Best Guns For Women

Best Guns For Women

best guns for women

The Handguns that Millions of American Women bought last year were a huge success. But what did they buy? Below are The Top 10 Handguns That Nearly 6,000 Women Have Purchased.

News Firearms Support NRA Women DONATE We all know that gun ownership has increased dramatically in the past year. Most of the purchases came from first-time buyers. A significant portion of first-timers were also women. So what were women buying? Even though we cannot possibly know exactly what every gun-seller in America bought, there is a sample that can give us an idea. This representative sampling was compiled by The Well Armed Woman’s survey on gun purchases. Nearly 6,000 women were involved and provided their views.

Let’s take a look at why survey like this is so crucial. If you’re ready to buy a pistol, learning what other women like and why can be extremely useful in helping you to narrow down your decision. It can be difficult to decide where to begin when there are so many options available. Good news: As more women talk about guns and buy them, the industry leaders are listening to their needs, creating more feminine-friendly firearms. See what the women of The Well Armed Woman are buying!

1. SIG Sauer P365. It is not surprising that this gun was the top-selling in the United States. SIG Sauer P365 was the pistol, who topped the TWAW 2019 survey as the most popular manufacturer. It is also the gun that sparked the rush of high-capacity micro-pistols for concealed-carry. In 2018, it was the first gun of its caliber and size to have a 10+1 magazine (plus an extended one). The “XL” version now offers a 12+1 capacity standard pistol and 15-round magazines. These pistol features are most popular with women: grip, size and capacity. 2. Smith & Wesson M&P9 EZ Shield EZ Originally introduced in January 2020, it would surprise us if this pistol wasn’t more frequently in the Top 3. It’s a model of its popular smaller brother, the M&P380 Shield EZ. We would be shocked if this pistol didn’t make it to the top 3. The good news is it is smaller than the.380 ACP model. It makes a fantastic first CCW pistol for people who struggle to manipulate a slide on semi-automatics. 3. Smith & Wesson M&P380 shield EZ This phenomenal M&P380 EZ pistol is now in third place. It was a game-changer for both men and women who struggle with slide manipulation because of diminished hand strength or arthritis. This gun is still loved by the women who took part in the survey. Easily tucked away in concealed carry clothing , the pistol features a double safety ideal for EDC. 4. Glock 43 Glock43 The Glock43 was created to answer the question, “Why has it taken you so long Glock?” Although it ranks fourth when the Glock was launched in 2015 as the company’s first compact 9mm option, its popularity is still high, especially among those who show brand loyalty. The recoil can still be managed despite being small and slim for concealment. 5. Glock 19 The 9mm Glock 19 is the most well-known pistol in the world. It has more than a few extra inches, but it’s renowned reliability, lightweight recoil, and ease of use will ensure that this gun remains a favorite among men and women for many years.

best guns for women

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What are the Most Popular Guns Women Carry in 2020? Every year, The Well Armed Lady conducts an annual survey to learn more about women and their guns. This year we were able to gather information on the most common guns that women carried in 2020. It is vital to understand which guns were purchased in order to best assist our customers. But, this is only a part of the story. Check out these top 10 guns which women wore in 2020.

The Most In-Popular Guns For Women That Were Purchased by Women in 2020

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The survey results have been analysed and the following are the guns most women purchased in 2020. Before we dive into the data, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the over 5,000 female respondents who participated in our survey. This data is extremely important. Why? Your responses allow us to show women searching for new guns what others have purchased. Additionally, this information is very helpful to the firearm industry, which strives to meet women’s gun ownership needs.

Guns Infographic 2019

An infographic I made that gives you a glimpse of our identities and personalities is this infographic. Here’s a great infographic that will give you more information about gun-owner women and how they behave in 2019.

The firearms industry is shaped and improved by all of the great information. The industry has long ignored women, and I want to change that. As mothers and wives, as well as friends, grandmas, great-grandmothers, and much more, we are all so many things. Each year, I share these results with industry leaders and manufacturers to help you get what you want.

Top Guns Popular With Women in 2019

best guns for women

Here are some considerations for the best handguns for women

Consider the dimensions and weight of your handgun and the shooting experience. The best handguns are lightweight and compact because of the smaller hands and strength women usually have.

