Best Gopher Poisons

best gopher poisons

Best Gopher Poisons

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Gopher Mole Yard Control Bait Applicator Killer Rodents Poison Pellets Dispenser

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Single Trap Moles Gophers Above Ground No Bait Poison GopherHawk Simple Trap New

Single Trap Moles Gophers Above Ground No Bait Poison Gopherhawk Simple Trap New

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Single Trap Moles Gophers Above Ground No Bait Poison GopherHawk Simple Trap New

Single Trap Moles Gophers Above Ground No Bait Poison Gopherhawk Simple Trap New

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Best Gopher Poisons

Ready To Fight

You now know the best poisonous ways to kill gophers. It is also important to know how to properly use these poisonous remedies to get the desired effect quickly and without causing harm to your pet. Use only legally tested and approved products. Follow the instructions on each package.

Have you tried poisoning gophers before? Please share any experience with us in the comments if you have. You are welcome to share any other proven remedies. You can leave any comments below if you have questions after reading this article. I’ll be glad to answer them as quickly as possible.

What Place To Put The Gopher Bait

  • The bait should be placed on the tunnel’s interiors, approximately 18-24 inches away from the opening. The shape of the tunnel is often a horseshoe, with the open end indicating the direction it is heading.
  • To apply granular bait, use a long stick to poke a hole in the tunnel. Cover the hole with the granules and slide them in. Also, close the opening to the mound.
  • When using block bait, shove a piece of it as deep and far into the mound as you can. With a stick, push it into the mound and then cover the hole. You can also use a shovel or a fork to make a pit in the ground. Place the bait block in the tunnel of the gopher and then cover the hole as well.
  • If you are looking to eliminate them all, make sure that you have treated every single mound.

Best Gopher Poisons

Low Impact Approaches

Use traps for your benefit

Moles and pocket gophers can be controlled by trapping. The soil is completely protected from the moving parts. Traps made of metal are inexpensive and easily reuseable. Trapping also provides the clear confirmation of a captured rodent and allows you to better judge treatment success. Most importantly, trapping allows you to avoid using rodenticides, which pose a greater risk of exposure to children, pest, and wildlife.

Live traps are a safe alternative to pesticides but they should not be used. Be cautious with live traps as rodents might urinate or carry fleas, lice, ticks and pathogens, which increases the risk of spreading diseases. In some states, such as California and Virginia, it is unlawful to release a captured rodent on any property other than the one on which it was caught. It is common for not enough thought to be given to capture and release, such as how to transport it, where to release it, what the animal might do to wildlife at the site, or how they could harm them.

Live traps are an option if you’re considering them. Please visit the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife website on Trapping Wildlife.

Common Gopher Traps

Common Mole Traps

Use pest-specific traps only and be sure to follow all instructions for setting up your traps. Children should not be allowed to use traps. Spring-loaded jaws may cause severe injuries. Remember to check traps frequently and reset as necessary. If you haven’t caught anything in two days, choose another trapping site.

Before you decide on the treatment plan, make sure to review all options. Before you hire a professional pest controller, make sure they are Ecowise, GreenShield, or GreenPro certified. They should also be familiar with Integrated Pest Management techniques.

Gopher traps

The most popular way to get rid of gophers is by using gopher traps. You can use either live traps or snap or pincer style traps (which will kill the gopher).

You will set gopher traps in pairs when setting them. Find an opening to an active burrow and dig the opening out enough to allow you to slide one trap into the burrow facing inwards and then follow this with a gopher trap that faces outward. Any gaps should be filled.

You can use both traps to capture the gopher regardless of its destination. This process can be repeated with any burrow openings that you find.

Whether you bait your gopher traps or not is up to you. Baiting with things like fruits, vegetables, or peanut butter will help to attract gophers more quickly to the traps, but will not improve the overall effectiveness of the traps.

Best Gopher Poisons

What’S In A Gopher’S Diet?

Pocket Gophers love to snack on any kind of plant, even underground bulbs.

