Does Amazon Own Kohls

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Does Amazon Own Kohls

How much money does Kohl’s make from Amazon returns?

Kohl’s does not make any money from Amazon orders that it sends, because customers must still process their return requests through

However, every time a customer brings an Amazon package to Kohls for return, they receive a Kohls coupon, which gives the customers an extra incentive to come back to Kohls.

As well, according to a Kohls employee, Amazon does pay Kohls a small amount for servicing packages through their store.

Kohls’ biggest revenue comes from repeat customers.

Kohls earns money by using its Amazon return kiosk to drive more customers to the store. Once the customer is in the store they are likely to buy other items.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Did Amazon Buy Kohls as Promised?

Because Amazon recently announced plans to open their own Amazon retail stores, many have speculated that Amazon is planning to purchase Kohls due to their current partnership.

However, reliable sources do not believe these rumours to be true, largely due to the fact that the Kohls business model is not very well done and would therefore be a bad investment on Amazon’s part by taking ownership.

While many rumors surrounding the possible merger may claim differently, it is unlikely that Amazon would purchase Kohls. The brand’s reputation among retailers and businesses could reflect negatively on Amazon, both financially and in terms of its reputation.
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Does Amazon Own Kohls

Amazon And Kohl’S Bridging Clicks With Bricks

Kohl’s recently announced that they would begin accepting return at select U.S. stores, and will package eligible items back to an Amazon Fulfillment Center — free of charge.

“This is a great example of how Kohl’s and Amazon are leveraging each other’s strengths – the power of Kohl’s store portfolio and omnichannel capabilities combined with the power of Amazon’s reach and loyal customer base,” said Richard Schepp, Kohl’s chief administrative officer.

Kohl’s will also feature an Amazon Smart Home Experience, which allows consumers to interact with a wide range of Amazon products.

Michelle Gass, the future chief customer and merchandising officer at Kohl’s said: “We share an obsession with customers and have joined forces to use each other’s strength and provide a wonderful experience.”

“The whole retail industry is going through a massive transformation,” said Gass. “Those who ultimately are going to survive and thrive through this period are going to think differently…In terms of us staying relevant and interesting, surprising, engaging, it’s doing things like this, so that in the end we can take market share and win over (the) long term…[It’s] a bit of a laboratory to understand how customers engage with this kind of experience inside of Kohl’s.”

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Dave Zimmer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Amazon Devices, commented. “Teaming up with Kohl’s provides an incredible opportunity to pair world-class customer and shopping experiences.”

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Can I Do My Amazon Returns At Kohls?

This was a two-year pilot program, with Chicago and Los Angeles serving as test markets. Due to its success, Kohls rolled out the program to all of their locations in late summer 2019.

When I spoke to the associate at my Kohls, she told me 500 package returns was a slow day there. Wow!

It is obvious that everyone now has the option to return Amazon products at Kohls. This is no longer a limited service – it’s available to everyone!

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Is Kohl’S Affiliated With Amazon?

Amazon is not the owner of Kohls but they have an agreement with them. In all Kohl’s stores, Amazon has order return kiosks that customers can return their packages to instead of having to process the return through

As well, Kohl’s stocks Amazon house brands in their regular store stock, enabling Amazon to gain more sales on their brands and allowing Kohls to further expand their stock.

Additionally, by having customers bring their returns to Kohls, Amazon isn’t required to send as many drivers out to pick up packages, which saves Amazon money due to the smaller amount of money they have to turn out in order to pay for transportation.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Why did Amazon team up with Kohl’s?

Amazon and Kohls teamed up with the goal of driving more foot traffic into Kohl’s stores.
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Kohls noticed that its customers were not responding to their standalone stores when they began to expand outside malls.

However, teaming up with Amazon and providing a mail return service gives customers more incentive to go to Kohls, and has proven to be effective since this deal originally fell into place.

