Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

The Product

We are going to be looking at the Ikea Sundvik toddler bed.

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This bad boy costs 169 USD. The description contains all the relevant links.

The size of the bed at its smallest is fifty inches and at its longest 77 and 1/2 inches.

It measures 31 1/2 inches high and has a width measuring forty-two inches.

This bed is designed to adapt with your child. It has a slated bed base that comes in the total price.

Solid pine frames can hold a maximum load of 220 pounds. Don’t expect your monkey to jump on the bed.

The mattress is firm but not too stiff.

How sturdy are Ikea bed frames?

You might have noticed that IKEA frames are made from thousand-year-old oak tree trunks. The rails can be six inches thick, and they can hold a group of sleeping elephants.

Why would these websites be anything but honest and truthful? They are full of affiliate links that lead to dozens and sometimes hundreds of sites, both good and not so they can make a quick buck.

IKEA bed frames are not sturdy and often bend, sag, break, and loosen which causes squeaking, and if not tightened it will fall apart eventually. IKEA sells inexpensive furniture, and it markets itself as an up-and-coming store that targets young homeowners. It also convinces its customers the products are trendy.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

The Skorva Midbeam: Don’T Forget It!

The Midbeam is included in the price of the bed frame, but is a separate part from the bed and comes from a different location in the warehouse. It is a universal part for all the larger IKEA beds (full, queen, and king) that is adjustable to the size of the bed. It is the part that lies beneath the slats, and supports them. It is a very important piece to the puzzle as the bed can’t be assembled without it.

There is only one type of midbeam to choose from, but just don’t forget it at the store. The IKEA website includes the midbeam if you order online.

Don’t Forget…

The following are the requirements for most IKEA bed:

*Skorva Midbeam


Ikea Malm Bed Frame

  • Review
  • Specifications

If the time has come to find a new mattress, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Without a good bed frame, you can risk mildew or other problems that could affect your health as well as your mattress’ durability.

This is an excellent option to consider if you’re looking to keep the budget under $500 for a full size frame. IKEA Malm is an adjustable-height frame that’s affordable, sturdy, and highly effective. It’s important to understand what you are getting into if you decide to invest in one. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to this product and provide the information you need to make an educated buying decision. Scroll down and keep your eyes on this page. Everything that you could possibly want to know about this special bed frame is about to be revealed.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

What is a Box Spring?

It is the same size as your mattress and if you use one, the bed frame. As a bundle deal, box springs can be purchased with the mattress.

Box springs were used in the past for many purposes.

  • Allows air to circulate, preventing mold and mildew
  • Creates a firm foundation for a more comfortable night’s sleep
  • This increases the bed’s height, which makes it easier to access the mattress.
  • Reduces wear on the mattress, helping to extend the life of the bed

Ikea is one of many companies that are replacing box springs by better alternatives. All you need is a firm foundation for your mattress to sit on. Because they last longer and are more fashionable, wooden frames or platform beds are increasingly popular.

Support Not Included

The Malm bed frame does not include the slats. The Ikea Sultan Luroy Full Slatted Bed Base has to be purchased separately. If you order your bed frame at the same delivery time as your mattress you will have to pay for additional shipping charges. This will avoid confusion.

People may choose to make their own supports. A box spring can work. However, it’s best to use the product as it was intended and the appropriate slats can help you get the most out of the product (otherwise you may accidentally cause some damage and find yourself having to buy another base). All-foam mattresses can be accommodated with ease by the slats.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Extra Long-Lasting Mattresses

Suitable for children age 3+

One mattress – three parts. Reversible mattresses can be stacked and moved with the child just as an extended bed. Every mattress is made up of two parts: one long, and one short. As your child grows, the short parts can be easily added to each foot.

PLUTTEN foam mattress for extendable bed. Simple and safe. The 7cm thick, reversible foam mattress has the same smooth, soft surface on each side. It can easily be wiped clean and comes in a roll-packed package so that it is easy to take home.

VIMSIG foam mattress for extendable bed. The mattress is soft and ventilated, providing good support. The 10 cm thick mattress features two surfaces. One side is egg-shaped with moderate-firm comfort, and the other side is smoother. The texture of the foam makes the mattress comfortable and well-ventilated, which provides good support and a pleasant sleeping environment for your child. You can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine at 40°C.

