Vaer Watch Review

Vaer Watch Review

vaer watch review

Final Thoughts

Independent brands like Vaer are able to provide substantial value and a modest price for watchbuyers by carefully sourcing the key components. Vaer Automatic is an excellent example of this type of watchmaking approach. Kickstarter backers will now be able choose from 3 automatic movements or multiple dial designs.

Miyota 9015 – Offered in four dial options including date and no-date variants. They will be assembled by hand in Los Angeles. 299 Early Bird Price ($449 Retail)

ETA 2824 – Also available in 4 dial options, including no-date and date. These will be Swiss Made. $449 Early Bird (599 retail)

ETA2895 – This Vaer Heritage “Dirty Dozen”, which has small seconds, is called the Vaer Heritage “Dirty Dozen”. These Swiss Made models will have one dial. $599 Early Bird ($849 retail)

Notice: Some of the options may change as the Kickstarter campaign progresses. This is due to demand. You can also choose from two dial styles (Design Light and Design Dark), which offer modern interpretations of the fieldwatch aesthetic. The dial options are less formal and feature slate-blue dials. Syringe hands complement the dials well. This version also features a well-integrated date window.

Although I was unfamiliar with Vaer’s brand name until recently, two things stood out to me about the company. Vaer has been pushing for American labor and components to be sourced as economically feasible. It’s not surprising that they will continue to do so. It was also great to find the owners responsive to any questions I had, even when they were aware that I would be reviewing my wristwatch. I think that’s an excellent hallmark.

Mark retired in 2018 following 37 years of service in the financial industry. He “Discovered” watches in 2015 after seeing a photo of a Steinhart OVM1 in a car forum. He has now filled up two watches boxes, and is currently trying decide between purchasing a third or thinning the collection. He also enjoys hiking, photographing and working on cars.

vaer watch review

Vaer C3 Full Review

“Why don’t you ride a Harley?” Good question. I like to buy American, but prefer Japanese. Short answer, “Because Harleys don’t appeal to me.” But I don’t want to be a burden on my fellow countrymen. That brings us back to the American Vaer 35mm watch. . .

Fine Timepiece Solutions Ameriquartz movements are something I’ve read about since reading the American Waldan Watch. Being a quartz fan, I looked into the company’s client list. The Harley problem was my issue. Vaer was my favorite watch, but the watches weren’t appealing to me.

Vaer is not the Americanized name. Vaer is often written in capital letters, so it almost looks like an acronym. Unfortunately, there is no explanation on the website for what name refers to. So I asked. A founder Vaer, a Nordic word that can be used to describe a microbrand, is an example of a nordic word. It has many meanings. We have deep connections with all three words: “To Be”,”We” and”Weather”, as we believe in spending quality time together outdoors. Also, we simply love the sounds and looks of the word.

That should read V r. To avoid being too pedantic it could be V s – which might confuse search engines or annoy reviewers. Vaer’s models names, which are similar to German sport sedans, have short alphanumerics. C3 means “Custom USA quartz (36mm).” Custom does not mean that you will be able get a regular full Arabic dial. It’s not my favorite dial, but I prefer the Standard dials. They have at least half of the numbered indices and two-color printing. The domestic provenance requires sacrifices.

Three numbered indicators are only available on the Tradition Black dial. This is an unmarked Rolex Explorer pastiche. All other markers feature inward-pointing, arrowheads. They are shown on the website as the classic pale lemon-lime lumi paint color.

But I can’t decide whether or not the tester is darkened with black paint. To be honest, the colorist in me would prefer white even if it gives off an old-radium glow.

The watch doesn’t glow like radium though, as Super-LumiNova C1 isn’t the brightest. The C3 was worn under shirts, just like other chintzier, dinkier watches. It never charged naturally.

vaer watch review

Vaer Watches Review – Is this Field Watch Good or Bad?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. VAER gave us compensation and provided a product as courtesy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

This beautiful piece is made in the US with sapphire Crystal and has a sweet, military look. Young brands have to learn a lot, don’t they?

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It’s often not true. We dive in to VAER watches and review their top models.

VAER watches

vaer watch review

Vaer Atlantic Hands on Watch review

Hands on Watch Reviews Vaer Watches Vaer D7 Atlantic

Like most of us these days, you are probably on Instagram and Facebook often, and as a watch enthusiast and blogger/YouTuber/watch journalist, I am on these platforms a lot. I was on these platforms when I came across Vaer’s Vaer D7 Atlantic dive series and Vaer. Their sponsored ads on these sites seem very expensive, and they may have used multiple ads. You might not have seen the ads if you don’t know Vaer or what their primary focus is. American Assembled would make these field watches very reasonable. You can get them for as low as $199. The watches are priced at just $199 with quartz movements and sapphire stones. From what I have seen, they look pretty good as well, and for that price, I think those watches are probably hard to beat. Vaer was founded in 2017 by two friends who are avid watch enthusiasts. They have been very successful so far with their range of field watches. Last year, when I first saw their ads for their dive watches, I was very excited. They promised a top-quality watch at a low price and made in America. It is true that they made the exact same watch. However, this isn’t it. Here is my review of the D7. This Swiss Made model is what I am using. This has an ETA 2824 movement and is marked Swiss Made. What are the other differences you ask? Well, none. So, today I will be reviewing this vintage-inspired dive watch that is quite attractive but also answering the question-Is the Swiss Made version worth it?

vaer watch review

Pricing as Shown: $899 Let’s dive right into the pricing. Vaer Dive is divided into the D5 (and D7) versions. American-made, just like the field watches they are based on, is the D5. The D7 is the Swiss Made Series. Both have the same dials, straps, case backs, etc. Apart from the price difference, the only thing different is how you choose to use your movement. Every model comes with a standard tropic rubber band and can have either date or non-date options. For $100, you can get a stainless steel oyster-style bracelet. American Version: This version is not assembled, it’s manufactured. It starts at $499. Swiss Version starts at 799. Spinning wheel discounts are available online. These can cut down on prices up to 15%, at minimum at the time you publish this article. Dial options are pretty much the same as well, though there is one dial you can only get with the D5. This sounds confusing and complex. While I think it is, the reality is that it can be confusing and difficult. It is not clear which of these camps you are, but I prefer it to be simple.

On to the watch. Vaer D7 Atlantic sports the date window at 6 o’clock and the pencil hands. It is the most familiar design we’ve ever seen. You will recognize the lyre lugs from Omega and the dial and crown positions that make it reminiscent of Rolex Milsub watches. It looks more like a Rolex Milsub with broadsword hands, but this is intentional. Have we seen these designs time and time again from countless microbrands? Yes. Does that make it a problem? Well, that depends on how you feel about homages and vintage-inspired pieces from microbrands. These dive watches from Vaer are overall well constructed, and I like the look here, as again, it is very familiar, but classic styling is classic for a reason, and 20 years from now, I have no doubt this style of watch will still be just as popular. (That is if we are all not half-robot and have internal clocks in 20 years. I mean, who knows these days.) This case is all brushed with no high polish. It is unusual for this watch style but I like it. Watches often try to enhance the look of the case with bezel edges or high-polished crowns. While I like the idea of high-polishing a dress watch, or one that has a more flashy look, this is not the best choice for this type dive watch. When it comes to the actual steel, it looks and feels well finished and I found no rough edges to speak of. The crown is solid, easy to use, and while there are no actual crown guards, it screws down into a case cut out, so the crown is not sticking out awkwardly from the case. The watch measures in at 39mm and has a 40mm diameter bezel. It isn’t too big or more precisely, it isn’t over-sized. Also, the watch’s lyre lugs give it a larger appearance so that it does not look too small on my 7 1/2″ wrist. It is also comfortable to wear every day, without getting in the way, and can be used for any activity.

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The dial is what you would expect with a watch like this. Vaer D7 Atlantic does not have any erroneous information, but the dial and hands are easily visible. If you get close enough, you will see that the watch is meticulous when it comes down to filing minute and hour hands. There is an issue with the ceramic bezel insert and the bezel. When a watch comes with double-domed sapphire, such as this one, sometimes it is difficult to determine if your bezel insert marks match the dial. It is necessary to adjust the angle of your watch to ensure that they align correctly. This is the end of my explanation. In my example the 30 marker and the triangle do not line up. On my example, it almost looks like the triangle and 30 marker were mistakenly placed at an edge. It functions perfectly and has almost no back play.

There aren’t many options when it comes to strap selections for the D7. It only comes standard with a rubber tropic and can be customized with additional straps, such as a single-pass nato or 2-piece nylon, for an extra $50, Horween leather straps ($50), or this oyster bracelet (100). This is where there are problems. Swiss-made versions of the bracelet have a Swiss ETA2824 Swiss watch movement. The bracelet costs $899 and it’s not worth the money. Yes, bracelets look great on watches. But at $900, this was not what I had in mind. It is a basic bracelet that has a standard clasp. If you buy the Miyota version of this bracelet and purchase a bracelet to match it, however you will be spending a lot less. The price is $300.

Vaer D7 Atlantic certainly looks good. The watch uses all of the high quality materials that we expect from microbrands these days. And as you will see below, the Vaer C1 Superluminova is very good at keeping the watch illuminated in the dark. Sure, in this version, you are getting the Swiss ETA movement, and I guess are supporting an American company, which is something I am obviously fond of. The current microbrands are responsible for manufacturing still occurring elsewhere. It is difficult to create and produce watches in the USA these days. Who knows? Unless a major company decides to spend billions on revitalizing America’s watch industry. It is not clear if this would happen. Would consumers still want to purchase watches that are made in America? Most of us know how much we pay for American products. Watch collectors also love microbrands for their affordability.