As well, Amazon has derived some benefit in partnering with Kohls, as having a package return center in Kohls stores enables Amazon to cut back on package pick-ups, saving money on transportation and reducing their carbon footprint.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Are Amazon Prime Packages Eligible For Kohl’S Returns

Kohl’s accepts products sold by Amazon directly, which includes Prime packages.

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It is not possible to return an item that was sold by third parties.

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For a fast and easy return, you can take most Amazon items to a Kohls store.

Kohl’s offers this service for free. You only need your QR code to return the item. This is a simple and easy way to return millions upon millions of Amazon products.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Amazon Cutting Costs

The new return fee is the latest in a series of cost-cutting measures implemented by Amazon. The company laid off 9,000 employees last month. This follows a previous round of layoffs that took place in the past year, which saw more than 18,000.

Amazon’s fees for returns are not new. Other retail chains have recently done away with their free online return policy, including Abercrombie & Fitch (which charges $7), American Eagle, Foot Locker, Urban Outfitters, and Zara.

The good news is that these policies have an impact on the planet. Returns cause 16 million metric tons of carbon emissions and up to 5.8 billion pounds of landfill waste in the U.S. each year, according to Optoro.

Even if you have to pay a dollar, fewer returns means less waste.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Kohl’S Amazon Returns Makes Sending Back Items Easy

Save time by returning to Kohl’s if you are near one. Your refund can be started completely on your phone as you wait in Kohl’s parking lot. No need to scrounge around for a box or packing materials because a Kohl’s employee will take care of that.

You can now shop with Amazon in confidence. The return process is so easy that it will not stress you out when you buy a tech gadget or branded fashion item. You can return it to Kohl’s at no cost if you do not like it.
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No matter where you’re shopping, be sure to set a custom Deal Alert before you buy. We’ll keep you updated as soon as a new discount hits our forums.

Does Amazon Own Kohls

Macellum Attacks

Kohl’s earnings have been middling for many years. In the second quarter 2021, Kohl’s finally achieved pre-pandemic revenue levels for 2019. However, 2019 revenue was below 2018 revenue and 2018 revenue was nearly flat with 2017. Kohl’s enjoyed a solid second and third quarter in 2017. However, fourth quarter revenues underperformed analyst expectations and the retailer — like many department store peers — has long struggled with consistent growth.

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Macellum’s intervention largely focuses on the struggles of the broader department store category. In the first takeover letter Macellum sent to Kohl’s back in February 2021, Macellum said Kohl’s “chronically underperformed against its peers” and demonstrated “weakness in its operating performance.”

This is just the latest back in forth in what is now over a year-long saga between activist investors who want the company to sell all or parts of its business to maximize share prices.

Macellum first took aim at Kohl’s in February 2021 in partnership with Ancora Holdings, Legion Partners Asset Management and 4010 Capital. These investors then tried to gain control of the board to reduce executive salaries, inventory levels, and to sell real estate. Kohl’s rejected this full board takeover attempt in February but, in April, the group came to an agreement of three new directors.

Macellum has now requested a 10-seat Board of Directors following the rejections.

“The initial interest in Kohl’s has also created a flurry of activity which has been self-perpetuating, which is why there are so many interested parties,” Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData, wrote in an email.

Still, Saunders points out that these offers may not be best for Kohl’s in the long run.

“Most activist investors smell money,” said Saunders. “They believe that can monetize Kohl’s by doing things like selling off real estate or splitting out the e-commerce business. These things could yield short-term profits, but aren’t in Kohl’s long-term interest.

Does Amazon Own Kohls


Amazon’s return policy states that you have until Jan. 31 to return most “new, unopened items” shipped by the e-retailer between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 for a full refund. As for third-party sellers, Amazon says most “offer a returns policy equivalent to’s,” but you’ll want to check on the specifics. (Typically, most Amazon purchases can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment, but there’s an extended return policy available during the holidays.) Return policies can be found here.

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