Kyb Shocks Review

Kyb Shocks Review

kyb shocks review

Comprehensive Kyb Shocks Review 2021

If you asked car owners for the best shock that can restore your vehicle’s handling and control characteristics, the name KYB will pop up more than any other. It is not just because KYB originally hails from the land of sweet sushi, Japan, but because they produce some of the best high quality shock absorbers out there and at affordable price tags.

Look no further if you suspect your car has an old shock, or you want to make some suspension improvements. My KYB shock reviews will show you the benefits of KYB’s and the top selling KYB shocks. Continue reading to learn more.

Most popular Kyb shocks in the marketplace – Top 3 choices I recently tested out some KYB struts to find out which could stand up against other brands.

Let’s see their details. It’s easy to understand why they were chosen by me.

1 KYB 344353 Excel – G Gas Shock

kyb shocks review

We hear from our customers: Kyb Shocks Review and Kyb Struts Review

We have heard from customers that the KYB suspension parts are easy to install and leave them feeling factory-like. From making Honda Civic mods to replacing worn out shock absorbers on adventure vehicles, it’s open roads and smooth sailing ahead for KYB fans.

Yosmany R (Miami FL), a reviewer for Excel-G KYB Shocks. For a Lexus IS 350, Jason F (Newport News VA) reviewed the rear shocks. Although I do not know the history of the vehicle’s previous owner, it is clear that the strut was damaged. While performing my state inspection, I was quoted $600 by the dealership. They were affordable, easy to put in and very reasonably priced. They complement my F-Sport suspension and there is no more “thud”! They are a great choice! “Kyb Struts are my favorite suspension part. They have more rigidity and better control. They are ideal for drivers who drive on bumpy roads with potholes or at high speeds. They may also be better for drivers of overseas-manufactured vehicles.

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kyb shocks review

Get ready for a smooth ride

There are a few easy things you can do to make the decision between Monroe and KYB easier.

If you want shocks simply to replace the worn-out factory parts on your ride to return it to its once pristine nature, consider KYB Excel-G struts or the all-in-one Strut-Plus complete assembly. Or Monroe offers a line-up of suspension parts specifically designed to restore your OE ride control – like their quick struts and OESpectrum options we reviewed here.

KYB Gas-a-Just monotube shocks, struts offer a more robust option for shocks. Check out these shock and strut reviews from AutoAnything customers if you aren’t sure which one to pick between Monroe shocks or KYB shocks. Search based on your specific vehicle to find out what drivers like you are saying about the best replacement shocks or performance struts for your ride.

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kyb shocks review

Kyb Agx

This KYB fully adjustable shock absorber unit can be used on sports cars as well as high-performance vehicles. These shocks have adjustable damping rates, meaning you can adjust the stiffness of your suspension to suit the conditions on the road or the track.

View More reviews and prices You can adjust your shocks by simply turning the knob, or using a screwdriver. With the KYB AGX, adjusting your suspension has never been this easy.

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How good are Kyb Shocks?

KYB shocks offer a fantastic choice. These shocks come at an affordable price and deliver exactly what they claim. If you are into off-roading, they can instantly enhance your riding comfort. KYB shocks are only good for 7-9 years.

Are Kyb Shocks Better Than Monroe?

The drivers who prefer KYB suspension parts over Monroe are the ones that want more rigidity and greater responsiveness. They are ideal for drivers who drive on bumpy roads or at high speeds. They may also be better for drivers of overseas-manufactured vehicles.Oct 1, 2019

Are Bilstein Shocks Better Than Kyb?

Bilstein shocks are overall more durable and better for off-road driving. KYB shocks work better when cornering. Their corner strut assemblies are a bargain too. KYBs are more stiff than Bilstein. You will have a much smoother ride with Bilstein.

Kyb Shocks Are Made in China

China was the birthplace of a company that manufactures automobile shock absorbers. … Industrial-use hydraulic equipment manufacturing subsidiary was established in China. June 2004. KYB Trondule Co., Ltd. stock acquisition, which was made a subsidiary.

.Kyb Shocks Review