They eat:

  • Flower bulbs,
  • Common weed tubers,
  • The thick roots of the grasses.
  • Potatoes,
  • Peanuts,
  • Garden vegetables,
  • Crops in farm fields,
  • Alfalfa,
  • Dandelions,
  • Earthworms,
  • Small, soft-bodied insects.

Tunneling can lead to gophers chewing roots. Sometimes they will come to the surface to feed or even bring food back underground or store it in their cheek pockets. And one final amazing fact about gophers’ eating habits: gophers consume over half their own body weight every single day!

Are Gophers allowed to eat tree roots? Yes! Yes! Gophers can eat the tap roots of trees, particularly young saplings. This can devastate newly planted trees. Most trees will be safe after just a few more years.

Do Cats Eat Gophers?

Your well-fed home cat isn’t likely to hunt and kill gophers, because it doesn’t have the motivation to look for food. In some instances, however, domestic cats may hunt these animals just to have fun.

Still, I’d recommend you to ward off your domestic cat from gophers as there’s always a chance for a cat to become a disease carrier by contacting with wild animal’s blood.

If your cat brings this critter to your door, throw the trunk away, congratulate your pet with something tasty, and bring it to the vet for blood analysis. Feral cats are happy to hunt down and eat gophers as they’re very nutritious.

Best Gopher Poisons

Victor Easy Set Trap 0610 (2 Pack)

Victor has created a killing trap for gophers. Check the current price. It involves the very popular “snap trap” principle, but the system was modified to work with more massive bodies of the gopher.

These devices can be found under ground, in one or more gopher tunnels. If you use repellents, your task will be easier, because gophers become very careless when they are in panic, thus there’s a high chance that they will get right into your trap.

Another way to install the trap is to place it in your backyard and add some attractive bait. If you do not have a gopher-resistant dog, this method is best.

Price: Check current price

How Deep Are Gopher Burrows/Tunnels?

Gopher tunnel systems can cover up to 2,000 square feet of turf and can lead as far as 3 to 6 feet under the ground. Burrows can be found between 6 and 12 feet below the ground, measuring 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. The nesting area and food-storage room may be a full six feet down.

Pocket gophers are industrious and amazing creatures, but when they dig their extensive tunnel systems in your yard or field, that is unacceptable. Now that you know some essential gopher facts and know how to identify gopher damage, it may be time to get started de-gophering your property instead of just reading about it!

Best Gopher Poisons

The Disadvantages of Using Bleach and Ammonia to Kill Gophers

  • The fumes are highly corrosive. Long exposure to smell of ammonia causes burning of nose, eyes and the respiratory tract. This can cause lung damage, blindness or even death. This is something that you do not want. Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect the hands. To reduce the chance of inhaling ammonia fumes, ensure that the wind blows away from your face.
  • The fumes are highly corrosive. Long exposure to smell of ammonia causes burning of nose, eyes and the respiratory tract. This can cause lung damage, blindness or even death. This is something that you do not want. Always wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and gloves to protect the hands. Ensure the wind is blowing away from you so as to decrease chances of you inhaling the ammonia fumes.

Chances are that you have animals like dogs and cats in your yard. You could endanger or kill your pets by using poisonous and/or trapping methods. These other animals should be taken into consideration and you must take all precautions possible to avoid any negative consequences.

How To Check For Active Tunnels

Before setting out bait with poisons, determine which gopher tunnels are active by either pressing down a small section of the tunnel or by removing about a one-inch section of the tunnel’s roof. These sections should be marked and checked again in 24-hours.

If the tunnel’s flattened path has been lifted up, or the gopher repairs the roof, it is considered active. Only use poison in active tunnels to avoid using unnecessary bait in the ground where children or pets might get to it. To keep track of the areas that need to be treated or those with poison, you can use small flags to denote active tunnels.

Best Gopher Poisons

How Integrated Pest Management Helps Get Rid Of Gophers

You can eliminate gophers from your garden with integrated pest management (IPM).

IPM methods combine traditional and natural pest management techniques holistically to manage pest species such as gophers.

These are some IPM steps that will get you started.

