2024 Ultimate Guide: Aireloom Mattress Reviews, Ratings & Firmness Insights

Discover in-depth analysis with 2024's most comprehensive Aireloom Mattress Reviews, including luxury firm performance, sagging concerns, and user complaints. Learn if Aireloom beds are the right investment for your sleep comfort and find the pros and cons in our Aireloom mattress review. Is it worth the money? Read to find out!

Aireloom Mattress Review

aireloom mattress review

LuxetopTM and StreamlineTM

You need to understand the main differences in the Luxetop ™, Streamline, and Streamline(tm). The most important difference is down to the comfort layer. It is made up of Visco Foam and Talalay Lax. Comfort layers for the Streamline(tm), all of which are made from Talalay Latex, only come in the Streamline(tm).

Visco (or viscoelastic foam) is a fancy way of saying memory foam , whereas Talalay Latex is a natural foam that helps the body maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night. The Luxetop Design Mattress has both visco and latex. While the Streamline Design only contains latex in the comfort layer, it also includes latex. It’s a good choice to have both, since people like the feeling of memory foam while other people prefer it.

Let’s now get down to business and look at the Aireloom Latex mattresses.

aireloom mattress review

27 Answers:

Previous page Next page I have just bought an aireloombed. They will deliver it within a few working days. Now, after reading online reviews about it, I am very worried. The mattress cost me more than I expected and I now feel that I made a bad purchase.

Airlooms are great. We purchased one for our home and it worked well the first year. After the first year, we noticed indentations around where our heads were. My back is now sore and it’s getting worse. I have a pillow under me. Since my husband and me are bigger people, it should have happened. However, this did not happen for over a year. Our Sealy was our previous Sealy for seven years, and we paid half as much. This brand and any other luxury brands will not be bought again.

An air loom mattress was purchased in 2013 by me. Although I loved it the first 3 years, it is now time-consuming to rotate it each 3 months because it has lost its hip support, sagging and has begun losing its back. Mattress Discounters offered to examine it. I submitted a claim. According to them, if my mattress does not meet certain criteria they will replace it. I would think that Airloom would want satisfied customers and hope that mine gets replaced, with no hassle.

I totally agree. We both now have back problems every day after only 4 years. A bed I bought for less than $1,000 didn’t only last four year. You can see the body impressions and major sagging. It can still be flipped regularly.

We finally purchased a brand new mattress for our home after years. The mattress’s side had almost collapsed within 2-3 months. Easy to slide out of the bed, you could easily get it off. The Furniture store was great about it and replaced it with the same model/brand. After two weeks, the same thing happened with the new mattress. The same side even though the mattress was spun. The tag was therefore in the opposite corner. No one of us is heavy. The Aireloom mattress that we got is from the same batch, or of a different lot. This is unfortunate as we have spent quite a bit of money. The furniture store has yet to dispatch another inspector to check if the bed is defective. It will not be an Aireloom as my third replacement.

I just bought one as well. It is not possible, I believe. This really does feel like you are in a car park. It is one reason consumers want to buy online. You can trust the sales staff to tell you anything.

An Aireloom Feathertop mattress was purchased by me in 1979. While it came with a 20-year guarantee, it was still comfortable for over 30 years. I tried to rotate it at least once every 90 day. It’s still being used 40 years later by a family member. It was high quality craftsmanshipmam bed.

aireloom mattress review

The First Impressions: What Does it Feel Like?

Aireloom mattresses can also be bought in Bloomingdales. This will appeal to those who love the idea of examining mattresses personally before purchasing.

It is important that your mattress be fully-sized. The process of delivery depends on the place you buy it. You can then have the mattress ready to use immediately after delivery. It’s important to have your place set up and ready for delivery because these mattresses can be heavier than other types.

When you first see the bed, it will immediately be apparent how well-made and quality is. You will immediately notice the quality and craftsmanship of this product. It features voluminous layers made from soft, natural materials with hand tufting.

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When you lie down in your new bed, the feeling of luxury is intensified.

Your body will feel supported and cradled as you sink into the plush, quilted top. You will experience the patented Aireloom Lift and because of the zoned micro coils, you will feel supported no matter where you lay on the bed.

aireloom mattress review

Aireloom Mattress Review

Jake Comfort. Updated November 2, 2021 Jake Comfort. Updated November 2, 2021 Jake Comfort. We are an affiliate of companies that review their products on this website and we receive compensation. Our opinions are entirely ours and are not influenced by any company.

Aireloom is a premium mattress brand which was established in 1940 by King Karpen. It has evolved to be one of the top-quality mattresses on the marketplace since its inception. Aireloom mattress can be purchased at many specialty shops and departments. Given their luxurious materials and advanced features, these mattresses do come at a higher price tag than other mattresses. Airelooms are an investment. This is why we make it clear that we provide all information that will assist you in making your choice.

