Types Of Roaches In House

Types Of Roaches In House

Types Of Roaches In House

6. Asian Cockroach

This Asian cockroach was probably introduced to America in 1986 via Tampa. It's an outdoor cockroach that resembles the German cockroach, its closest relative.

These two cockroach types are practically identical, both in size and color. The cockroaches are similar in color and size, with a light brown head that has bold black stripes. But what is the difference? The female Asian cockroach's wings extend and cover the entire length of her egg case. German cousin, however, only covers half of the eggcase's length with her wings. Asian cockroaches have strong flight skills and can fly to as high as 120 feet.

Where they hide: Asian cockroaches prefer to live outdoors in moist, shady areas such as leaf piles, mulch, compost, and grass. Their leaf litter can be disturbed and they may fly away. This roaches can be attracted to light and enter homes via openings in windows and doors. The roaches may fly into bright lights, such as lamps or TV screens.

Control tips: Reduce the amount of mulch or plant debris in your landscape. It is possible to decrease the amount of pesticides outdoors.

Types Of Roaches In House

Cockroaches 101

This pest is long feared by homeowners. The cockroach can survive for several weeks without being killed and it can survive in freezing temperatures. If the cockroach finds its way into a home, this insect can pose serious health threats to people. In fact, all types of cockroaches pick up germs on the spines of their legs as they crawl through decaying matter, which may be transferred to humans through food contamination. At least 33 types of bacteria have been identified in cockroaches, which include Salmonella and E. coli. There are also six types of parasitic worms, and seven different human pathogens.

As cockroaches have a tendency to cause allergy and trigger asthma, their saliva and droppings may be an allergen. They can also cause severe asthma symptoms in children.

Prevention and pest control are key to keeping your family and house safe from infestations by cockroaches. However, with approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches in the world, and about 70 species found in the United States, it's inevitable that some cockroaches will find a way inside homes. As a result, it's important to pay close attention for signs of an infestation and take action if this pest is found. For a proper identification and treatment, contact licensed pest controllers. If you are concerned about an infestation, this guide can help you determine the type of cockroach that has invaded your home.


Types Of Roaches In House


Blattella germanica, the German cockroach is most often found in our homes. It is more likely to live in buildings than any other habitat. It is particularly troublesome in apartment buildings and other shared living spaces.

Though they have wings, they don't fly; instead, they use their wings to glide. German cockroaches can be dangerous to your home as they spread diseases through contaminating foods and surfaces. In addition, their eggs can be shed frequently and egg cases that could cause allergic reactions or asthma attack may remain behind.

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Types Of Roaches In House

Wood Cockroach Pictures

via NY State IPM Program

via Kansas Dept. Agriculture

Johnny N. Dell

Wikimedia, Happy1892, Wikimedia

via Kansas Dept. Agriculture

Parcoblatta includes 12 wood cockroach species, such as the Pennsylvania wood and Virginia wood cockroaches. The Boll's wood and Broad wood wood cockroaches are also available. They are all able to thrive in humid woodlands, but they can be found occasionally in your home. Houses situated near forests are especially at risk during the spring and summer. These cockroaches can be brought in with firewood because they eat dead wood, and other food. These cockroaches can only survive in indoor environments for a short time.

Wood cockroaches are different from other cockroach breeds in their attraction to light. Only males can fly for short distances. Similar to all other types, wood cockroaches have the potential to contaminate food. This can trigger allergic reactions and asthma.


Types Of Roaches In House

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of roaches?

There are over 4500 types of roaches. Of those, only 69 species are found in the United States (10 in Canada), and only 30 are considered pests.

Which roaches are most likely to fly?

Certain roaches are able to fly. Others don't. Flying ability is very different between the ones who have it. Wood, Smokybrowns, Australians and Asian cockroaches can fly well. American cockroaches use only their wings to glide.

What type of roaches go inside your house?

Fewer than a handful of species of cockroaches end up in homes. Even fewer try to. Most wood roaches infest homes through accident. American and Oriental Oriental moles are most likely to get inside when their environment changes. German and Brownbanded moles will try actively to infest your home.

What's the worst type of roach you can find?


Types Of Roaches In House

Here are 5 common types of roaches and how to get rid of them

Due to South Carolina’s hot, humid climate, roaches can be easily controlled. The best way to deal with roaches, however, is to stop them before they make their way inside. How do you do this? How can you do this?

It is best to call a professional to remove the infestation. An unsuccessful DIY effort can lead to a serious infestation.

The following guide will help you identify the top 5 types of South Carolina-based roaches. Here are some ways to get rid of roaches. You can read on to discover more about what you can do to eliminate them.


Types Of Roaches In House

North Carolina's Most Common Roaches

Although there are several thousand species around the globe of cockroaches, only a few can be found here. You can read on for more information about the most frequent roaches that live in Tar Heel State.

The American cockroach's claim to fame is that it is the largest species of house invading cockroach found in the U.S. While they have the potential of growing to over 3 inches in height, their most common size is between 1 1/2- 2 inches. American roaches are dark-colored, reddish brown with a light lining around their bodies. There is a yellowish figure-8 pattern at their rear. American roaches are able to fly, both male and female.

