2024 Ultimate Guide: Target Baby Registry & Return Policies for Items and Formula

Discover the latest 2024 updates on Target's baby registry and return policies. Easily navigate babylist returns, formula policies, and amazon registry returns credit. Learn how to handle baby shower gifts with or without a receipt at Target. Simplify your post-celebration with hassle-free return insights. Click for details!

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Modern Baby Registry

Their registry is a universal baby registry, meaning that you can add items from any store onto your registry, making it simpler for you (and your baby shower guests) to view everything in one place. This means that you can easily add items from Amazon, Etsy and BuyBuy Baby to your registry.

You can also register through your group funds for items that are not traditional, such as diapers, meals, college, or doula services. It is an excellent feature, which truly cares about your needs and those of your family during this postpartum period.

These are some of these perks when creating a Babylist Registry:

  • It’s easy to make a Babylist — simply use the Bookmark button or the Babylist App.
  • The Babylist store carries a wide variety of baby products for you to include on your registry.
  • Receive a 15% discount on your purchase of Babylist.

Here are some challenges associated with using Babylist

  • Because it’s a universal baby registry, anyone shopping from a non-Babylist store on your registry must input their order number on the Babylist site to mark an item as purchased. This can be confusing and can result in duplicate purchases.
  • Non-Babylist products are subject to the standard store return policy. For example, if you add an item from Target onto your registry, you wouldn’t get access to Target’s extended baby registry returns window.
  • Returns to the Babylist store can be more difficult than returning items to some big box stores.
  • Their universal registry makes it easy to find the best products.
  • Set up as many other store registries as you’d like to and sync them all to your master, MyRegistry baby registry. There is no manual update.
  • User-friendly app it easy to create your baby registry and add items to your registry.
  • Group funds are subject to a small transaction fee of 5 percent

Target offers free baby stuff when you register

Target recognizes the hard work of new mothers and rewards you for creating your registry.

Target will send you a Target gift bag containing more than $60 worth of coupons and selected samples when you create your gift registry.

The gift pack contained more than 50 coupons from brands such as Honest, Pampers and Liz Lange, plus some for Starbucks.

And I got these free samples:

  • Aquaphor diaper rash cream
  • Olly prenatal multivitamin
  • Pacifier for MAM
  • Lansinoh storage bags for breastfeeding
  • Wipes and diapers from The Honest Company
  • Pampers wipes
  • Philips Avent natural bottle

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

How do Target’s Baby Registry Benefits?

Target baby registry helps soon-to be parents prepare for their baby’s arrival.

Sign up to receive your $150 welcome kit, which contains helpful products and other useful items for both you as well as your baby.

Working around your pregnancy, Target offers a 15% baby registry coupon on anything left on your checklist 8 weeks before the due date.

Additionally, you’ll receive various deals on essential baby products throughout the pregnancy, such as baby clothes, wipes, diapers, toys, formula, and much more.

Target Coupons and Discounts will not be applicable to universal registry items that you add from other sites.

Your family and friends can help you choose the items that they would like to gift.

The gift tracker will help you keep on top of what you currently have (and don’t have).

Target has a number of products that you may be considering purchasing as soon-to-be parents. These include the Target baby formula, Target car seat and Target breast-pump return policies.

The Bottom Line

  • Everything you need for your baby’s arrival
  • Offers free shipping on any order, and a 15% off coupon that can be used twice – once in store, once online 8 weeks before baby’s due date.
  • Get a free welcome kit worth over $150 in value

Target’s registry makes the process of preparing for your baby easier than ever! Target offers an array of products for every stage in your baby’s development, from swaddles that make it easier than ever before to soothe a crying infant all the way up through their first birthday party!

Psst! Psst! Then join our exclusive private Facebook group.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Big ticket items

Apart from your hospital bills, cribs are some of the most costly items you will need to purchase to help prepare for your baby’s arrival.

That’s why it’s smart to consider putting items on your registry such as:

  • Choose your crib
  • Bassinet
  • A car seat
  • Stroller, or combo stroller/car-seat
  • A playpen
  • High chair

Or other expensive items you may need or want. Although some people get nervous about asking for expensive items on their registry, many gift givers with smaller budgets are happy to go in with other people to buy a large ticket item together.

How long is the deadline for returning items from a Target Baby Registry?

What happens when you decide to change your mind or don’t want an item?

Target offers a generous return policy for items bought from baby registry. Up to one year after the event date, you have to return new and unopened items. That means if you decide you don’t need that extra changing table or stroller, after all, you can quickly return it and get your money back.

Just be sure to use the return barcode found on your registry homepage or the Registry App. You can also return items in-store, but keep in mind that some restrictions may apply.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Scan Your Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit Barcode For Extra Savings

You can scan the Target registry or Welcome Kit bag barcode to receive additional Target Circle offers. After that, the Circle offers will be automatically added to your Target account.

There were 24 offers I got that totaled more than $50, and you will also receive coupons by email related to your sample orders. For example, the sample-related coupons I received were:

  • $5 off Pampers diapers with purchase of 333-count or larger Pampers wipes
  • 1.00/1 Pampers Swaddlers
  • 1 off 56-count or more Pampers Wipes
  • Dreft Newborn Liquid Laundry Detergent – $2 Off
  • $0.25/1 Dawn product
  • $0.50/1 Cascade Dishwasher Cleaner, Rinse Aid or Detergent
  • $0.50/1 Boogie Wipes, Boogie Mist, Boogie Drops, or Boogie Bottoms products


  • Get a $120 welcome package as a free gift. Target advertises that once you create a baby registry with them, you get free stuff for your baby and the mother worth $120. These come in the form of samples from various brands. This was something I tried when I had my son. Many of these items proved to be very useful. Items such as free samples of nursing pads, pacifiers etc.
  • You get a 15% discount on anything left on the registry, 8 weeks prior to the arrival of the baby! This is a wonderful gesture even toward the “gifters”, as they can also save while gifting!! Isn’t that cool? !
  • Another benefit of this registry is that, they accept free returns for a year. Which, for the new parents, is amazing. It is a very practical way to go. You keep the things you use and you return those you don’t. You need not be stuck with unwanted or surplus baby items which would gather dust.
  • What I particularly love about this registry is that it allows you to add items from other websites as well. For instance, you can add our website wherein we sell stain-proof and expandable baby clothes. If you want to reduce the need of bibs and clothes, you can just opt for our amazing stain-proof clothes that grow with your baby and also keeps them clean and dry.
  • Some mothers who have registered with them have complained that their return policy and customer service isn’t really the best. However, this thing may be overlooked, considering their current generous 1 year return policy.
  • Another issue that crops up with the Target baby registry, is their online system. Sometimes items may not be in stock. A remedy to this solution, as suggested by one mom, was to register for their baby essentials in their online system well in advance and then do the return through the nearest Target storefront within the return period! Problem solved!

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

What’S In The Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

Target’s baby registry welcome kit is valued at $150, and it includes a Target baby registry bag with handpicked baby items. The samples are meant to showcase baby products of various companies.

Sometimes Starbucks coupons redeemable at any Starbucks within a Target are also included in the kit. Target’s Baby Registry Bag allows you to try out different products and determine the best for you and your baby.

Target’s baby registry kit is highly rated when compared to competitors like Walmart and Amazon. Some retailers offer items with lower value than Target’s baby registry kits.

There are two ways to receive your welcome package: either you can pick it up in the store, or it may be shipped directly to you.

Once you have created a registry your kit will automatically be added to your offer list. This allows you easy access on as well as in Target’s app if your are a member of Target Circle loyalty program.

You can redeem the kit even if you are not a member of a loyalty program by visiting your “offers & benefits” section. Choose “Get Welcome Kit” from your registry. When you have your barcode, the welcome kit will be available at Target’s Guest Services. This barcode can be printed out or shown on the screen of your phone but as of now, this barcode is not available through the Target registry app.

