2024 Impala Skates Review: Are They Good for Outdoors and Rollerblading?

Discover the performance of Impala skates in our comprehensive 2024 review. Are Impala roller skates good enough for outdoor adventures? Do Impala rollerblades deliver on quality and style? Read on for in-depth insights and find out if they're the right fit for your skating lifestyle. Click for the ultimate verdict!

Impala Skates Review

impala skates review

Do I buy Impala or Moxi Skates?

Our Moxi skates won out over our Impalas. The fit and performance were just so much better. They were as different as day and night when I tested them both. It is clear that you get what you pay.

While I keep my Impala skates in reserve, I still reach for my Moxies whenever it is time to roll.

It is also a good idea to get knee pads.


both have their own knee pad products but this set on Amazon works well too!

Two brand new Impala pairs are available. These Impalas can be delivered to Seattle or shipped. I have a size 7 and 8. Here is a link to the skates Ping me on Instagram if you’re interested!

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impala skates review

Review of Impala’s Inline Rollerblades: Slide Into the 70S

My most beloved shoes. Lacing my pastel-blue rollerblades feels like falling into 70s dreamland. As the sun is setting, my brown shoulders are melting and my thighs grow into slick logs. It takes a lot of effort to push myself along Santa Monica’s boardwalk. Men lick their beach towels and sip summer shandys as ice cream drips.

“It’s a perfect day for bananafish,” says J.D. Salinger is a tragic figure, but Salinger can look forward and skate away. This is all about feeling the joy of glide through the warm air, and the thrill of Impala gear.

Impala Skates Australia, a roller skating and inline-blade manufacturer, hails from the glamorous skate culture of the 70s to 90s. Girls perform amazing tricks wearing crop tops and flared jeans in pastel colors. Rollblades are called “Fairy Floss”, and protective gear comes in tie dye with chunky stars. Although it’s romanticized skating, the aesthetic is totally appealing. While my rollerblading history has been difficult and nerve-wracking at times, my current experience makes me feel just like a San Francisco hippie whenever I wear my blades.

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Prior to getting my Impala Lightspeed Inlines (the skyblue/yellow design), my blades were too tight Roce blades. They irritated my toes, and made me feel like middle school. Being wobbly made it more likely that I would fall. This impacted my shins as well as my psyche. Rollerblading for me has been an experience of both fear and freedom. My movement was restricted by the gear, but I found it exhilarating to be able to glide with no care. Impala rollerblades changed the game for me and not just on an aesthetic level; they gave me confidence, especially when creepy old men would make comments at me, saying “Wow! It’s important to take care of yourself, young woman. Continue reading to read my review about Impala’s inline rollerblades. I have been on five different blading adventures (all lasting around 4 hours), and I am familiar with the kinks and curves of their blades.

Are Impalas Good Outdoor Skates?

The Impalas offer the ideal combination of style and affordability, making them the most affordable skate. We love that this package comes ready to roll with an aluminum plate and soft outdoor wheels.

Are Impala Sidewalk Skates Good For Outdoors?

Skates are intended for outdoor and indoor recreational use. Jan 21, 2021

.Impala Skates Review

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