Truff Hot Sauce Review

Truff Hot Sauce Review

truff hot sauce review

Three different Truff hot sauces were tried by me to determine if I believed the hype.

This delicious sauce will defy your expectations and seriously level up nearly everything you add it to.

Jonathan Mazzei BuzzFeed Staff. Our editors independently chose each product. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. FYI prices were accurate at the time this article was published.

Jonathan. Over the last year my food consumption has varied from sloppy home cooking to zapping leftover take-out. As I waited for my day in the kitchen, it was a mixture of all these things that made me happy. Truff’s truffle-infused hot-sauce has elevated my most mundane meals.

truff hot sauce review

I Love This Hot Sauce With A Burning Passion And Amazon Shoppers Do Too

published Feb 25, 2021 Save We independently select these products if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Credit: Amazon This little condiment brought me joy after a difficult year.

I was just starting to explore the world of Truff with this 1.5-ounce container. Although I had heard about the popular truffle-infused hotsauce (which Oprah named one of her “Favorite Things”), it was not something I tried until now.

My confession over, now I can say that I am on board the Truff Train. Because it has agave nectar added, the flavor is more mild than hot. Red chili peppers are used to infuse the Truff with black truffle oils, organic Agave nectar and cumin. Together, they create a sweet, smokey,, truffle-y delight. Truff has a great use in breakfast. But it also works wonderfully on French fries, burgers or deviled eggs.

Lauren Masur Credit. The packaging of this product is amazing. Even the mini version comes in a super sturdy, almost-luxe glass bottle, with a glossy geometric cap. It’s so pretty you’ll wish you could leave it out on the counter just to look at. (You can’t, though; it needs to be refrigerated upon opening.) After blowing through 1.5 ounces, I made my way online for a full-sized, 6-ounce bottle as one does. You can buy it directly at Truff, as well as on Amazon. Amazon Truff Hot Sauce $6.98 For 6 Oz. Truff, which is Amazon’s #1-selling hot sauce, has over 12,000 reviews (mostly five-star reviews). Speaking of, here’s one of them:

I bought this item because Oprah liked it. This is the result of Sriracha and truffle lovers. But it’s 10x better.”

“I have been collecting hot sauces since about 25 years. Sometimes, I also make my own. There are at least 30 bottles of sauce in my fridge right now. This is how I know Truff.

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truff hot sauce review

It Contains Real Truffles For An Affordable Price

The three hot sauces White Truffle Hotter The Original and White Truffle Hotter The Original are available at a price of $17.98 each on the company’s website. For $69.99, you can purchase the variety pack which includes all three. Both the Hotter and The Original are infused with black truffle essence and the White Truffle is infused with white truffle essence.

Although the prices may seem high for hot sauces, remember that all condiments contain real truffle. Black truffles grown in summer cost about $400 per Pound. However, other black truffles might sell for much higher prices.

PepperScale describes it as a well-balanced medium heat sauce, with delicious truffle flavors. Although the taste isn’t overwhelming, it is definitely there.

However, the only con is that it doesn’t have a truffle taste for everyone. However, if you want the truffle essence that you seek, this product will deliver exactly what you need.

truff hot sauce review

Additional sauce types are available through the Brand

Joe’s Daily As briefly mentioned before, TRUFF founders Ajluni and Guillen had many different interests before launching their own hot sauce line. Therefore, it is only natural that they released their own mayo oil. All items in this collection contain truffle.

There are two types of mayo:

Spicy TRUF Mayo

, which would appeal to those who are fans of the hot sauce. You can also get the pasta sauce in two different flavors:

Black Truffle Arrabbiata

Both can be used on pasta of all sorts. Lastly, you heard of olive oil avocado oil , but have you ever heard of Black Truffle Oil ? While this is an expensive finishing oil at $24.99 a 6-ounce bottle it is well worth the investment.

Also, if your heart desires TRUFF swag you can find it on their website. A TRUFF jacket is now available. Many customers have raved about the quality and comfort of this hoodie.

truff hot sauce review

It Has A Lot Of Celebrity Fans

Rich Fury/ww/Getty Images TRUFF gained a lot of celebrity support from talk-show hosts and social media experts (via Forbes). You can see that everyone has a mutual love of TRUFF.

