Knix Underwear Review

Knix Underwear Review

knix underwear review

Knix Underwear Review: For The First Time In My Life, Period Stains Are A Non-Issue

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Knix’s period underwear review will let you know that there is nothing like falling into a deep sleep and being awakened every hour by heavy periods. My mid-20s was the first time I stopped using birth control. It felt like I was in a movie. Nature works in mysterious ways, and like clockwork (at the crack of dawn, no less), my uterus would wake up and choose violence ruining my REM cycle (and my sheets ) in the process.

Although it might seem like surprise stains aren’t an issue after 10+ years of experiencing a menstrual cycle, anyone who has ever experienced one knows that the unpredictable crimson tide can be very unpredictable. My fairly normal flow suddenly came out of the blue and accelerated things again. Flashbacks to when my teenage years were filled with super heavy periods sent me back into panic.

Undergarments for sheets are only the beginning. No matter what you’re doing, there are always misfortunes, even if your workouts are on the schedule. There are few things that can be as stressful as being forced to do a Down Dog workout on the second day of your cycle. The fear of getting soaked is something you will never forget, regardless of how Zen your yoga classes.

Since 2015’s NYC subway station ads featuring period underwear were in fashion, I knew of them but never tried them. This was when I started researching the best period pants. The innovative garment was praised by reviewers for solving a problem that most women have had throughout their lives. I therefore decided to try them.

knix underwear review

Thigh Saver Short

Thigh Saver Thigh Saver Thigh Saver Thigh Saver Shorts make it easy to stop chafing. Knix shorts in black and beige are just $39. These seamless underwear are made from a stretchy, comfortable fabric. Thigh Saver Short may not come in a wide variety of colours and designs, but they save your thighs for a reasonable price.

However, because the underwear covers the legs, it may not be suitable for dresses or high-waisted jeans. Thigh Saver Short may be used to provide protection and support for your thighs. The Thigh Saver Short has received numerous 5-star Knixwear Underwear Reviews.

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knix underwear review

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Since my blog started almost four years ago, I pledged that I would not ever write about period issues. I just wanted to focus on the fun things in life and periods are always a buzzkill.

Don’t bother to be too detailed. It’s not uncommon for us to get our periods on a special occasion or beach vacation.

But, one of the goals of this site is to give families life hacks that make life with kids easier and stress-free (well, as stress-free as we can make it!) Julie Bigboy of Mom Rewritten, one my blogger friends posted on Facebook that she was researching for underwear.

I’ve always been intrigued by period pants for many years but wasn’t certain if it was worth the money. I tend to be a total discount-shopper so I avoid purchasing things at full price.

Then I decided to read reviews on the internet and look at Facebook comments in order to decide which brand I should go for. Knix’s underwear was the only brand I found that didn’t contain chemicals.

After trying out some pairs for myself, I ordered more.

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Because it’s been such a game-changer for me, I figured I probably should write up a blog post about it in case other women are curious. This is simply my personal opinion.

knix underwear review

What is Knix?

Knix, an undergarment business founded by Joanna Griffiths is on a mission transform the industry of underwear. Knix’s goal is to create underwear that emphasizes functionality and less frills. Their underwear is unique because they use patented technology to mold your body and claims to be high-performing.

Knix products include shapewear, activewear and wireless bras. Knix allows you to order their products online. You can also book a virtual fitting via videochat with a Knixpert, who will help you to measure and select the right fit.

They are known for their popular period underwear, which comes with built-in panty lines that can absorb up to eight tampons’ worth of liquid. They claim they can be used to treat period and bladder leakage, as well as sweat.

We will be looking at Knix’s period underwear along with their most-loved products.

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knix underwear review

Our Knix Reviews

Here’s the best part. Knix has many products. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular, as well as customer reviews.

Overall rating: 4 stars – This brand is trying hard to change the way period protection works. I think they merit a bit of praise. Unfortunately, some customers think that the product is not up to standard.

Shipping: 4 Stars – Free shipping on order over $75 seems fair however, I wish they offered free shipping on all underwear since there’s a chance you won’t like them and won’t be able to return.

