What is the best product to kill carpenter ants?

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

What is the best product to kill carpenter ants?

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

1 Gal. Quick Kill Carpenter Bee, Ant, And Termite Killer Ready-To-Use

Brand New

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Bonide Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer, Ready to Use Insecticide, 1 Gallon

Bonide Termite And Carpenter Ant Killer, Ready To Use Insecticide, 1 Gallon

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1 Gal. Quick Kill Carpenter Be Ant and Termite Killer Ready To Use

1 Gal. Quick Kill Carpenter Be Ant And Termite Killer Ready To Use

Brand New

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Bayer Advanced 700310 Carpenter Ant and Termite to Killer Plus Concentrate,

Bayer Advanced 700310 Carpenter Ant And Termite To Killer Plus Concentrate,

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What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Borax-Based Terro Liquid Ant Bait

Terro Ant Killer’s active ingredient, sodium tetraboratedecahydrate (borax), is one of several insecticidal baits which have proven effective in fighting carpenter beetles.

Borax (boric Acid) is a poison bait that causes a slow-acting stomach attack. Once it reaches an ant’s digestive system, it impacts metabolism and interferes with the absorption of nutrients, causing death by starvation.

TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer: Check the current price

Terro outdoor baits contain the same active substance, borax, but the traps have been adapted for outdoor use. The product is sold in packs of 6 poison bait stations. The station can be placed in ground or surface. The customers commend this bait. It is available as stakes that are pinned to the ground as well.

Terro Outdoor Baits – Check out the current prices

Best Carpenter Ant Killers In 2022: Expert Reviews

Do you have carpenter beetles in your home? These insects can be difficult to control. Over seven hundred species of ants exist around the globe, with carpenter and other ant species being the most difficult to eradicate in an infestation.

They don’t eat wood, they only dig holes to create nests. You must, therefore, get rid of these species until their colony grows bigger, and the damage caused to your furniture and surroundings gets stronger.

If you want to get rid of carpenter ants effectively, you must first find their nest. After locating it, use the best carpenter ant killer on pests, their nest, and traces.

I have studied the behavior of these pests and how to effectively control them for more than twenty-five years. My expertise will help you find the most effective way to get rid of carpenter bugs.

Below, I will provide descriptions of the best products to kill carpenter ants to assist you in keeping ants away from your house. Here, you will also find my suggestions for suitable treatments for outdoor and indoor applications. If you use these solutions, you are guaranteed to get rid of carpenter ants shortly.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Basf 805571 Termidor Foam Termiticide/Insecticide

Termidor Foam, a universally effective fipronil-based wood-destroying insect treatment is available. It is used against termites, carpenter and other insects. Similar to other products, this foam is to be locally sprayed in the area of the insects’ activity, wooden holes and deep down the nest.

A foam-action ant colony could die within days. It is also very dense, so the ants will not be able overcome it and live. Although the product is quite expensive, users unanimously accept that it is effective and more affordable than hiring professional exterminators. This can be demonstrated by its 4.7-star rating.

Basf Advance Granular Ant Bait is the Best Way To Kill Carpenter Ants


  • Active Ingredient: Abamectin B1 0.011%
  • Item Weight: 0.7 Pounds
  • Ant is one of the target species

Basf Advanced Granular Carpenter Ant Bait was our top pick. The largest global producer of chemicals, Basf Advanced Granular Carpenter Ant Bait was established in Germany in 1865. It has subsidiaries in over eighty countries worldwide.

Basf carpenter and ant bait contains abamectin, an active ingredient. This is a slow-killing ingredient that allows the carpenter ants to carry the poison back to their colony. This product is the best for killing carpenter beetles, as it can kill the whole colony along with its queen. There is no better way of protecting your home from pests than this product.

This solution is a combination of protein-based attractors and large granular-sized baits. The baits can be placed anywhere around, and in the house, so you can spread the treatment not only in the kitchen and rooms but around the foundations in cracks and crevices. To get the desired results, you should place baits where there are signs of ants.

  • a highly-efficient granular bait;
  • Can kill the entire colony
  • can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • not water-resistant.
  • Not water-resistant.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Amdro Kills Ants Bait Stations

A pack contains 4 stations with hydramethylnon-based baits. They are slow-acting baits, meaning that the chance of killing not only workers but also the queen is very high.

The manufacturer states that the entire process takes approximately two weeks. The stations are for indoor use only as they can work for three months and should be replaced with new ones when necessary.

