Target Shoplifting Policy

Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

Target attracts hundreds of shoppers to its big stores each day. Shoplifters are attracted by the opportunity to steal from Target’s large stores and go unnoticed.

  • Target has a shoplifting policy. Here is what I discovered through my research!
  • Shoplifting Policy in Target In 2022
  • Target employs a strict shoplifting policy to prevent and address shoplifting at its stores as of 2022. It includes surveillance systems equipped with facial recognition and loss prevention security guards. There are also several other deterrent strategies. You can be punished with fines, write-ups or even police involvement.

  • Read on to discover more about Target and shoplifters.
  • Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target’s Shoplifting Policy: What is it?

    Target has a strict shoplifting policy with security officers and surveillance systems in every store working to identify and apprehend shoplifters.

    Target will notify the police if the shoplifting is high-value or hazardous.

    Target does not chase shoplifters who try to flee the store. This is for everyone’s safety.

    Does Target Have Monitored Security Cameras In-Store?

    Target boasts extensive security systems including monitored cameras and surveillance 24 hours a day.

    The cameras are equipped with facial recognition software and image analysis software, which can be used to help the company prevent shoplifting and follow up.

    Customers therefore are constantly monitored from the moment that they enter the store. Some customers may even be monitored in the parking areas.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target Can Stop Shoplifters

    Target’s Asset Protection security guards generally don’t stop until the shoplifter is out of the store.

    But, the Asset Protection Team lead can issue a “variance of exit” authorization, asking security to arrest a person for certain reasons.

    This is usually done by observing the individual approaching and taking the item, then noticing the person passing the point at which payment will be made.

    Can Target Detain Shoplifters?

    Target security guards tasked with asset protection do have the general authority to detain someone, as long as they have reasonable evidence.

    Target security personnel can ask customers to move aside or enter a back room if they see a customer leaving Target without paying the merchandise.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Can Target Search Shoppers’ Bags For Shoplifted Goods?

    Target may check your shopping bag, provided that it is not mandatory and the customer consents.

    They can not search you clothing, or your personal property such as a purse.

    Target security officers tend to approach minor thefts more intimidatingly, trying to convince the shoplifter to leave the merchandise within the store and walk out without it.

    Target has a Shoplifter Policy with No Chase

    Target’s security officers cannot chase shoplifters when they run.

    The company maintains a strict “no chase” policy, so if a shoplifter makes a run for it, Target’s security officers must follow from a safe distance while maintaining observation.

    Target security agents can transmit that information to the police while they wait, and then the shoplifter is caught.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target’s Shoplifters Policy is “No Chase”

    Target is not able to pursue shoplifters in any other location than the one it has. This is for safety reasons.

    Company safety is paramount. Customers and employees can rest assured that the police will handle any dangerous situation.

    Other than shoplifting allegations, customers may file lawsuits against companies to seek compensation for their mistake.

    Requests to examine the receipt for purchase, or the contents of customers’ shopping bags as they leave the store are made by the customer at their own discretion.

    Target Press Does Shoplifting Charge?

    Target won’t bring shoplifters to justice for taking goods from their stores.

    Although it can make a police report and request that a prosecutor be appointed, the company is not authorized to indict an individual.

    Target may issue a civil demand notice to request monetary compensation for theft incidents. This letter can be issued depending on local law. You can pay it or ignore it and face a small claim case.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target builds cases against shoplifters

    Target employees say that they have the capability to make cases against repeat shoplifters.

    Target’s strategic strategy for dealing with shoplifters is to limit theft from their retail outlets.

    Target will often wait to see if shoplifters are caught and charged with a felony level offense.

    Although Target’s policy does not explicitly state this method, employees attest to this practice in some locations.

    Does Target Keep Track Of Shoplifters?

    To help with loss prevention, some Target stores will keep a binder with surveillance camera images of shoplifters that have been identified but not caught.

    Target stores the stolen goods and the date they were taken, in the event that a case against them requires such evidence.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Is Target a Target Shoplifter?

    It will depend on what store you’re in and which state law it is, but there are three possible outcomes if Target suspects that you have shoplifted.

  • Asset Protection security personnel will hold you until the situation is resolved in-store
  • This ban could lead to your exclusion from the shop. If you do not comply, it can result in more severe consequences.
  • The police could become involved, and depending on the monetary value of the theft, fines or charges can be leveled against you
  • The merchandise will be photographed and written up, if it’s returned by the customer.

    The store may ask for full compensation if an item is not able to be restocked because it has been damaged or stained.

    What happens to shoplifters once they are caught at Target?

    If the police become involved for prosecution, the shoplifter will face charges of felony shoplifting if the merchandise value exceeds a minimum amount that is generally between $500 and $1000 in most states.

    They will most likely face charges with a misdemeanor of a felony if they have stolen less $500. Shoplifters may also be accused under the petty theft charge or another type larceny.

    Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

    Target Shoplifting: How Serious?

    Target places great importance on loss prevention. They have a number of forensic laboratories located in Las Vegas as well as Minneapolis.

    These services are used by the company to tackle organized crime via video and image analysis and fingerprint identification as well as computer forensics.

    Target is home to a high-ranking Loss Prevention Team that works hard to stop customers shoplifting.

    The degree of crime and involvement of law enforcement will also affect the severity and extent of punishment. As such, Target is more likely to give first-time offenders in high school and members of disenfranchised groups more severe sentences.

    How Does Target Deter Shoplifting At Its Stores?

    Target has a very active operation for deterring shoplifters.

    Some exits have video surveillance. Undercover shop security officers and uniformed personnel can be seen. This helps to deter shoplifters.

    Target staff are also trained to spot potential shoplifting and prevent it by using non-combative techniques like asking customers if they have any questions or helping them find the right item.

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  • Conclusion: Target Shoplifting Policy
  • Target employs a comprehensive shoplifting policy in order to stop theft. This includes video surveillance, security systems and officers.

    Although the police employ a no chase policy for shoplifters, they can still be detained by them if they are seen stealing. They will also be banned from future entrance to the store. The police can also be involved in shoplifting cases.

    What happens if you are caught at Target shoplifting?

    Target is in good standing with local police departments, who will respond immediately to any shoplifting call. After the investigation is complete, the case will be sent to a Criminal Court where it could lead to jail or fines as well as community service and probation.

    What if a shop employee is physically able to detain shoplifters from the store?

    Shoplifters can be detained in store by the owners of the shop and their staff when there’s probable cause to believe they are shoplifters. Dec 29, 2021

    Does Target Wait For You To Steal A Certain Amount?

    Arellano stated that “they will keep letting you steal” and would continue documenting each item’s value. December 9, 2020

    .Target Shoplifting Policy In 2022 (No Chase, Detaining + More)

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