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Struggling with bed bugs? Connect with the best bed bug lawyers in Houston. Our team of expert bed bug attorneys will fight for your rights and compensation. Get immediate legal help near you. Schedule a free 2024 consultation today!

Bed Bug Attorney

Bed Bug Attorney

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Hire A Bed Bug Attorney To Settle A Case

">Bed Bug Attorney To Settle A Case

Infestations of bed bugs are common in many places, and can cause injury for guests at many hotels. Many bed bug bites can result in a host of emotional and financial problems for the victims. With the assistance of an attorney who is experienced in bed bug injury cases, you could be entitled to compensation if it was due to the negligence or carelessness of a management team.

One of our experienced bed bug lawyers will assist you with drafting a bedbug suit that could help you receive the rightful compensation for injuries sustained from bed bugs. A team of lawyers can assist you and help you get the support that your case deserves. Our team of attorneys will help you ensure all parties responsible are held accountable for any infestations. Our team has a lot of bed bug experience to assist you today.

Bed Bug Attorney

You can get potential compensation today from Bed Bug Law regarding your injustices.

Are you or someone close to you suffering from bed bug bites? Bed Bug Injury Law's bed bug bite lawyers can determine whether you may be eligible to pursue monetary compensation against negligent parties. We can help determine if you have a case, and help make sure you don't have to suffer because of irresponsible hotel management or other individuals.

Our attorneys have handled many bed bug cases. These included cases in resorts, hotels, apartments, daycare centres, assisted living facilities and motels. Our experienced lawyers can help you with any bed bug case. Filing a case when negligence happens in a facility could help prevent other incidents and inspire facilities to improve sanitation standards so they can avoid any future lawsuits.

Let us know if there is a case and we will provide you with the right legal representation. Contact us today to find out if you are bitten by bed bugs and if so, how we can work with you to get you the maximum compensation.


Bed Bug Attorney

Houston Bed Bugs: Who Is Legally Responsible?

In order to recover from any injuries caused by bed bugs, you must identify who is responsible.

If a business becomes aware of bedbug infestations, it is their duty to inform customers and staff. They must also take immediate and necessary actions to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

These duties can fail and the establishment could be held liable.

At the Nava Lawyer Group, P.C. our Houston bed bug attorneys will take action against the person responsible for your injury.

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Appartement owners

The business owners

Daycare centers


Bed Bug Attorney

Baltimore Bed Bug Lawyer

No cost consultation. A bedbug infestation can be found almost anywhere. You may have the right to compensation if you are allergic or suffer from other injuries after you've been bitten in Baltimore by bed bugs. The experienced Baltimore bedbug lawyers William G. Kolodner P.A. can help you.

To discuss your legal options.

Our combined 100-years of experience have allowed us to represent injured victims in many different types of cases.

Contact our Baltimore law office to schedule a free consultation with our legal team.

Baltimore bedbug lawyer needed for your case?

Bed bugs are a serious threat to human health. Most bed bug victims have many questions about their rights and options when it comes to filing lawsuits against them. For example, what compensation can you receive for bed bug Our Maryland bed bug attorneys at William G. Kolodner, P.A. have extensive experience handling these types of personal injury cases. We will help answer any questions you may have and offer the advice that is best for your particular situation.

The law firm conducts a detailed investigation to determine what happened to your family. We will investigate the case to find out who was responsible for your damages and injuries. We can also get assistance from pest control experts and others to get you the money that you need.


Bed Bug Attorney

How long does it take to file a Maryland bedbug claim?

In most cases, you have three years from the date of the injury to file a bed bug lawsuit in Maryland. The Statute of Limitations is very strict.

It is generally in your best interest to talk to an attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Failure to timely file a case will result in you not being able to obtain compensation for your bed bug injuries.


Bed Bug Attorney

Massachusetts Attorney for Bed Bugs

You know the pain and suffering that bed bugs can inflict on you. However, you may be eligible to get monetary compensation for the damages you sustained. That may include owners and operators of hotels, motels, apartment buildings, vacation rentals, rental furniture companies, and all other parties responsible for harming you and your family in Massachusetts.

