2024 Ameda Electric Breast Pump Reviews: Compare Finesse, Purely Yours & Double Electric Models

Dive into comprehensive 2024 reviews of Ameda breast pumps, including the popular Purely Yours and Finesse models. Compare performance, comfort, and ease of use between Ameda electric and double pump kits. Find the best pumping solution for you and your baby. Read now to make an informed choice!

Ameda Breast Pump Review

ameda breast pump review

The Skinny

Ameda Purely Yours is a double-electric breast pump made by an innovative company. It has changed how we think about pumping. Although it was once beyond its time, it has now been surpassed by some of the newer pumps on the market. The pump performed reasonably well, placing in the middle of all test categories.

New Version Update – February 2015 We are now linking to the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra (below left) as the Purely Yours we reviewed (below right) is not readily available. One major difference in the Ultra is the addition of a faux-leather tote bag and an additional set of flanges. Additionally, the Ultra also has 3 power sources, including a car adapter. While the Purely Yours review had only the AC adapter, the Ultra comes with three power sources.

Einar, a Swedish engineer, started Ameda 70-years ago. The market soon saw other breast pumps similar to Einar Egnell’s clever design. We found this pump to be adequate, but amid mixed user reviews, we were curious to sort things out ourselves.

This pump received a rating of 5/10 for efficiency. The pump produced similar amounts of milk to other pumps but it took less time than our top-scoring pumps. It also took some time to set up and wasn’t as intuitive as we would have liked to see and we often found ourselves double-checking the instructions.

Consistently operating dials can prove difficult.

Credit to Micah James. The Purely Yours scored a low 4/10 for comfort. The pump does have a dial for suction and strength, but it is hard to be very specific about the settings. The pump created a strong tugging sensation on our breasts that we found very unpleasant. The pump was not suitable for multiple use. This can also hinder the pump’s efficiency because if you’re in pain and tense, your milk let down may not happen as quickly.

Ease of Use This pump landed in the middle for ease of use. It is likely that the setting up took a bit longer and we had to spend a lot of time fiddling with the dials. It is difficult to adjust the dials accurately, and it takes a lot more manipulation to achieve a desired suction force. You will need to put a cover on your pump adapters before you connect them to the tubing.

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ameda breast pump review

Ameda Breast Pump Reviews

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My detailed review of the Ameda Purely Yours milk pump is here. The story I wrote about how I stockpiled breast milk would reveal that I did use this pump quite a few times when my second son was just a baby. I didn’t own an electric breast pump back then. I was so excited to try a dual electric breast pump.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve tried many popular electric breast pumps including Medela Spectra. What is the Ameda breast-pump performance? Here are the details about Ameda Purely Yours.

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ameda breast pump review

To Whom Does This Breast Pump Fit?

This breast pump, which is lightweight and compact, was designed specifically for working mothers. This breast pump can also be used by a mom who is at home and wants to make extra breastmilk for her baby.

The breast pump worked well enough to provide milk for the first few months, however I doubt it will be powerful enough to do exclusive pumping. Ameda Elite, a hospital-grade model would be preferable to a private pumping mom.

SEE ALSO. A trusted, high-quality breast pump from a hospital that doesn’t require you to spend a lot.

Ameda PurelyYours is a compact breast pump that can be used in both breast and tummy. It has simple but powerful features.

Its ability to regulate suction speed and cycle speed separately is what makes this breast pump stand out.

However, its lack of distinguishable suction/speed levels and unavailability of let-down mode makes it less impressive to use.

While I do agree with this statement, it’s important to mention that several moms of pumping babies are delighted with their Ameda Pump. More Ameda Purely yours reviews can be found here.

ameda breast pump review

What Is The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump?

Ameda has long been a respected brand. Einar Egnell, a Swedish engineer who dedicated his life to breastfeeding mothers, founded Ameda over 80 years ago. The creation of the first effective and comfortable breast pump took Einar Egnell many years. Also, he was the one who created the cycle and vacuum standards today that are used to assess breast pump quality.

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Ameda is committed to Egnell’s principles and provides innovative options for breast pumps for mothers.

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra The Ameda Purely Yours ultra pump may reflect that. It is an excellent pump for a reasonable price. It is lightweight, has multiple breast shield sizes for a more personal fit, and comes with a not-so-unattractive tote bag.

Ameda’s Closed System Pump is another big advantage. This means there is a barrier between the milk collection kit and the tubes that lead to the pump motor. A closed system pump is easier to sanitize and eliminates the risk of mold growth from any moisture that may seep into the tubing or motor.

Ameda Purely Yours reviews, despite its positive attributes, are not all that favorable. The pump does have a few good features, however I’m not convinced it offers the best performance. The pump might work well for moms looking to buy a quality pump they can use from time to time at a very affordable price.

ameda breast pump review


Are you thinking of getting a Medela/Ameda breast-pump but are unsure which one to get?

These pumps come in different types from each brand: one and two electric breast pumps, hand pumps, manual pumps, heavy duty hospital-grade pumps, lightweight pumps, and portable pumps.

Which one do you prefer?

Learn more about the similarities, and how they differ in our Ameda vs. Medela Breast pump comparison.

There are breast pump reviews written by moms who purchased these products. Which model did these moms love? Can you receive a breast pump free of charge through your insurance?

Keep reading for more.

ameda breast pump review


Do you need a personal pump that is hospital-strength for everyday use?

Check out this Ameda Finesse dual electric breast pump review to learn if it is right for you.

This Ameda Finesse review will discuss the pros and cons and provide feedback from moms who have tried this breast pump.

It will be possible to learn more about other breast pump options, so that you can make an educated choice and locate the ideal pump for you.

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ameda breast pump review

Ameda One-Hand Manual breast pump review

This product was provided to me free of charge for my review. I stand by my opinions as well as breast milk.

Little Miss Cub was my first baby and I’m still not able to use all of the hands that were available. You have to take care of the little one.

Because I produced so much milk when I was nursing big brother Cub, of which he drank pretty much none, I decided this time around to become a milk donor for the Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank . My Ameda One Hand Manual Breast Pump has given me 32 oz. of liquid gold saved up for babies in need, and I only started pumping a week ago!

The pump is extremely easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to use. There are:

Pump with additional valves, because those valves can be lost easily! );

Two storage bottles, with lids.

Sample Store’N For bags and nursing pads;

Are Ameda Pumps Worth It?

Although this pump is a little loud so it might not be a great option for pumping breast milk at work, it is super portable. This pump is lightweight and compact, so it can be taken on weekend vacations.

Which Ameda pump is the best?

The Platinum pump is the most popular option if you have the means to rent or buy Ameda hospital-grade pumps. You will find it far more efficient than other pumps, so it’s worth considering if it’s available.

Ameda Finesse – Is it a Good Breast Pump?

Bottomline. Ameda Finesse is an excellent pump that comes with many great features. The pump will be great for busy moms or moms who have to pump often. It’s portable, lightweight and powerful.

Is Ameda Elite A Hospital Grade Pump?

Ameda Elite pumps are hospital-grade and have excellent adjustability. The microprocessor-controlled pump allows mothers to ‘follow their flow’ to find the most effective pump settings for them and their baby each time.

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