Bed Bugs

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Professional Control Services

You have to take great care when choosing a professional company to help you with your bedbug problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the number of businesses and individuals making impractical claims about their abilities to eradicate these nasty pests has increased.

To make sure you choose the best exterminator, be sure to consider the factors below:

  • Reviews. Companies may praise their expertise, but don’t take their word for it. You should ensure that the company you select has an excellent track record, and positive reviews.

Bed bugs are not easy to control, even for the professionals. You may end up with a worse infestation.

It helps to know some of the well-known companies you can turn to when in need of extermination services.

Customer Satisfaction

You’ll want to make sure that you’re hiring a company that’s trustworthy, transparent and reliable. The best way to check this is by asking friends and acquaintances for recommendations; however, online customer reviews can be very useful as well.

Note that, when it comes to pest control companies, it’s common to find complaints from customers who have had problems canceling their services — companies we included in our list were also the subjects of these types of complaints.

Our recommendation is that you read the cancellation process very carefully, and note the number of days in advance you must request it. Keep a note of who you spoke with, and when you requested cancellation.

If you’re experiencing a serious infestation, the best choice is to hire a professional. Certified pest control specialists are trained to identify pests and develop a customized treatment plan.

There are some non-chemical ways to keep pests out of your home. To prevent rodent infestations such as cockroaches, rats, and other pests, keep your garbage locked up in trash containers. Similarly, removing standing water from immediate surroundings and minimizing tall grass and bushes from your yard can help you keep mosquitoes away.

If you have a severe infestation of pests or are concerned about their health, hiring a professional pest controller may prove to be worthwhile. Most companies offer customized plans and use commercial-grade products that you can’t typically buy in retail stores, along with technicians that are specifically trained to eliminate pests.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Level Of Cleanliness And Clutter

It also affects the level of work and the cost of getting rid of them. If a home is messy or has a lot of clutter, the rate per room will be higher. According to Alamo Pest Management, clutter creates more work in two ways:

  • To prepare for treatment, employees must clear out the clutter.
  • Employees must spray more product to treat all of the excess clutter.

Alamo Pest Management charges $450 for a bedroom set that includes a standard bed and heavy infestation. This is 50 to 150 more than the cost of a clean bedroom.

Company Charges for Bed Bug Infestation Treatment

In addition to the factors previously mentioned, the pros you hire can also make a difference. This is what you can expect to pay for a pest control service depending on which company it is.

  • Orkin: $400-$3,000 for a 30-day service guarantee

For a 30 day service guarantee, Orkin offers a $400 to $3,000 price range

  • Terminix: $500-$2,000 for a 30-day to 90-day service guarantee

Terminix: $500-$2,000 for a 30-day to 90-day service guarantee

  • Ehrlich: $650-$3,000 for a 30-day service guarantee

Ehrlich: $650-$3,000 with a 30-day guarantee

  • Arrow: $500-$2,800 for a 30-day service guarantee

For a 30 day guarantee, Arrow is $500 to $2,800

  • ThermaPureHeat: $2,000-$4,000 for a 100% effective guarantee

ThermaPureHeat offers a 100 percent guarantee for effectiveness at $2,000 to $4,000.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost


Many pest control companies provide service warranties that include free retreatments in between visits, or partial refunds if the pests return.

Guarantee terms can vary by provider, and some may even have different guarantees for specific services. Orkin, for example, will reimburse charges that were incurred by hospitality and foodservice businesses if they see a rodent, or cockroach, during their visit. However, this is only if the damage occurred within 60 days. Similarly, Terminix offers a 30-day bed bug guarantee and one of the most comprehensive termite guarantees, which includes repairs from new termite damage, if you maintain your plan with them.

Be wary of companies that exaggerate their guarantees by using hyperbolic phrases, for instance promising that pests will “never” come back. Remember that pests can return even with regular pest control. Most reliable pest control companies will disclose any limitations to their guarantees. A company might limit the free-retreatment guarantee for pest recurrences that occur within thirty days after its last treatment.

You Can Kill Bed Bugs in Your Home without Using an Exterminator

In this section, you’ll find out the ways to kill bed bugs by yourself in your home if you can’t afford bed bug treatment.

Mirroring the success of professionals is key to getting rid bed bugs out of your house.

Don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you’d need to invest a ton of money on equipment and bed bug sprays.

You might already have the items you need to get rid of bed bugs, but they aren’t going to cost a lot.

You don’t need to have expensive items if they aren’t available.

  • Steam cleaner
  • Plant-based safe to use bed bug sprays
  • Bed bug-proof mattress encasement
  • Bed Bug Interceptors

Further down the post, you’ll find out how each of these products plays a role in eliminating bed bug infestation in your home.

Getting rid of bed bugs on your own is a game of persistence. You’ll need to repeat the process for at least 2-3 days for the right results.

