What Does ‘Renewed’ Mean On Amazon?

What Does ‘Renewed’ Mean On Amazon? (Not What You Think), Inc.
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Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


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1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)



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Amazon’s position has been cemented as the U.S. largest online retailer. They offer a wide range of products, such as new and slightly used items, as well as refurbished or renewed items.

  • You may have recently come across an item that has been renewed while searching Amazon for products. What I learned about it:
  • What Does 'Renewed' Mean on Amazon? (Not What You Think)

    Amazon 2022: What does’renewed’ mean? products that have the label’renewed” mean they’ve been refurbished and reconditioned.’s term “renewed” only refers to products that are technology-related, such as laptops, smartphones, and cameras. It usually includes a considerable discount in their price along with a 90-day warranty.

  • Read on to learn the difference between renewed and refurbished Amazon items. Find out if it is safe to shop for refurbished products.
  • What does Amazon mean by a “renewal product”?

    Amazon sells several types of refurbished merchandise.

    This item comes with a standard 90-day warranty.

    Renewable items can be sold for up to 50% less than the price you would have paid for the exact item new.

    Amazon Renewed may offer some items for sale, such as:

  • P hones
  • Computers, tablets, and laptops
  • Tools
  • Smartwatches
  • Personal Fitness Monitors
  • Gaming supplies and systems
  • Cameras
  • Home entertainment items
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Equipment for your garden or lawn
  • Appliances for your Kitchen or Home
  • Amazon Renewed merchandise will not have been worn, damaged, or otherwise altered. Instead, it should appear to look like it is new, though there is a chance that it does not come in the original packaging.

    Amazon will ship a white box to any item purchased from Amazon that has been refurbished, renewed or otherwise modified without the original packaging.

    Expect it to include all components and accessories of the original, like cables or chargers.

    Amazon will advertise items as’renewed’ and you can save a lot on products such phones, computers, and TVs.

    Keep in mind that Amazon certifies and guarantees items that are marketed as being renewed or refurbished so you are not taking on additional risk when making these purchases.

    What Does 'Renewed' Mean on Amazon? (Not What You Think)

    What’s the difference between Amazon’s Refurbished Items and Amazon’s Renewed Products?

    Amazon products may have items that are labeled “refurbished” or “renewed.”

    It is important to note that none of the terms implies that the item was used. Some items, however, may be reconditioned.

    Smartphones, for example, are returned to the manufacturers and then resold. A refurbished smartphone on Amazon is not like a phone used by its owner.

    If the problem is a tech one or payment failure, then the phone might be given to Amazon for a Renewed sale.

    Amazon Renewed purchases come with a warranty of 90 days and six months from the manufacturer.

    If the item is being sold as refurbished, then it has been tested and repaired. It is then repackaged and sold once again.

    The Renewed item may differ from the original product in that it is not boxed and open.

    In contrast to new items, refurbished products aren’t opened or turned on in all cases.

    Is It Safe To Buy Refurbished or Renewed Products On Amazon?

    Buyers can feel safe buying refurbished and renewed products from Amazon, as they come with a warranty.

    Refurbished items are usually used by their previous buyers, but they’ve been checked and assessed by qualified technicians who then give the item a certified functional status.

    When you purchase an item from the Amazon Renewed program, there is a guarantee and warranty from both Amazon, as well as the supplier of the item which could be the manufacturer in some cases.

    The warranty offered by Amazon covers 90 days from when you purchased the product, although iPhones come with a longer period (one year) of warranty.

    If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Amazon will issue a replacement or refund. Amazon offers easy returns for resold items.

    Buy refurbished or renewed products. Otherwise, they can end up being a threat to the environment.

    You can reduce the carbon footprint by reusing these items and giving them away at a lower price.

    What Does 'Renewed' Mean on Amazon? (Not What You Think)

    Amazon: What does Certified Refurbished mean?

    Amazon allows you to purchase a ‘certifiedrefurbished’ product. This means the item has passed inspection and testing by an experienced technician.

    These items are tested to make sure they work, appear, and function like new but are sold to you at a discounted price.

    Note that even if you buy a certified refurbished item from a third-party seller on the Amazon site, these items must also adhere to the stiff guidelines and requirements of a qualified inspector.

    Usually, the inspections carried out include the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Diagnosis testing
  • Replacement of damaged or malfunctioning parts
  • Although refurbished products may show signs of wear or use, the certification doesn’t allow for visible damage such as scratches or dents from further than one foot.

    Also, the products are shipped with all parts and accessories. However they may not come in original packaging.

    You can read our guide to Amazon’s Black Friday Sales, the reasons Amazon is so pricey, and whether Amazon sells any product.

    Conclusion: What Does Renewed Mean On Amazon?

    Amazon’s merchandise that has been renewed is just refurbished. However, it has been reconditioned by Amazon’s tech team and checked for defects.

    This category only applies to certain items, primarily technology, including computers and gaming systems, and you will likely save money buying these renewed products.

    What Does it Mean when Amazon Says “Renew”?

    Amazon Renewed is the trusted place to find pre-owned products, including refurbished or open-box. Amazon Renewed items are professionally checked and tested by a qualified supplier to make sure they function and look new.

    What Does Amazon Renewed Mean?

    Amazon uses renew to signify that their product has been repaired or refurbished. However, there is some difference. The difference is actually very little. Renew means that an item is brought back to life.

    .What Does ‘Renewed’ Mean On Amazon? (Not What You Think)

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