The Return Policy is 4 Stars. Tops are eligible for a 30 day exchange policy, even after being washed. Unfortunately you won’t be able to return your Underwear after wearing.

Try it! YES Knix Underwear Review Leakproof Thong

4.8 Stars (1156 Reviews) Knix’s Leakproof Period Thongs are great for short periods where you don’t require a lot of coverage and still need something to absorb any water.

Reviewers on their site say they are super comfy, absorbent, and provide just enough protection for when you need it.

knix underwear review

Knix Underwear Feedback

Overall, customers say Knix underwear is:

As a backup protection

Feel more like regular underwear than typical “period” underwear

Not great

No built-in pad that extends to the back

“[They] are ok for a backup product but there are other (less expensive) options if that’s what you’re looking for.” – catashtrophe84 on Reddit “I use them in conjunction with a menstrual cup and I love how thin and comfortable they are… I know the coverage/absorption is not as good as some other brands, but for me, the thinness and comfort make up for it.” – widebrimmedhat on Reddit “They’re alright for backup or light flow days. If I want to avoid bleeding, Thinx is the best option. Knix are definitely closer to regular underwear thickness, but you sacrifice absorbency.” – myopicinsomniac on Reddit Knix Bras Reviews Evolution Bra

Knix Evolution Bra 4.1 stars ( 4431 reviews Knix Evolution Bra is unpadded and reversible wireless bra that supports you from all angles. You can also adjust the fit of this bra with 4-way stretch material.

knix underwear review

Huge Review: Knix Bra And Knix Underwear

This post was written five years ago. I am updating it because there have been so many new products. You can find knix underwear or bras here.

Let’s start by saying that I am obsessed with good undergarments. However, I do not like underwire. Bra straps that fall off my shoulders are not what I like. Underwear needs to be muffin top-proof. Bras should not create excess fat. When knixwear Canada, which has been rebranded to simply “knix” in recent years, first came into my life I experienced a deep sense of peace.

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And it didn’t just stop at knix bras and knix undies. Oh, no… I have been a full-on knixwear addict day and night, from its loungewear and pyjama days to its foray into menstrual underwear.

Although this Sleep Set colour has been discontinued, my Evolution bra is still a favorite. Kristen Recalis Photography photo.

knix underwear review

Period Underwear. Period.

I really want to focus most of this section on the new(er) knix Leakproof Underwear, which comes in both light-medium and high-super absorbency options. The only type of period underwear that knix had at the time was the light-medium. It’s great to now be able compare the knix Leakproof Underwear with high-super undies.

Whether your flow is ultra-light or looks-like-a-murder-scene heavy, there’s a pair of knix underwear for you. You can also absorb blood with them. For unexpected bladder leaks or sweaty skin, you can use leakproof undies. It can absorb up to 8 tampons.

It is clear that eco-friendly reusable products such as period underwear, and reusable menstrual pads are the right choice. Finding the right fit and absorbency, however, may involve some trial and error.

Medium and light absorption undies feel very similar to regular underwear. Super absorbency undies have noticeable “pad” feelings between the legs. If you hate that feeling and/or only wear pads at night because you don’t like walking around during the day feeling heavy down there, you probably won’t love these or will save them only for nighttime use. To test how leakproof and comfortable they were, I used them to workout. Even though I don’t consider myself a pad woman,

You can use the light options for protection as well as a cup and ring to re-use your menstrual products. It’s just that you won’t waste any extra.

Super Leakproof High Rise & Super Leakproof Cheeky have been my favorites for daytime, although I am not a huge fan of the pad sensation during the day.

The Dream Short, however, is what I love for nighttime. OMG. They can store four tampons worth of liquid, and are extremely comfortable. They’ve not leaked when I put them on with my sleep shirt. For what it is worth, the large fit me perfectly in this style.

knix underwear review

Knixwear Underwear

Let’s talk about their underwear. Knixwear’s Underwear was branded “the most comfortable underwear in the world” by their company. Each of their underwear features seamless construction, no bulky stitching, and technology that prevents bunching, pinching and rolling three things we never want our underwear to do.

