How To Get Rid of Ground Moles

Moles typically have no relation with humans until they infest your yard. Even when they do, their presence may likely go unnoticed except until you crack an ankle in one of its holes. Do not worry if your garden is infested by the furry creature as this post will provide you with a few simple steps to get rid of it with a homemade repellent. Read on for more information.


What Is A Mole?

A Mole is a small rodent in the class Mammalia and family Talpidae. It is mostly found in Europe, Asia, and North America. The creature has a cylindrical body, short forelimbs, and large paws that sooth its lifestyle which mostly involves burrowing. They have fur just like the other rodents, but this one prefers to carry out its affairs alone. You will have to look really close at a mole to spot it eyes and ears.

If this description fit the creature that was spotted on your yard then you are in luck as this post is created to help you get rid of it with much ease. Although moles are considered as pests in many regions across the globe, they are protected species in some countries including Germany and they can only be killed after obtaining a permit.


Does A Mole Pose A Threat To My Health?

The answer is yes and no. First, they don’t pose any direct threat to your health. Although their saliva is highly poisonous to their prey which includes earthworms and other invertebrates that live in the soil, it may not pose the same effect on humans. Talking about the effects of mole saliva in humans, the creature does not bite and may rarely have voluntary direct contact with humans.

Secondly, not the mole, but its activities may become detrimental to your health if, for instance, you accidentally step in a mole hole and hurt yourself. This is even more serious if you have kids who love to spend time in the garden. Your safety and that of your family should be a top priority hence warranting a few active steps to keep moles out.


Moles May Damage Your Yard

Apart from the potential threat they pose to you, they are also a threat to your lawn or garden plants by exposing tilled soil which consequently allows the easy growth of weed. It may also affect the growth of young plants and even cause their death by constantly disturbing the soil, thereby preventing your garden from thriving well.

As already mentioned above, raise molehills which is the normal consequence of their burrowing activities. This may kill the parts of your lawn thereby making all your effort in maintaining amount to naught. The creature may also damage your gardening and cleaning machinery by exposing them to stones.

Furthermore, a mole in your yard may also translate to damage caused to watercourses and drainage systems. It may come as a surprise to you that such a small creature can cause so much damage. It is important to note that although the holes it digs in the ground appear small and harmless, they may run deep in different directions.


Benefits Of Moles

If you are currently having a mole problem you may find this heading hard to believe but it is true. The damage caused by moles in your yard is completely unintentional and one may safely attribute it to their subterranean lifestyle. They go searching for food every now and then, disturbing the soil thus preventing the normal growth of your plants or digging holes that may cause accidents.

This is how you look at the circumstance but have you tried looking at the fact that the creature feeds on different types of insects including the beetle grubs that may cause significant damage to your garden plants? Their constant burrowing activities also helps to aerate the soil thereby allowing for an increase of soil nutrient and helping the surrounding plants thrive well.


How To Get Rid Of Ground Mole

Although there are several other ways to get rid of a mole, such as mole traps, pesticides and even killing the creature, the most effective and relatively easy way is by using our dawn dish wash recipe. For instance, a pesticide may not work well as the creature may just go the other way if the chemical is sprayed due to its large network of routes.

Additionally, the creature may survive your pesticide as it thrives well in low low-oxygen areas as it burrows. It has been found to be highly tolerant in environments with higher levels of Carbon(IV) oxide compared to other fossorials and mammals in general. This tolerance is attributable to a kind of hemoglobin present in their blood cells which have an increased affinity to oxygen compared to other forms.

It is relatively easier to use repellants than killing the creature. The wisdom behind using dawn soap is to get rid of the mole indirectly. Moles love to feed on insects that thrive on in the soil such as earthworms and grubs. This is the reason why the activities of the rodent are more pronounced in spring as it is easier for them to dig the soil during this season.

The best way to get rid of a mole is to exterminate its food and make the environment unpalatable for the creature. Our recipe, if used properly will make its source of livelihood unappealing thereby forcing it to find another comfortable environment different from yours.

However, it is advised to repeat the procedure one weakly for at least four weeks for the best results. This is especially because moles are known to stash a large number of grubs and earthworms by paralyzing them for future feeding. It may feed on its stash and then continue with its burrowing activities after the effect of your dawn soap repellant dies down.


How To Make Dawn Soap Mole Repellent


  • Dawn soap
  • Castor oil
  • Water

How To Prepare:

Start by getting the jar of your garden sprayer. Open it and add about two tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing liquid and an equal amount of castor oil to the jar. Add about 750 ml of water, shake well and spray. However, this recipe is dependant on the size of your garden. You may need to double or even triple it for an even distribution.

As you spray the garden, endeavor to fill all mole holes with soil and then spay the surface. The procedure works better after a light rainfall. If you complete the procedure properly, the mole may relocate after a few days but it still pays to repeat this procedure once or twice again in the future. The advantage of the dawn-castor oil spray is that it does not cause any damage to your plant which makes it better than most store-bought detergents that contain chemicals that may be dangerous to your plants.


