Hoka One One Review

Hoka One One Review

Hoka One One

Sports equipment
Founded 2009
Founder Nicolas Mermoud

Jean-Luc Diard
Goleta, California
Area served
Key people
Wendy Yang, Lee Cox, Gretchen Weimer
Athletic shoes


Deckers Outdoor Corporation



hoka one one review

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Fleet Feet testers laced up and put some miles on the HOKA Clifton 8. We loved it, it’s safe for us to say.

“I think each new version is perfect, and that there is no way to make it better. One reviewer stated that HOKA “then goes and does it.” It makes me wonder every year where the Clifton ceiling is. We can’t stop thinking about it. The Clifton 8: Everything you need to know

Tech Specs HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Weight 7.6 oz (W) 8.8 oz (M) Drop 5 mm Category Neutral Use walking Surfaces Roads

hoka one one review

The Updated Midsole Foam Feels As Cushy as Eva

While not much has changed about the classic Clifton design, the Clifton 8 features an updated EVA foam midsole that provides super-soft cushioning and a gently responsive kick.

The compression-molded midsole foam is designed to absorb shock while gently supporting your foot throughout your gait to create the softest ride ever.

Clifton 8 is a light, comfortable mattress that was noticed by our reviewers.

According to one reviewer, “It feels soft but still feels firm enough for my midfoot and forefoot so I can push off.”

Clifton 8 reviewers tested the shoes on non-technical tracks, tracks and roads. The shoe performed exceptionally well across all surfaces. Even through long runs and speed work, we loved the cushioned, energized feel of the Clifton 8.

One user said, “I could wear this shoe for almost anything, from easy runs on asphalt to gravel, even non-technical trail running, up to medium-paced intervals and tempo runs.”

HOKA’s designers increased the size of your heel crash pad in order to absorb impact forces. While the heel counter is not nearly as exaggerated as models like the Mach 4 , there is enough foam to work with the early stage meta-rocker shape of the shoe to promote smooth transitions.

hoka one one review

The Redesigned Upper Is Plush and Secure

HOKA also updated the midsole foam composition. Meanwhile, the Clifton 8 update saw HOKA design team focus on the mesh-engineered upper.

“This is one of the standout updates. The premium-feel upper reduces irritation. A Fleet Feet reviewer said that the upper is lightweight and breathable.

The mesh’s perforation allows for better ventilation but doesn’t compromise on the cushiony feel. It works together with the cushiony, padded tongue to make a tight fit but still allows for your natural movement as you run.

The Clifton’s accommodating toe box was a big hit with our reviewers. It feels more spacious in this version of the Clifton.

Reviewer: “My feet are slightly larger than the average but the Clifton 8 feels comfortable for me.” One reviewer said that they feel the Clifton has slightly more forefoot room than previous versions. This is because the Clifton can be ordered in wider sizes. It might be useful to first try on the Clifton to make sure it fits you well. It is crucial to have enough room between your toes and the running surface. However, too little space could cause uncomfortable rubbing.

Reviewers were also happy with the updated, cushioned heel collar and bucket-seat feel.

Clifton 8 has an anatomically-designed, extended heel tab. The extended heel tab makes it simple to get your shoes on or take them off after running. It also conforms to the natural contour of your foot to provide the best possible comfort.

hoka one one review

Clifton 8 vs. Clifton7

The Clifton 8 update is a good example of how little changes can make a big difference.

Whether the Cliftons have been around since HOKA began, or you just heard about them, there are many great things in the Clifton 8.

“I think HOKA and Clifton fans will be really happy with this update. Although they aren’t breaking new ground with this shoe the adjustments made to the fit and comfort of the shoe really make it stand out.” says a reviewer, who has worn the HOKA Clifton for many years.

The Clifton 7 is the same as the Clifton 8. In terms of aesthetics, there hasn’t been much change between the 7 and 8. The Clifton 8 features a slight improvement in performance and padding, both of which were introduced with the 7 model.

This shoe is built for everything from road runs, to long walks to a day spent on your feet at work. This is evident in the Clifton 7, which has a relatively flat, wide sole.

The Clifton 8 still provides the same versatility and stability, but with a more curved midsole geometry and exaggerated early-stage rocker. These are reflected in the increased toe box and easy transitions for running.