Yes, I do. You might think I’m being hard on the watch. Maybe, I’m being hard on this watch. However I try to think of these watches as consumer reviews. Everything is the same for the D5 as the D7 except that of the movement. It is possible to claim the D7 was assembled in Switzerland. That may be something that you find meaningful. That doesn’t mean much to me these days. I prefer the Swiss movement option. This would still have increased the cost above the Miyota but would not have been as expensive as having the watches assembled abroad. To be honest, I do not remember ever seeing a watch that is identical but is assembled in two different locations like this Vaer dive series. As I began this review, my question was: Is it worth buying the Swiss Made version? It is, at least in my view. That is just my opinion. I feel you get the same quality watch with the D5, with a Miyota 9015 movement, which does not feel lesser than the ETA 2824. Swiss Made is what some consider to be the most important. If you want a Vaer watch, the D7 will do the trick.

You can still save quite some money by choosing the D5.

vaer watch review

Your cart VAER Watch Review – American Assembled Quality Everyday Watches under $200 Click for VAER Webpage The Vaer field and classic variations both contain the same materials and dimensions just to lay that on the table before I resume here. Vaer actually makes some great waterproof watches. They surprised me my first time handling them. Solid 316L brushed case feels tough and robust with beautiful brushed finishes. The actual dimensions come in at just the perfect modern size of 40MM by 9.5MM thick. It is a size that I believe can accommodate those who have average wrists, such as mine. One of the best aspects of their timepieces is that they are actually assembled here in America in California – where Vaer hails from in Venice Beach. They have a 100 Meter water resistance, with both a crown and caseback that screw down. This watch is perfect for everyday wear, no matter the climate.

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You will find your no-nonsense, legible arabics on the dial. The matte black dial comes with the field model. You will also find a 24 hour military band on the dial, which was used by field watches in war years. The hands are long, rectangular and filled with good lume. I also like the arabic numerals. It reminds me of the Hamilton Khaki field. At 6:00, you will see “American Assembled” printed. This is a nice feature on watches nowadays as most smaller brands are made and assembled entirely in China/Hong Kong. It is legible, easy to see at a glance and I find it very useful. Classic models have a much simpler and more casual dial, with nice blue colors. This watch is the type of style I would wear with jeans and a shirt while strolling along Rodeo Drive eating ice cream. Sapphire is stronger than mineral crystals, and it’s more resistant to scratches.

The movement utilized in the date model is the Ronda 715 which is a very good swiss made quartz movement. You can use it on a single battery, and the accuracy of this movement is within two seconds. Non-Date dial on this classic model has the Ronda 515 SWISS movement. The movement works in the same way as the standard movement but without any date functions. These movements are very affordable at less than $200.

Nato Strap or American Made Leather?

Vaer includes two straps with each watch they sell and there are a number of colors and variations to choose from if you take a look at their website. Two straps were included in my field model: a Black Nato and a Baige Nato. All the straps come in 20mm and have a spring tool. The quality is decent with brushed branded hardware and they feel comfy on wrist – no issue here. The Classic also came with an additional Horween American made quick-release band, which is produced in California. It’s one of those bands which feels almost custom designed for you.

Vaer offers great value-oriented packages that go well beyond their cost. When I look at the value of their timepieces, they definitely tick all my boxes ( Sapphire – Excellent casework – Swiss Movement – Extra Band ). I’m able to highly recommend the brand and believe that most of my readers would like it as much as I do.

A mechanical movement’s main part is its mainspring. This spring transmits energy and gradually unwinds. Even though it requires winding up, a mechanical watch can still keep precise time. … A small, weighted rotor is found inside an automatic watch. It must oscillate to turn the mainspring.

vaer watch review

Hamilton Khaki Half-Price

The Vaer Field’s claim to be half-priced Hamilton Khaki Quartz Quartz is quite bold. Watch reviewer JodySmith used that exact description in his review (you can see the entire review right here ). The comparison is not something we will complain about. Hamilton is one watch brand that has been able to achieve iconic status. While it’s sad they don’t have a Pennsylvania headquarters, Hamilton’s historic legacy provided strong inspiration for the creation of our first “adventure-watch”.

“The Vaer Field finishes are consistently superior to the Hamilton Khaki quartz counterpart.” Jody M. Musgrove, Just Another Watch. Beyond serving to honor American watchmaking tradition, Vaer’s Field model has been a key step in establishing Vaer brand identity. Our Vaer Classic watch is our favorite, however, the company’s brand recognition doesn’t help much beyond its durability. While there are many companies that make affordable watches for the casual consumer, very few manufacturers of high-end field watches.

The Vaer Classic, while cool and not looking like it should surf in it; the Vaer Field quickly communicates that it can be used outdoors. This helps to align the company with the long tradition of military timing.

.Vaer Watch Review