Hisense Refrigerator Review

Hisense Refrigerator Review

Sharp Corporation
Native name

Shāpu kabushiki gaisha
Formerly Hayakawa Metal Works (1924–1942)

Hayakawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (1942–1970)

Sharp Electric Co. (spin-off) (1956–1967)





Nikkei 225

Consumer electronics
Founded 15 September 1912

; 109 years ago








Tokuji Hayakawa





Osaka Prefecture


Area served
Key people
Tai Jeng-wu

(Chairman and CEO)

Katsuaki Nomura

(President and COO)




home appliances

, information equipment,



solar cells


mobile phones


fax machines


electronic components

, calculators, LCD panels, Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGV),

Revenue Decrease


2.27 trillion




¥52.77 billion




¥20.96 billion



Total assets


¥1.83 trillion



Total equity


¥364.59 billion



Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Number of employees
52,876 (2020) (Foxconn 803,126)






hisense refrigerator review

The Bottom Line

You should buy it. It’s great if your kitchen is small or you just prefer a smaller refrigerator. This fridge also has a freezer on the bottom, which makes it a great choice for those who need one. You can get it for less than $1,000, which is a bargain compared to other fridges.

Are there other options? There are so many fridges to choose from, so you have a lot of alternatives. The Home Depot’s guide to top-rated fridges is available here. Lowe’s has no lower-than-$1,000 fridges. The Home Depot sells several refrigerators with comparable capacity and prices starting at $710, and going up to approximately $800. But you won’t get that handy bottom freezer.

Pros: Slim enough to fit in small spaces, spacious interior, bottom freezer is convenient, easy to set up, two freezer compartments, Energy Star rated, relatively affordable, reversible door, adjustable temperature, ample shelving Cons: Not the biggest fridge, no fancy features, can’t fit a gallon of milk with all three shelves inside, top freezer drawer can get off the tracks if overloaded Hisense 17.2-cubic-foot Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Sign up for Insider Reviews’ weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals.

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hisense refrigerator review

It offers stable and even temperature in the Fridge as well as Freezer

Credit: Jonathan Chan Reviewed The freezer drawer, which comes in a variety of compartments and an interior drawer, is standard.

Hisense HRF254N6TSE page boasts stable temperature control thanks to inverter technology. Also, it can rapidly chill fresh groceries.

It was necessary to confirm that the claim offered excellent temperature control.

A refrigerator should be kept at 32 to 40°F. Anything lower than this can cause freezing and any higher will result in much quicker spoilage. The HRF254N6TSE refrigerator temperature was 38.83 degrees F in our laboratory. This is close to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Even after defrosting cycles, and our opening of the door occasionally to simulate frequent use, the temperature did not change much over time. Consistent, safe temperatures are possible over time.

Likewise, your freezer needs to stick as close to 0degF without wobbling, as temperature fluctuations are what causes freezer burn The freezer had similar test results in our lab, hovering around -0.34degF on average, with less than 1degF of variance over time.

hisense refrigerator review

The Freezer’s inconsistant temperatures disappoint

Credit: Kyle Hamilton. There is one feature on the freezer. And it is very large. It is ideal for people who are a frequent user of ice, as it reduces the storage space.

The one we had to look at was a bit puzzling. Although the fridge compartment maintained temperatures that were surprisingly constant, it was impossible to do the same with the freezer.

Our lab measured temperatures between -4.3degF and 2.8degF. This range is almost twice that of what we normally see in freezers. Freezer burn can occur when temperatures fluctuate in the freezer, which will reduce the shelf life.

Multiple tests were performed to verify that the results of our experiments weren’t false positives. Hisense was also contacted to confirm that the temperature fluctuations are not due to a bug, but a feature of their internal software. This indicates that this is probably related to the defrost software.

While inconsistent freezer temperatures aren’t ideal, it’s a relatively common issue in inexpensive refrigerators and the Hisense’s performance isn’t the worst we’ve seen by a long shot.

You should not rely on the fridge for long-term preservation. You will need to rotate items frequently in the freezer, but this refrigerator is suitable for you.

hisense refrigerator review


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Hisense 18 cu. Hisense 18 cu.

I have to say this fridge is very spacious. The digital control works well and keeps your food cold. This refrigerator’s best feature is its lighting. It has very bright, well-lit lights. I also like the large door shelves that hold gallon sizes of milk. It is amazing.

Hisense 25.4 cu. Hisense 25.4 cu.

Hisense televisions are my favorite, and I was thrilled to receive a Hisense refrigerator. My expectations were exceeded by this fridge. The fridge is … very roomy and with a family of 9, it is important to have a lot of storage space in the fridge. Because the freezer pulls out, I’m able to store more products in large quantities. The ice and water dispenser are my favorite features of the refrigerator. My family is a big water drinker, so this saves us time and money. With 9 children, we have lots of small ones who like to touch every item. My other fridges required me to clean the refrigerator several times daily. Hisense fridge doesn’t require me to wipe fingerprints as it is resistant to dirt and fingerprints. I can keep my fridge tidy and looking great all day. The fridge’s modern and sleek finish is what I love. It is easy to hold and is safe for little hands. The fridge’s LED lights can be seen clearly inside the refrigerator, much better than regular lights. I’ve had my in-laws come over for dinner quite a few times. Each time, they were kind enough to compliment the fridge and tell me how it needs updating. Hisense is a great brand and my fridge has made me happy.

Hisense 18 cu. Full Size Refrigerator – 18 cu.

It is by far the most beautiful refrigerator that I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love how spacious this is and the LED lights are g… reat. It is large enough for me and my family. The refrigerator has large drawers, plenty of room for dairy products and lunch meats. I’m super happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend the Hisense brand to everyone I know.

Does Hisense Make a Great Brand Fridge

Hisense Refrigerator Reviews can be a good choice for anyone looking to reduce their monthly costs. You get many exclusive features and the best price for your money. Aug 25, 2021

Who Are Hisense Fridges Made By?

Hisense Group is a Chinese multi-national white goods and electronics company headquartered in Qingdao Province.

What is the Most Reliable Refrigerator Brand?

A: The refrigerator brands we found to be the most trustworthy are LG and GE. Whirlpool is also a good choice. It is natural that these companies would also be those listed as the ones producing the fridges with the lowest problems.

What is the origin of Hisense fridges?

China, Qingdao. The company has grown to be one of Australia’s most trusted Consumer Electronics and Appliance Brands. It offers high-quality solutions for a wide range of products including sound, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner.

.Hisense Refrigerator Review

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