Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

LG 34GP83A-B Review

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

We tried the LG 34GP83AB-B 34 inch ultrawide monitor. You can find a variety of monitors within LG’s UltraGear line, including some that are available in different configurations.

Model Size Panel Type Resolution Refresh Rate

34GP83A-B 34″ IPS 3440 x 1440 160Hz 34GN850-B

34 inch IPS 3440 x 140 160Hz 27GN750 – B 27″ Isp 1920 x 1080 120Hz 27GN850 – B 27″ Isp 2560 x 1400 144Hz 27GN950 – B 27″ IPS 3384 x 2160144Hz 34inch IPS 3440 x 1440 160Hz 37GN750 -B 47″ IPS 3220 x 1080 1680 160Hz 27GN750 -B 27 1/2″ IPS 2060 x 2440 144Hz Some tests such as gray uniformity may differ between units.

LG 34GP83A-B Review

Compared To Other Monitors

It is overall a very good monitor. The LG 34GN850-B is one of our favorite 21:9 ultrawide monitors and it’s also cheaper than comparable monitors. It isn’t the best monitor for dark room gaming, due to its poor contrast ratio. Furthermore, horizontal viewing angles are not as sharp as other IPS screens. For other options, you can also see our recommendations for the best gaming monitors best ultrawide gaming monitors , and the best 144Hz monitors LG 34GP83A-B LG 34GP83A-B and the LG 34GN850-B are almost identical in design, features, and performance. While the 34GN850B offers slightly more response time at high refresh rate, it is a bit less bright in HDR.

Both the Samsung Odyssey G7 G32G75T monitor and LG 34GN850-B are different. Samsung’s 16:9 display is available in either a 32 or 27 inch format, while LG’s is a 21/9 LCD model only available in a 34-inch size. However, the Samsung offers a faster refresh rate but a slower response time than the LG. It has more overshoot that causes inverse ghosting as well slow dark transitions which may cause dark smearing behind fast moving objects. Samsung offers better contrast and is better for gaming in darkness. However, it comes at the cost of narrow viewing angles, so if you need to share your screen with someone else, the LG might be a better choice.

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AOC’s CU34G2X Gaming Monitor and LG 34GN850 B are excellent gaming monitors that have different panel types. The LG has an IPS panel with wider viewing angles, while the AOC has a VA panel with higher contrast. You can see motion better with the LG, as it responds faster and does not suffer from black smearing. Also, the LG is brighter and does better at reducing glare. The AOC has swivel adjustment, while the LG does not.

There are two aspect ratios for the LG 34GN850B versus the Gigabyte M27Q. The LG is an ultrawide, while the Gigabyte has a standard 16:9 format. Gaming is a bit different. The Gigabyte’s refresh rate may be slightly faster, but the LG offers a much quicker response rate at the maximum refresh rate. This allows for clearer scenes and faster animations. If you play at 60Hz often, the Gigabyte wins. The Gigabyte is also more readable, has a wider view angle, a larger screen brightness, as well features like USB C input and a builtin KVM.

Both the LG 34GN850B and 34GP950G are similar in general. The 35GP950G provides a lower refresh rate than the LG 34GN850-B and an even faster response when gaming at 60Hz. The supported gaming technologies also differ. There is also a difference in the supported gaming technologies. For example, the native G-SYNC-compatible 34GP950G monitor supports FreeSync. It might not be advisable to choose the compatible 34GN850B monitor if you are looking to maximize the performance of your graphic card.

Gigabyte M34WQ

The LG 34GN850B and the LG 34GN850B have similar performance. However, each model has an advantage depending on how you plan to use them. The Gigabyte offers more productivity features, such as a keyboard and mouse switch (KVM) that allows you to toggle between multiple sources using one input device. LG, if only gaming is what you want, has a quicker refresh rate and better motion management, but no backlight strobing.

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LG 34GP83A-B Review


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The LG 34GP83AB Gaming Monitor is highly recommended. It’s an amazing ultrawide screen. The large, bent screen provides stunning immersion when gaming as well as huge amounts of space for work. The device has a quick response time and low information slack. You can also increase its revive rate from 144Hz up to 160Hz, which will allow for more fluid and responsive interactivity. Although the reviews are positive, it’s fine to use for center gaming or sharing material. It does however suffer from a lack of image exactness when viewing side-by-side, so you might find that this is not a great option if your work requires precision. Unfortunately, the HDR effect isn’t as effective as it could be to combat glare. It also has low contrast proportions that make blacks seem dull in the dark. This is a potential benefit for content producers. It has great sRGB inclusion and Adobe RGB inclusion.

.Lg 34Gp83A-B Review

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