Let’s get started.

As you’ve found out, to get rid of bed bugs, you need to mirror what the pros do.

To kill bed bugs, the professionals use a 4-stage method. These four stages are –

Discovering Infestation Signs > Treatment > Tracking

You’ll find out how pros do the four steps in the following minutes.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Preparing For Bed Bug Treatment

In order to prepare effectively for the bed bug treatment and prevent a re-infestation, the homeowner will have to remove every possible infected item from the infested rooms and place them outside. They can’t be brought back in until they and the room have been treated and follow-up has been done.

  • All fabric – Put all clothing and other soft fabrics–bed linens, bedding, soft toys, drawer contents, drapes–into zipped or tightly sealed disposable bags and put them outside. Run all of the above through a dryer cycle on high for 30 minutes. Drop off all dry-cleaning items at a dry cleaner’s in sealed bags and inform them of the possible infestation. Throw away all disposal bags containing infected fabric. Only bring dried clothes back in in new bags after first AND follow-up treatments are done.
  • All furniture – Pull all furniture at least 6″ from the walls. All furniture not heat-treated should be removed and treated outside using an alternate method. Throw away any furniture that cannot be treated. It should not be left on the curb in order to spread disease.
  • Fixed elements – Remove electrical plates and tape outlets. Disconnect or cover smoke detectors.
  • Take out any carpet or flooring and vacuum it.
  • Clutter – Empty all nightstands and shelving units. Leave nonfabric items bagged in the room. Toss any paper and magazines you don’t want. All baby toys should be washed in warm soapy water. Seal the bag with a garbage bag.
  • Pets and food – remove all pets, plants, food, pet food, etc. close food utensils in cabinets.

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How to Expect Pest Control Companies To Be Friendly?

Pest control companies will usually send technicians to assess your pest problem and create customized solutions. Depending on the target they may use chemicals, physical barriers like traps, or a combination of these techniques to remove pests.

Additionally, if you’re planning on buying a home, a pest control company can help you by performing a home inspection and ensuring it’s pest-free before you buy it. Arrow Exterminators offers termite and pest inspections as well.

If you are looking for ways to help protect your home, check out our top homeowners insurance articles and the best warranties companies articles.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Our Top Picks For Bed Bug Exterminators

Exterminators who have experience with bed bug treatment are the best choice when looking for pest control services. They can complete the task quickly and efficiently. These are our top recommendations for national bed bug specialists.


Terminix offers bed bug inspection and removal by means of pesticides, steam, RapidFreeze devices and more. Terminix offers a free inspection. Terminix will perform follow-up treatments if bed bugs return within 30 days. For more information and a quote, call Terminix at (866 569-4035) or complete this form.


Orkin technicians have been specially trained to identify bedbugs and to create treatment plans that disrupt their life cycles and eliminate them. Orkin’s Guarantee promises you a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as free returns. For details or a free estimate, call (877) 544-4104 or fill out this easy form.


Although Bulwark Pest Control is only available in select urban areas, the company does provide thorough bed bug extermination services. The family-owned company has an excellent customer satisfaction rate and takes great pride in treating customers like their family. Call (844) 567-8294 for more information or to fill in your details here.

The Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

The most common place for bed bug bites is along the edges of pajamas hems and in the folds in sheets. While some people don’t react to being bitten by bed bugs, others may experience redness, itching, or skin rashes. Although they are not known to transmit any diseases, their bites can still be irritating.

Since many pests–including fleas, spiders, mites and mosquitoes–can leave bites that look similar, bites alone are not enough to diagnose bed bug infestations. You can look for bed bug infestation signs in your mattress, sheets, boxes springs, beds frames, and couches. These include small, dark spots (bedbug excrement), or red or stained bed bugs. You might also see shed skin that’s usually pale yellow in color or tiny bed bug eggs or eggshells.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Other Companies We Considered

To find the most effective pest control company, we looked at over 30 options. This list contains some companies that we looked at, but didn’t make it to the final cut.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.
  • Available only in Puerto Rico and 18 other states
  • Available only in Puerto Rico and 18 other states
  • Treats common home pests including bed bugs, roaches, fire ants, carpet beetles and a variety of wasps
  • Customer portal online
  • Associate Certified Entomologist and Quality Pro-certified Entomologist
  • Nine states only: Colorado, Kansas and Utah, Idaho. Texas, Texas, Washington. Oregon. Missouri.
  • Only serves nine states: Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Missouri and Illinois

Step #1 – Steam clean your isolated bed and other soft furnishings to kill bed bugs

To get rid of bedbugs, we don’t suggest using a vacuum on your bed.

This is because vacuum cleaners are not the most efficient.


Although vacuum cleaners can remove some bed bugs from the mattress, they are not able to kill the entire population of bed bugs.

The heat is the best way to kill bed bugs immediately.

