2024 Walmart Bereavement Policy: Understanding Leave, Pay & Support

Discover the updated 2024 Walmart Bereavement Policy. Learn how Walmart supports employees with bereavement leave, policy details, and pay entitlements. Click to understand your rights and how Walmart helps during difficult times.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

How To Get Bereavement At Walmart?

Notify the HR representative/faculty manager as soon as possible about your request for bereavement time.

You will then submit a leave request to Sedgwick. You can now request and manage your leave online through Sedgwick’s my Sedgwick system.

Alternatively, you can call Sedgwick via 800-492-5678. Sedgwick is Walmart’s third-party administrator that administers leaves of absence.

  • Walmart Identification Number
  • Personal contact information
  • Give reason, i.e. bereavement
  • Leave dates, whether it is continuous or intermittent
  • The most current work schedule, for the past two weeks.

If you are a regular employee, once the system has approved your request, your HR representative or manager will grant you a 3-day paid leave. You can also present to them any concerns regarding your relationship with the deceased.

Note that this request procedure applies for all days i.e. If you require the 3-day grieving off or any personal leave of absence exceeding three days.

Are companies allowed to require employees to take a leave of absence?

Employers with 50 or more employees must offer 12 weeks paid leave in accordance to the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Employers must notify employees on vacation that they will be returning to work when they are back.

This federal law also protects employees who:

You may have just given birth in the first year after giving birth.

You are considering adopting or foster a child and will need to take care of them in the next one year.

If you have a parent, spouse or child with a serious health condition, it is important to take care of them.

Employees with serious conditions are unable or unable perform essential job functions.

A family member of an employee is a military personnel or “covered activate duty”. The spouse must provide care for the parent or son or daughter.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Walmart Workers Will Be Paid for Their Bereavement Leaves

Walmart employees cannot afford to be absent from work for too many days. Doing so could lead to a financial burden. As a result, it is pertinent to make sure that you’re going to receive pay during your time off.

These days will you get paid if you have provided Walmart’s bereavement proof to your supervisor.

Most workers will be compensated for the loss. There are however some situations in which workers may not receive payment.

Temporary employees are not eligible for pay. Another thing to remember is that you’ll only be paid for the standard 3-day leave.

If you request additional time off, you’ll have to talk to your supervisor. Your supervisor might be able help you obtain additional time off.

The Company Policy

The Walmart Company has provided its customers with many perks and benefits. Walmart offers its employees a variety of benefits, including paid holidays, health insurance, life insurance for permanent employees, as well as plans for unanticipated accidents and sick leave.

Bereavement policies and leave are a large portion of the company’s employee benefits plan. In the event of the death or close friend of an employee, the Bereavement Policy of the company provides guidelines that all employees can follow. All employees can access the Bereavement Leave. This type of leave is generally considered to be either necessary or urgent by the company.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

What is the maximum time Walmart will give for bereavement?

Walmart bereavement policy guidelines provide a maximum of 3 days as their standard bereavement.

The employee may request more time off work from the manager or HR representative.

If the required number of days by an employee is more than three days they can request a leave.

The HR representative, faculty manager, and store are responsible for granting the employees leave. Based on these factors, they usually determine the length of leave.

  • A stronger bond between employees and deceased may warrant additional leave.
  • Employees may travel to visit their loved ones, go to the funeral or attend other events. A longer travel time translates to more leave.
  • Expected impact on Company The likely effect of an employee’s absence from operations on leave.
  • Previous leave taken by the employee within the past 12 months.

So What Is Walmart’S Policy Specifically?

Walmart allows employees to take up to three days if somebody in their immediate family passes away. Supervisors might also grant leave due to the death of other relatives or loved ones, and thankfully employees will still be paid for this time off as well.

Sometimes, it is possible to take longer leave. This leave is not always paid and it depends entirely on your supervisors.

To consider your request for leave, your supervisor might need to know some details. Your relationship with the deceased and how far you will have to travel to attend the funeral or wake of the loved one, as well as the impact your absence could have on the business.

