Target Clearance Return Policy

Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

Target, one the most popular retail stores in America, regularly offers deals and promos that save customers money.

  • Clearance items can be markedly cheaper than regular priced products, but you might want to return the item. How does Target handle clearance returns? This is what I found!
  • For 2022, Target Clearance Policy
  • Target now accepts unopened clearance items that have not been opened or used. With the original receipt and within 90 days, Target will accept returns. Target RedCard customers can also return items in 120 days. Target owned brands are eligible for a one-year warranty.

  • Keep reading to discover if Target has price adjustments on clearance products, what you can do with clearance items returned, and whether or not you are allowed to return seasonal and holiday items.
  • Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights...)

    Target is offering a return policy for clearance products. or Target clearance items can be returned any time to the Guest Services Desk by providing the following details: your original receipt; the Target app barcode; Target delivery and shipping confirmation emails or the original form payment. also allows Clearance items to be returned via the postal mail. This is possible if the return shipping fee was not charged by Target.

    Certain items cannot be returned online or in-store.’s online return process will also notify you if the item can not be returned.

    Based on your mode of payment, here are some estimates for the time it will take to wait.

  • Target RedCard 1 to 2 Days
  • Card for Third Party Credit – 1 to3 Days
  • Cash – 1 to 2 days
  • It may also take 5 to 7 days for Target to issue a refund via the Online Return Centre.

    How can I return items from clearance to target without receiving a receipt?

    Target allows clearance items to be returned without the receipt, provided you have alternative proof of purchase.

    Target will find your order online, if it was made via Target RedCard or Visa, Mastercard Mastercard AmEx, Discover, Personal Check, AmEx, Discover, AmEx and Discover.

    Cash purchases can’t be tracked.

    To prove that you purchased clearance items online, or via the app, the digital receipt or barcode can be accessed from

    You will receive a “merchandise refund card” if you cannot provide proof of purchase. is unable to redeem the coupon.

    To verify your identity, all above situations require that you bring with you a form of valid government-issued ID.

    Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights...)

    Target will accept returns on holiday or seasonal Clearance products

    Target offers holiday and seasonal clearance returns. But, please note that some items have changed return policies.

    Moreover, online shoppers inform that seasonal and holiday clearance items can be returned in-store but customers will only be refunded the current clearance price of the item due to the seasonal nature of these items.

    Does Target Do Price Adjustments On Clearance Items?

    Target doesn’t allow price adjustments for clearance items. However, you can return clearance items within 90 days.

    In other words, if you purchase a Target clearance product for $2 but its price drops to $1 within a week, then you cannot get a $1 price adjustment due to the fact that it was clearance.

    Target has Clearance Sales: What can I do?

    Clearance merchandise can usually be found at the end cap of each department’s respective sections in-store. This is often facing a wall. The clearance aisles are usually not located in the middle of the walking aisles.

    You can find the clearance shelves by looking for a large, yellow clearance sign at the top of the shelves with items stickered with clearance prices. offers clearance shopping online. also has an app that allows you to easily search for clearance products.

    To learn more, you can see our related posts on the Target markdown schedule, the best time to shop at Target, and where you can use a Target RedCard.

  • Conclusion: Target Clearance Return Policy
  • Target allows clearance items to be returned as long the item remains in its original condition and the window has not expired.

    Target is unable to adjust price for clearance merchandise. For holiday and seasonal clearance items you should check the receipt to determine if there are modified returns policies. This will help to ensure that you don’t lose your full refund.

    .Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

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