Essential Oils For Roaches


Studies have revealed that natural contaminations of cockroaches can occur with many pathogens. There are approximately 40 bacteria species, almost 12 species, of parasitic helminthes. The second most common group of vertebrate pathogens. Numerous viruses, protozoa, and fungi affect humans and other vertebrate species. 1989 , Rivault et al. 1994, Baumholtz et al. 1997 , Cochran, 1999, Eggleston and Arruda 2001, Savoldelli and Luciano 2005 ). Often their movement between waste and food materials led to acquire, carry, and mechanically transfer of these pathogens. Cockroaches are suspected or proven carriers of pathogens such as dysentery and cholera. They also carry typhoid fever and other viral diseases like poliomyelitis. The parasitic worms Ascaris, Taenia and Shistosoma are also carried by cockroaches.

Best Essential Oils for Roaches

1. Citronella Oil

✅ ORGANIC CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL: 100% Pure and Natural, Steam distilled from organically grown Citronella plants.

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✅ SAFETY WARNING: For External Use Only. For Other Then Aromatherapy Use, Dilute With a Carrier Oil.

Does it work? Possibly.

Do not mix with essential oils. Instead, use water to dilute the oil and spray it.

Citronella is a common ingredient in many insect-repellent candles, and other outdoor products. Citronella essential oil is similar to repel mosquitoes, other flying bugs and gnats.

A citronella oil treatment is only good for about an hour.

Its effects on cockroaches aren’t fully understood so it’s best used in combination with other essential oils for cockroaches.

2oz – Artizen Citronella Essential Oil (100% Pure & Natural – UNDILUTED) Therapeutic Grade – Huge 2 Ounce Bottle – Perfect for Aromatherapy

Essential Oils For Roaches

2. Tea Tree Oil

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Is it possible? Probably.

Make sure to mix oil with water.

Tea tree oils are sometimes used as antiseptics in certain places. It can be used to repel insects, and it is poisonous for cockroaches. Mixing tea tree oil and water with vinegar will create a roach repellent spray that you can use to treat cracks and crevices.

Unfortunately, cockroaches might simply be too resilient or fast for any amount you can easily apply. As with several of these oils, it’s probably going to be most effective in combination with other oils or other preventative measures.

MAJESTIC PURE Tea Tree Oil – Pure and Natural Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree Essential Oil – Melaleuca Alternifolia – 4 fl oz

Essential Oils For Roaches

3. Cedar Oil

Do you think it works? Yes.

100% natural oil of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar wood. Renew the effectiveness and prolong the life of aged cedar. 8 oz. can cover approximately 300 square feet. May be used on any wood species to deter insects.

Do you think it works? Yes.

Apply the solution to surfaces using water or rubbing alcohol.

Cedar wood is very popular in storage and closets for its wonderful scent and ability to keep clothes fresh. Cedar essential oil can be used as an insecticide and a repellent. That means it can supplement any other essential oil repellents you’re using by killing insects that decide to stick around.

Cedar oil can be used as an essential oil, just like other oils. You should dilute the oil with water before spraying it where there are roaches.

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Artizen Cedarwood Essential Oil (100% pure & natural – undiluted) Therapeutic Grade, Huge 1oz.

Essential Oils For Roaches

4. Rosemary Oil

Handcraft Blends essential oils’ natural purity Natural isolates and mixes are often sold online as 100% pure oils. So the Quality Guarantee applies to every essential oil. One of our essential oils is efficacy tested. We check the purity and constituents. Amber glass shields our Essential Oils from UV rays and sunlight. We also include a Glass Dropper for precise oil measurement. CLOVE, CLARY SAUCER Geranium. Helichrysum. Lemon. Neroli. Sandalwood. Handcraft Blends sources worldwide. It is authenticated before it enters the USA

It works! Yes!

Use water to mix with the powder and spray on surfaces.

Rosemary can be a wonderful herb to have in your kitchen, or grow! You can roast chickens or turkey in the kitchen with rosemary essential oil. Rosemary essential oil, which is toxic to cockroaches, can also be used as an natural repellent.

In 2016, a study concluded that rosemary oil is among the most dangerous essential oils for roaches. A study on brown-banded Cockroaches showed a 100% success ratio. To make rosemary oil effective, it must be ingested by the roaches. This oil needs to be applied frequently to surfaces. It can be used in traps to increase your chances of success.

100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil

Essential Oils For Roaches

5. Oregano Oil

✅ PURITY: 100% Pure & Undiluted Essential Oregano Oil.

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Does it work? It does work!

Use: Combine water with the mixture and apply generously to infested areas.

Researchers found that Oregano essential oils is an effective cockroach repellent. It can be used for as long as a week. This oil is more effective than many of the other oils in this category, making it an excellent addition to any cockroach prevention program.

You can mix several drops of the oregano oil with water and spray it generously in areas where you suspect cockroaches are hiding and areas from which you want them to stay away. The cockroaches should be forced to stay away from those areas at least for several days.

Oregano Essential Oil – 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oregano Oil – 10ml

Essential Oils For Roaches

Which Essential Oils Give You The Best Shot?

Essential oils that repel roaches. Essential oils to kill roaches: Peppermint oil, cedar oil, and catnip oil are some of the most effective. The best essential oils to get rid of roaches are rosemary oil cedar oil eucalyptus oil If you’re looking for home remedies for preventing cockroaches naturally, check out our roundup of the other popular natural cockroach repellents that are out there!

Avoid being intimidated by cockroaches. With our guides to what attracts roaches how to prevent them, you’ve got what you need to solve your cockroach problem.

Essential Oils For Roaches
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