We had a reviewer who put lots of mileage on Clifton 7’s. Before running, he used to have anti-chafe remedies for his big toe.

hoka one one review

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find a shoe that works well for so many people. Even harder is to create one. HOKA surpasses and meets our expectations each time the Clifton is released.

The Clifton 8 is a neutral runner that accommodates a wide range of foot shapes and arch heights, even in normal sizing. No matter whether you run or walk, the Clifton 8 has a well-fitting fit due to its padded tongue.

Although the Clifton 8 doesn’t make a big leap from the 7 it does have a more responsive midsole foam that keeps runners on the course for longer distances. Clifton 8’s weight was reduced by the creation of super-lightweight foam that absorbs all impacts with ease.

A reviewer said, “I think Clifton loyalists would love the 8. The 8 retains everything we love about the past iterations, but addresses any shortcomings. We keep coming back to the HOKAClifton 8 because it exceeds our expectations.

hoka one one review

To Hoka, or not To Hoka

Hokas have caused a split in the running world, much like Vibrams was a few years back. Some are die-hard fans like the one who ran up to you on the street and told me about his Hokas. Others prefer a simpler shoe for runners. These shoes don’t look minimalist at all.

Pronounced ‘Oh-nee’, this is a brand developed in 2010 by two Frenchmen who previously worked at Salomon, searching for a modern trail shoe to play in on the Alps mountain paths. This shoe is inspired by mountain bikes and powder skis.

It is thick and heavy, but they have super light weight which allows for stability, cushioning, comfort, and support. You can feel the meta-rocker geometry of the sole tipping up at its ends. This is to encourage natural running, and to give you a smooth roll to raise your toes. Your foot rests in the middlesole, which is what the brand describes as ‘the bucket chair’. This provides stability and support.

Although it’s a large sole, the drop from heel to toe is only 4mm. This gives the shoe a minimalist look but provides an enormous cushion.

Zalando’s range of workout clothing I thought I would hate Hokas. They are really good. They were so lightweight and bouncey. This is not the first time I have seen them. It was hard to find negative Hoka One One reviews when I researched the sciency aspects of this post. Jonathan Beverly from Runners World US, was quoted as saying that HOKAS allows you to run with the same posture and cushioning as barefoot.

The trails were my favourite part of their run. They didn’t make me feel like I was running on tiny rocks and weren’t unstable.

Hokas I loved to run in, so I went with them to New Zealand.

hoka one one review

Customers’ Reviews: The Top Hoka One One Shoes

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The sneaker market is booming. In 2019, it was one of the best-selling running brands in the U.S. and experienced explosive sales last year despite an overall decline in the footwear industry. From everyday consumers to celebrities , it seems everyone is talking about (and wearing) Hoka One One.

Founded by French French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard in 2009, the now Deckers-owned company defied trends by debuting a maximalist running shoe at a time when minimalist running shoes were popular. They wanted to recreate the feeling of downhill sport like mountain biking and skiing. Mermoud, Diard and their team had previously designed gear for outdoor sports. A Chinese shoe company chemist partnered them to make an EVA foam with ultra-lightweight that is stronger and more durable than conventional EVA. Having been branded under the names RMAT and R-Bound, the proprietary foam is made of a shock-absorbing, high energy return rubber blend that’s free of any plastics or gel.

The brand’s first running shoes, the Bondi, was also recognizable by their large midsoles.

The brand is known for its signature Meta-Rocker technology, which provides cushioning in addition to the silhouettes. It is found in the midsole and the outsole at the base of the feet near the metatarsal bone. This technology creates a fulcrum effect that looks like a rocking seat to aid the runner’s natural stride, while also allowing for smooth, efficient transitions.

The Active Foot Frame, which cradles your heel and inserts it in the midsole, is another key technology. It’s compared to sitting in a bucket seat on a race car. A carbon fiber plate also curls beneath the toes for smooth transitions. One if its latest technologies is Prof-fly, a two-part midsole that combines soft foam in the heel and firmer foam in the forefoot to deliver a cushioned landing and responsive toe-off.