This might seem too long for some, but the scientists name slow-acting baits as the most effective means of getting rid of ants. It is quite economical as well as a single bait station. The manufacturer also guarantees a full refund in the event of product failure.

Ortho Home Defence Max Insecticide For Indoor and Perimeter Rtu Wand

Bifenthrin is an insecticide that has a fast-acting component. It comes in a 1.1 canister. It is ready to use on a dry surface or down the nest.

This product can kill over 130 species of insects, including fire, carpenter and lawn, as well as pharaohs, pyramids, red/western harvester, and pavement ants. In addition, Ortho creates a barrier protecting your house for up to a year, and the lot for up to three months.

It can decrease the amount of ants per day according to reviews. However, repeated application may be necessary if necessary since a queen that survived can help revive the colony.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Terro T1812 Bait Stakes – The Best Way To Kill Carpenter Ants Outside


  • Active Ingredient: Borax (5.4%)
  • Item Weight: 0.64 ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.5 x 7.75 x 2.75 inches
  • Ant is one of the target species

This is another great product made by Terro. If you are looking for a tip on how to kill carpenter ants before they get into your home, then this pesticide must be your choice. The bait is perfect for attracting ants.

Will Terro liquid Ant Baits Kill Carpenter Ants? Well, the bait does not only attract the ants but kills them because of the borax, an active ingredient used in the pesticide. Borax slows down the killing of pests by disrupting their digestive system. The slow infestation means that ants can carry poison back to the colony, and spread it to other insects. As a result, you will get rid of the whole colony of carpenter ants.

This ant killer bait stake has a window that allows you to monitor the bait amount and know when it’s time to replace it. The bait stake is also weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about rains. It also has tiered steps that allow ants easy access to the bait.

  • You can see the bait easily
  • the product is ready to use;
  • Slowly kills the pests to spread the poison.
  • bait stake is weatherproof.
  • for outdoor use only.
  • Outdoor use only

Read my complete Terro Ant Bait review.

Basic Information

Carpenter ants dig out wooden structures in order to live and nest, however, unlike termites and beetles they don’t eat any wood they have damaged. There are many species of Carpenter Ants, but the red and black ones are most damaging to homes and buildings.

Carpenter ant nests are difficult to locate, but their presence can be determined by looking for winged ants within the home and sawdust around wooden areas. When large colonies of carpenter ants infest indoors, check walls, pipes and electric wires for their nest. Sometimes, carpenter ant activity can be heard rustling from within a wall void. It is not necessary to demolish a structure to get rid of a colony, except if they have damaged the wall void in a very serious way.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Best Bait Gel

This Combat gel bait’s syringe-based design allows for precise ant attacks. It works by injecting a line of gel in hard-to-reach places where ants travel or enter the home, such as small cracks around windows and along the baseboards. Ants eat the gel and then return to the nest where they deliver the poison to other ants before dying–destroying the colony in 3 to 5 days.

This bait gel contains the active ingredient fipronil, which kills ants just a few hours after ingestion. The syringe dispenses a thin bead of gel, suitable for areas where a spray might damage paint or the finish on furniture. The syringe also reduces the poison distribution, which decreases the chance of the toxin coming in contact with humans and pets.

The pros

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Children resistant
  • Starts killing within an hour
  • Syringe applicator for placement in cracks


  • Only one Syringe included
  • Contains only one syringe

Terro Aerosol Spray is a Top-Effective Spray for Carpenter Ants


  • Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin (0.03%)
  • Item Weight: 1.25 Pounds
  • Type of item: Spray
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.7 x 8 x 9.4 inches
  • Target Species: Ants, Termites, Carpenter bees, Wood wasps, and other insects

The Terro 16 oz. Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer aerosol spray is one of the most effective solutions, based on my experience. Terro is a global brand that helps property owners fight insects since 1915.

This spray is the perfect solution to killing carpenter bugs in your home. It won’t leave any stains on your walls or floors, and there is no odor. The product kills insects on contact, so you can get rid of most pests in your home immediately. It can also kill termites and carpenter ants, as well as wood beetles and carpenter beetles.

It can be used outside to eliminate pests. It provides a permanent barrier to pests in your home for approximately four weeks, making it one of the most effective outdoor carpenter and ant killers. You won’t need to be concerned about pest infestations during this time.

This product comes with a two-way spray nozzle, which is easy to use. The canister allows dispersing the pesticide over a wide-angle. There is also a precision tube to help you spray the solution to crevices, wall voids, and holes.

For the best results, I recommend using this product together with carpenter ant baits, for example, Terro outdoor liquid ant killer baits to remove the outdoor ants as well.