Oprah, one of TRUFF’s most famous and oldest fans, is also a fan. Oprah featured TRUFF products in her 2019 “Favorite Things List” and stated that the “packaging is cool, but the hot sauce tastes sublime!” (via Oprah Daily ). In the know reports that Pusha T is a famous rapper and Tyler Florence is a celebrity chef. Though TRUFF was originally created by a popular Instagram account but the product continues to thrive on TikTok. Auntie Amanda Lee is one celebrity who has been a huge fan of TRUFF products. She can be seen reviewing the various hot sauce varieties in this video. It’s difficult to resist the temptation of being curious when your favourite creators rave about TRUFF products.

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truff hot sauce review

Top Hot Sauce with Truffle Oil

TRUFF Hotter Sauce Do you like the taste of truffles (or more specifically, truffle oil)? “If the answers to these two questions are yes then it’s time to try this truffle oil.” A passionate reviewer gives a detailed review and explains the flavors. This is a great tasting product that you don’t need to be a gourmet. He says he is always trying out new hot sauces that are available to him. One customer, who claims he has survived the Choco Challenge in which he ate spicy white chocolate and was able to say this “appeal[s] to most people even those with pepperheads” because “the flavor instantly makes everything taste gourmet.” It was delicious on my Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. It has not been possible to improve any dish I’ve made with it so far,” he said. If you aren’t convinced, this shopper says it is “the best sauce ever.” You won’t regret buying this wonderful sauce, she says.

truff hot sauce review

Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce Review

After another plate of hot sauces has been consumed, we can now review another batch. As in Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, this trilogy must come to an end. This is my final look at Truff hot sauces. While I believe I understand how this will turn out, it has been surprising me before. Let’s move on to Truff’s White Truffle Infused Hot Sauce.

In previous Truff reviews, I talked about the container that the sauce is kept in. White Truffle is the best. Look at this.

Yeah. The outside is made of textured paper and gold foil. The outside is all you need.

This is how it arrives inside. The hot sauce in this bottle is undoubtedly the best thing in my whole apartment. Seriously. Take a look at the countertop. You can see the back wall. This sauce is more classy than any other belongings. These bottles and boxes feel like they belong here. As if someone famous knocked at my door wearing an expensive outfit worth more that the building in which I am sitting. Anyway. It’s not really about the look. It’s also about the taste. It’s about the taste. Let’s examine the label on the bottle.

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We once more start with Truff Chili Blend which has red peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and salt. However, instead of black truffle, we have white truffle powder concentrate. It makes complete sense, since it is the white truffle sauce. We now have agave honey, and this sauce will again be very sweet. Next, we have olive oil with white truffle. Truff is generous with the truffles they use in their sauces. I could just point at a photograph of a truffle on the label and declare that the truffle essence is in the product. No. Truffle is found in several sauces. This increases the cost a little. But you are getting what you pay for. Anyway, after the oil is cumin, coriander, and xanthan gum. There are no color enhancers. This sauce is the color it simply is. The ingredients are also easy to remember.

When I put the sauce on, it stays on top of my chicken nuggets. The sauce is creamy and slightly runnier than normal ketchup. The sauce is easy to use and adheres well to the nuggets.

The sauce smells almost identical to the black truffle. The taste is slightly different. Let’s see how that affects the flavor.

Is Truff Hot Sauce Worth It?

Truff receives a 2.5/5. We rate Truff as original as they come. Label is nice, but that’s it. Truff marketing team is to be admired for pushing this sauce so hard and drumming up interest. Best hot sauce campaign we’ve ever seen.May 11, 2019

What Makes Truff Hot So Delicious?

The Original has a slightly earthier flavor and a little less sweetness, making it great for incorporating right into your cooking, and the extra spiciness of the “Hotter” Truff sauce spreads through the mouth quicker and definitely packs more of a spicy punch than the rest, while having a similar base flavor to the …May 21, 2021

Does Truff Hotsauce Really Taste Hot?

TRUFF is a mild to medium heat hot sauce. The focus of TRUFF is flavor, so you won’t get burned. It is estimated that there are approximately 2500 SHU.

What is the Best Truff Sauce?

While we still haven’t decided if Truff Hot Sauce tastes good, it is clear that we love its flavor.

.Truff Hot Sauce Review

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