  • Suppression. You want to reduce the gopher population. The easiest and most reliable way to do that is through trapping. The burrow is the best place to trap gophers. To locate the burrow, get a large, sturdy stick, and locate the freshest gopher mound in your yard. Use the stick to probe the soil 8-12 inches from the edge of the burrow. The burrow will be located about 6-12″ deep in the ground, and you’ll know you’ve hit it when you feel a sudden drop in the stick. When you locate the burrow, remove the plug from the entry hole and set your traps–more on trapping methods in the following few sections.

Potential Consequences Of Using Rodenticides

You should know that rodenticides can have serious consequences.

  • Successful rodenticide treatment often requires multiple bait feedings, increasing the risk of accidental poisoning. Children can be poisoned by the toxins contained in rodenticides if they are eaten.
  • If you or your neighbors have pets, they may become very ill or die from eating the bait or poisoned rodents.
  • Poisoned rodents can cause death in mammalian predators like coyotes and hawks, as well as other birds such prey, including owls and hawks. The bait may attract other non-target wildlife and poison them, even endangered species.
  • Baits can pollute groundwater and wash into streams, lakes and the ocean.

Use Rodenticides: Precautions

If you determine that rodenticides are necessary, take these precautionary steps to reduce the potential for adverse effects:

  • Rodenticides should only be used if all other options fail. Use only US EPA approved products and choose the lowest toxicity products to avoid accidental poisoning of children, pets and wildlife.
  • Keep baits out of reach of children, pets and wildlife by following the label instructions and placing your bait safely underground. Strychnine cannot be used aboveground.
  • Know the pest’s habits and burrow system so that bait is not accidentally pushed to the surface. Bait placed in the tunnel of a gopher will make it more likely that the bait gets pushed out of the tunnel and tunnels, increasing the risk of poisoning non-target animals.
  • All bait that has been spilled must be picked up and disposed of according to label directions. To prevent poisoning of non-target animals, some products must be incinerated or buried in an 18 inch deep pit.
  • You should inspect the areas where bait was used regularly for any dead animals. Dispose of dead rodents by incineration or burial in a pit at least 18 inches deep to prevent pets and scavengers from unearthing carcasses. This reduces the risk of secondary poisoning in pets and wildlife.
  • Follow the instructions printed on the label of the pesticide product. The label is the law and you could be liable for any damage resulting from not following the label instructions.

Best Gopher Poisons

You Can Get Rid of the Gophers infesting Your Yard

It’s impossible to determine how deep the tunnels that gophers created. Once you see plants and trees dying, you can get a general idea of where they’ve burrowed but you probably want to prevent that from happening.

You can prevent animals from getting into the root systems of your plants by taking these steps:

  • Ultrasonic spikes – Some products emit ultrasonic pulses that are too painful for gophers to bear.

Once you get rid of your gophers, what do you do next? There are several steps that you can follow to control what happens in your backyard. You can find more information on gopher control here.

Sweeney’S S6006-4 Mole & Gopher Poison peanuts – Convenient Gopher Poison pellets

There are no products.

Sweeney’s Poison Peanuts are available in four convenient, cone-shaped tubs. You can either open one side or both depending on your application. The thin cone applicator lets you inject the container into tunnels though the ground to deliver the poison straight to the lair core. If you cannot find the main tunnel, open the tub on the thicker end and simply put the peanuts into burrow entrances.

You can also find gopher bait application tools on the market, such as this one.

You may be able to reach your desired result within 24 hours if the infestation is small. A large brood can take up to a week to eradicate. Sheck for pest activities in the tunnels every 24 hours to ensure that the treatment works. If the treatment fails, repeat it in another location. A teaspoon of the powder is usually enough to kill rodents in one burrow.

  • Attracts pests easily
  • convenient cone-tip applicator;
  • fours containers per package;
  • Cheap solution
  • fast-acting active components.
  • It is dangerous to consume edible plants.
  • It is dangerous to consume edible plants.

Best Gopher Poisons

What does Gopher Poison do?

Different types of poisons have unique effects on animals.