And steam cleaners produce heat at temperatures more than 113 deg F, which roasts the bed bugs and eliminates the baby bed bugs and eggs.

No wonder that pros use heat treatment as a primary way to get rid of heavy bed bug infestation.

Take the comforter, pillows covers and bedsheets off your bed and steam it.

Use the steam cleaner slowly on each inch of your mattress. Cover the seams of the mattress and the folds at the edges with the steam cleaner.

These are places where bedbugs hide.

Turn the mattress upside down and apply the steamer in the same manner as the top side.

Then steam clean the box spring, the headboards, and the bed frame.

These areas can be cleaned with a brush before you use steam cleaning. That’ll drive out any hiding bed bugs in the thinnest of gaps on these places.

You’d also need to steam clean the underside of the couch, especially the couch’s legs.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

You can isolate items that have been infested by bed bugs

It’s the isolation stage. This stage can be described as preparing your home to receive bed bug treatment.

You have to get rid of the bed bugs from your house or other room.

You can keep any fabric that you find in your closet or drawers with bed bugs on them by sealing them and storing them in plastic bags.

Pros do it because isolating bed bug-infested items stops bed bugs from spreading into different rooms and areas of your home.

Do not dump everything in plastic bags as it’ll unnecessarily increase your workload.

You won’t often need to separate anything except your couch, bed, and any padded or cushioned furniture, such as accent chairs, carpets, or cushions.

If the infestation is severe, you will need to take out all items from your closet and dresser drawers.

How To Choose The Correct Pest Control Service

Choosing a pest control service is an important step toward protecting your home and family from unwanted pests. You have many options, but not all companies are the same. Here are some things to consider before hiring a company to handle your extermination needs:

  • Price. After visiting your property, most pest control companies will establish the cost. Rates vary from company to company, so it is a good idea to get multiple estimates.
  • Reputation. Find out how long a company has been in business and ask for references.
  • Licensing. The exterminator should be licensed or certified to perform services. If you’re unsure, check with the state department of Agriculture.
  • Contracts. The terms of service contracts can vary so make sure you read everything before signing. Regular inspections are a part of any service contract.
  • Pesticides. Pesticide use should be avoided unless there is current pest activity. Non-chemical methods should be used first.
  • Termites. The termite service should usually be considered separately and covered for at least one year.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost


Whether you’re considering a pest control company or an independent exterminator, it’s important to verify that they’re licensed, certified and trained to properly handle pesticides. You can typically find this information on companies’ websites or by giving them a call.

Quality Pro is an accreditation program that helps companies find quality partners. This organization sets standards for pest management businesses and makes sure they use the most effective pest control methods.

In addition, check if they have certifications such as Associate Certified Entomologist or Green Pro. They are endorsed and approved by the National Pest Management Association, which means that they can be sure the employees and company meet the requirements of the organization.

You can also check this information with your state’s Department of Agriculture.

Are You a Section 8 Resident? Do You’Ve To Pay For Bed Bug Removal?

Pest infestations, especially bed bug infestation, are common in section 8 housing. Section 8 housings are at risk due to high turnover and poor hygiene.

But the cost is significantly less, and it’s always wise to get it done before moving in so that you don’t have to suffer later.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

How to Find the Best Pest Control Company

These are the factors to consider when looking for the right pest control company.

Related Questions

Orkin used the answer above to answer the related questions below (submitted by other users):

Question: Would you be able to give me a price quote for treating my apartment with bed bugs? My apartment is approximately 600 sq. They are also available in the apartment of my neighbor across the hall.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Orkin Roach Treatment Cost

Orkin also includes Roaches in his long-list of pests.

Hence no matter the extent of the problem, this pest management company is always ready to provide professional assistance.

So how much does Orkin cost for roaches?

A single roach job is between $100 to $400. Its inspection is mostly free.

A commercial or large property might attract an inspection fee of $40-75.

A lot of factors impact Orkin’s cost for roaches.

  • Orkin Rodent Control Prices
  • Orkin Rodent Control Prices

Heat Treatment

Heating treatment for bed bugs is usually a cost-intensive process that homeowners pay between $2,000 and $4,000, or $1 to $3 per square feet.

  • Heat treatment kills bed bugs at every stage of life.
  • Many exterminators will often use generators to reduce your electricity bills.
  • This treatment does not prevent reinfestation.
  • You’ll need to remove items with a low heat tolerance before treatment.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Let’s get to the bottom

Pest control is most effective and safest when you can find a company that takes an integrated pest management approach. When choosing a pest control company, consider your specific needs, budget, and the reputation of the company. Ask for references and get multiple estimates if possible. Pests can be a problem later on, so don’t delay in getting quotes.

Cost Of Pest Control

Prices can vary widely from one region to the next and even from franchise to franchise. Prices also vary based upon the type of service you select.

