How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime

How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

Amazon Prime is now available for most smartphones, including the Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Tablets iPads, iPhones and iPads. This allows customers to set up multiple profiles, and customize their choice.

  • But customers might be curious as to how many Amazon Prime profiles can they create and on how many devices the account can be used simultaneously. Continue reading to find out what I discovered!
  • How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    What are the Best Devices That Amazon Prime Can Be Used On in 2022?

    Amazon has made it possible to connect three devices simultaneously to the same Amazon Prime account as of 2022. While three can simultaneously stream Amazon Prime, two people cannot watch the same Prime video at the same moment. Amazon Prime customers have the option to create 6 profiles. This gives every member of their household their own profile.

  • For more information on how many people can view Amazon Prime simultaneously, sharing your Prime account with other households, as well as the best ways to share it, please read this article!
  • Amazon Prime Accounts can be shared

    Amazon members can share Prime accounts with their family members or trusted friends.

    Prime members are able to share their login information and create their profile. This allows them to build their own collection of movies and shows.

    Amazon recommends that customers share their Amazon account only with someone who can be trusted with their sensitive information (e.g., their password).

    Therefore, it is recommended that accounts be shared only with members of the household and with trusted friends (ex. significant other, best friend, etc).

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Amazon Prime Allows Multiple Users

    Amazon currently allows three or more people to log into one Amazon Prime Video account simultaneously. All three can stream movies and TV shows at the same time.

    However, if a Prime Video member is watching a specific video on their account, only one other person is allowed to stream that video at the exact same time.

    However, you can all stream content from other sources simultaneously to the devices and users.

    Amazon Prime also allows you to have up to six profiles on one account. This makes it ideal for those who own multiple devices.

    Do you have the ability to view Prime simultaneously on multiple devices?

    Amazon Prime Video users can log in from up to three devices simultaneously and stream video on the same device. But, two or more devices cannot simultaneously stream the exact same video.

    Amazon isn’t stating the reasons for the restriction but you can assume streaming the same movie to two devices simultaneously could pose connectivity problems.

    To avoid any issues, it is a good idea to have friends and family watch the same film from Amazon Prime.

    How can you add someone else to your Amazon Prime Account?

    Prime members can add users to their Prime accounts in two ways.

    One method is by creating a profile for them on their account and sharing the login information.

    A second option is to set up Amazon Household. It allows family members to share their Prime accounts with Amazon account holders within their household.

    All users need to have Amazon accounts in order to use Amazon Household. All members need to enter their login information in order to create accounts for Amazon Household.

    Amazon Household, however, is designed for parents and children. Customers are advised to note that the only way to add users is to add a child or teen.

    Members must grant access to their Amazon Prime accounts to allow them to share their account.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    It is safe to share an Amazon Prime Video account?

    Amazon Prime Video accounts may be shared at some level of risk. Customers must give their login details to anyone they want to share a Prime Account.

    Sharing a Prime Account can open customers up to the risk of fraudulent charges on their bill, identity theft, the other user deleting the account, giving unauthorized access to other users and more.

    Therefore, customers are severely cautioned against sharing their Amazon Prime account with other people outside of their household.

    But, customers can share an account with someone they trust if they wish.

  • For them to keep their password secret, they must log in to the device of a friend.
  • It is important that the friend logs out every time they use it.
  • The app should not be saved. They can only access the login information when an account holder has been present.
  • Amazon Prime Supported Devices

    Amazon Prime Video supports a wide range of devices. Customers are currently able to watch Prime Video via the following:

  • iOS Devices (iPhones, iPads etc)
  • Android Devices
  • Tablets
  • Amazon Fire Tablets (all generation)
  • Computers for desktop use
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook
  • Smart TV
  • You can read our guides to renting movies from Amazon Prime and commercials for Amazon Prime.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon currently permits you to connect up to three devices simultaneously with the Amazon Prime Video Account.

    Only two devices can simultaneously stream the same video. A third device, however, may stream an alternate film or series.

    .How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

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