Please contact your Target store to check the availability of the welcome kit before attempting to collect your bag because this is a popular kit that can quickly run out of stock.

Some mothers have complained that Target stores have stopped giving away welcome packs inside their stores due to COVID-19. Some locations also offer kits in-store, but they aren’t in stock because of COVID supply problems.

Alternatively, you could get your welcome kit shipped to your address by selecting “get welcome kit” in the “offers and benefits” section of your registry. The kit can be added to your shopping cart. If you place an online Target order for at least $35, you get free shipping on your kit.

Amazon Baby Registry: Save up to $300

You’re already sold on the Amazon Prime perks, but what about their baby registry? Spoiler Alert: It’s quite good, too. The Amazon Baby Registry is here:

  • Amazon’s Best Perks: It is obvious that Amazon offers everything. Amazon also has baby products. They have everything you need to make your Amazon registry. And once you complete your Amazon registry, you’ll get a 10% completion discount (15% if you’re a Prime member). You can use that discount to save BIG on your big-ticket items because those savings apply to purchases of up to $2,000.
  • Return Policy – If you need to return a gift from your registry, you can, no questions asked. You can drop off your item at any UPS or Amazon partner within the 90-day period. The shipping charges are paid by them.

Ready to start your Amazon registry? It’s easy to start your Amazon registry from any device, whether it be a phone or tablet. So get clicking!

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

How to Use the Registry Checklist

The checklist consists of 12 categories — like diapering, feeding and nursery furniture — that each have smaller subcategories within them. The nursery furniture category includes a baby bassinet and a crib. It also lists a mattress for the crib. A changing table is included. Target doesn’t seem to overdo the lists and includes what parents actually need.

Once you add the suggested items to your list (or decide you don’t need them), you can check a box next to the category name. Target tracks how many items you have completed in each area of your checklist as you add them to your list. The feeding section may say “5/13 complete,” while the clothing section says “7/7 complete.” There’s no pressure to complete everything, but the checklist helps you spot what you’re missing.

The Experience

When you sign up for a registry at BuyBuy BABY , you don’t just get a stress-free, uncomplicated experience: You get the full VIP treatment! There are many useful tools available to help you, such as their “collections”, which suggest items based on your life style. Or their interactive Baby Registry Checklist. This helps you keep track of your needs and provides a checklist of everything you need. You should be able to add about 100 items once you have completed the list with either the collection or checklist options. But you are free to add additional items if necessary. The Baby Registry Analyzer can be used to assess your list, and make sure that it contains gifts of different prices (anywhere between $25 and $300+). This will help your entire village welcome your baby into this world.

Are you still unsure what product to choose? Have no fear, just consult one of BuyBuy BABY’s Registry Experts, who will personally answer all your questions, provide guidance when you’re trying to choose between products, and guide you through the process of building your list. The best thing about this service? It’s free and available online or in-store. You’ll also get the love of your life the video guest book tool allows you to send them their best wishes. You don’t have to track who gave you what, just refer to the Baby Registry Thank You List, which is updated automatically with every purchase.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Is it possible to return items from the Baby Registry without a receipt at Target?

Target will accept baby registry items without receipts, provided that the items have been listed on the baby registry and the Target Registry App has generated the return barcode.

If you are unable to produce a barcode or have lost your original receipt, there is plenty of ways that you can authenticate the purchase.

For instance, Target can look up transactions made via Target RedCards (debit, credit, Target MasterCard), American Express, Visa, regular MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

If you cannot provide evidence of purchase, the item’s current value may be returned to you in the form a return card. This can be used in-store.

Use The Target Baby Registry Checklist

The Registry checklist is divided into 12 categories. They are gear and activity, feeding, nursery bedding, toys and books, parenting, strollers and car seats, bath, nursing, health and safety, gear and safety, diapering, and clothing. The categories have been further broken down to simplify navigation. It will ensure that you have everything you need.

