Samsung Galaxy A21: 2024 Review on Specs & Camera Performance

Dive into our comprehensive 2024 review of the Samsung Galaxy A21! Get the latest a21 specs and explore in-depth a21 camera specs analysis. Find out how this smartphone ranks in terms of performance and quality. Click for our expert insights!

Galaxy A21 Review

galaxy a21 review

Software, performance, and battery life

Samsung’s OneUI skin is a known quantity at this point. However, if this is your first Galaxy phone after TouchWiz you will find it fine. Samsung’s range of apps (the calculator, gallery, and dialer) aren’t as elegant or sophisticated as those from Google. Samsung also has a few settings menus that can seem a little confusing. OneUI has matured and thought-provoking design. There are no grating issues that could ruin the experience. I enjoyed living with it while on the A21.

It is filled with unnecessary software. Preloaded apps include Microsoft apps and Amazon apps. There are also two weather apps. Four music streaming apps. Boost Mobile also took advantage of my review unit by stuffing it full with junk such as a secure Wi-Fi utility that costs $2 per month. As repeated notifications will remind, this cost is an additional $2. I don’t know if there is an unlocked version of this phone. And, it seems that most other carriers have similar policies.

Image Gallery (3 images) You wouldn’t think that the A21’s Mediatek Helo P35 processor would be very fast, and it is. Multitasking is a bit of a slog, but generally speaking, performance was never bad enough to frustrate me outside of the odd occasion where an app would take a few beats to open. The heavier games such as Asphalt 9: Legends make the phone feel sluggish, while simpler titles like Mario Kart Tour work just fine.

I have a solid battery. In two days of mixed, sporadic use, I got about five and a quarter hours of screen time. Considering that time included gaming, streaming videos over Wi-Fi and 4G, taking photos, and idling for nine or so hours overnight, that’s really impressive.

galaxy a21 review

What is the Best Samsung Galaxy A21 Deal in 2021

Sharing Share and tweeting Email. The Galaxy A21 is one of many downmarket devices that Samsung has. When we reviewed it last year , we concluded that, while it wasn’t really groundbreaking option in the affordable space, it was a fine pick if it met your budgetary and performance needs. This is true even though the A21 is in many ways a standard low-end smartphone. The internals, a MediaTek CPU with three gigs RAM, are not very powerful, but they can be used for simple tasks such as web browsing and mobile banking. Even lighter 3D games run fine. Multitasking and other intensive uses can be a bit of a slog, but if you’re a light-use kind of person, that’s not something you need to worry about.Unlike a lot of budget devices, software support isn’t a concern on the A21. Like many of its high-end phones, this one is covered by Samsung’s newfound commitment to providing four years of security updates which is awfully generous for a phone you can grab for as low as $150 if you keep your ear to the ground (although its price more often hovers around $250). Although they aren’t monthly but only once a quarter, you can be sure your phone will be free from any security flaws for many years. The landscape surrounding the A21 has been changed. We don’t have any information about the A21’s direct successor, but Samsung announced several new A-series smartphones that will be available in the US, including the Galaxy A12.

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You can still get a cheap, decent phone on a huge screen with the A21.

The A12 is $180 cheaper than the A21 in many areas. It also has the same MediaTek HelioP35 SoC and three gigs more RAM. The A12 is 25 percent more powerful than the A21, with a 5,000mAh lithium battery. The A12 has a modern, matte design instead of the fingerprint-prone glossy material found on the A21. However, the device does not support NFC contactless payments using Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

You can also save $100 by purchasing the $280 Galaxy A32. The A32 has 5G, a 90Hz screen, 1 gig of RAM, 64 gigs storage (compared with 32 in A21 or A12), and an in-display fingerprint scan. It also launches with Android 11 for $30 less than its MSRP. It also has NFC, unlike the A21, but not the A12. Image Gallery (1 Images). The drawback to each alternative choice is its availability. You can buy an unlocked Galaxy A21 now from many retailers. However, you cannot get the A12/A32 through any of the following carriers: Cricket Metro, T-Mobile and T-Mobile. You might consider buying an unlocked Galaxy A21 if your carrier is not listed, especially if it’s on sale.

Samsung Galaxy A21 Where to Buy:

Best Buy Walmart

Samsung Galaxy A12:

galaxy a21 review

Samsung Galaxy A21S Review: Design And Key Features

Design-wise, the Galaxy A21s looks just as good as Samsung’s other recent models. Sure, it’s made of plastic and it isn’t sandwiched between protective layers of glass, but the Galaxy A21s is a sleek-looking phone with minimal screen bezels and an unobtrusive hole-punch notch in the top-left corner.

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Photo 3 of 18

The phone’s back is slightly bent, and the LED flash and four cameras are arranged in an orderly rectangle at the top-left. The phone’s centre also has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. This can be used for unlocking the phone or authorising contactless payments. The selfie camera also allows for face unlocks.

It came with the black colour scheme. This looks very nice, especially when it has an iridescent oil-slick. Actually, the rainbow-like effects of all three colours (blue, white and black) are quite evident and make these phones look much better than comparable smartphones at their price.

A USB C port charges the Galaxy A21s. It can be found along its bottom edge. A 3.5mm audio Jack and one speaker grille are also included. The right side has a volume knob and power button. On the left is a nano-SIM tray and microSD tray that can hold cards up to 64GB.

galaxy a21 review

Samsung Galaxy A21S Review: Performance And Battery Life

The Galaxy A21s is powered by Samsung’s homebrew Exynos 980 chipset, with a maximum clock speed of 2GHz, backed by 3GB of RAM. This is our first review of a phone using this processor. It appears to be used mostly in Vivo smartphones, most of which do not make it to UK.

You will not find faster smartphones for this price, though the Galaxy A21s has a decent performance. While you won’t be able to expect speeds comparable to its MediaTek-based competitors, the Galaxy A21s never felt slow or unresponsive. The Galaxy A21s can take time to turn on and may sometimes be stuck at the lock screen until unlocking is complete.

This is the same story for graphics processing. Although the Galaxy A21s does manage to narrow the gap, it is still behind other devices. The lower-resolution screen does help boost performance, however, and I didn’t notice any glaring issues in less demanding games such as Stardew Valley and Gris.

Note: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 was unable to pass the GFXBench tests. But if you really care about your battery life which, I’d argue, is a much greater metric, you will be delighted with the Galaxy A21s. The Galaxy A21s survived for 22 hours and 48 minutes in our battery-rundown test. We set the screen at 170cd/m2 and switched on flight mode. This phone lasted more than five extra hours than Realme 6.

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galaxy a21 review

Original topic

A 6.5 inch screen at $250. But, performance remains to be desired

This story first appeared on August 10, 2020. It was last updated six hours ago.

ARTICLE TENTS Samsung is most well-known for its powerful and extravagant phones. What does $250 get you in the Galaxy range these days? Given their confusing names and model changes year after year, it can be hard to understand Samsung’s range of budget phones. But the Galaxy A21 is the most affordable phone from the Korean company. You can get it on a range of US carriers including Boost. This is also the model we tested. Although the A21 is large in size and has decent battery life, budget-conscious big-phone lovers should take note of the overall performance and camera quality.

THE GOOD Size If you are looking for a larger phone, but at an affordable price, then the Mediatek HelioP35 RAM is your best bet.

Battery life A large battery combined with low-resolution screens = Long Life

Display Price: The not so good display is 720p. High maximum brightness.

Glossy plastic back Perpetually grimy

galaxy a21 review

Samsung Galaxy A21 (S215Dl) Review: An Affordable Quad-Camera Phone

Discover this budget phone, featuring a Quad Camera setup, big battery life, NFC, and large display. You can find everything you need in the Samsung Galaxy A21 Review.

In June 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone went on sale. This phone is one of Samsung’s newest models to compete in the ever-crowded budget market. Samsung equipped this phone with irresistible functions to make it stand out from the rest.

Samsung Galaxy A21 infinity screen is the easiest to find. At 6.5 inches, it is also huge. A total of four cameras are located on the back. All these wonderful things are priced under $250.

In the end, a budget device needs to make some cuts here and there. How would that be for the Samsung Galaxy A21, you ask? We’re here to discover.

We’ll be looking at the Samsung Galaxy A21’s capabilities in this review. We’ll also discuss any shortcomings. Buyers can then be objectively informed prior to making a purchasing decision.

.Galaxy A21 Review

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