INNERLIG spring mattress for extendable bed. Flexible springs and soft foam. The longer part of this three-piece, 12 cm thick mattress consists of flexible springs enclosed with soft foam. This construction allows the mattress to retain its shape for longer periods of time, allows air circulation and offers comfort support for children. Two short sections are made up of pressure-relieving foam. You can remove the cover and wash your machine at 60°C.

NATTSMYG. It is flexible and practical. NATTSMYG, a mattress 9cm thick, is filled with high-resilience, pressure relieving elastic foam. It provides comfort support and follows the body of your child. As the handle is on the one side, you can easily carry it and place a sheet. The extension pieces have touch-and close fastenings to hold them in position when you make the bed. The mattress cover can also be machine-washable at 60 degrees Celsius.

Storage Bag:

OMSINT. Follows the body perfectly. The mattress is 12cm thick and has pocket springs individually wrapped in soft foam. Since the springs work independently, they closely follow your child’s body and provide support in the right places. The care taken in each detail is evident, right from the ventilated construction and durable fabric to the detailed sewing. It also has a storage bag for the extension parts. The mattress cover can be machine washed at 60 degC.

Brief Look At The Company

Founded in 1943 in Sweden, it has been the vision of IKEA to “create a better everyday life for the many people”. It is their goal to offer their customers a broad range of quality home furniture at affordable prices. It’s likely that you have heard about IKEA, and know what makes their stores and products so unique. If you are lucky enough, maybe you even tried their meatballs. However, it is worth exploring what makes IKEA so special. They take several steps to balance price and quality. These include:

  • Building long-term supplier relationships
  • Investing in highly-automated production processes
  • Large production of products

IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, built the company to remain totally independent and maintain a long-term ownership structure. It would be an understatement to say that Ingvar Kamprad achieved his objectives. He has believed that every company under the IKEA label should first build its resources before they expand. Other than quality bedrames IKEA also offers the following product categories:

  • Improvements to your home
  • Baby and children’s products
  • Bathroom storage
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Cooking
  • Clothes storage
  • Decoration
  • Home electronics
  • Kitchen cabinets and appliances
  • Indoor gardening
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Lighting
  • Mirrors

In my experience, IKEA seems to be a customer-focused company. It’s easy to reach out if you need help, and I think the fact they’ve been in business for 75 years says a lot about their overall business model. IKEA is popular for a reason. Students, hipsters, first time home buyers, Canadians who own monkeys, and Europeans all agree that IKEA is the place to be. They are a great place to be.

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Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Which Ikea Bed Slats Should I Get?

There are three types of basic slats to choose from:

  • Luroy (or Luroy) slats have a slight curve and are made from birchwood. These slats can be used alone or with a mattress to provide a soft feel.
  • Lonset (Lost) slats are the most comfortable, so you can use them with or without the mattress. Note: These come with their own wood frame, are adjustable, and need to be assembled. They are a lot of work, but if you like the softer feel, they are worth it.

Each slat or slat and box spring/foundation combo can work with any mattress, be it spring, foam, or latex. The thicker the mattress (standard mattress thickness is about 8 inches), the less you feel the slats; the thinner the mattress, the more you have to pay attention to the slat choice. All right, is there anything I am missing?

A Note On Squeaking

A squeaky mattress is not something anyone wants. Not only can this disturb sleep partners, but it can even put a damper on intimacy. Squeaking has never been an issue for me. However, I have read reviews provided by more than one other user where the development of squeaks happen after around three years. Although WD40 provides a fix, it’s only temporary.

Of course, I have no way of knowing how these bed frames were cared for. A few tips to follow to best ensure your bed doesn’t develop annoying squeaks include:

  • Ensure there are proper supports in place
  • Do not jump on to the bed
  • Be aware of the limits on your weight and weigh your mattress.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Protective Plans

Unexpected events are part of life, so you never know when they might occur. While you may hope for the best, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything. It’s a good idea to have a plan of protection for major furniture. You have two choices when you purchase your IKEA Malm mattress frame:

  • a 5 year accident protection for $64.25
  • a 3 year accident protection for $38.17

If you opt for either of these plans, you can expect to receive full terms and conditions via email a couple of hours after purchasing. It is easy and straightforward to create a IKEA protection plan. No hidden fees. No surprises. Full transparency. What more could you want?

He advises not to say at 10:00 pm, “Honestly Jo. It will take an hour.” (It took much longer); get an electric screwdriver, not the tiny one that came with your Swiss Army Knife; and, finally, drink a few beers to help you get through it all.