  • Strychnine – it is a dangerous substance with an incredibly high penetration rate. The substance can quickly kill the animal and prevent it from returning to its burrow. This one is more effective than modern drugs and can stay active in the body, stomach, blood and muscles for longer periods of time. Before you apply strychnine, learn all about it.
  • Zinc Phosphide is a chemical that can be used to kill rodents. It’s not as harsh as strychnine but it has the same effect. It causes the production of a deadly gas within the digestive tracts of poisoned organisms. The gas penetrates blood vessels and kills the animal, without leaving traces that could lead to secondary poisoning if something eats the trunks.

Yard Butler Igba-1 Gopher/Mole Bait Applicator

A bait applicator is a device that can be used to inject poison into a hole. It looks like a long distributing pipe, which is used to deliver poison. This device allows one to spread poison all over the place, and without having to damage or dig it.

Maybe it’s easier to use your hands? It’s definitely not. Especially if the poison is to be used on flower beds or other areas where there are no gophers yet. This device won’t leave any sign after using it and it can be used with all types of dry poison.

Best Gopher Poisons

What’s the point of having gophers in my yard?

A beautiful yard is not just for humans. Here are a few things that may be drawing gophers to your property:

  • Shelter. Gophers can be a predator for other animals so they require protection. Gophers may tunnel under or along fences, under trees, and under shrubs.

With that in mind, it’s smart to address gopher infestations quickly – before they become hard to manage.

Controlling Pocket Gophers

  • Habits
  • Statute
  • Control Methods
  • Toxicants
  • Trapping
  • Damage Prevention
  • Economics of Damage and Control
  • Acknowledgments

Best Gopher Poisons

How To Deal With Gophers Humanely & Naturally In 5 Ways

Wondering how to get rid of gophers without killing them? There are many methods that can be used to get rid of gophers, some even non-toxic.

Here’s a breakdown of each:


There are plenty of humane, natural ways to deter gophers from entering your yard, and some of them rely on ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Repellents make an area unappealing to gophers and force them to go somewhere else. Many repellents are biological, but they also can be electronic or mechanical.

These are some of the more popular options.

Best Gopher Poisons

Underground fencing

Although underground fencing won’t eliminate gophers completely from your property, it will help to keep them away from your plants. Place 3/4-inch thick poultry wire or hardwire cloth at least 2 feet below raised beds before you plant. Six inches of wire or mesh should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees from plants.

Wire baskets also can protect individual plants. Remember to leave enough room for the roots to grow. This solution can be ineffective against a rather persistent set of gophers who burrow under the wires. However, the wire can restrict root growth.


Although fumigation might seem to be the best way for gophers to escape, it isn’t as effective as trapping or baiting.

Why? Why is fumigation not very effective on gophers?

Best Gopher Poisons

Review of Top 4 Gopher Poison (**2021**).

Do you want the best gopher food? This is the place for you.

The most gopher friendly poison

What is gopher poison and how does it work

Tips and tricks to help you use them

4 poisons reviewed by us for homeowners

How Many Holes Does A Gopher Have?

Gophers usually live alone within their burrow system, except when females are caring for their young or during breeding season. Gopher densities in vineyards and alfalfa fields can reach 60 per acre. Gophers can reach sexual maturity in about one year and live for up to three years.

Best Gopher Poisons

Economics Of Damage And Control

  • Increased soil aeration, decreased soil compaction
  • Increased water infiltration, which results in less runoff

Best Gopher Poisons

best gopher poisons

Top 4

Top 4 Best Gopher Poison (**2021 Review**)

“>best gopher poisons (**2021 review**)

Looking for the best gopher poison? Then you’re in the right place!

You can learn in this Pest Strategies review.

Our most preferred gopher poison

What are gopher poisons and how do they work

Some tips on how to use these

If poisons are actually effective in eliminating a gopher problem

and 4 poisons that we tested for homeowners

best gopher poisons

How to Use Gopher Poisons

What are the best times to use gopher poisons?

You can find out whether they’re the right choice for you or not!