There are many options for firmness and materials so that almost everyone can find what they need. Aireloom mattresses can be made from six materials: memory foam, regular, wool, Talalay, latex and cotton. Because of the pockets coils, these mattresses can be very supportive. This makes them ideal for those with heavy bodies. They can usually be 12-16 in thick. A few types can be adjusted to fit your base. Keep reading to learn more about Aireloom’s mattresses. This includes their prices, locations and best-suited customers.

aireloom mattress review

Aireloom / Kluft Mattress Ratings

The 46 ratings represent how Aireloom / Kluft mattress compares to the average one. They are based off of unbiased and accurate consumer reviews.

75% overall owner satisfaction with Kluft mattresses / Aireloom mattresses

Durability and longevity of the mattress C- About 18% reported that their Aireloom/Kluft mattresses had become sagging, or have developed sink holes/body indentations within 3 years. This is a higher rate than innerspring mattresses generally (24%), but lower than all mattresses overall (14%). The most common problem with pillow top mattresses is Price D. Prices vary from $1400 to $7500+ depending upon size and model, with an average queen costing around $2500. This does not include a foundation.

Value C At least 20 percent of Aireloom/Kluft owners doubt that the mattress is worth it. You can find cheaper beds with similar or higher owner satisfaction.

Support B The support for the most expensive models, due to their high coil count, tends to exceed average.

There is less (back) discomfort B- The bed should be sagged, which can result in some back pain and discomfort. See mattresses and pain relief to get a general overview.

Reduced pressure points B Aireloom / Kluft mattresses mostly provide above average conforming (well-distributed) support which often results in reduced pressure points – especially if at least one inch of memory foam or latex are present.

aireloom mattress review

Very high-quality mattresses

When searching online about bed durability, one theme keeps coming up. Aireloom mattresses, as a result of both the materials they use and the way that they are constructed are rated among the top-quality in their industry.

The company sells many types of mattress. Although the names vary depending on when they were made, you will still be able to find an innerspring foam hybrid. One important thing worth mentioning (and it’s something that Aireloom customers have been raving about in their mattress reviews) is the fact that all of its beds are handcrafted. It’s a very rare characteristic that not only gives Aireloom brand exclusivity but also results in high-quality mattresses.

The interesting (and positively-surprising!) thing here is that the majority of brands within the industry (the ones that create quality products, that is) specialize in a single mattress type (a couple, in rarer occasions). The fact that Aireloom manages to maintain a high standard of quality with all of its different beds is truly a thing to note!

You may already know that I am a big advocate for durability when choosing a mattress. In most cases it should be your first consideration when looking at a product. Your mattress’ durability is the most important thing.

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Thankfully, that’s not the case with Aireloom. Aireloom is the best brand if you are looking for quality, well-made mattresses.

aireloom mattress review

Aireloom Karpen Collection – Who would not like it?

The Aireloom Karpen mattress collection comprises three mattresses as detailed above. Who would love this collection and what model do you prefer? You will notice a difference in feel between them all: The Bel Aire model is slightly more soft than others and is about an inch thicker. These two other options are gradually firmer.

Karpen Beale: A soft, comfortable mattress. It would also suit those who sleep on their side and some who sleep on their back. Front sleepers are best to choose a firmer mattress than this. You have scoliosis or pain. You may find this mattress suits you better than the firmer options. Because latex foams can’t separate partners, it is not very good at motion isolation.

Karpen Pacific Coast Luxury Firm: The Luxury Firm option is firmer than the Bel Aires and more suitable for back sleepers and some who sleep on their stomach. This mattress is considered the best of all the Aireloom Karpen choices. Many side sleepers choose it over the soft option. Most reviews indicate that Pacific Coast Luxury Firm options are good for motion isolation. This mattress could be the best option for you if motion isolation is a priority to you. It is the Karpen standard.

Karpen Pacific Coast Firm: The Firm option is best for stomach sleepers and some back sleepers and for heavyweight sleepers (230 lb +) who need a firmer and thicker mattress. It measures 13 inches in thickness, the same size as the Luxury Firm option, but it is much thicker that most firm mattresses. Back and stomach sleepers gave this mattress good reviews. This mattress provides good support, but also softness that will keep you comfy.

Patented AireloomliftTM: This is the main distinction between all three Aireloom Karpen models. It is in how firm they are and what level of support they provide. One thing is common between the three options: The Patented Appleloom LiftTM. It is not easy to find much detail about this feature on the Aireloom website, but you can track down what its main features are.

Fundamentally, there is a natural chamber between the top of the mattress and the springs. This chamber enables the mattress to breathe by increasing the low pressure area when you lie on the mattress. This creates a sensation that the mattress is supporting you and your weight.

See All the Mattress Collection on The Official Site

aireloom mattress review

Karpen Sidestitch

Aireloom Karpen Sidestitch has the Super Featherbed, and Rip van Winkle. The Karpen Luxury collection has a similar design, but this collection uses cheaper materials. This collection does not use the JomaTM wool or cashmere from Karpen Luxury. These mattresses are made from a mixture of synthetic and latex foams and come in a variety of firmnesses. These materials are:

Cotton felt (42 lb of it)

Ventilated latex

Memory Foam (viscoelastic).

