Spanx Review

Spanx Review

spanx review

Our Test Team compared the top-selling shapewear products on the market, and we picked our favorite.

Kari Kemp squated around and jumped her ways into and out of five popular options for shapewear, ranging from SKIMS-Spanx.

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You need reliable shapewear whether you wear it every day or just for special occasions.

The purpose of shapewear is to slim down, enhance your body’s natural beauty, and give support. Problem is that there are too many choices on the market, making it difficult for anyone to decide which will fit them best. Plus, who on earth has time to try a million on? Well…we do! Kari Kemp wasted no time and found herself in five of the most popular options. Here is the review.

Honeylove’s SuperPower Shorts have targeted compression which aims to tone and smooth. It is achieved by using panels with different compression levels that mold where you desire and allow for release elsewhere. Honeylove Shifts are not designed to squeeze everything in, like other shapewear. The Softflex structure prevents rolling down at the waist while also supporting your posture. Available in sizes XS-3X, they come in 4 different colors.

Kari’s review: My waist is smaller so it was exciting to find out how the machine cuts my body. Although it has lots of stretch, it is difficult to use. I like to hide the top under my bra, but this time it didn’t go as high. However it held me well. It is said to reduce the size of your stomach and smoothen it. There is a line on the legs that would be visible if you were to wear dress pants or underneath a skirt, and nobody wants to see that. The thighs were also uncomfortable, but it wasn’t too bad!

Skims was developed by Kim Kardashian West. They can smoothen, tone, improve, lift, and tone. High Waisted Bonded Briefs with High Waisted Shape will contour your core, smooth your thighs and shape you butt. Your body will be shaped and enhanced by the buttery and bonded construction. The hankies are available in one shade and in sizes XXS-4X.

spanx review

Spanx vs. Kim Kardashian’S NEW Skims, Which Is Best?

Our battleground of shapewear saw us pit the established against the emerging in our final fight.

Credit: Patrice Williams Patrice Williams Recommendations were independently picked by Reviewed’s editors. You may be eligible for a commission on any purchases made through these links.

We at Reviewed are just as curious about those flashy products we see in our Instagram feeds as you are. For our ‘As Seen On IG’ series, our writers buy them and put them through their paces to find out if they’re actually as good as they look online or too good to be true. Have you seen one we missed? Email us at I’ve never been much of a shapewear person, but heading into my thirties meant a slower metabolism and a dairy-induced belly. I’m now open to the idea of shapewear. It’s always a pleasure to test new clothes that make me more confident in my clothing.

Spanx can be mentioned in every conversation on shapewear. The brand that Sara Blakely created almost 20-years ago is synonymous with formwear. Kim Kardashian West’s announcement on Instagram this summer that she was entering the “foundational apparel” arena made headlines. People were drawn to the Kimono line’s name, not the product. If the immediate inventory backorders and lengthy waitlists are any indication, it seemed like there was genuine excitement after the brand name change to Skims.

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Kim Kardashian West has created Skims Solutionwear as “the latest, solution-focused approach in shape enhancing pants.” It contains the traditional stretchy formwear and is designed to offer “solutions for stomach, waist, thighs and butt. There are many sizes available, from XXXS/XS through 4X/5X (which is wider than Spanx), and they come in white, gray, shades of grey, as well as a variety of skin colors, including “Sand” and “Cocoa”. Skims can also make bras, un-shaping and supportive underwear, waist trainers, cotton lines, as well as some other speciality products such a short, single-legged, for use underneath long-slit skirts.

It got me thinking: how does this new kid on my block stack up to the O.G. The “shapeoff” was a test of both brands to determine which one performed best in smoothing my stomach. My recent Seattle trip was filled with food, drinks and fun. To test both brands, I would be out sightseeing and wearing the exact same clothes twice in one day. I was excited to try both the brands and their products for their comfort and shaping capabilities.

spanx review

Spanx Shapewear: What You Need To Know! Warning: This review is very shocking (Lol).


WARNING: Warning, this is quite revealing.

You will see photos of my “underwear”, or undergarments, as I call them. You’ll also find the details of “the spanx experience”, which I will share with you. It was also my decision to experiment with a lesser-known brand of formwear in order to evaluate their quality and see if Spanx really is worth the money. See what happened in that experience. haha – Ack! (It’s okay to be scared …) Getting into and out of Spanx Shapewear I was skeptical about trying Spanx, after reading horror stories where people had to fight to fit in or cut their way out. LOL. Spanxes are expensive. This was actually not true. It was extremely easy to use and fit me like second skin. In fact, it felt fabulous! However, it felt amazing!

It was super easy to wear and remove. It was so good that it made me miss it for the fourth time!

It didn’t feel hot or wet / sweaty/ icky at all. It offered great compression and I did not feel hot or squeezed in spite of the heat from Orlando.

What About When You Have To Go Pee?!

I pee quite a bit. It’s especially important when you are in ketosis, because it is a natural diuretic. Fortunately, the Spanx model that I bought has a “peehole” which is very well designed (though it probably has a better name lol). It worked great on the model I ordered and didn’t require me to take my Spanx off.

spanx review

We Tried Spanx Bestselling Leggings: Faux Leather, Suede And More For Fall

While there are several things you can expect from fall, other than pumpkin spice and early Halloween decor it also means that bike shorts will be replaced with full-length pants.

