Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Water Bugs

A water bug that looks like an cockroach. Waterbugs are also called Oriental, Smokybrown, and American cockroaches.

Consider the bugs above and take your pick. Are they a waterbug or a roach? You'd be right either way.

They're water bugs. It all depends on where you are located. You can also call them cockroaches.

As it turns, "Water bug" is not a particular type of bug. It's simply a regionally-inspired name for a special kind of cockroaches called peridomestic. These roaches prefer to live outdoors, but they will invade homes when they need.

While the most common water bug nickname refers to the American and Giant cockroaches respectively, the Oriental cockroach Smoky brown is also used.

But, it's true.

Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Ways To Tell A Water Bug & Roach Apart

You can identify a water bug/cockroach by comparing a living or dead one with an image similar to the ones shown above. However, it is not the only method.

Waterbugs and cockroaches can be distinguished easily from distance. You can also deduce two additional facts from their evidence.

Waterbugs tend to be bigger. Waterbugs sometimes grow to be much larger than domestic house cockroaches. For example, the American cockroach/waterbug can reach over 2 inches in length. While the tiny German cockroach (a domestic roach) rarely grows larger than the surface of a penny.

Some places may be infested by water bugs, or even cockroaches. Cockroaches and water bugs can thrive in moist places. This is unlike domestic roaches who love food sources like the kitchen. Instead of looking for humid spots in basements or bathrooms, look out for them. You can identify the type of insect by identifying where they're found.

Waterbug droppings have a different look. To know that a waterbug/roach exists, you don't have to look at them. You can often find them by leaving droppings, shells and egg cases where they live. Domestic cockroaches will leave tiny droppings that look like coffee grounds or black pepper.

Water Bug droppings on the other hand, will be be bigger and often cylindrical in shape.


Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches


It is the antenna that makes cockroaches and water bugs different. O'Neal says that cockroaches are known for having very long antennas. They can be hard to see because they're located under the thorax. That's where their legs and wings attach.

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It's also important to note that most cockroaches and most water bugs have wings and can fly, says O'Neal, though certain types of cockroaches like the oriental cockroach, most commonly mistaken for a water bug can't. This is one way to tell if an oriental cockroach is a waterbug. It is likely that you are looking at an oriental cockroach with wings.


Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

How can water bugs in the house be caused?

Water bugs live in water. O'Neal says that water bugs are aquatic insects. One thing you might notice if they are near you home is that you may be near water. O'Neal stated that they could be attracted by your house at night or to your porch light, especially if your neighborhood is home to a water body.

Water bugs generally don't seek to enter your home. Water bugs simply want to stay where there is water. At night they can be drawn closer to your home by moisture.

Cockroaches however, thrive inside your home because it gives them all the necessary food, shelter, water and water. While it may vary depending on which species you are dealing with, they can be found in common places such as under your sink and behind your fridge. Coby Schal, Ph.D., says: "Cockroaches are dependent on water, food and shelter. The places you can find this in a house is the bathroom or the kitchen."

The Schal Lab at North Carolina State University is headed by Cathy, and focuses on studying cockroaches.

O'Neal also says water bugs and cockroaches are often only visible at night.


Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Cockroaches: Cases Of Mistaken Identity

Bugs belong outdoors, not inside your home. The dirty cockroach is perhaps the most unsavory invasive insect. Scientists have already identified over 4500 roach species. These species can be considered to be non-invasive, but only 30 are.

Four roaches are common in America. The most familiar of these pests is the persistent American cockroach. Next is the European counterpart, the German-cockroach. This prolific species is the most likely to infest homes and businesses. Australian cockroaches, which are common in southern U.S. states, can cause severe problems. The Oriental cockroach also likes to be near drain lines or bodies of water.

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Most entomologists believe that roaches may be one of the earliest forms of life on the earth. There is a possibility that their common progenitors pre-dated humans by millions. Anthropologists and archeologists both found primitive drawings of roaches that were on cave walls. These horrible insects plagued people and have spread disease to humans all through history.

Blattodea means "avoids sunlight" in Latin. Cockroaches are so resentful of light, their Latin name is Blattodea. While there are many similarities, the termites can be seen in close up.

You don't know if it was a crawly bug or a cockroach. Knowing a bit about the common bugs that plague us can help you quickly distinguish between them. Either way, the invasive insects are both a nuisance to humans and can pose a danger to their health. They must be removed.


Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Last thoughts

Understanding the behavior and characteristic of cockroaches will help you recognize when they invade your home. Because they can multiply quickly, cockroaches carry many diseases. Though many think they might have a infestation of cockroaches it may be an unrelated problem.

If you have your porch light on outside, then you're likely to draw many different varieties of beetles as well as the classic palmetto bug. A majority of insects that look almost exactly like the roach can be dangerous for you. The exception is the water bug. To get rid of the intruders and other insects, a professional exterminator is your best option.

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Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Giant Water Bug

Minnesota's Giant Water Bug — measuring in at 2-inches and 1-1/4 inches wide, it is Minnesota's biggest insect.

This creature belongs to the Hemiptera or true bug order. Belostomatidae comprises bugs that are commonly called Giant Water Bugs. Our largest belostomatids are the species of the genus Lethocerus. So, the Giant Water Bug is as large an insect as you will find in the United States.

Giant Water Bugs are common in ponds and lakes, and less common in rivers. They are most likely to be found in vegetation at the edges of lakes or wetlands. They look for prey in the trees.

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These insects are common in water. They often fly around, so you may find them near large lights. When people see these bugs they think they're seeing huge cockroaches or beetles. However, cockroaches or beetles are rarely seen around the lights and don't grow as large.

This is the predator. The predator eats insects, small fish and tadpoles. They feed by catching organisms with their large, powerful, front legs, followed by injecting the prey with a toxin to immobilize and/or kill it. They then eat whatever is left. They like fresh meat and aren't scavengers.

Giant Water Bugs are the most important invertebrate predators, particularly in areas without fish. Giant Water Bugs behave in the same fashion as lions, Tigers and Humans.

This bug swims very quickly so it is unlikely that you will ever find one in the sea. However, if you are lucky enough to find one alive, try to capture it using a net. If it hasn't left the water, then be careful to not touch its "beak". It could inflict very severe bites. Although its mouth may not be as much of a "beak", it can act more like a mosquito's syringe, only larger and more dangerous.


Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

You should address a problem like a bug infestation quickly. It can be a very serious issue that will affect the ability of your insect friends to breed and lay eggs. There have been many instances of misidentification of pests.

Do not confuse cockroaches to be other pests by setting up bug-bombs designed for them. This cockroach-specific pesticide is usually ineffective against other pests.

Also, bug bombs don't work well for most pest issues.

Common bugs that look a lot like cockroaches (and are therefore often misunderstood for them) are water bugs, crickets, and wood-boring insects.

These cockroach likes were then divided into two types: crawlers, and fliers. We then went into detail about each of the pests and discussed how to determine if they are cockroaches or just roaches.


.Water Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches