Meridian Grooming Review

Meridian Grooming Review

meridian grooming review

Meridian Grooming Review

Writen by George Kuruvilla, November 1, 2020. Our readers support us and our affiliate links may allow us to earn commissions.

Meridian Grooming – “We went down there where nobody else would go. Are you ready to join the movement?” Meridian Grooming , a California-based company dedicated to helping men groom below-the-belt, had me at this teaser. With its range of products, including groin hair trimmers and ball sprays, the company has everything a man would need for a smooth and clean nether region. You can find almost anything.

It takes balls to enter a competitive razor market monopolized by conglomerates like Philips, Gillette and Panasonic.

Meridian Grooming has many good qualities to its name. Meridian Grooming was launched in 2019. It is becoming a household name with the precision grade trimmers. It has 12.7k Instagram followers and products featured in GQ Magazine Swagger Magazine Men’s Health.

Meridian Grooming

It will be an enjoyable read, just like it was to write.

Summary of Meridian Grooming. While men might think that their shrub is trendy and women like it, Prim&Prep’s recent survey of 300 women showed that 38% rated men who were clean-shaven as being more attractive than men with full beards and stubble. It’s because many men don’t take the time to clean their bristles. You should tame their bristles, boys. This includes the back hairs, as well as crack and bags.

meridian grooming review


These products have the same price as other well-known brands

A very limited selection of products

Meridian Grooming has a lot to offer. Our Meridian Grooming review will show you what is inside. To sum up, Meridian Grooming offers citrus-infused sprays, the signature trimmer (kickin’ the nicks and tugs), replacement blades, and boxer briefs (for all those scrunched testicles to breathe).

Customers have the option of choosing from different packages.

The Classic maintenance package contains all you need to maintain your Meridian Grooming skills, such as skin products.

The Maintenance package includes all you need (except for the skincare products), as well as replacement blades.

The Comfort Package is comprised of a pair oxfords and The Complete Package comprises the trimmer and spray.

meridian grooming review


Trimme r How does Meridian Grooming’s shave feel? The faint buzz is all you hear, and, voila! You can finally see your nuts, without all their hairy glory. Its ceramic blade resists tugging and scratching, and cuts hair smoothly even when it is curly and very coarse. You have the option to choose whether you want to shave your yard (because it’s fun! or in the shower, The Trimmer is ready for action. It can withstand shock, water, rust, and is hygienic.

The Trimmer’s usability was something I researched through multiple reviews of the Meridian Grooming Shaver. It’s not easy to remove pubic hair because it requires you to navigate delicate, wrinkled skin. Both the size and maneuverability of the trimmer are important. These aspects are what customers love about The Trimmer.

Meridian Grooming has two electric razors available: the Onyx Black model and the Sage Green version. The design makes The Trimmer fit snugly in your hand, allowing for a controlled shave. The Trimmer comes with guide combs for different hair lengths (3-6mm, 9-12mm), allowing you to use it anywhere on your skin. The Trimmer’s battery lasts up to 90 minutes. That gives you time to rinse the device and do a few more trims.

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Not to mention, it includes a USB charging cables and a toothbrush. The Trimmer has been lauded by many customers as a confidence booster. Christmas, they say, has arrived early for them, and they can finally yodel jingle bells without wincing. Meridian Grooming’s electric razor can be purchased for $60

The trimmer

meridian grooming review

The Comfort Package

Comfort Package Your boys will be trim and healthy. You’re ready for the next challenge? Put on your boxer briefs and let them breathe easily.

This ….comfort package is the Comfort Package. It has everything you need for what Meridian Grooming describes as “primetime ball care.” The package includes The Trimmer , citrus-infused ball spray, a backup blade, and a pair of boxer briefs. I’ve discussed many of these products previously in the Meridian Grooming Review. Now let me tell you about these easy-to-wear boxers.

Made with eco-friendly material, these boxers are built specifically to enhance breathability, and resist odor, sweat-wicking, and chafing.

Comfort Package available at $100, with a discount of $115 This package is $20, and the Meridian Grooming Boxer alone is great.

Reviews about Meridian Grooming – What Do Customers Think About It?

For this Meridian Grooming review I searched various forums and found numerous posts as well as testimonials. Reddit provides a variety of perspectives and tips, while the more experienced members offer their expertise.

When Meridian Grooming was rolled out in 2019, it created quite a buzz. The buzz was so strong that Meridian Grooming Reddit, a search term for Meridian Grooming Reddit, became very popular on Google shortly after it launched. They wanted to find out what the opinions of their peers were on these products. It was compared to Manscaped, which offers groin hair trimming tools.

meridian grooming review


I like the fact that there is no charging station. However, I don’t own a USB charging blocking so I can charge my Trimmer from my computer.

Few things can wake a man up like when you nick your sack while shaving downstairs. Ever wanted to take stock of your life? Cut your balls can be a fantastic way to let your life stories flash in front of you.

Are you sure that you need this moment of clarity? It wasn’t my idea.

If you’re not looking to slice and dice your scroat like a grocery store fruit salad, you’re going to need a nickless groomer.

Meridian Grooming was a company I heard of recently. I decided to purchase their complete package and see how it compares with other ball-shavers. Continue reading to see my complete review.

