest. As such since this is a list of the best dart boards I sought it wise to eliminate the other 3.

After 40 hours spent researching the different types of dartboards, I finally chose the top one. This guide will walk you through the various features you should consider when selecting the perfect dart board. Let’s get started.

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best dart board

Best Dart Board Reviews

This is the dartboard you’ll find at the top of many best dart board lists all across the internet. The Winmau Blade 5 is the epitome of bristle innovation. The dartboard is optimized to solve many of the problems that were experienced with predecessor dartboards.

The spiders (or section dividers) are set at a angle of 30 degrees to allow darts to glide onto the dartboard and not fall out.

This eliminates bounce outs which can become a problem when darting is played. Additionally, the razor-thin wiring reduces bounce outs. It also allows more room in the double or treble area. To be precise, the double area is 9 mm2 and the triple area 6 mm2.

Blade 5 has a Dual Core version with 2 levels sisal. This will increase board durability. To ensure longer durability, both the inner and exterior bulls are hardened. Not to mention this dartboard comes in regulation 18 inch diameter and 1.5 inch depth allowing for serious tournament play.

It goes with-out saying that the number ring is removable and the wiring is staple free. This bristle dartboard is the ultimate in steel tip darts innovation and suitable for everyone, even serious darts players.

Winmau blade 5 offers a great value for money. Editor’s Choice for Best Bristle Dartboard and Best Dart Board for Serious Darts Players.


best dart board

The Best Dartboard of 2021 – Complete List Of Professional Darts Players

Darts can be a very social sport and it is great to play with friends while enjoying a cold beer or two. You’ll soon become addicted to darts and be compelled to get the best dart boards.

A dart board can be purchased for many different reasons. Some people may feel that they spend too much going to bars to play darts. Others might prefer to keep their own board at home to spice up the party. Your primary goal is likely to increase your dart skill and be a good sport among your friends.

No matter what your intentions are, knowing how dartboards are made and what they offer will help you make an informed choice and give hours of pleasure.

No matter where you stand in your dartboard search process, you’ll find the right dartboard for you within our 2021 reviews.

Based on the suggestions from forums and community members, the list consists of the best-selling products on the market.

What Dart Boards Are Pros Using?

Professional dart players prefer a bristle dart board. The majority of professional dart players use bristle dartboards such as the Barrington Collection Bristle Dart Board and the Winmau Blade 5. These meet tournament regulations, allowing them to practice in the right conditions.

What is the most expensive dart board?

What are the priciest darts in the world? These darts are a little over $4,000. The set is made solid gold and weighs 27.35 grams each dart. The darts are valued at approximately $1330 each, and this is just the material.

What is the Official Dart Board and How Does It Work?

For steel tip darts, the regulation distance is 7′ 9-1/4″ and for soft tips darts it’s 8′. …

Whats The Difference In Dart Boards?

The wire used in lower-end models is usually tubular, or rounded. However, higher end boards may have angled wires.

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