To make it easier to organize your list, add recommended items. You can also add a check box to it. This way, Target can keep track of all the areas you have covered in your checklist. Depending on the level of completion, the clothing section might display either 11/11 or 8/11.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

What Is The Best Way To Get My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

Target can deliver your Welcome Kit in-store. Visit the Guest Services Desk to obtain your barcode.

You can scan the barcode from both your printed receipt and your smartphone. Target’s registry app cannot currently access the barcode required for your welcome pack.

Target offers free baby registry welcome kits. Before you visit, make sure to call the store and confirm that they stock one.

Target allows you to order your baby registry invitation kit as part of your Target regular orders. Register at to locate your baby registry.

Next, click on the benefits tab to decide whether you want to ship your welcome kit or continue with checkout. Orders above $35 qualify for free shipping

Completion Discount

Target will mail you a 15% discount coupon eight weeks prior to your due date. This coupon can be used twice – once in store and once online – to save on any items you may have left on your registry. To get this coupon your registry will have to have items added to it and be active for at least 14 days, so be sure to create it sooner rather than later. You can also change your due date to get your coupon sooner.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Now what? Is that a sign Amazon gifts can be returned for cash?

It is not possible. Amazon gift cards can be exchanged for Amazon Gifts. You can return Amazon gifts if you registered with amazon payments. The person buying the registry item will be notified by email and asked if they’d like the item exchanged or refunded in Amazon store credit.

Universal Registry Management

Any device can be used to create, edit or add to your baby registry. It’s a handy feature that allows you to easily manage your Amazon registry.

Universal Registry Management allows you to add any item from other stores to your Amazon baby registry.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Review of the Best Baby Registry Websites

Let’s now see how the top baby registry websites stack up to one another.

Below is a summary of the policies of each company regarding completion discounts, return policies, organic and nontoxic product selections and price matching.

Which baby registry site is best for you? To make an informed decision about the right baby registry website for your family, consider your budget and needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each of these baby registry websites to help you decide.

You can also get more registry benefits

  • Free Returns for up to 1 Year on Registry Purchases
  • You can personalize your registry by adding a customized URL and a photo to your landing page

Don’t miss out on this easy way to score some awesome freebies and coupons from Target. Start creating your baby registry today!

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Huge Variety Of Top Brands

Target stocks almost every brand of baby products you could imagine. And let’s not forget Target’s own brand, a lifesaver for reasonably-priced, quality diapers!

How Long Do I Have To Return Target Brand Items To Target?

You can return Target Brand-Owned Items up to 1 year after purchase for a complete refund or exchange.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Use The Gift Tracker

The dashboard of the registry also consists of another feature which is the gift tracker. Through this, you can see who purchases what items from your baby registry. Target includes a warning message before you tap it, so that you don’t spoil any gift you get for your baby shower.

You can look at the full list if you still want to know what items you will be getting. In this way, you can avoid getting the items someone else is already getting you.

Can I Make Pharmacy Or Optical Returns At Target?

Pharmacy- or optical-related returns or exchanges must be made at their respective departments.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

What will I get back for my return?

Target will usually issue credit using the same method as original payment if there is a valid receipt. If there is no receipt, a Merchandise Return Card may be given for the same value as the returned item.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

Target’s Baby Registry is an excellent service that allows you to create a checklist of items your baby will need to prepare for his/her due date. You can also communicate your preferences about what gift you would like to be given at your baby shower.

  • You may be surprised by the things babies bring you and they can even leave you empty-handed. What is Target’s policy regarding returns to baby registry items? What have I learned?
  • Target Baby Registry Refund Policy in 2022
  • Target will accept returns for unopened or unused items from the baby registry within one year after delivery. This policy applies starting in 2022. Target gift card purchases will receive a refund for items bought. However, merchandise return cards will only be issued to returned products. For returns, use the Target Registry app or barcode.