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Adult brown-banded cockroaches grow to about 1/2 of an inch in length. As their name indicates, they are light brown. They have distinct banding running across their wings. While males fly well, their bodies are much shorter and wider than those of females.

Oriental roaches can be called water bugs. This is because they like living in damp and dark areas. Oriental roaches grow up to 1 inch long. They are large and can be found in many places. The roaches emit an unpleasant, musky, and strong smell. They both have wings. However, neither sexe is capable to fly.

The German cockroach is the most common type of roach found invading homes and businesses. The German cockroach is very destructive. They squeeze through every crack to infest structures. German cockroaches mature to a length of 1/2-1/2 inches. Their flat bodies can be light brown, tan or black in color. They also have distinctive black stripes that run horizontally behind their heads. While both female and male German roaches have wings, they rarely fly. Their speed is what makes them so fast and how they travel.


Types Of Roaches In House

How to get rid of German- and Brown-Banded Roaches

Identifying the presence of German or Brown-Banded roaches is essential for proper control measures. The roaches breed in their home and can contaminate the environment. Most adult cockroaches, however, do not live inside. The most common larger roaches breed outside, and target treatment areas would be different.

Treat Brown-Banded Roaches and German Roaches primarily with roach growth regulators or baits.

You can also treat other types of insects, like the American roach.

These roaches can be eliminated by using Roach baits or growth regulators. You can save more by purchasing both IGRs and Roach baits together.

To identify which species you have, give us a call at 1-800-476-3368, we'll be glad to assist. To capture them, you can place Victor Pheromone traps #327RPT at night on your kitchen counters.

Email us with the attached picture and we'll be happy to assist with identification. This Roach Treatment Chart MGK's PDF Roach Identification will give you a quick reference.


Types Of Roaches In House

Insecticide Treatment

Even though good housekeeping is important, you will need to spray insecticides to get rid of infestations. German cockroaches are particularly prolific. Cockroaches spend little time out in the open; places that are hard to see and reach is where they tend to be. Dark, secluded areas near food, warmth, and moisture are preferred so a bright flashlight helps when performing inspections. Instead of randomly spraying countertops, baseboards and other exposed surfaces, the focus should be on finding and treating desired harborage areas. It is possible to have problems in key harborage locations that are not addressed.

There are many insecticides that can be used to control cockroaches. Many are available in aerosol or liquid sprays. Others are edible baits and dusts. Read and comply with all directions. These will allow you to get the best results and use your product safely. Insecticides often require that food and other utensils are removed from the treated area. These items can make treatment easier and help prevent possible contamination.

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Sprays – Use sprays to target areas where the cockroaches hide. These will vary according to the species. Do not spray areas with large aggregations of fecal spotting. Cockroaches don't spend much time on countertops and walls so avoid spraying baseboards, floors, countertops, and baseboards. The roaches who do venture into these areas may not stay long enough on treated surfaces to be able to take in a fatal dose. You can apply dusts, or even powders to control cockroaches. Boric acid and diatomaceous soil are most commonly known to housewives. Boric acid is more efficient in controlling cockroaches. After crawling upon treated surfaces the rodents become infected with boric acid. After the insect crawls over treated surfaces, tiny bits of powder remain on the body and are inhaled by the cockroach from its antennae and legs. Boric acids retain their potency nearly indefinitely provided that the dust deposits are not dry.

Boric acid insecticides are available in either bulk cans, or plastic squeeze bottles that have a narrow application tip. Apply the powder as fine dust that's barely visible with the naked eye to get best results. The powder is not accumulated as much by Cockroaches, just like we wouldn't walk through snowdrifts. It is easiest to only apply a very small amount of the powder using a hand duster (bulbs or bellows) available in hardware stores and online. Key areas to apply boric acid for German cockroaches include crevices along the edges and corners of cabinets; the wall/floor junction behind refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher; and puffed into openings where plumbing from sinks, etc. Enter walls. German cockroaches may also hide in the hollow space (or void) beneath kitchen or bathroom cabinets. You can treat this area by blowing powder into the cracks in the top panel. The front panel might need to be taken off in order for you to gain access behind stoves, dishwashers, and other appliances.


What Are The Worst Roaches To Have?

The German cockroach is considered to be the worst species of cockroach for many reasons. 18.02.2020

How do you know which type of Roaches are mine?

Additional items…

Which Roaches Infest Your House?

  1. German cockroach Nigel CattlinGetty Images
  2. Brown-banded, brown-colored cockroach. Wi6995Getty Image.
  3. American cockroach. smuayGetty Images.
  4. It is a smoky brown cockroach. surasit bunnetGetty Images.
  5. Oriental cockroach. Goldfinch4everGetty Images. 29 Oct 2019.

What is the Killer Roach?

Borax, a widely-available laundry detergent that is great for eliminating roaches, can be found in most stores. Use equal amounts of white table sugar and borax to achieve the best results. Dust the mixture any place you've seen roach activity. 27 Aug 2021

.Types Of Roaches In House

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