These pairs are very comfortable and have earned the Seal Of Acceptance from American Podiatric Medical Association to promote good foot health.

hoka one one review

Clifton 7

The brand’s Clifton series was revolutionary in that it offered plush cushioning without weighing runners’ feet down. The Clifton series is still one of the brands most desired. Clifton 7 is the seventh model. It retains many of the same beloved features as the original. The daily-running style features the EVA foam midsole, early-stage Rocker that places the transition zone between the metatarsal bones and the metatarsal bones, and an updated mesh upper with a gusseted tongue, vertical pull tab and open mesh upper. The flat-waisted design and high-abrasion rubber areas in the outsole make this style extremely lightweight while ensuring stability.

What reviewers say: “I’m a long-time user of the Clifton line. Hokas (mostly Clifton) have been the shoes I have worn for five of my recent 5 marathons. I have flirted with Nike but ultimately swung left. The Clifton 1’s soft ride, and the Clifton 3’s leather upper are my favorites. I have a collection of three to five pairs. The Clifton 7 beats both in my opinion. This 7 is slightly more stable than the 1, yet it still has an exceptional upper and soft landing. It feels solid, stable and plush without being bulky.

CREDIT: Courtesy Hoka 1 Men’s Cilfton7, $130.

hoka one one review

Bondi 7

The brand’s most cushioned shoe is Hoka One One Bondi. New model received more than 900 positive reviews (four and five stars), and features the same EVA midsole, mesh upper, signature Metarocker technology and full EVA sole. There’s also a plush collar of memory foam made to adjust for narrower heels. A TPU overlay provides additional support and structure. Additionally, an internal heel-counter is designed to lock in your foot. Many customers also wear them to run, but many others use them for their leisure activities.

Reviewers said: “I was blown away by the comfort and stability of these shoes. Although you feel as if you’re on marshmallows in terms of the cushioning, you don’t have to be wobbly. You are perfectly balanced and stable. It was an experiment. I have worn Ecco shoes and Merrell shoes for many years, which I love still.

CREDIT Courtesy HokaOneOne Men’s Bondi 7 $700;

hoka one one review

Speedgoat 4.

The Speedgoat series was named after Hoka Athlete Karl Meltzer. It is made to allow you to tackle difficult terrain efficiently and comfortably. To minimize distractions, each pair features a tieless construction. They also have a Vibram Megagrip rubberoutsole that has 5mm lugs. The tongue is gusseted and cutouts allow for ventilation. A range of features have been added to the latest model, such as a revised mesh upper which is more rugged and breathable than older versions. There are also 3D printed overlays that provide extra support for the midfoot. You will also find a lightweight foam insert in the midsole and a wider toe box, which provide enhanced comfort.

Reviewers said: The wide size is a great fit. They have excellent cushioning and responsiveness for technical descents. For the first-time in many years, I can go more than 300 km in one shoe. And they are still running strong!

CREDIT Courtesy Hoka One One Men’sSpeedgoat 4, $145;

hoka one one review

Challenger Atr 5

The ATR 5 is still a popular choice for customers who enjoy trail running, even though it was the predecessor of the new Challenger ATR models. Out of 267 customer reviews, 89% gave it five or four stars. The unique feature of this model is its modified midfoot design, which provides enhanced lockdown and supports the heel counter, ensuring lateral as well as medial security. As a nod to its heritage, the lugs at its sole are more closely placed towards the heel than the rest of the shoe. The lugs also have a wider forefoot that provides grip for wet conditions. Highlights include the dual-layer mesh fabric upper and TPU-textured toe reinforcement. The internal heel counter locks in the fit.

Commentators: “I mainly run on trails, but I need a shoe to take care of roads.” I have found the Challenger ATR 5 to be a fantastic combination shoe. Comfortable right out of box, responsive and with sufficient space for my toes in the shoe’s toe box.

CREDIT Courtesy Hoka One One Men’s Challenger 5104, $104 (was $130);

Women’s Challenger ATR 5, $104 (was $130);

Hoka One What is Special about It?

Hoka One One (pronounced ho-kah oh-nay oh-nay) was founded in 2009 by two trail running enthusiasts, Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. Cunha explained that “The Hoka One One Sneaker also boasts superior cushioning thanks to a specially engineered EVA foam, which is soft yet surprisingly light.” Sep 21, 2021

Why Is Hoka Bad?

Running shoes that are maximalist can cause runners to land more heavy, or overstride. This increases the forces through their legs. … It’s possible for your shoes to cause an injury by causing it. Hokas are not designed to prevent or treat injuries.

.Hoka One One Review

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