Temporary employees are not eligible for this, so you may need to ask what your specific needs might be.

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Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Flexibility is a benefit for employees

Sometimes, your employee may need more time away after the funeral. Some employees may have additional grief-related responsibilities or need to travel far to attend the funeral.

You can put the employee at ease by offering flexibility to their workday. Your employees can work from home, work in part-time or remotely.

It is particularly important for employees who have lost a spouse or parent. They may also need to take care of family and household responsibilities after the death. Employees will feel free to take on new responsibilities with a flexible work schedule.

Bereavement Leave Policy Template

This template can be used as a point of departure and as a guideline to ensure that you cover all the important aspects of your leave policy.

Company XYZ has a policy on bereavement leave

Policy statement


The policy on bereavement leaves outlines the time and duration of the leave, the amount of compensation available for leave days and how to request and receive approval for bereavement leaves.


Both contractual and independent employees can take bereavement leaves without compensation.

Terms and Conditions

1. Every employee is entitled to paid bereavement time.

  • Brother, step-brother, sister, step-sister
  • Son-in-law or daughter-in-law
  • Sister-in law or brother-in-law
  • Aunt, uncle, cousins, nephews, or nieces
  • Uncle, aunt, cousins or nephews
  • Friend, neighbor, or fellow co-worker
  • Friend, neighbor, or fellow co-worker

7. Employees who have religious obligations that may require extra time off might be allowed to take these additional leave days, without being paid bereavement.

  • They will be absent for a certain number of days, including the dates.
  • The name of the person who has died and their relationship to the employee
  • Travel requirements to the funeral
  • Any religious ceremonies.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Are you looking for part-time or full time employees?

Walmart’s bereavement policy only applies to employees working full time for Walmart who are at least one-year old. Part-time employees are not covered by the policy.

Walmart’s bereavement policy is more generous than the bereavement policies of most other large firms. For example, Starbucks allows employees to take two days off work, with pay, after the death of a spouse, parent, or child. Both IBM and Dell allow their employees to leave work for one day with pay after the death or divorce of a child, spouse, or parent.

Walmart has a bereavement policy that allows employees to grieve the loss of a family member. The policy allows employees to take time off work to attend funerals and spend time with family members who are grieving. Employees can also take leave from work to grieve.

Bereavement Leave Policies In Different Countries

Despite no laws in place, each country has its own common practices when giving employees leave for bereavement. Below is a comparison of how different countries view bereavement leaves.

United States: The US does not have laws that grant mandatory bereavement leaves (except for Oregon) but many employers grant 3 days paid leave for close family members.

United Kingdom: According to certain sources, employees can take a “reasonable” number of days off as time off for dependents.

New Zealand: Leave is given based on closeness, cultural responsibilities, and logistical responsibilities. A typical period for bereavement leave is three days.

Spain: All workers are entitled to 2 days’ leave for the deaths of relatives of the first and second degrees. In cases where employees have to travel to the funeral, they can get up to 4 days.

Singapore: Singapore does not have a statutory entitlement to compassionate leave. Bereavement leave is only dependent on a contractual agreement between the employee and employer. Typical contracts allow 3 to 5 days of leave but companies like VMware have a generous compassionate leave policy of 4 weeks or 20 working days.

South Africa: Covered under Family Responsibility Leave, 3 days of paid leave is given to employees but only if they have 4 continuous months of employment, have worked 4 days a week and when the death is of a close relative.

China: These rules are determined by local regulations. Typically, 1 to 3 days of paid leave is given to all Chinese employees.

France: Employers get three days paid bereavement time, and employees who have lost a child get five days paid.

India: India has no legal requirements for bereavement leaves but many firms provide 7 days of grieving leave. Multinational companies tend to have a more generous policy.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Is Walmart Required By Law To Provide Bereavement Leave To Its Employees?

Nowadays, there is no government legislation mandating companies to give bereavement leave. As a Walmart, you need to keep in mind that your company’s bereavement policy is basically more liberal than the official law.