Handgun caliber can have a major impact on how heavy or light the gun’s felt recoil will be. Women love handguns with smaller ammunition. This is because they emit less recoil as well as are easier to use. The intended purpose of the handgun must be considered. The handgun should be powerful enough to keep the shooter safe, yet light enough for comfortable shooting. For concealed carry, a gun must be slim and lightweight enough to carry throughout the day without fatigue. A handgun used for competition shooting should have a snappy trigger and large enough magazine capacity.

Below are some suggestions for handguns suitable for women.

Caliber: A large number of small handguns have a chamber that can hold.380 ACP (or 9mm) ammunition. With enough power and light recoil, both calibers can stop most threats. 9mm handguns produce a stronger feel than.380 ACP pistols. However, 9mm guns are larger and have a greater range of recoil. 9mm ammunition also has many uses, from competition shooting to self-defense.

Light recoil: Guns with less felt recoil are more comfortable and don’t cause fatigue. Also, lighter recoil will allow for precise follow-up shots when needed. Because recoil depends on the caliber, weight, and size of the gun, some pistols with small or light capacities can have high feel recoil. The recoil felt by each person will be different so it is best to try the gun for yourself. Concealed carry is best with subcompact, or even ultra-compact guns. However, if seeking a home defense weapon, a shooter may opt for a larger handgun as larger pistols are often easier to shoot accurately. The grip width of a handgun also impacts how comfortable the gun will be to hold, and a gun that fits the shooter’s hand will have less felt recoil.

Weighing: Handguns that are heavier often produce a lower feel recoil but may be harder to aim for those with shorter arms. Weight can have an impact on how convenient the gun will be for concealed carry. It is important to choose a handgun that offers comfortable shooting and manageable recoil.

Magazite capacity: A larger capacity magazine may be required for competitive shooting. Compact handguns are available with double-stack magazines for greater capacity. For self defense, most handguns will only require a single-stack magazines.

best guns for women

1. Sig P365

SIG P365 is the first on our list. SIG Sauer’s concealed-carry handgun, the SIG P365 was selected as the Guns & Ammo 2018 Handguns of the Year. This compact 9mm pistol, which measures just 9.9mm in length, is ideal for concealment and has an extended ammunition storage.

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SIG P365 has a 1-inch-wide grip that is ideal for small hands. It also features a 3.1″ barrel which improves accuracy. SIG P365, which has a frame and slide of stainless steel, weighs 17.8oz. This makes it both lightweight but balanced. For enjoyable shooting, this striker-fired pistol has a smooth trigger pull.

SIG P365’s unique feature, having a 10-round maximum capacity and a compact size that is comparable to micro-compact pistols, is what makes it stand out. With an overall length of just 5.8 inches, the SIG P365 is a perfect choice for a woman seeking a concealed carry weapon that packs a serious punch.

SIG Sauer’s striker-fired 9mm pistol, P320, is extremely accurate and reliable. The grip can be customized to your liking. SIG P320’s modular backstraps are no longer an option. The pistol comes with separate grip modules to suit the size of the hand. A better grip can improve shooting performance and accuracy as well as create a better shooting experience.

The full-size P320 measures 8 inches overall with a barrel length of 4.7 inches, making it one of the largest handguns on this list. With a weighty 29.6 ounces the P320 might not be the best choice for conceal carry weapons. The P320 makes a great weapon for target shooting and home defense, with its 17-round mag capacity and exceptional sighted accuracy.

Also available is a subcompact P320. At 6.7 inches, the P320 measures 24.9 ounces. For concealment or shooters who have small hands, the P320 Nitrogen Subcompact model is ideal.

Attesting to its exceptional performance, the SIG P320-M17 was chosen as the Modular Handgun System for the U.S. Army. The P320-M17 can be purchased by civilians with the same Coyote Tan PVD coated slide, grip and military-grade coyote color as the military model. Or you can choose from many colors and styles for other P320 models. P320 falls within the mid price bracket and is a beautiful, reliable, and powerful handgun for ladies.

best guns for women


Best Self-Defense Handguns for Women Women have been growing rapidly in both the hunting- and shooting industry. Yet, the majority of major firearm manufacturers aren’t making guns designed specifically for women. However, things are changing. There is now a wider range of quality self-defense handguns that women can choose from than they did in the past.