Gophers won’t go away on their own. If you have plants, they have a reason to stay. They won’t be content just to exist alongside you. Their range is theirs. Their eating is destructive. They continue to dig.

A gopher presence anywhere is a nuisance. A lawn is a catastrophe. They can be a problem if they aren’t controlled.

They are extremely effective. Gopher poisons can be more useful than trapping for controlling rat populations.

Poison may provide residual control for long periods. A bait that’s not eaten or found immediately can still prove to be effective when it comes time for the next gopher batch.

This ease of use and effectiveness must be contrasted with safety concerns regarding the use of poison for gopher killing.

best gopher poisons

Be Smart and Choose Wisely

These pests can be controlled by gopher poisons. If gopher traps are not practical for your situation, then poison bait may be your best option.

Elimination of gophers is always temporary. Gophers may continue to move in your vicinity and utilize the existing tunnel system. Stay alert for signs of new activity.

Your traps and gopher poisons will be activated as soon as you notice any gopher digging. You must eliminate them as soon as possible to stop their reproduction. With little headache, this is the best way to control them.

Sponsored Link by The Garden Councilor.

best gopher poisons

Omega Gopher Grain Bait

Omega Gopher Grain Bait (single feed strychnine) is the best single feed gopher food for controlling pocket gophers. Both rancher and homeowner can use it. Groated oat contains many flavors and agents that are incorporated into the naked kernel of oat. These agents can also be used as extenders or anti-mold agent to increase shelf life. You can now enjoy the most appealing and delicious bait. Get results from quality and research.

Most poisons cannot be removed 100% of the time. You can “clean out” any remaining pocket gophers by using a trap such as the Quick Set Gopher Trap and the Cinch Sure Gopher Trap.

Pro Tip: Gloves are a good idea to use when handling the bait. This will reduce any smell or danger. It is best to use a long-handled spoon for placing the bait in burrows. Concentrate on fresh activity, and only do two to three placements per burrow. You will be leaving this website after clicking this Link: Scott for Gopher Damage ID

best gopher poisons

Gophers Can Be Killed With Poison

Gopher poison is a common method of getting rid of them. Although this can be a great way to control gophers it is not recommended. These are some of the most common poisons used by gophers:

Strychnine- This is the most common form and most effective poison for gophers. While it is the most common, it is also the most damaging to the overall ecosystem. Strychnine kills not only the gopher. Carefully use the gopher poison.

Zinc phosphide- Zinc phosphide is a little less effective than strychnine as a way to kill gophers, and, like strychnine, will kill any animal that eats the poisoned gopher or bait grain.

Chlorophacinone (RoZol)- This is an anticoagulant poison. Although it is not as effective as the others, this poison poses little threat to the environment. The poison kills a gopher 10 times faster than strychnine, zinc phosphide.

With gopher poison, placement is key to reducing the potential threat to the non-target animals in the area. You can find the opening to the burrow and use a probe or wooden dowel to determine the location of the burrow. Using the probe to make a hole in the ground, place the poisoned bait into the burrow itself several feet (1 m.) from the burrow opening. The poison will be out of reach for non-target birds and the gopher will die before they can exit the burrow.

What Is The Most Effective Gopher Poison?

JT Eaton 709PN Bait Block Rodenticide.Bonide Moletox Moletox Mole, and Gopher Killer. Sweney’s Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts. 4-Pack.

What is the Poison for Gophers?

Strychnine can be used to control gophers. Merrill stated that Rozol, which is an anticoagulant, can also be used to control gophers. The rodent will die slower than strychnine and must consume 50g for the lethal dose.

Are You Looking For The Best Way to Get Rid of Gophers?

You can make your own homemade remedies by mixing 3 parts castor oils and 1 part dish soap. Four tablespoons of this mixture should be added to one gallon of water. Soak the tunnels and entrances to evict the moles and soak the holes to evict gophers. Castor oil is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of these animals.

How long does it take for poison to kill gophers?

Most poisons will kill the gopher within 24-hours of ingestion, sometimes less. A slow, drawn-out death will alert any other gophers in the area to the fact something is going on.

.Best Gopher Poisons

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