Other Ways to Get Rid of a Ground Mole


Poison or Physically Kill the Mole

If you are looking to use an effective and fast-acting method, you should consider poisoning the mole. However, even if the method is fast and pretty easy, it is important to state that killing the creature may not be the best way out. This is because it is an inhume act to the creature. Also, it may be illegal to kill a mole in the state you are currently residing if the creature is a protected species.

If you resolve to continue with this method, it is advised to check in with your local authority in order to confirm whether or not it is safe to kill a mole in the state. To effectively use the poison method, you have to poison the food of the creature. Moles feed mostly on grubs and worms and poisoning them may be the best way to get to the mole.

However, using live earthworms may not work for this since they can die and get dried up by the since before the mole even gets to them. The best way to this is to purchase synthetic bugs, worms, and other mole food. Mix the worm and bugs with the poison and place them on the entrance to the mole’s hole. The creature will mistake the worms and bugs for the real ones and then feed on them.

The poison will be harmful to its health thereby causing it to die within a short period of time. That’s it, your yard is mole-free. However, the set back of this method is that you may have to deal with the remains of the mole. If it is not automatically buried underground, the dead mole may begin to smell shortly after thereby making it uncomfortable for you to enjoy your yard.


Trap the Mole

Trapping the mole is one of the easiest and most effective methods of getting rid of it. This is because it is humane and does not involve killing the creature. There are many different types of mole traps on the market and the good this is that most of them are highly efficient and budget-friendly. A store bought trap is ideal if you don’t have the time to go for a homemade one but if you feel you are ready to go on the adventure, then you should consider going for an easy, yet effective DIY mole trap.

Since mole spends the most part of their life under the ground, most traps are designed to be placed in the mole hole with a lever or handle shooting out thereby allowing you to perfectly set the trap without having to dig into the mole hole.

There are different types of mole traps but the most popular is the harpoon traps and the scissor traps.

Harpoon and Scissors Trap

Both the harpoon and the scissor mole traps are believed to be effective for capturing the creature. The method works in similar ways and the best one for your mole condition may only be dependant on personal preference. To use the harpoon and the scissor mole traps, you will need to hold the handle of the traps tightly and then shove all the sharp ends of the mole trap into the hole.

You will notice that a piece of metal lays flat on the ground which is supposed to serve as a trigger for capturing the mole when it steps on it. While the scissors trap features four tines that function to hold the mole in place, the harpoon trap features a spike at the center of the trap that function to hold the creature down until you come for it. However, whether the trap is disturbed by the mole or a heap of sand, it may be triggered thereby rendering it ineffective against the mole.

Tube Trap

If the above-mentioned traps failed to help you with your mole situation, or if you don’t find them appealing, then you should consider checking the tube trap out. This is because it works differently compared to the above-listed ones. It is relatively easy to use the tube trap as all you have to do is dig the active tunnel of the mole and replace it with the tube.

The tube may be the answer you have been looking for since it features an inward only door on either side. This simply means when the creature gets into the tube trap it will not be able to get out. This method is believed to be more humane compared to the harpoon and the scissor mole traps. However, it is advised to check if the mole has been trapped every now and then until you are certain that the creature is caught. With the tube trap, you may not have to worry about coming in contact with the mole since it pulls apart thereby making it easy to release the creature.

The Advantages of a Mole Trap

The advantage of using mole traps is that it provides you with a simple and humane way of getting rid of the creature. Also, you don’t have to worry about breaking laws by harming a protected species since the method does not involve killing the mole. Capturing the mole and relocating it to a safer location where its activities are not going to constitute a nuisance may be the best thing you can do for the creature.

Furthermore, unlike using poison and toxic chemicals, mole traps do not require you to use anything that may be harmful to you and your environment. The method may also be safely used even when you have kids and pets without the need to worry about their health. Mole traps are budget-friendly and they may be reused in the future if you need to deal with a mole infestation or that of a similar pest, thanks to their durability.

In addition, mole traps are not associated with cleaning the remains of a dead mole so fixing your garden after capturing the creature will be relatively easy.

Downsides of Using a Mole Trap

However, it is important to state that using mole traps may be associated with a few disadvantages. For instance, it may require you to put time and effort into setting it up. This may not be ideal for individuals who are busy.

Also, some people often have issues setting up the traps correctly which prompts them to go for other quicker and easier methods that do not require setting up. Others find that mole traps are more expensive compared to other methods of getting rid of the creature like poison. More often, than not, the mole may sense the foreign object inserted into the ground thereby prompting it to abandon the tunnel and dig a new one.

You will have to check the tunnel frequently, which may be stressful and if you fail to do so, you may be left to deal with the rotten corpse of a dead mole which may not be a pleasant experience.

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