The cost of treating an infestation is higher. Expect to spend anywhere from about $475 to $2,000 or more per year for monthly or quarterly pest control treatments, depending on the pervasiveness of the problem.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Daily Routine Items

You should never keep items that are frequently taken out of your home, such as briefcases and jackets.

  • If possible, store them in your entryway or car.
  • This significantly reduces contamination risk.
  • To reduce hiding spots, avoid taking extra items.

Pricing Model

Under Orkin’s pricing structure, financial implications are determined by the type of pest services needed. In other words, there’s no particular rate for all pest issues.

Instead, the type of service provided will determine the cost.

In addition to this, size, distance, severity, and type of treatment determined its pricing.

Therefore to know how much you will be charged for a pest removal service, you only need to reach out. A quote is provided after an inspection on site.

  • Payment Options
  • Optional Payments

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Bed Bug Exterminator Costs By Home Size

Pest control professionals will charge by the room, by the total square footage, or give you a flat fee, but most infestations will require more than one visit. For bed bug heat treatment, most homeowners report spending $300 per room, or $1,579 for their whole home. Below are average costs for standard treatments based upon the size of your home.

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Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

What is the Cost of Exterminating Bed Bugs

Question: What do you offer for bed bug removal? How much do you charge for this service?

BEDDING BIRDS CAN be quite difficult to eliminate. These blood sucking pests cannot be controlled with a magic bullet. The treatment of bedbugs can be time-consuming and may require several follow up treatments.

A thorough inspection is the first step in any bed bug prevention program. Infested areas are not the only ones that need to be checked, but adjoining areas as well. This inspection is time-consuming due to the size and amount of furnishings in an area, as well any adjoining areas.

When treatment is needed, pricing will depend on the size of the area to be treated as well as the type of treatment. If standard control, using products specifically applied for bed bugs, you can expect to remove carpet edges where necessary, perhaps outlet plates and some personal belongings. You must remove candles, makeup, and other materials if you use heat treatment in an area that offers this service.

It is difficult to say how much it will cost to eradicate bed bugs because there are so many different options.

The conditions of each property are different, and therefore the problems are different for each house. So, it is best to obtain estimates or quotes locally for cost-effective bed bug removal.

To begin the process, you should call your local Orkin Pest Control Branch. A highly trained and bed bug-qualified Orkin Pest Specialist will conduct a very thorough inspection of your premises. Upon completion of the inspection and an assessment of the situation, the Pest Specialist will recommend a customized solution for your bed bug problem, which will include pricing and guarantees.

Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Company Costs for Bed Bug Treatment

Pest control firms offer services for removing bed bugs from homes. Some prefer using a pest control franchise since costs may be more controlled, and technicians must follow certain service protocols. Below are the most used companies for bed bugs control in America and the average price for their removal.

Provider Average Treatment Cost

Orkin 550 – 1,200

Terminalix $625-$1,800

Ehrlich $750 – $2,300

Rentokil $800 – $2,000


Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost


Terminix bed bug technicians prefer an integrated approach to getting rid of them. A first inspection will be done in order to assess the severity of the problem. A meeting is held with homeowners and residents to provide a quote.

In most situations where the bed bugs are isolated to one room, and the infestation is low, a bed bug removal price of under $500 can be expected. If the infestation is spread to multiple rooms, like an apartment complex or house, then it can cost up to $1500.

After the identification and inspection are completed, technicians will prepare the room. This includes removing all clothing and bedsheets. The nesting areas will either be treated with a fog or an approved contact spray by the EPA.

Orkin chose an alternative way to eliminate bed bugs. They use a thermal heating unit to bring the room up to 135deg F or 145deg F. This will usually be enough to eliminate bed bugs in 90 minutes.

The use of thermal treatments requires that everyone living in the house, as well as pets, be evacuated. Also, personal items that may be damaged at temperatures above 150deg F need to be removed.

The process can take anywhere from 4-8 hours. The technician will monitor temperatures throughout the home remotely during that time. Once it is all finished, the dead bugs are vacuumed up, and a residual baseboard spray is performed around the perimeter of the room.

Costs for treatment range between $500 and $1500. It may cost more in schools or hospitals. These cases can lead to institutions paying between $2,000 and $5,000 more.


Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

Bed Bugs:

Orkin bed bug cost varies depending on the size of the unit, the size of the infestation, and the method of the chosen treatment. Prices range between $200 and $7,000, depending on which method is used to eradicate the pest. Orkin bed bug removal fees do not cover inspections.

A home vaccinated against bedbugs is an amazing experience. Orkin provides a list of tips and tricks to help victims of this disease. Orkin will give a list to help you prepare for bedbug treatment.

An Orkin prevention plan is recommended after bed bug eradication. This will prevent them from coming back or become dormant.


.Orkin Bed Bugs Treatment Cost

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