This underwear can be worn underneath white riding pants, which is a common practice in the equestrian industry. If you’re like us and you love wearing leggings, seamless underwear that doesn’t roll and bunch are a must.

These are among my top favorites.

Knixwear offers a range of different types of knitwear: essential underwear, leakproof, athletic, essential and thigh protectr. Then, let’s break them down for your review.


knix underwear review

Leakproof Underwear

Knixwear would not be complete without a review of their best-selling product, the underwear that is leakproof.

It is made from the finest Italian textiles and has a leakproof design. A built-in, waterproof panty liner is included that promises to absorb up to 1-3 tablespoons of liquid while adding no bulk. It also features a moisture-wicking and quick-drying gusset, which dries twice as fast as traditional cotton.

You have seven choices when it comes to this collection. Let’s take an in-depth look at each style:

Athletic Leakproof Bikini: The athletic leakproof bikini has a loose fit and medium coverage. This panty is great to wear at the gym or during sports. Athletic pairs have stretch technology fabric, which provides a more comfortable feel.

Athletic Boyshort is a pair that looks very much like the classic athletic pair but has a little more coverage.

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The Athletic Thong is another mid-rise option for athletic wear, but this one has minimal coverage.

Everyday Leakproof bikini: This line is closer to the body than the athletic, while the style of the bikini provides moderate coverage.

knix underwear review

10 Best Period Underwear Of 2021

These look and feel like ordinary underwear.

To reflect the most recent testing on 17 different period underwear styles, we updated this guide in November 2021. Knix Leakproof Birkini is now our top-rated pick. This article also features picks from Saalt, Aisle, and TomboyX. Emma Seymour is the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Product analyst. Period underwear can be a huge deal if you have used disposable menstrual supplies such as pads, tampons or liners in your past. The underwear for period women looks and feels the same as regular, with a unique layer protecting blood from seeingp through. You should also consider sustainability and the economics of period underwear. Consider all the disposable pads and tampons that we use every day, and how they end up in the garbage or the dump. You can see how expensive it adds up. If you are looking for a way to save money, then period pants can be an economical option.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab conducted tests in order to determine the most effective period underwear. With red cough syrup, we tested the absorbency in several pairs of underwear (manufacturers often use this to test pads or tampons). To get customer feedback, we sent 17 pairs of different styles to 85 testers. We reviewed over 1,500 data points before making our selections.

The performance was excellent and the comfort of wearing them impressed us. But there’s a catch: In our Lab tests, we found that the panties couldn’t absorb the cough syrup as well as disposable pads. If you have a heavy flow, you might want to wear period underwear with other menstrual products.

Here are the best period panties to buy in 2021:

Advertisement. Continue reading Below. SHOP NOW. The breathable nylon/Lycra fabric felt almost like normal underwear, with a cotton-gusset. These underwear soak up liquid easily and show no wear even after washing. These styles are available in five shades that match different skin tones. Testers were impressed how thin the pad was, agreeing that these are the “perfect back-up to tampons on heavier flow days” and ideal for lighter days on their own.

Absorbency: Very light coverage (about 3 tsp liquid). Care Instructions: Wash in cold water and dry flat.

Knix Underwear: Do I Need to Size Up?

Is it true to size? Knix Wear claims that Knix Wear’s sizes are true to size. The sizing chart from Knix Wear shows measurements and suggestions.

Knix really is leakproof

Knix Leakproof Bikini Panties Knix has comfortable styles that are leakproof (up to three teaspoons of liquid) and can be worn everyday, with any outfit–including those only-sheer-when-you-stare black leggings.Mar 29, 2021

Would you wear a pad and knitwear underwear with a Pad?

It’s not recommended that you wear pads under your absorbent undies due to the technology behind fabric making. Modibodi and Thinx experts agree that you can eliminate pads entirely. Mar 5, 2021

Which one is more effective, Thinx or Knix

Knix Period Underwear do not contain any chemicals that can improve their absorbency. Instead they are made from cotton, which is woven using carbon and spandex with very small holes to provide more absorption. They’re significantly safer than Thinx. (Here’s a Fast Company article about Knix. )Jun 28, 2021

.Knix Underwear Review

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