When choosing a handgun for self-defense, there are several things you should look out for. You might assume that all handguns designed for women should be pink. However, the opposite is true. Indeed, the color of the handgun should be low on your list of priorities if you’re a woman seriously looking for a good handgun for self-defense.

The handgun should be chambered with a cartridge that is powerful enough to stop the assailant when it’s properly placed. Now, the purpose of this article is not to debate the merits of the various handgun cartridges that are on the market today. When we wrote this article, the.380 ACP was the minimum suitable cartridge to use for self-defense.

Second, the handgun must comfortably fit the hands of an average woman. A properly fitted handgun will feel less difficult to use and have a lower perceived recoil. This makes it more attractive for shooters to practice shooting the gun.

However, smaller handguns can be easier to conceal and carry, but they’re not nearly as easy to fire as larger guns. A person only looking for a handgun to use for home defense, where concealability and portability are not as important as someone who wants a handgun for concealed carry, should probably go with a larger handgun.

Finally, the handgun must be reliable and easy to operate. A handgun should be reliable, and it should always work without failure. The handgun should not malfunction on the range. It might fail to function when you need it, which is unacceptable. The gun must work well under stress. In a desperate situation, everyone’s fine motor skills are dramatically reduced. It is because they require very few movements to work that the handguns designed for self defense are best for women.

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All of the above characteristics are reflected in our selections for best self-defense pistols for women. There are other great guns that can be used by women. It does not mean that a gun on this list is inferior for self-defense.

best guns for women

Final Thoughts

Before purchasing a gun for self defense, all women should try several guns. You can find the right hand gun for you, try different controls, and then compare the shooting performance of each one. Every person has different needs, so what might work well for you may not be the best for you. You should make sure that the handgun you are considering is right for you.

You can’t stop the work once you find the perfect handgun for self defense. If you can’t hit the target at the right time and use poor ammunition, even the most powerful handguns for women are useless. So, make sure you use high quality self-defense ammunition and spend as much time as possible practicing with it and learn how to use it properly. Get professional training if you need it. Any miscreants who want to harm her are likely to be stopped by a highly trained woman equipped with the right handgun.

The majority of experts say that it is not advisable to use novelty ammunition (like G2 RIP), or target ammunition (like wacutter or full metal jacket bullets) in self-defense. Choose one of many tested ammunitions that has been specifically developed for your task. Check out our blog post on the “Best Self Defense Ammunition.” In order to ensure accuracy and reliability, shoot at least 100 rounds of the ammo you choose in the handgun that you will use as defense. Different firearms may prefer different loads. You only can find out by spending some serious time at ranges and determining what your handgun shoots best.

best guns for women

Becoming Concealed

The question of just which pistols make for the best concealed carry guns for women comes down to a few considerations, including:

Women are likely to have more choices of clothes than men. Some clothing is also easier for concealing handguns, in particular summer.

Because women wear clothing that is less fitted than men’s, it can be harder for you to conceal the gun prints under your clothes.

Given the previous advice, the following tips will help ensure that you have the conceal carry handgun you want:

It is important that your concealed carry gun be the right weight and size to fit into your body.

Any extra features on your pistol that add more weight than you’re comfortable carrying or features that make it more difficult to use your weapon should be discarded.

It should be easy for a handgun to conceal, carry, then use, so its features need not hinder that ability.

best guns for women

3. Glock G43X

Women who had the opportunity to test Glock’s abilities to make a light-weight and reliable firearm were impressed. This handgun is still considered one of the best for women.

If you ask 10 people which company makes the best semi-auto pistols, at least four will say Glock and no one can question the reliability and service Glock pistols provide. The Glock G43x is recent, and with a magazine capacity of 10+1, it’s a real improvement over the standard G4, which can hold four more rounds than the G43. While it may not be as concealable as the standard G4, it has a longer grip which makes it easy to shoot. With at least 2 more rounds and a 16.4-ounce weight, it is lighter than the S&W Shield. Slide operation is simpler, trigger works well, sights easy to see, and it is a Glock. While the G43x MSRP is modest at $549 (but it’s readily available for as low as $500), its availability can’t be beat.

.Best Guns For Women