2024 Holzkern Watches Review: Are They Worth Your Time?

Discover the truth about Holzkern watches in our in-depth 2024 review. Are Holzkern watches any good? We analyze quality, design, and value to see if they live up to the hype. Find out now!

Holzkern Watch Review

holzkern watch review

Holzkern Watches Review | Can Wooden Watches Work?

Can wooden watches work?

Is it just a passing fad or something?

Today is my Holzkern Wooden Watch Review. I want to know if they can stand the test of time.

There have been wooden watches for some time. You’ve probably seen ads for them follow you around Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. My fashion channel was sponsored by the company I feature today. These companies excel at digital marketing. In this article I will show you if the watches actually are worth your money. Many of you have requested this review, so here it is.

There are many types of wood watches. There are watches whose entire construction is made entirely of wood. Watch brands also make watches whose construction includes wood, as well as other materials such stainless-steel. While some watch brands are better than others, their marketing clearly shows that these watches are not meant to be horological collectibles.

Holzkern was the most popular among all of their ‘wooden watches’. I was happy to make those videos. The emails I received from NuWood or Jord were all very convincing, although I had my doubts about the quality. Let’s talk about that in a bit, but let us see how you do with the Holzkern.

The packaging these watches are supplied with are unusual and quite nice. Each watch is packaged in a unique magnetic bamboo box. It matches the brand theme very well. This is a great way to store your items, and I don’t know how useful it would be for everyday storage.

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holzkern watch review

Are Wooden Watches Any Good?

But, realistically speaking, wooden watches are not worth the effort. These watches can be used for fashion purposes. As fashion watches they might, depending upon how elegant or simple your chosen design. If you really want a wooden watch, for that quirky aesthetic, Holzkern is towards the better end of things.

This is a great piece of horology. These brands lack the history or build quality of other brands. This watch is made for one particular style and will probably not be worn very often.



holzkern watch review

Chicago Automatic – Hands On Holzkern Review

Review: Holzkern Chicago Watch Review – Hello everybody! The opportunity to review an automatic Wood and Marble watch from Holzkern was very gratifying. This timepiece is available for purchase at, priced EUR349.00. For a 5% discount, use code “TheWatchBlog5”

Holzkern was discovered while searching the internet for watches. I was immediately impressed by their design and materials. Holzkern’s focus is on watches that are made of natural materials. You can browse their extensive selection of stone and wooden bracelets, which come in a variety for both women and men.

Holzkern, a young company located in Austria is still in business.

Holzkern’s logo is the annual growth rings on a tree. This is their appreciation of the wonders and beauty that nature offers.

I love the fact that every watch purchased by Holzkern goes to various environmental projects.

Each watch purchased in Nicaraguan reforestation projects or to the employment for persons with limited physical, sensor, and mental ability, we donate EUR1. This agreement ensures our consistent contribution to projects related to environment sustainability, climate protection, social assistance, and environmental sustainability.

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holzkern watch review

Holzkern Review: Holzkern Pros & Cons

Holzkern, is a well-known brand for women’s watches. It competes with brands like Chrono24 Ashford JomaDeals WatchShop or G-Shock Ashford JomaDeals WatchShop. Holzkern’s performance is considered to be mid-range based upon our comprehensive Holzkern review. For more information, please see the complete review.

Do all fair trade brands sell fair trade goods? Does each brand have fair trade certification?

Each brand’s scratch resistance is it? Are all brands using anti-scratch coatings to protect their products

Water resistance: Are each brands water-resistant? Does each brand repel water?

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Is Holzkern made from which country?

Our company is a startup from Austria that works in collaboration with watchmakers who are experts at transforming raw materials into timepieces.

Are Holzkern Watches Water Resistant?

Do your models have water resistance? Products are not affected by rain, water spray or perspiration.

Treehut Watches made in China

Treehut Wooden Watches – Made in San Francisco, USA by Treehut

.Holzkern Watch Review

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