  • Learn more about Target’s baby registry and whether gift-givers will be notified about returns. You also have the option to return your items with no receipt.
  • Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Target: How can I return my baby registry items?

    You’ll have one year after the event (or due date as Target says) for items to be returned from your baby registry. Returned items will be processed using unique codes.

    According to Target’s policy, products should be returned to Target stores unopened or in new condition.

    You can use a desktop, smartphone, or tablet to access your barcode on by following these steps:

  • Log in to Target to go to the baby registry under the “Registry” tab.
  • You can start to return items by clicking the tab at the top left side of this homepage
  • Name your nearest store to get your personalized barcode
  • Please note that the barcodes will only be valid in the location and on that date. You must bring with you a valid photo ID issued by government for verification.

    Also, baby registry items marked as purchased will be refunded in the form of a merchandise return card. Target gift cards will allow you to get a refund for gifted items.

    What is the Target App for Returning Baby Registry Items?

    To make life on the go a little easier, you can start returning items using the Target Registry app.

    To do so, select ‘Make a Return’ from the main menu to generate your unique barcode.

    You should bring with you a government-issued photo ID, such as a passport and driver’s licence.

    Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Do you have the right to return items from your baby registry to Target?

    Target’s Baby Registry policy requires that everything must be unopened and brand new.

    When you return the receipt with a barcode or receipt, however, most cashiers will accept defective products.

    Target can also deny returns that don’t meet its policy requirements.

    What if you don’t have a Target receipt to send back items on the baby registry?

    Target will accept baby registry items without receipts, provided that the items have been listed on the baby registry and the Target Registry App has generated the return barcode.

    You can also use a barcode if the receipt is lost or you do not have one.

    Target will be able to see transactions done via Target RedCards.

    In-store use of the merchandise return card is possible if the proof of your purchase isn’t available.

    Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Will The Gift Giver Know If You Return A Baby Registry Item To Target?

    You can return or exchange any gift you have purchased through your baby registry. The giver of the gift will not be notified.

    Gifts are simply exchanged for another item or refunded onto a Target gift card.

    Target’s baby registry: What are the benefits?

    Target’s baby registry assists soon-to become parents as they prepare for the baby’s birth.

    Sign up to receive your $150 welcome kit, which contains helpful products and other useful items for both you as well as your baby.

    Target provides a 15% coupon code for your baby registry if you submit your check-in 8 weeks in advance of the due date.

    Also, there will be special offers on certain essential baby products during pregnancy. These include diapers and wipes as well as toys, formula, formula, clothes and more.

    Target discounts and coupon codes won’t apply to these items, even though you could use the universal registry to add products from other sites.

    Friends and family can also chip into your checklist by selecting which items they’d like to give you.

    You will be able to track what you already have, and not have.

    Target offers a variety of return policies for products you are considering buying.

  • Conclusion
  • All products from the baby registry will be returned within one year.

    The returned items must be unopened, unused, and with all additional accessories. To receive store credit or a refund, you can present your return barcode or Target Registry app.

    These barcodes can only be used in the specific store or date that you have chosen.

    What time do you have to return the items on your baby registry?

    One year

    Is it possible to return items from your registry?

    When you purchase an item from the registry, your spouse can exchange it for another one or return it without any hassle. Although it might be tempting to spend more than what is on the registry for a present, you should also include a receipt.

    How much can you return to the target without a receipt?

    You can return items without a receipt at Target in most situations. However, you can only return up to $100 worth of items a year without a receipt. However, you can not return more than $100 worth of items without a receipt.

    Can You Return At Target After 90 Days?

    What does this mean? Target can’t allow you to return any items after 90 day without providing a receipt. If you have a receipt or other proof of purchase, such as digital barcodes and packing slips, then you might be eligible for store credit or an exchange. This exchange value is equal to the current price of the product in-store.

    .Target Baby Registry Return Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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