  • lasting residual protection for up to four weeks;
  • for both indoor and outdoor applications;
  • quickly kills pests on contact;
  • has no odor;
  • the effect is stronger if used together with other Terro products.
  • If you directly spray the ants, it will be effective.
  • If you directly spray the ants, it will be effective.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

What We Did to Choose The Best Carpenter Ant Killers

These recommendations for the best carpenter ant killers include a variety of types of products that can meet the needs of typical home users both indoors and outdoors. We narrowed our research to focus on products designed to tackle home infestations and considered products that are both fast-acting and work for a long time after installation to maintain a carpenter-ant-free home. Some of the products that made the list can kill on contact, attract and infect worker ants who carry the poison back to their colony, or are applied generously outdoors to prevent ants from getting inside a home.

While evaluating the products, we found that our favorites use active ingredients that are safe around pets and children, have easy application methods, and can be used on other pests. Some of the best carpenter ant killers that made the list have additional features like syringe applicators, time-release poison, and waterproof housings for outdoor use.

Best Bang For The Buck

This value pack includes eight ant baits at a bargain price, offering an economical solution to a carpenter ant problem. These ant baits feature a double-control bait, which includes two types of food to attract ants. Avermectin is the active ingredient and it kills infected insects within days or less of contact. This gives the ant time to return to the colony to infect the rest of the population.

The baits kill the entire colony in less than a week. They can also be used for as long as 3 months to prevent new colonies from being established. This bait is suitable indoors for use in bathrooms and kitchens.


  • For 3 Months
  • There are two types of bait
  • Includes eight baits


  • Takes a few days to see results
  • Indoor use only

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel-1 (Bayer)

The fipronil-based bait is packaged in a syringe. It’s used to eliminate carpenter bugs. They love sugar and moisture, so Maxforce is most saturated with them for better attraction. Just like other liquid baits, this gel should be placed in the areas of activity of ants and near the nest.

You can use the product indoors or outdoors (including restaurants, schools, hospitals and public buildings) Fipronil is relatively slow-acting poison, so the effect can be expected in about 3-5 days.

Tuna is a favorite food of Carpenter Ants, and they will often eat cat food that contains fish. The users give valuable advice on making the sugar-based Maxforce bait as effective as possible: you need to lay some tuna leftovers in the right places and you will get a combo-bait. Read all customer reviews to find more tips about using it.

Applicant Methods

There are many types of ant baits, with each having a unique application and method for killing them. Based on these characteristics, you can decide whether you like ant killer bait stations or granules sprays, sprays or dust.

  • Bait stations, enclosed plastic containers with tiny holes, allow ants into the container to collect liquids or gels and then move on. The baits may take up to several days to kill an ant. This gives it enough time to return home to infect its colony. Bait stations typically have liquid or gel ingredients that stick to the ants that enter.
  • Granules are sprinkled on the ground, where they dissolve and leave a residue that kills ants on contact. Granules can be used to treat soil over several months and create a barrier against ants getting in the house.
  • Sprays are a liquid with a thick, sticky consistency that is applied to ants directly to eliminate them on contact. Sprays can leave behind a sticky residue which infects and kills all ants who cross it.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, which is a toxic natural substance, is used to kill dust ant. When ants crawl through it, the dust penetrates their exoskeletons and dehydrates them from the inside out.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Talstar Pros Pest Control Insecticide – Professional Carpenter Ant Killer


  • Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 7.9%
  • Item Weight: 7.05 Pounds
  • Type of item: Spray
  • Dimensions of the item: LxWxH 11.85×7.4×5.71inches
  • Target Species: Cockroach, Bed Bug, Flea, Scorpion, Beetle, Mosquito, Ant, Spider, Millipede

Talstar Professional is a FMC Agricultural Products product. This firm is renowned for producing some of the most effective insecticides for more than a century.

Talstar Professional comes in a 3/4-gallon bottle. This solution is effective in killing carpenter bees and can also be used for other insect control, such as termites, bedbugs or spiders.

FMC uses 7.9% of bifenthrin for this insecticide. Talstar Professional is a quick and efficient carpenter-ant killer. This is because FMC uses 7.9% bifenthrin, synthetic parathyroid. It affects the nervous system of the insect and weakens it, before ultimately killing them.

Because of its high level of bifenthrin, you can dilute Talstar Professional with water and still kill ants. The amount of water to add depends on the size of the infestation. For example, if you want to treat a mild infestation, 0.33 ounces of Talstar solution for every gallon of water should be enough. For indoor spaces, I recommend 0.5 ounces of this insecticide per gallon of water. For bad infestations I recommend using at most one ounce per gallon.

