Bluehost Web Hosting Review: Comprehensive Evaluation for 2023

Bluehost Web Hosting Review

In the vast ocean of web hosting services available, Bluehost significantly distinguishes itself through competitive pricing, specialized WordPress hosting plans, and excellent value for the cost. This in-depth review will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of Bluehost hosting services, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it offers and how it stacks up against alternative hosting providers. You will acquire all the information necessary to determine if Bluehost is the ideal hosting service for your business.

Bluehost Web Hosting Review: Comprehensive Evaluation for 2023

What Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a widely recognized hosting service provider, garnering popularity among bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It has earned its spot on Forbes Advisor’s list of the best web hosting services. Several key features make Bluehost an attractive option:

  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes launching and managing a website accessible for beginners.
  • Several free features come with every plan, including a free SSL certificate, a free Content Delivery Network (CDN), and one free domain name (for the first year).
  • The Online Store plan allows for the creation and management of an online store with over $450 worth of plugins included.
  • Most Bluehost plans enable unlimited websites on a single hosting plan.
  • All plans include a Google Ads match credit of up to $150 for new U.S. Google Ads customers.
  • Bluehost is one of only three providers endorsed by
  • The Bluehost domain manager eases the process of buying, transferring, updating, and managing all your domains in one location.

While this review concentrates on Bluehost’s WordPress and shared hosting services, it’s worth noting that Bluehost also offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and dedicated hosting services, which cater to more advanced website hosting needs.

How Bluehost Works

Bluehost’s shared hosting operates much like other shared hosting services: multiple users share a single server’s computing resources, including bandwidth, file storage, and processing power. This shared model significantly reduces hosting costs compared to dedicated or VPS hosting.

Bluehost handles server maintenance and software updates while implementing security measures to ensure a safe and reliable website. Users access Bluehost’s user-friendly dashboards to build and manage their websites.

Before website launch, you must register a domain. If you already own a domain, you can use it with your Bluehost hosting plan. If you need a new domain, Bluehost offers one free for the first year with your hosting plan, with subsequent years requiring re-registration. Domain prices range from $1.99 to $69.99 annually, with new .com domains averaging $12.99 and renewing at $19.99 per year. For an additional $15 per year, you can purchase domain privacy to prevent public access to personal information required for domain registration.

Is Bluehost Right for Me?

Choosing a hosting provider involves various factors, including cost, storage, reliability, security, and customer support. Our review reveals that Bluehost is best suited for specific types of websites and business needs.

Bluehost Is Ideal For:

  • Basic WordPress websites
  • Bloggers
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Startups with a limited budget
  • Small businesses with moderate website resource requirements
  • DIY website builders with minimal technical skills

Bluehost Is Not Recommended For:

  • Content-heavy websites needing extensive storage and processing speed
  • Large company websites
  • Advanced technical users requiring extensive website control and customizations

What Sets Bluehost Apart

Bluehost’s user-friendly interface and affordable plans make it stand out among hosting providers. Budget-conscious users appreciate Bluehost’s low-cost hosting options, contributing to its inclusion on Forbes Advisor’s list of best cheap hosting services.

WordPress users find Bluehost particularly attractive due to its straightforward, one-click WordPress installation. This has led to its inclusion on Forbes Advisor’s list of best WordPress hosting services.

If you’re unhappy with your current hosting provider, Bluehost offers migration services for WordPress websites. Free migration services are not included for other website platforms, but you can purchase a premium migration service from Bluehost for migrating up to five websites and 20 email accounts for $149.99.

Bluehost Features


  • Value-priced starter plan
  • Free domain name
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 phone and chat support
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free CDN
  • Recommended by


  • Renewal rates increase substantially
  • Numerous upselling attempts
  • Limited storage
  • Not all plans include daily backups
  • No month-to-month plans
  • Inconsistent customer service quality
  • E-commerce capabilities not available on all plans

Extras and inclusions

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Free WordPress website migration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Bluehost Pricing and Plans

Starting price: $2.95 per month for the first year, paid annually. Storage and bandwidth vary by plan.

Customer Service and Support

Bluehost offers round-the-clock phone and chat support. However, the quality of customer service can be inconsistent.

Our Expert Opinion

After a thorough examination of Bluehost’s offerings, we conclude that it’s an excellent option for those seeking user-friendly, affordable, and reliable hosting services, especially for WordPress users and small businesses.

Is Bluehost Right for You or Your Business?

Bluehost’s suite of services and plans makes it adaptable to various needs, especially for startups, small businesses, and those new to website creation and management. However, larger businesses or websites with heavy content may need to consider other options.

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