Oregon is the only state to have such a law. It allows employees to take a 12-week annual leave for bereavement. It isn’t the same as Walmart’s three-day vacation, and it often isn’t funded. Similar legislation is being considered by other states. If you do need this leave it’s a good idea to check your Walmart paycheck to make sure you get paid for that time away.

Any former or current member of the United States military is protected from employer discrimination by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. When an employer violates or allegedly violates the standards set forth in this act, they may be subject to serious legal repercussions. A civilian employer cannot deny you employment or reemployment if you are eligible for USERRA. This act also prevents service members from being treated differently than their non-military employee counterparts. Service members who work civilian jobs alongside their military duties are extremely common, with more than 800,000.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

In the case of jury duty, Walmart will supposedly pay an employee their full wages indefinitely until the employee can return. An employee who has lost a loved one may be paid their entire wages up to three days after the death. However, according to the lawsuit, from 2004 to 2008 Walmart allegedly did not provide any pay to employees who took military leave lasting for four or more days, and from 2008 to 2017 only provided differential pay rather than full wages to employees who had to take short-term military leave for four or more days. USERRA requires that military employees be provided the same benefits and employment opportunities as their civilian counterparts; to deny a benefit or opportunity based on a service member’s military obligations is a blatant violation of the act.

Can I Get Bereavement For More Than Three Days?

The standard bereavement leave at Walmart is three days. Sometimes, workers may need more time off. It is hard to get over the loss of a loved one.

Therefore, you should find out whether you can get more days off. The good news is that you can. You may also be eligible to receive additional days’ pay in some instances.

Either way, you need to talk to your supervisor about applying for a Personal Leave of Absence. A personal leave of absence is not available if you do not have time to pay.

You should talk to your supervisor to find out what is going to work best for you.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Once the employee returns from their bereavement leave, schedule a one-on-one meeting with them

After employees return from bereavement leave, it is important to meet with them and have a conversation.

As an HR, you want to understand what your employee needs to get through these tough times, understand what they require to adjust, whether this is a schedule change at work, lessening their workload or letting them work flexibly. Just asking is a good place to start.

Losing a loved one can also come with additional responsibilities that your employee needs to handle. Talking to your employee will help you better understand their challenges and help you help them.

Some companies even ask their employees to attend grief counseling sessions after their loss to help them process their emotions in a healthy way and transition back to their daily routine.

What is the Bereavement Leave Walmart Time Limit?

Three days

Walmart employees can take three days of paid mourning leave if a family member dies.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

What is Onewire to Call in, just like on the Walmartone App?

There is still no Walmart Onewire App, but you may still be able log in to the old WalmartOne App and click on the Onewire link to report a tardy/absence.

Is Walmart Willing To Compensate Employees Who Take Bereavement Leave?

Walmart will pay all bereavement leave employees at the hourly rate of their standard wage, as well as contracted workers. However, this only applies to the entire three days that may be taken as regular bereavement leave under the circumstances.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

What’s considered a family member?

Bereavement leave can be taken after the death of an immediate or extended family member. All of the following are considered family members.

Parental Leave

You can also get paternity leave that is paid.

What are you doing reporting for?

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Example of a Bereavement Policy:

Policies for Bereavement Leave

[Company Name]

Full-time and part time employees at [Business Name] have the right to be paid for unpaid grief leave in the case of the loss of a family member or friend. The time you take for sickness or vacation will not be counted towards your unpaid grief leave.

Should Managers Be Encouraged To Attend The Funeral Services Of The Employee’S Deceased Relative?

Attending the funeral service is based on the manager’s relationship with the employee. Some employees would feel touched that their manager took the time to pay their respects while others might prefer privacy.

If the manager has a close relationship with the concerned employee, just visiting the employee can be a nice gesture. It is not recommended that you create a policy or procedure on the question. Let each member decide.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022

Walmart offers three options for associates who feel sick or want to report an absent.

Should Employees Show Proof Of Death When Applying For It?