Besides these considerations, we all agree that the IKEA KURA reversible bed is one of the best buys for kids’ rooms.

Looking for an IKEA KURA bed hack?

These practical and inspiring ideas will inspire you. Let us know what you think!


Read the full story behind this fabulous, eclectic bedroom in Brooklyn on Domino.

  • Wallpaper on the side of the KURA adds personality to the bed. Molly used Garden Creme wallpaper from Nathalie Lete, which is available at Made in Design. For a more affordable version, consider the peel and stick vibrant floral wallpaper from Kids Coloray on Etsy.
  • Hang curtains from the bed frame to make a hideaway that can cover the KURA mattress. This is such a fun and easy way to give your child a cosy reading nook and is an extra space to use when friends are visiting. To personalise your space, you can pile up cushions and create storage. Cushions from Urban Outfitters, pom pom basket from one of my favourite new discoveries, Olli Ella and artwork from my talented friend Emeline at ProjectM via Society6 who is herself a mum of two beautiful girls.


This is an inventive way of adapting the KURA to accommodate two kids.

The ‘chateau fort’ has additional wooden boxes and framing, so one child sleeps above and one below but with extra storage and interest.

You can see the photos behind-the scenes and get the directions how to do it on the French blog Bidouilles IKEA.

  • These cloud shelves can be made by adding painted plywood to the IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge.
  • I used this paint recently when styling a friends house and I will warn you – it’s sloppy and gloopy but looks fab when it’s done! Rust-Oleum black matt chalkboard paint.
  • Bright Lab Lights are customizable to match your color scheme and length preference. Love ’em. Go crazy.


This London family simply arranged two KURA side by side and customised one of the beds to sleep two children. The space under the other bed is a great option for creating a play corner.

  • If you have children sharing a space, it is important to make sure they are in their own areas. Each child in this London room has their very own bookcase. You can use a combination of wood boxes to make a private area for each child’s room.
  • Keeping the room tidy when there are already three beds in it is going to be a challenge and toy storage is key. Vertbaudet’s wooden storage cart can be pushed underneath the KURA mattress and taken out to the living room.
  • Use a vibrant play rug to anchor the space under the bed. JoJo Maman Bebe made this one.
  • To avoid mold, we used IKEA LUROY bed slats for a base bed.


It won’t take you an entire evening to complete this project so make sure you plan in advance and get started. Imagine how much happier your children will be! Bedtime will be a breeze.

I love the circular windows and the hanging animals!

  • The KURA has a soft wooden frame which is an advantage. You can add other interesting things to your bed like this Tiger bug hotel – you don’t need the spider.
  • The Chocovenyl decal is stunning and can transform any room.
  • This room is a beautiful combination of green and white. Check out this Ikea KURA painted in Rust-Oleum chalky white.
  • Having a few different lighting options in a shared room is a good idea. Sidelights and string lights as well as lamps such this adorable rabbit lamp will allow one child to read and not disturb the other.


Create a vibrant, stimulating environment for your child by painting the KURA in a bold colour and going a little crazy with accessories.

This bed was featured on the design blog Fru Silver along with another fabulously colourful version.

  • Orla Kiely’s Rosebud Fabric is the perfect option for brightening up a retro-style bedroom.
  • Julia Staite is a wonderful artist, and I especially love this Lion-headed fella.
  • Wallpaper can be easily applied to the panels at the sides of the KURA beds. This room has a bright polka dots wallpaper everywhere. I think Ferm Living Half Moon paper would also look amazing used in the same way.
  • The top frame of the bed has lights wrapped around it; consider creating something similar with these wonderfully colourful lanterns from The Conran Shop.

Lonset Slatted Bed Base

This IKEA slatted bed base is an improvement from the Luroy base. For a slightly higher price, you will be getting much more quality and comfort that you will appreciate in the end. This slatted base is just like the Luroy bed frame. It was made specifically to fit IKEA bed frames.

The Lonset slatted bed base has 30 slats of layer – glued birch, which is a huge improvement over Luroy’s 17 slats. This product is made from birch veneer and beech veneer. It also includes foil, adhesive resin, coating, polypropylene (synthetic rubber), beech plywood, plywood, solid beech, solid birch, and birch plywood.

The slats are designed to adjust to your body weight, thus creating comfort zones that improve your overall sleep experience and increase the performance of the mattress. With a 25 year warranty, limited on manufacturing defaults only, the Lonset slatted bed base is a good choice for your bed setup and much better and more comfortable than the Luroy base.

