Bed Bugs

Bat Bug Vs Bed Bug

Bat Bug Vs Bed Bug

Bat Bug Vs Bed Bug

Bat Bugs

Do they have the same appearance?

These bugs look a lot like bed bugs, but have oval-shaped, brown bodies that are approximately the same length as bed bugs.

Bat bug and bed bug

After being fed, the abdomens of bat bugs turn reddish and become larger. Within minutes, they can go from being flat to fat. A professional is usually needed to distinguish between bat bugs from bed bugs.

Bat Bug Vs Bed Bug

Never let your bed get wet.

They are increasingly biting across the nation. Bed bugs are small and blood-sucking pests that can pose serious health problems in your home. But how can you tell if these insects are bedbugs?

Many bugs are mistakenly mistaken for bedbugs. Knowing the difference is crucial.

Many people mistake bat bugs for bed bugs because they are similar in their name and descriptions. The same scientific family as bedbugs (Cimicidae), they feed on only the blood of bats and mammals. According to studies, bed bugs may have evolved from bat bugs during a time when humans used caves together with bats.

These subtle differences are difficult to spot and require the assistance of a pest management professional. Although they are nearly identical in appearance and color, one key difference is that bat bugs' hairs have longer ends on their upper covering. It's difficult to tell the difference without using a microscope. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you have a professional make the distinction between bugs.

A key difference between bat bugs and bedbugs is where they live. Most bed bugs can be found within a few feet of their feeding host, which includes mattresses, headboards, baseboards, and other furniture close by. Bat bugs may be seen in a few of these places as well, but are mainly found in areas that harbor bats, such as attics. While they may occasionally be visible on walls or ceilings, most bat bugs stay close to the source of their food.

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Bat bugs are easier to eradicate from a home than bed bugs. A pest technician will remove the bats from the house after they have been exterminated.

Comparison of bat bug (R) vs. bed bug (L). Source: PCT Magazine August 2013


Do Bat Bugs Get In Your Bed?

Once they find their home and are able to reproduce, bat bugs can establish themselves in much the same way that bed bugs. They hide in furniture and boxes springs. 8 Mar 2017

Are Bat Bugs As Bad As Bed Bugs?

Structurally both bed bugs and bat bugs don't cause harm. They won't infest food or garbage. The lack of teeth or pincers means that they won't make holes in wood, cloth, and other materials. Bat bugs are bound to cause problems for you. 28 Apr 2021

What are the best ways to kill bat bugs?

The same insecticides that are used to control bed bugs and cracks caused by migrating bats bugs can also treat these crevices. If the area of the bat bug roost can be reached, use of an aerosol "bomb" or "pest-strip" may help kill bat bugs in those areas.

Does Bat Bugs Come Out at Night?

Activity in a well-lit environment can also be caused by bat bugs. These insects are similar to bed bugs and come out at night to eat blood of their hosts which is bats and birds.

.Bat Bug Vs Bed Bug

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