Innerspring layer with offset coil.

Coils of 13 gauge spring base

The Karpen Sidestitch comes in two options the Super Featherbed and the Rip Van Winkle. Although it has the same design as the Karpen Luxury’s, the Karpen Sidestitch is stripped of some higher-end materials like cashmere and Joma ™ wool. These mattresses come in multiple firmness options and combine both synthetic foams and latex in their comfort layers. While the Aireloom Karpen Sidestitch Collection doesn’t receive many good reviews, there are some who consider Rip Van Winkle a superior mattress. This mattress is priced between $2599 and $4199.

aireloom mattress review

Aireloom and Kluft Mattresses Review

E.S. made the Aireloom mattresses and Kluft pillows. Kluft & Company are sold in upscale stores across the nation. Chances are, you have come across these luxury brands if your search for the perfect mattress has ended. These two brands will be discussed in this guide. We will discuss their similarities, how they are made, what materials they use and, lastly, Aireloom & Kluft mattress reviews.

Kluft and Aireloom beds use high-quality latex, foam and coil systems. Not only do these beds use quality materials, but they’re also handmade, which might explain why these beds don’t come cheap, with mattresses ranging in price from $2,000 to $30,000.

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Every mattress manufactured by the company is made in the United States, specifically California and Pennsylvania. Aireloom’s California Design is one of its main selling points. Meaning, they design their mattresses outer layer to be reminiscent of California beaches.

Aireloom offers six different mattress collections. Each collection contains two or three different mattresses. Aireloom’s mattress collection includes Karpen Luxury and Karpen Sidestitch.

Kluft sells four mattresses total. They are known as Beyond Luxury and Kluft Signature, Royal Sovereign and RS Latex.

Although each brand may be made by the same company, they each have their own unique claim to fame. Kluft mattresses are designed to be luxury and are marketed as so. Aireloom beds, on other hand, provide an exclusive type of sleeping experience. Aireloom mattress’ patented Aireloom Lift feature increases the area of pressure inside the bed, making the sleeping experience as though the mattress is wrapping around them. What you like about your mattress will determine whether an Aireloom or Kluft is right for you. Kluft is the right choice if you are looking for luxury bedding made with high-quality materials. An Aireloom mattress is the right choice if you want a more cradling, soft feel to your bed.

This guide will be broken down into collection sections. We’ll discuss the mattress options and materials in each section.

aireloom mattress review

Aspire Hybrid

Two hybrid beds are part of the Aspire Collection: Aspire Hybrid Foam Support and Aspire HD Coil Support.

Aireloom’s hybrid mattresses may be technically hybrids but because they combine different materials, the hybrid beds provide a balance of comfort and support. Aireloom has added cooling technologies to the hybrid mattress. Although Hybrid mattresses can be very breathable and do not get hot easily, they are also quite comfortable. If you tend to wake up hot in the night, an Aspire Hybrid may be your solution.

Hybrid Coil Support mattresses are available in plush and firm, while Hybrid HD Foam Support mattresses come as luxury, plush, or firm.

Let us look at the level breakdown:

Now, we are going to cover the Aireloom mattress brands and how they make the beds.

Depending on your model, the warranty may be valid for 10-20 years or longer. Your warranty will cover any defect in the craftsmanship of your mattress as well as any indentations or sags that extend at least an inch and half into your bed. You should note that the warranty may vary by retailer. Before you purchase, make sure you ask what warranty the warranty covers and how long it lasts.

Additionally, be sure to research the retailer itself. Aireloom mattresses have received many complaints about not adhering to their warranty. We read a lot of reviews. If a retailer or company doesn’t honor their promise, a warranty does no good. A retailer or company that finds loopholes for their warranties is probably better to purchase from another seller.

Aireloom: Who Are You?

E.S. Brands owns Aireloom, a California brand. Kluft & Company sells only mattresses, and one pillow! in retailers across the US.Jun 9, 2021

Do You Have to Flip An Aireloom mattress?

Can I flip my Aireloom mattress No, you should rotate it from head to toe in a 180-degree manner every three months to avoid any indentations. It is recommended to rotate the mattress more often, if possible, if you are concerned about your mattress becoming unevenly worn.

Aireloom Mattresses Who?

City Mattress Offers Aireloom Mattresses. The Aireloom Balboa Firm LUXEtop Mattress is one of the most sought-after options. Aireloom Balboa Mattress is hand-made with the Aireloom Lift(tm) technology. This natural chamber allows for every part to breathe and synchronizes with your body.

What Type of Bed Does President Love to Sleep on?

Aireloom – The White House Mattress President Reagan made sure that each room was equipped with an Aireloom mattress, for all guests and dignataries. According to some reports, one of the first things ‘the Gipper’ would inquire about his guests’ was their night’s rest.

.Aireloom Mattress Review

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