The product has a 4.1 rating on IKEA’s online store, with one major complaint. The complaint is about the bed base being too difficult to assemble. Each of the 30 slats must be woven through the cloth strap and inserted in place. The cloth strap can be fragile, and the bed with a king size has twice the amount of slats. This process could take several hours. Customers have said that the effort was worth it as they feel better and their sleep quality has increased.

Lonset’s slatted bed bases have been purchased by many customers to replace their old Luroy ones. Every customer stated that the Lonset is far more comfortable, durable, and sturdy, compared to the Luroy base. All manufacturing defects are covered by the product’s limited warranty of 25 years. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by users. You must be cautious when you assemble the product. If you do damage it, it will not be possible to replace it.

This slatted bed base comes in all four sizes, which are the king, queen, full, and twin size. King-size bed base is 100 dollars, queen size 80$ and full size 80$. Twin size costs 50$. You will get far greater quality and endurance for a little more than the Luroy base. This is a worthwhile investment.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Check out these cool accessories

You can store your things in the space underneath your bed. Ask any teenager boy. Otherwise, it goes unutilized. To create extra storage, you can buy two to four Malm beds boxes. Keep in mind, however, that the space between the bottom of the frame and the floor is only 4 1/2 inches, so this puts limitations on what you can store.

You can help yourself to go into bedtime mode by dimming the lights for 30 minutes prior to going to sleep. A great way to do this is to purchase the VARV clamp spotlight which can easily be mounted to the headboard without screws.

Complementary Products

Storage module for SLAKT seats, measuring 61x61x36cm The storage seat module fits underneath the SLAKT 100×197 cm bed frame. Castors make it easy to transport the seat module wherever you need. You can store things under the lid.

SLAKT storage box with castors, 62x62x35 cm. Castors make it easy to transport and fit under the SLAKT mattress frame. The drawer can be used to store items.

SLAKT pouffe/mattress, foldable, 62x48x36 cm. Kids love being on a soft mattress on the floor – this one is great for tumbling, lounging or hanging out with friends. When it’s time to tidy up just fold it and tuck it away under SLAKT bed.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Ikea Brimnes Bed Maximum Weight Limit

The Brimnes bed frame is a popular variety, due largely to its multiple storage points and its sturdy build.

IKEA doesn’t list any maximum weight limits for the beds, however it is possible to conclude that the frame of this bed can hold a lot of weight due to its many points of support.

Bed Frame Care And Maintenance

You shouldn’t have to invest too much time in cleaning and maintaining your IKEA Malm adjustable bed frame. When it does start to get dirty, just:

  • Use a moist cloth to clean the area.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the area clean.

It’s as simple as that.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Are You Looking for a Simple Bed?

There are also options to buy legs that can be attached directly to a foundation. This will create a basic bed support for your mattress. This of course won’t include a headboard, but is an option for a simple bed that might fit your price point/budget.

What’s the Difference Between a Box Spring and a Foundation?

A box spring has springs, so it’s softer. A foundation is all wood inside, so it’s firmer. But you might not need either with an IKEA bed!

Ikea Hemnes Bed Weight Limit

IKEA doesn’t recommend a weight limit for its Hemnes beds.

Our research shows that the Hemnes bed is capable of supporting a large weight with its strong slats, proper supports and close proximity to the ground.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Bunk Bedroom Ideas

IKEA Bunkbed Weight Limit IKEA has a weight limit on its website for their bunk beds. For most bunk beds, Ikea recommends a weight limit of around 220lb (100kg), for each bed.

Quick and Easy Assembly

It is easy to assemble the Malm bed frame. While you may be able to assemble it yourself, it shouldn’t take more than two people to get it fully set up. The instruction manual is very confusing, as there are only pictures. That’s the IKEA way, for better or worse. If you’re a linguistic learner like me, this could make it difficult to put together. This may be preferable for visual learners. IKEA makes assembly as simple as possible. You can expect to have a lot of fun making new friends with the Allen key.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:

Manuals For Ikea Bed Frames

Below you can find all models IKEA Bed Frames for which we have manuals available. For helpful tips on your product, check out the frequently asked questions section at the bottom. Are you unable to find your model on this list? Please contact us.

Are you having trouble with your product? Go to a Repair Cafe for free repair services.