It is generally no. However, it all depends on the policy. In your procedure document, you can ask employees for a funeral plan, obituary or death certificate. However, since the timelines will be constrained, you can just ask your employee to provide details of the deceased– their name, date of death, and the employee’s relationship to the deceased.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022


After the death of a close family member, associates must inform their supervisor immediately. Supervisors might require proof such as a death certifiable. For other types of loss, associates should notify their supervisor as soon as possible.

Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022 (All You Need To Know)

A person’s loss of a beloved one can be one of the most devastating things they will experience.

Walmart has over 1.5 million employees. So what rights does this workforce have to be able to request bereavement time? The following information is about Walmart’s policy regarding bereavement leave:

  • Walmart Bereavement Leave Policy for 2022
  • Walmart permits employees to request up to three consecutive days of bereavement vacation if their immediate family member dies. The time employees take bereavement vacation is usually paid. Sometimes, an employee can request extended leave of absence as a Personal Allowance.

    Below is information on Walmart’s Bereavement Policy.

    Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Who does Walmart class as an immediate relative?

    Walmart defines an immediate relative as someone that is directly related to an employee.

    This covers adoption, birth and marriage.

    Employees can take bereavement leaves for close relatives and friends who have lost loved ones. According to the guidelines, bereavement leaves can be granted at the discretion of a manager for any other individual’s death.

    Walmart employees are entitled to bereavement leaves of up to 30 days.

    Walmart’s standard bereavement leave can last up to three days. This is determined by the supervisor.

    The supervisor might also consider the following factors in determining how much leave is granted:

  • Employee’s relation to the deceased
  • The travel time necessary for the employee to attend a funeral or to be with their family
  • The time that the employee took off over the past twelve month
  • The impact that their absence might have on the operation of their Walmart facility
  • Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Does Walmart pay employees during bereavement leave?

    Walmart will pay bereavement leave employees at the hourly standard rate to the extent they are expected to work, except for temporary workers.

    This does not apply to bereavement days beyond the standard three.

    Walmart allows bereavement leave beyond three days

    If an employee decides that they need more than the standard three days off, then they can instead apply for a Personal Leave of Absence, which may cover a longer period.

    This is in contrast to the traditional three-day bereavement time. These extended leaves of absence don’t come with pay so employees may have to make use of any earned paid time.

    Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Walmart must provide bereavement and funeral leave.

    Walmart’s policy on bereavement is more generous than what the law requires, since there is no federal statute that says employers must provide bereavement time.

    Oregon is the only state to have passed such legislation. This law allows employees to bereavement leave up to 12 weeks per year, although this leave is usually unpaid, as opposed to Walmart’s three-day standard leave.

    To ensure you receive the right amount of money during your time off, double-check any Walmart paycheck stubs.

    My guide to moving between Walmart stores can be found here.

    Walmart employees can view our guides posts about if Walmart drug testing, firing and termination policies, as well as Walmart’s late policy.

    Conclusion: Walmart’s Bereavement Policies

    Walmart has a bereavement policy that allows employees to work up to 3 days if someone in the immediate family dies.

    Sometimes, supervisors will grant leave for bereavement in lieu of the loss of loved ones or other family members. Employees will continue to be compensated for the time taken.

    Longer periods of leave are also possible in some circumstances, although this leave will not necessarily be paid.

    Does Walmart Ask For Proof Of Bereavement?

    Walmart offers its employees up to three days of grieving leave in addition their paid time off. Sometimes it is necessary to provide proof of death. The requirements may vary depending upon the department, however, management can request a death certificate or visitation booklet, as well as an obituary. December 25, 2021

    How Many Days Does Walmart Allow For Bereavement?

    3 Days

    Walmart Considers Who the Best Immediate Families for Bereavement

    The revised code says: “Immediate family members include (whether by birth, adoption, marriage or Domestic Partnership or Civil Union, if recognized by your state or other local law) your spouse, children, parents, siblings, mothers- and fathers-in-law, sons- and daughters-in-law and brothers- and sisters-in-law.”Feb 1, 2005

    .Walmart Bereavement Policy 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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