For Talstar Professional to work best, you should leave it to dry. To ensure that the pesticide is fully dried, I leave it on for 30 minutes. When applying outside, I also make sure the area doesn’t come into contact with water. This solution is best used during dry season, since it can be rendered ineffective by rain.

I recommend using a pump sprayer when to allow an even distribution of this carpenter ant spray. You can also use baits and other methods to treat ants in conjunction with this spray.

  • Non-toxic for pets
  • has no odor;
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • leaves no stains.
  • must dry completely to become effective.
  • To be effective, must completely dry.

Termidor Foam – Best For Targeting Nests

  • Pesticide the entire nest
  • All stages of the lifecycle are killed
  • Requires nest to be located

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Demon Max

It is best to have multiple products for this species. However, if forced to pick just one, this would be it. The broad-spectrum insecticide can be deadly for carpenters. As well as being capable of killing the nest directly, it can also be used to perform a barrier treatment to make sure no bugs come inside your home afterwards.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Carpenter Ant Killer

Understanding how the different types of ant killers work is key to addressing the carpenter ant problem your home is facing. Learn more about sprays and gels as well as the other considerations when choosing the best product.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Homemade Remedies For Carpenter Ants

Two common home remedies for Carpenter Ants are available.

The first uses vinegar as an acidic composition that deters ants. You should mix it with water in equal amounts. A lot of people use this, but it’s not very effective.

The second popular homemade solution uses boric acid combined with a sweet solution (jelly or honey) as an attractant has more success. It kills ants upon contact. This does work, but it’s a short term solution and has no effect against the majority of ants that you can’t see.

Our Verdict

The size of your carpenter ant infestation will vary. However, the TERRO T300B, 12 Bait Stations, Liquid Ant Killer is a great option for indoor usage. For those who are looking for a product that is fast-acting and can target small areas indoors and outdoors, consider a product like the Combat Indoor and Outdoor Ant Killing Gel.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Foam, Dust and Carpenter Ant Spray

Aerosol sprays, foams, and dusts that could be sprayed deep down the nest are most effective against carpenter ants. These products are fast-acting poisons that kill on contact.

Top Ant Baits, Traps & Poisons

Carpenter ants, or Camponotus, build their colonies in wood. This article will show you how to identify termites and their nests. You’ll know the best methods of getting rid of carpenter ants according to the scientists and find the 18 Best carpenter ant killers: poison baits, killer sprays, foams, and dusts.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

Sevin Concentrate Pest Control

It contains Carbaryl, which is the eco-friendlyest insecticide on the market. This can be used to remove over 100 bugs and can even be used as a spray for ornamentals and vegetables.

Its active ingredient, Carbaryl’s, advantage is that it does not accumulate in humans’ or pets’ bodies and is harmful even for small pets, such as rabbits. Concentrated liquids should be dispersed in water, and then used to treat contaminated wood structures and trees with a sprayer.

What Is The Best Carpenter Ant Bait?

My own recommendation for indoors is Bayer 4314807 Maxforce Carpenter Gel 27g Ant Insecticide. It can kill the whole colony of ants from three to five days after the insects eat the bait gel. My own personal experience.

What Is The Best Product To Kill Carpenter Ants?

FAQs about Carpenter Ant Killer

You still have questions regarding carpenter-ant killers? Read on to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is the best product to kill carpenter ants?

Feature Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel


Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel
Feature Carpenter Ant Control Kit


Carpenter Ant Control Kit

Carpenter Ant Control Kit
Feature Advance Carpenter Ant Bait


Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

How to get rid of carpenter ants? It is not only annoying but also destructive to have ants in your house, especially if they are carpenter ants. These small creatures can seriously damage your furniture, as well as other wooden stuff including floor, doors, walls and even ceiling. Carpenter ants are very often confused with termites, but unlike the latter, they do not eat wood.

Instead, they nest inside by excavating galleries and tunnels. This type of ants is especially active in springtime, and their favorite type of wood is rotting. That is why their nests are usually found in such places as around sinks, dishwashers, shower or behind bathroom tiles. Even though humidity is very important for carpenter ants and their eggs, they can be also found in dry places without moisture as well.

The main problem with carpenter ants is that their damage is unnoticed in the beginning, and it becomes obvious only when destruction is already very significant.  It might be problematic to get rid of carpenter ants, and if you have faced this problem, we have written this article for you with the detailed guide on killing these small destructive critters.