You can find this article

  • What Are Box Springs and Foundations? Do I Need One?
  • What Are Slats? What should I choose?
  • What do I need to use the Skorva Midbeam

Ikea Bed Weight Limits:


  • Foot and head sections adjustable
  • 45 layers of layer-glued Birch
  • 6 adjustable firmness slats
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • 5 comfort zones
  • Make adjustments to your body weight
  • 25-year warranty

The Malm Bed

This high bed frame is made of wood veneer giving you the look of luxury at an affordable price. It includes 2 spacious drawers underneath for storage. The slatted bed base has 17 layers that you can increase based on your body weight.

Ikea Bed Weight Limits: (Smastad, Malm, Hemnes + More!)

IKEA stocks a wide variety of beds, bed frames, and mattresses, which are built to be sturdy and durable.

  • But you might wonder if IKEA has a weight limit. This is what I found out.
  • IKEA Bed Weight Limits [All You Need To Know]
  • IKEA bunkbeds have a recommended weight limit of 220lb/100kg. For IKEA’s single, queen, and king-size beds, IKEA does not officially state a weight limit. Many customers claim that their beds can handle a weight of between 500 and 550 lbs (for an average of 2 people), but IKEA does not specify a maximum.

  • Keep reading for more information about IKEA beds that are suitable for both plus-sized men and gals, along with the weight restrictions for specific IKEA bedding.
  • IKEA Bunk Bed Limits
  • IKEA sells a variety of bunk bed options, from metal to wooden frames to bunk beds with desks.

    The weight of a bunk bed user should be taken into consideration, as bunk beds are built on tall supports, and thus must be able to support weight properly, in order to avoid potential injury.

    IKEA has a weight limit on its website for bunk beds. Ikea recommends for bunk beds a minimum weight of approximately 220lb (100kg) per bed.

  • IKEA Kura Bed Weight Limit
  • Kura is an excellent choice for small children because it’s customizable.

    IKEA has set a maximum weight limit for the bed at 220lb (100kg) due to its wooden frame that supports legs.

  • IKEA Loft Bed Limit Weight
  • IKEA’s Loft Bed is very similar to the Bunk bed in terms of design. As such, its maximum load will usually be approximately 220 lbs (100 kg) like with other bunk beds.

  • IKEA Malm Weight Limit
  • IKEA does NOT list a max weight for Malm beds. But it can be concluded that the bed is capable of supporting a substantial amount.

    Based on our research, we found that Ikea Malm beds can hold approximately 500lbs (226kg) when combined for 2 people.

    Ikea’s Malm bed features a specialized frame with special slats, and a strong mid beam. This makes it one of the most stable beds.

  • IKEA Mydal Bed Weight Limit
  • Mydal beds are a type of bunk bed. They can only hold up to 220lbs (100kg), to prevent any potential injury if it falls.

  • IKEA Stora Bed Weight Limit
  • Stora beds come in a wooden-framed style. They are therefore recommended for a maximum weight of 220lbs (100kg).

  • IKEA Smastad Loft Bed Weight Limit
  • Smastad is a solid and sturdy bunk bed that can be used as a bed in solitary or double.

    This bed has a listed maximum load of 220lbs (100kg), however, it would be possible to safely exceed this, but it must be done sparingly, and with caution.

  • IKEA Hemnes Bed Weight Limit
  • IKEA doesn’t recommend a weight limit for its Hemnes beds.

    However, our research has shown that Hemnes beds can hold a lot of weight with sturdy slats supported by proper supports. This is due to their proximity to ground.

  • IKEA Brimnes Bed Maximum Weight Limit
  • Brimnes beds are very popular because of their numerous storage features and robust build.

    IKEA lists no maximum weight limit for their bed. However it can be inferred that this frame is capable of supporting a considerable weight.

  • IKEA Idanas Bed Weight Limit
  • Idanas bed frame, a stylish and modern upholstered bed frame.

    IKEA has not listed a maximum weight limit for their bed. But, IKEA recommends that the mattress not exceed 220lbs (100kg) due to its small support system and legs.

    See my post on IKEA furniture’s life expectancy, IKEA mattresses return policies, and whether it is possible to return assembled furniture.

  • Conclusion
  • Ikea doesn’t have any general weight limits that could be applied to all beds frames they sell. However, they list maximum weights for bunk beds (which is around 220lbs).

    According to my research, it seems that you should not go over this weight when purchasing a bed frame which has legs for support. You may want to consider a platform bed if your goal is to surpass this weight.

    .Ikea Bed Weight Limits: (Smastad, Malm, Hemnes + More!)

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