Leggings can be worn at home, or in your office. They are perfect for Fall 2021.

Lucky for us, Spanx is the athleisure and shapewear brand of the ages. They have both new and reissued products as well as tried-and-true bestsellers for fall. Because seeing is believing, so we decided to put the fashion styling and shape to the test.

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After our detailed review of leggings, joggers and bike shorts, we have simplified this review to provide you with the details on how these leggings perform (and whether they roll down), how well they hold up to the see-through test and how to style them from the gym to the evening.

For a complete review, read on.

They have been a wardrobe staple since the day I tried them on for our very first review in November 2020.

According to the original article they were called the “best compression leggings”. I wore mine to workout in, so the sculpting fabric plus the sweat-wicking were huge assets for that activity. You should note that wearing very vibrant underwear while doing squats can cause it to show. So I always wear black or nude when in a gym.

spanx review


The sizes are quite small. Be sure to take them off if you have to.

You’re not going to wear them on very intense days.

Spanx Seamless Looking At Me Now Leggings

The best pair of black leggings you can buy is these. A major complaint I have about leggings? The way that their waistbands dig in my tummy, and/or the marks left by seams up and down my legs. That problem can be solved by simply removing seams. Right.

These pants are what I’d call a “couch-to-crunch” pair. They can be worn as a staple for a gym, don’t bunch or roll when you do crunches, and they also feel silky soft and comfortable for relaxing.

These are the least tight of all of the pairs I reviewed, feeling looser than the comparable Booty Boost leggings, but these still do come with Spanx’s double-layer waistband that holds you in without cutting into you at all. The Spanx leggings are true to size and stretch the best. They come in sizes XS through 3X so that they can be worn by as many legging-lovers.

One of the most versatile pairs of leggings for both the gym and wearing day-to-day.

spanx review


They’re currently only available in black.

The size range is a bit large so order a larger or smaller one.

Spanx Faux Suede Leggings

Attention Spanx-lovers: this one is new for 2021 and you don’t want to miss out. Suede is one fabric I love, so when I see it in my wardrobe, I am drawn to it. You can also add leggings to the mix.

Faux Suede Leggings scored high points for me because they came in several fall-forward colors like olive green and chocolate brown. So that they could go with my favorite tops and white leather boots, I chose the olive-green legging.

Also, the sizes were great. I have tried other styles like faux leather and velvet but they seem a bit too small for me. Even the site has a small disclaimer that reads: “These leggings may feel tight when you first put them on, but don’t worry, they will form to your body. If you haven’t noticed, we promise that they are worth every SPANX shimmy.

Bonus points do need to be awarded here for the tall girls and the shorter ones like myself, as they offer options for petite, regular and tall and range in size from an XS to a 3X. You can wash them like the rest, inside-out.

spanx review


Didn’t provide dramatic size reduction in our lab measurements

The slip is difficult to put on and take off

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While some wear testers expressed mixed opinions on the elastic straps’ thinness, most agreed that the Spanx Open Bust Full Slide gave them a sleek silhouette while still being covered under their clothes. Most people found the shaper difficult to put on, and it was uncomfortable. Many felt that the straps were too tight around their shoulders. Also, the bottom was more likely to roll up.

Type: Slip Reviewed: December 2012 Price When Reviewed: $84.00 -$88 This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. This and other similar content may be found at Advertisement. Continue reading below Shapewear

spanx review

Cropped Flare

Spanx $ 110.00 from Spanx. Being only 5 feet 3 inches taller that my colleague Sally, I buy only cropped pant to cut down on the tailoring cost. I love Spanx leggings & tights. It is no secret that I have a fondness for them.

Spanx provides a Cropped Flare with a smaller inseam (23.5″), so I was able to crop it (!). The pull-on style was very similar to leggings, which I initially was concerned about. Cropped Flare offers the same comfort, smoothing, and shaping capabilities as leggings but has the appearance of work pants. The ponte fabric has a super stretchy feel and is thicker so it will most likely be worn frequently during winter. Ellen Hoffman, Editor in Chief Shop the Perfect Black Pant here in four styles here Sign up for Insider Reviews’ weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals.

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Does Spanx Work Really?

Your body will look smoother with the help of Spanx, and other formwear. You won’t find a muffin top or any extra skin along the bra lines – this is magic. 3. … May 11, 2011

Why Spanx Are Bad For You?

Doctors caution that Spanx may cause tingling in the legs and numbness to the feet, which can result in blood clots. It is possible to be killed by blood clots. … Spanx may cause blood clots and acid reflux, as well. Dr. John Kuemmerle says that Spanx can trigger erosive esophagitis. January 21, 2014

Do You Need to Buy Spanx in a Smaller Size?

The right size is important. Shapewear made of slimming Lycra is designed to hug your body. Think again if you think a smaller version will provide you with an additional boost. May 19, 2016

Why is spanx so expensive?

It is not unusual for shapewear to be expensive. Many companies and retailers only use the finest materials. Apr 4, 2018

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