A Cosmopolitan poll from a few years back suggests that 82% of women prefer the guy in their life to trim things up. Although 17% of respondents said that they preferred their man to be completely naked, most replied that bluffing the bush was enough.

JAMA Dermatology conducted a poll and found that 67% men between 18 and 67 engage in some form of pubic grooming. What’s the scary part?

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meridian grooming review

Reviews: 147

Very good company.

I wrote this review after I started sending emails to them to cancel my subscription.

It is the worst company you’ve ever dealt with. The most expensive products they sell are fake. Because of recent holiday sales and promotions we have received a record amount of inquiries, our response time might take up to seven days. We’re sorry about any inconvenience.

We will assist you as soon as possible, once we have received your query from our team. You will find a variety of bundles on our site. Some are available for one-time purchases, while others can be subscribed to. Customers can select to have replacement blades sent regularly by choosing the subscription option. But, the customer may manage the subscription online.

We regret that you did not like our products. To ensure we are able to investigate your query further, we have contacted Trustpilot to ask for additional information. Again, our sincere apologies and understanding.

Read 1 more review about Meridian Grooming DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You will be scammed and your money stolen by these fraudulent persons who create fake orders several months later. We have warned you!

This is not a shaver and it is a trimmer and not a very good one at that. The stubble is 5mm. The shipping to the US is quite expensive so I’d be happy to return. It was a terrible purchase and I would never recommend it.

meridian grooming review

Meridian Grooming Reviews Meridian currently has no reviews. This product is specifically designed for hair care below the waist.

Use the Meridian Grooming Spray and Trimmer to give users better hygiene. The spray and body trimmer options are many.

The product was designed for use below the belt but can also be used elsewhere on the body.

However, because of the primary use of the body trimmer, it might be wise to have more than one of the trimmers available. For example, you might want to use different trimmers for your face or beard.

meridian grooming review

Meridian Grooming Review: Meridian Grooming Pros & Cons

Meridian Grooming ( is a well-known shaving & hair removal brand which competes against other barber services like Sephora Bath & Body Works ULTA Glossier Dermstore . Based on our in-depth Meridian Grooming review, when compared to its competitors, Meridian Grooming is a mid-range performing brand within its category. You can read our full Review below.

Made in USA Products: Is each brand’s product made in America? Do all services manufacture their products here?

Cruelty-free Products: Is each brand selling cruelty-free products? Does each service sell cruelty-free products?

Reliability: Which brands are the most reliable? What would be your rating of each service’s reliability compared to its competition?

Meridian Grooming is a strong company:

Knoji has 63 Meridian Grooming reviews and ratings as of December 21, 2021. Knoji’s editors and the Knoji Shopper Community have reviewed Meridian Grooming. Knoji reviews and ranks and other shaving & hair removal services based on how many features each offers and based on a 5-star rating scale. These factors, along with 63 Meridian Grooming Reviews, give Meridian Grooming an overall score of 4.1% out of 5. Meridian Grooming has 0 features. Meridian Grooming’s’s review score also factors in its popularity, which is in the mid-range compared to competing .

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meridian grooming review

Meridian Grooming : 5 Reasons Why Guys Should Shave Their Pubes

Want to shave your pubic? My Meridian Grooming Review will help you find the perfect package for your job.

This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase from my links, I’ll be paid. Manscaping is a growing trend among men. While there are many aesthetic and hygienic reasons for keeping your body hair neat and tidy, this doesn’t eliminate the “yikes!” factor.

This is where you need to invest in the right grooming tools. More precisely, you need trimmers and cutters that can do the job efficiently and without making any mistakes.

Meridian Trimmer, which I consider the most effective tool in intimate grooming is the Meridian Trimmer. Let’s start by reviewing why we need below-the belt grooming before we dive into how this tool stands out.

meridian grooming review

Our Meridian Review

You are looking for a better trimmer? They aren’t the only ones looking for these grooming options. More men are turning to manscaping, and tidying their groins are more in fashion.

It can be difficult to know what brand to trust and buy, particularly if it is your first time.

You might have seen the adverts for well-known brands and considered them, or you might be looking to try a new and emerging brand but have no idea where to start! Many of us can feel overwhelmed and unsure about where or who to trust.

We are here today to narrow down your choices. Meridian Grooming’s brand new, exciting and comprehensive review is available.

Continue reading for more information about Meridian’s products.

Today’s Meridian review will dive into the boxes and reveal what lies inside. We will look at the citrus-infused sprays, Meridian’s signature trimmer, replacement blades, and boxer briefs to see if the brand is the right choice for you!

meridian grooming review

What exactly is Meridian Grooming?

Before we go into our review you may be asking, what exactly is Meridian Grooming, and how can it help me?

Now let’s do a quick recap. Meridian Grooming is a new company that hit the shelves in 2019, offering a range of products for male grooming. In particular, downstairs grooming.

This is something that has been stigmatized. It’s still a controversial issue whether hairstyles for men are appropriate or appropriate. However, there is a product available that can be used by those who want or need it.

Meridian Groomings products have been designed to reduce chafing and cause less shaving-related injury (25% men experience them).

The products range from trimmers to ball sprays and set packages. These can be used to help you either go bald, or make you happy! We’ll now take a closer look to see the brand before we move onto the products.

.Meridian Grooming Review

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