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How Do Carpenter Ants Look Like

Before engaging in the fight against carpenter ants, you should know how they actually look like in order to be able to distinguish them from other insects and types of ants.  A carpenter ant can be different colors including black, have black, yellow, dark brown or even red. With regards to their size, they are quite big – between 3.4 and 13 mm.

However, since there are several types of carpenter ants with a different appearance that exist on the same territory, it is not possible to rely completely on such visual characteristics as the size and color in order to identify them. What really helps to differentiate them from other types of ants are the heart-shaped head, rounded profile of the thorax, and the circle of hairs around their anus. Regarding the eggs of carpenter ants, they have an oval share and are cream colored.

What Is the Difference Between Black Ants and Carpenter Ants?

Both Black Ants and Carpenter Ants are among the most common types of ants, especially in North America. Though these two types are quite similar and it is quite complicated to differentiate carpenter ants from black ants at a glance, there are some ways that help you to differentiate them. First of all, carpenter ants are usually much larger than black ants.

Moreover, they are more likely to have doubled wings, and if it is a reproductive threat its front wings are longer than back wings. Another distinctive characteristic is ahead:  as it has been mentioned above, carpenter ants have a heart-shaped head. Finally, take a closer look at their thorax: black ants have an uneven thorax, while the thorax of carpenter ants is smoothly rounded.

But, in addition to their appearance, there is also a difference in their presence in your home. Thus, black ants are a real nuisance and can be described as unwelcome guests. But in contrast to carpenter ants, they do not really live in our houses and do not cause any physical damage.

Signs of Carpenter Ants in the House

One of the first steps to getting rid of carpenter ants is to find out whether you have them in your house or not. There are several certain signs that help you to understand that your home is invaded by these creatures.  They are the following: Rustling sound. If the infestation is very significant, you might probably hear rustling faint sound that comes from the walls of your house.

To make sure you can do a certain test: knock on the wall first and then press your ear against it. If you hear the sound that is similar to crinkling cellophane, it is almost certain that there are ants inside your walls.  This kind of sound is an indicator of a very extreme and serious infestation, so you will need to call a specialist as soon as possible. how do you get rid of sugar ants ?

Sawdust around the house. If you see little piles of wood shavings or sawdust around the house, you can be pretty sure that there is a colony of carpenter ants building nests in the wooden stuff of your house. The first thing that you should do in such case is either to conduct a careful inspection of the house by yourself or to call a professional examinator who will do it for you. how to get rid of carpenter bees ?

The presence of winged adults.  During spring and winter time look for winged ants in your house, especially near the windows. If you find any, it means that there is a nest of the colony somewhere inside the hohuse because usually carpenter ants are not found at the distance of more than 30 feet from their nests. How does dawn soap get rid of moles?

How to Kill Carpenter Ants

How to get rid of carpenter ants? If it is confirmed that you, unfortunately, have carpenter ants in your house, the following question arises: how to kill carpenter ants and to get rid of them forever?  Fortunately, there are quite many different options, and the choice of a particular remedy and treatment will depend on your exact situation. You may also want to read how to get rid of frogs ?

What Type of Carpenter Ant Baits Work

If you faced such a serious problem as carpenter ants infestation, then you will need something actually works, no matter how expensive it is. One of the best and the most effective ways to fight treat carpenter ants infestations is to use baits. Baiting is one of the best methods because baits brought by ants to the colony kills the queen and as a result, disrupts the whole reproductive cycle in the nest. You can also use insecticides to eliminate and prevent carpenter ants but it has chemicals in it which is not safe to use carelessly. Below we provide the reviews of the most effective baits that actually work and will be definitely helpful in your fighting with carpenter ants.


Maxforce Carpenter Ant Gel

Read Customer Reviews Here »

To remove ants, this gel contains a bait that attracts carpenter ants and then makes them spread insecticide in the colony.  For the best result, it is recommended to apply the gel to the holes and cracks on the floor or in the walls not far from the nest. This gel has been proven to be a very effective one since only 6 drops from the tube is enough in order to kill the whole colony. One of the best advantages of this gel is that it does not have any unpleasant smell, which makes it perfect for indoor use.


Carpenter Ant Control Kit

Read Customer Reviews Here »

This kit comes in two different forms – as gel and granular, so it is able to target different types of carpenter ants. The bait of the kit contains fat, sweet and protein-based substances for attracting carpenter ants.  It can boast of quite fast acting results within just one use: you will notice how ants start disappearing after 3-6 days of use.


Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

Read Customer Reviews Here »

It is a fat and protein-based granule bait that contains a very active ingredient called “abamectin”. It has been rated as one of the top effective and nontoxic elements at getting rid of carpenter ants. Since this bait is weather resistant, it is good to use it outdoors. The main advantage of this product is that it is easy to use: you just need to apply the granules of it in the places where the carpenter ants are coming from, including wood piles, dead trees, and etc.


Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

Read Customer Reviews Here »

This product is based on a sweet borax liquid that is very attractive to ants.  The main component of it is a slow-acting insecticide that spreads throughout the colony very fast and kills the ants that you cannot even see. This bait is considered to be one of the most long-term solutions for the carpenter ants problem available on the market today.

Home Remedies for Carpenter Ants

If you do not want to use any chemicals and prefer more natural ways to get rid of carpenter ants, then there are a plenty of home remedies that are as effective as the products that have been described above.

Boric Acid

Boric Acid is probably the easiest and one of the most non-toxic insecticides that will help you to kill annoying carpenter ants very quickly without any threat to your health or the health of your family members. All you need to do is just to sprinkle the boric acid around your house or use it as a spray for the nest by mixing it with water. You will not have a problem finding boric acid: you can easily purchase it in any hardware shop or pharmacy.

Cedar Oil

It is another great and effective natural insecticide used for killing carpenter ants. Contact with this essential oil makes carpenter ants suffer from dehydration and die. In addition, cedar oil has also the capacity to emulsify the body fats of these insects, which causes their death.  Thus, it is not surprising that cedar oil is considered to be the most effective essential oil in getting rid of carpenter ants. The best way to use it is to spray it around your home and basement or directly on the nest if you know its exact location.

Liquid Dish Soap

You can mix dish soap with water and shake it well by making the solution. For the best results, it is also good to add to this mixture some baking soda and use as a spray as well. This solution is a great method for getting rid of insects because it does not only kill carpenter ants but also acts as a great cleaning solution.


Another natural and easy pest control solution for fighting with carpenter ants in your house is the mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts. Use this solution as a spray and apply it to windowsills, doors, and any other places where you notice ants or their traces.

You can also clean your windows, walls, floors, and furniture with this mixture which will make your house very clean. This method is preferable to many because it is safe, easy, effective and inexpensive. Consider repeating the process once or twice for the best result.


Cinnamon for pest control has a pleasant smell to many people but the same cannot be said for most insects. Carpenter ants don’t like the smell of cinnamon, it is considered to be one of the most effective natural remedies against these little creatures. You can use cinnamon in to repel carpenter ants in many different ways.

You either to place ground cinnamon it in affected areas or you can prepare a spray solution to be applied in the areas with the highest infestation. When using the cinnamon method of getting rid of carpenter ants,  it is important to note that it is ideal before the infestation becomes worst. Also, the application process should be repeated regularly until you are satisfied that all the ants have been exterminated.

How to Remove Carpenter Ants in Walls

Getting rid of these ants in the house is never an easy task. First, you have to start by confirming the sites of infestation. One of the most common places in a house where carpenter ants create their nests is on walls.  It might be quite difficult to get rid of the colony that has infested your house because it is quite difficult to find the exact location of it and then access it.

However, there are some effective methods that will help make the process an easy one and that is what this section will focus on. The first and the most effective way to get behind affected walls when trying to get rid of carpenter ants is by spraying or dusting them with boric acid powder.

In order for this method to work effectively, you should drill several holes in the walls near the exact place of infestation and then apply boric acid powder there.  However, it is not recommended to use this method if there are kids or pets in the home.

This is because the boric acid powder is quite a toxic chemical that may be harmful to their health since they may not know how to protect themselves from it. Instead, you can use an aerosol with a concentration of pyrethrins that is also quite effective but may not be harmful to kids and pets.

How to get rid of carpenter ants? It is not only annoying but also destructive to have ants in your house, especially if they are carpenter ants. These small creatures can seriously damage your furniture, as well as other wooden stuff including floor, doors, walls and even ceiling. Carpenter ants are very often confused with termites, but unlike the latter, they do not eat wood.

Instead, they nest inside by excavating galleries and tunnels. This type of ants is especially active in springtime, and their favorite type of wood is rotting. That is why their nests are usually found in such places as around sinks, dishwashers, shower or behind bathroom tiles. Even though humidity is very important for carpenter ants and their eggs, they can be also found in dry places without moisture as well.

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