Sony X95J Review

Sony X95J Review

sony x95j review

Different sizes and variations

We tried the Sony X95J Bravia XR 75″ TV (XB75X95J), but it is also available in a smaller size, at 65 inches and 85 inches. While most of the results are valid for all sizes, there are slight differences between the 65-inch and 65 inch models.

US Model Reflective Layer Stand Positions

65″, XR65X95J – Standard & Soundbar

75″ XR-75X95J X-Anti Reflection layer Standard, Narrow, & Soundbar

85″ XR-85X95J X-Anti Reflection layer Standard, Narrow, & Soundbar

If you come across a different type of panel or your Sony X95J doesn’t correspond to our review, let us know, and we’ll update the review. Note that some tests, like the gray uniformity, may vary between individual units.

sony x95j review


Very poor color reproduction

Average speed of motion

VRR still promises

Not so much different from the X90J

Cheapest Shops for Buying :

Sony TVs in 2021 will receive a lot of attention. Their flagship OLED TV, the A90J has received the majority of the media attention. However, this was not surprising as the A90J was Sony’s first OLED TV. With a heatsink, it allows the panel to produce a brighter display than other OLED panels. Sony also has a stellar lineup of LED LCDs. Today’s Sony X95J Review will focus on their best 4K LCD offerings for the year.

, that we had reviewed recently, look awfully similar making it hard to distinguish which one is the best for your specific needs. Apart from the fact that it is not 55″ in height, the specs sheet for the X95J and the X90J are identical. Sony’s error. We will soon be able to identify the differences between them, so don’t worry.

sony x95j review

Sony X95J Review: Price Matches Performance

*** is eligible to earn commissions through affiliated links. Our quick Sony X95J reviews focus on key features and specifications of the flagship series LED TVs. The Sony X95J has the most impressive product lines of this year, barring OLEDs from its manufacturer.

Sony X95J has a bold design that will grab attention as soon as you touch it. We will also be looking at the performance of this panel. We will still start from the beginning, by looking at how the TV looks and feels.

Sony X95J review: Design and Build One of the design decisions made by the manufacturer for the X95J is the size of its screens. The X95J series TVs are available only in large sizes. Add to this a huge expanse screen and a narrow side profile measuring only 2.6inches thick. This futuristic panel looks like it can be folded.

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Due to their thinness, the bezels of seamless titanium frame the screen while blurring into the background. This combination chassis is made up of the bezels and the back panel. There are three pre-set spacing options for the X95J’s adjustable metallic legs. It allows you to have some flexibility in the design of your entertainment stand. The size of your TV might force you to choose a wall mount. This leads us to the backpanel, which is the core design element of this product.

The Sony team chooses a grid pattern to add texture to the X95J back-panel, with a smooth section right at the center. The smooth area is the location of a 300x300mm VESA wall mount pattern. You will find the inputs in the two insets in the lower-left corner. Although the ports on the sides are easily accessible, you might find it difficult to access the down-facing ones.

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sony x95j review


Conversation Starter #@sonydude2021 Please respect that i do not intend to carry out any laboratory research about these TV’s. This was to check if the models that I had read about were appealing to my tastes. On paper, I don’t see much difference between the X95J and the X90J. It was something I would like to see. This I did. It wasn’t enough to make up for the premium price difference.

You don’t even have to bring them back home. I trust all I’ve read and believe that the X90J has a better performance than the X80J.

I was eager to see both the X90J & X95J. It’s not like they were lowering the specifications for the X95J. The X90J looks great next to it or, in my case, underneath it. If my apartment will make them look better, then those must be really good TV’s. There was nothing that I could see to justify the X95J being worth the additional money. The analysis I did, however, proved useful. As I said, I intend to come back with my own material.

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It doesn’t matter if someone is wealthy or willing to invest their money for an extra benefit. If they are looking for a Sony LED then the process is over.

The A90J, A80J reviews match up to what I saw.

Some people are like me. People care about how the television’s look to them.

If you’re lucky enough to have both TVs in your home, I suppose you might be able do some lab testing. It will be a pleasure to see the results. We will then know, I suppose, if I was right.

sony x95j review

Sony X95J 4K Hdr Tv Review

Google Smart TV Intro Sony’s flagship 4K LED TV, the X95J, is now 120Hz. This TV is available in 3 sizes, 65″ 75″ 85″ or 85″ models. It is available in three sizes: 65″, 75″, and 85 inches. Current prices are $1.998.00 (65″), 2.998.00 (75″), and $3.498.00 (85″). This is the review for the 75-inch model. The review is applicable to the 85″ and 65″ models. However, there are a few differences.

The X95J’s design and features are simple, but very attractive. The display’s front is presented in a simple but elegant design. This allows you to concentrate on the images. Thanks to ultra-thin edges (or bezel), surrounding the TV’s LCD screen, this is possible. The X95J is semi-gloss with local dimming. It has full-array, LED backlighting with local dimming.

The TV’s rear panel is textured and adds to its aesthetic appeal. Most TV owners will overlook this feature due to their typical home setup where they have the back against a solid wall. Plastic covers are another nice feature that conceal the connections and input points of the feet.

Speaking of feet: The 85″ and 75″ models offer three possible mounting locations. There are three mounting options: a narrow position, wide position and soundbar position. This position allows a soundbar to be placed directly in front of the TV. The display panel will be supported best by the “soundbar position” and its “wide location”. They have minimal wobble.

The overall build quality of the X95J is very good and exudes a premium quality which one would expect for a flagship design.

Feature Highlights

Cognitive Processor XR uses powerful real-time processing based on a human perspective for true-to-life picture images. The Cognitive Processor XR also includes XR Contrast Booster 10 to balance light output across all screens for better contrast. The object-based XR super resolution identifies hundreds of objects on the screen and increases their resolution separately for outstanding picture detail and accuracy. Object-based, HDR-remaster (color and contrast enhancement) for Standard Dynamic Range content. Meanwhile, intelligent XR 4K Scaling intelligently reconstructs details and textures in low-resolution content.

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sony x95j review

Sony’s Award-Winning X95J Television Review & Comparation – Are You Ready?

Sony Bravia XR X95J will be our top-of-the-line FullArray LED. We’ll try to explain the full array in plain English so you understand the meaning and make an informed decision about whether or not it will work for you. You might prefer Youtube, so we have created this video review which allows you to experience the X95J’s capabilities in action.


X95J Designs X95J Quality & Features HTML95J Sound Comparisons HTML95J Features

Sony X95J – What do these features signify?

Display type BRAVIA XR full-ArrayLED The stunning 4K photos are combined with XR contrast boost. It allows for brighter brights or darker darks to make the image more vivid. The X-Wide Angle feature allows the viewer to see the picture at any angle. It is ideal for small rooms and corner televisions. A more compelling image is created by displaying the image as it would be perceived by the human eyes.

Picture Processor Cognitive Processor XR The Cognitive XR Processor understands how the human brain hears and perceives images, this results in a more true-to-life image.

Sound Technology Acoustic Multi-Audio This technology uses two sound positioning tweeters, two front-facing speakers and an integrated subwoofer that simulates sound from the centre of the screen, meaning the sound to follow the action.

sony x95j review

Sony X90J vs. X91J vs. X95J Reviews: Which Is Best?


Start date Robert

All major 2021 SONY television models have been revealed, with the X90J (X91J), and X95J attracting most attention. Let’s look at the compatable review.

model X90J X91J X95J

Screens Sizes 50″, 55″, 65″, 75, 85,

Display Technology Full-Array LED Full-Array LED Full-Array LED

Display Resolution 4K HDR 4K HDR 4K HDR

.Sony X95J Review