The Law Offices Jeffrey S. Glassman, Boston's premises liability lawyers for bed bugs cases are available to assist you in your claim. We can assess whether or not you have a case. If so, we will work on your behalf and fight to avoid you being held responsible for another person's negligence.


The contingency fee model means you don't pay anything unless your case is won.

When I went to bed, the bugs were still there. What Should I Do Now?

After you go to sleep at your vacation home or hotel, you wake up to find a red rash on your skin. It's likely bed bugs are the culprit.

One of the most important things that you can do to bolster your case is to take pictures or a video documenting the bed bugs and your bites. In addition, you should:

You can report the infestation to your hotel/property owner.


Bed Bug Attorney

Infestations in Hospitals

If you, or someone you love was bitten with bed bugs in hospital while you were visiting a patient or staying there for treatment, then you are entitled to compensation. Our attorneys realize that your only goal is to recover and be with your family as soon as possible.

Get more information


Bed Bug Attorney

Pest Control Companies

Pest Control companies have a duty to properly inspect for and treat all infestations, including bed bugs. The tenant may continue to suffer from bed bug infestations if the pest control company does not properly inspect or treat their apartment.

Whitney, LLP is the first step in recovering compensation for bedbug bites. The value of bed bug cases is more than property damage or medical bills. The most common effects of bed bug bites are itchy, painful, and often permanent. Scarring or hyperpigmentation can be severe and last a lifetime. We strive to ensure that you receive compensation that is fair and equitable for the damage bed bugs cause to your body and personal life.

When cases cannot be settled, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit when it is in the best interests of our client. You can review summaries of selected bed bug settlements we achieved for clients in our blog section. Whether your case is relatively minor or severe, we are interested in providing representation to you. No money is required from clients when they hire us to represent them in any type of injury, even bed bug cases. Unless an alternative agreement is reached, we cover all case expenses, and only receive attorney's fees and recover our costs once we recover compensation for our client.


Bed Bug Attorney

Press for Our Bed Bug Settlements

Our bed bug convictions record have been extensively reported in the media. These results are also used by other bed bug law firms. If you find a case result on the page of a law company, make sure that you ask them if they actually represent your client. To learn more about each case, click on the description.

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Baltimore County Family Receives $70K For Bed Bug Infestation on Kushner-Owned Property (Maryland Daily Record 8/11/17) Daniel W. Whitney is named the Preeminent Bed Bug Attorney (Atlas Obscura 6/14/16). Baltimore jury awards $100,000 to a woman in bedbug case. (The Washington Post 9/18/15). Faika Shaaban awarded $800,000. (Huffington Post 6/3/13) Severn woman receives $225,000 for bedbug infestation.


Bed Bug Attorney

5) Bedbuglaw.Com – Attorney Grant Schwartz

Bed Bug Law, a national law office, represents individuals and not insurance companies or businesses. Although their primary focus is on personal injury, they also work with consumers and other insurance issues. They've been involved in this space for years.

Attorney Bio. Grant began his career as an assistant state prosecutor. Grant was later assigned to oversee cases from traffic violations, misdemeanors, and real first-degree felonies. Grant is a federal lawyer for the southern district and district of Columbia.

Grant's main practice is personal injury.

Grant Schwartz Avvo Page Grant Schwartz Yelp Page

You can contact a lawyer by clicking here


How much is a bed bug lawsuit worth?

Your ability to show that your landlord was negligent in causing the infestation will determine how much compensation you receive. A bed bug settlement typically has a value between $25,000 to $50,000. There can be outliers depending upon how extensive the infestation was and what damage they caused.23 November 2020

Can you sue bed bugs for damages?

23 Apr 2018

How can I sue my neighbor to get rid of bed bugs?

Bedbugs Can Be A Nuisance – Legally Speaking Under the law of private nuisance, one property owner can sue an adjacent property owner for interfering with his or her use of the property. This is… 25 Jan 2013

Who Is Responsible For Paying For Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Extermination: Who Pays? The landlord typically pays the cost of extermination as long as they didn't infect the property. Most states require that landlords provide habitable housing. However, most courts won't allow bed bugs to become habitable in a unit.

.Bed Bug Attorney

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