Cooper Discoverer At3 4S Review

Cooper Discoverer At3 4S Review

cooper discoverer at3 4s review

The Cooper Discoverer At3-4S Tires Are A Great All-Terrain Option For The Stock Overland Vehicle.

“I love the smell of new tires. Tyson, a friend of mine, said, “I usually put them in my room for a few nights before mounting them on to my vehicle.”

“Ahhhh…. In a rather concerned tone, I inquired:

Tyson continued, “The smell (or should I say scent) is so nice.”

Tires are vital for vehicle safety. There is a place where rubber meets pavement. Tyson, my friend and I, see tires as more than just a necessity. They take the concept to its literal limits. Tires, for many of us including me, are considered a necessity. They’re neither glamorous nor enjoyable. However, that may change with the Cooper Discoverer AT3-4S tire. Although I’d rather invest my money in other equipment and outdoor gear, I know the importance of having reliable, high-quality tires for my car. They connect me to the road. My tires get me there and back, in comfortable, reliable ways. This Cooper tire is a great example of this.

It was obvious to me, as I drove back from the tire shop that solid, reliable tires were essential. My Land Cruiser did not feel and ride well. It felt rough. There was also a feeling of vibration near the front. The vibration wasn’t severe but it was evident. This made me wonder whether it was due to the new E-rated tire. Previous to this, my Land Cruiser had street tires. It could be that the stiffness in the new tires is what caused these symptoms.

OutdoorX4 magazine Issue 25-28 featured a series on my purchase of a 200 Series Land Cruiser. I was seeking larger tires in order to cater to my entire family, as well as the diverse terrain and regions we plan to cover. I purchased a set of Discoverer AT3XLT tires and they have been flawlessly performing for 12 months. Whether on rock, sand, or gravel the tires have been outstanding (see OutdoorX4’s Gear Issue, Issue 30, for full review). Cooper Tires has a secret.

Cooper Tires decided to develop and engineer three separate versions of their Discoverer AT3 tire to meet the variety of vehicle demands on the market today. Why should an off-road stock vehicle need to have identical tires as a truck with a massive diesel engine? What makes a Ram diesel truck better than a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck? Consider a weekend-warrior adventure vehicle that is driven to work each Monday. Many manufacturers create one tire and try to meet a variety of different vehicle needs and applications. This is not the case with Cooper Tires.

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cooper discoverer at3 4s review

Discoverer At3 4S Prices

Prices Range: 225/70

$143.00 – $154.99 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >> 265/60 R18 $206.00 – $206.79 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >> 265/70 R15 $169.00 – $169.79 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >> 40 tire sizes – View all.

Review of Top 3 Cooper Discoverer At3 4S. 93% driving on Suzuki Jimny (225/70R15) for 0 miles. Mounted this on my New 2020 Jimny, and it far exceeded my expectations. Both in wet and dry conditions, grip is superb. Road noise is virtually non-existent, even better than the Dunlop Grantrek AT20 stock Dunlop Grantrek AT20. I also have a larger and more powerful engine which seems to not affect my fuel consumption. This tire is wider than stock Dunlop 195/80/r15 Dunlops, which gives me better control when I corner. They will be my next purchase! I only clocked in about 2000 kms on this so it is still not showing any visible signs of wear.

This was 88% I got while driving my Nissan Pathfinder (265/70R15 T) over mostly motorways for 7,200 miles.

An attractive tire which is very grippy in any weather. Unphased by heavy rain on the highway. Very impressive grip in 4H/4L deep snow. 8 inch snow allowed me to comfortably climb steep hills and stop quickly. I also found it very predictable that my 4WD was drifting in the snow. Very good at expelling mud or snow from getting packed in the tread. Tire noise is very minimal compared with other types of tires. It can be used on and off the road, with an incredible 65,000-mile warranty.

MPG noticably decreased; my average mpg fell from ~18.5 to ~17 mpg in the past year. When the tires are wet, they squeal across concrete roads. Pebbles are stuck between the treads. They make clicking sound until it stops. My 20-year old suspension, a Nissan 4500lb dinosaur, makes tire feedback feel numb. Positive reviews led to a significant increase in the cost of the product.

TL;DR These are class leading tires that punch above their, and their manufacturer’s weight. Cooper marketing was spot on for the SUV driver that mostly keeps to the highway, but needs uncompromising off-road performance when duty calls. Online, the price is currently $156/ea US Dollar. It’s worth looking around and waiting for a discount. When first released I got the price down to ~$100/ea USD with a rebate.

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cooper discoverer at3 4s review

Cooper Tires Explorer(r), At3 4S ™ Long Term Evaluation

Jason Kramer. Words and photos by Jason Kramer. Cooper Tires asked that we review the Discoverer AT34S tire, designed for truck-drivers who drive pickups, crossovers, or full-size SUVs. We decided to take them up on the offer and upgrade the tires on one of our chase vehicles, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, to see just how those tires handle everything we throw at it.

I knew that the aggressive tires would be tough enough to handle a lot when they arrived. Jennifer refers to the five-ribbed open design as Dino the Dinosaur. This is meant to offer exceptional performance in both wet and dry conditions, along with off-road ability.

Cooper’s Discoverer AT34S has a 65,000 mile guarantee. This is due to the use of silica-based tread compounds in the Secure-Grip(tm), all-terrain design.

Just a few days later, after fitting the new tires on the Jeep’s Jeep, we packed all our gear and set off for Road America to experience a day of thrilling track racing.

It took us an hour to drive from the office to the track. There was highway asphalt, gravel everywhere and a farm road. Finally, we reached the racetrack via a twisting road.

First impression: the road noise from behind the steering wheel was barely detectable. It was so quiet that I couldn’t help but wonder just how aggressive this tread really was.

We pulled into the pit area and I was wondering if I would get to shred a little tread on the track during the days shoot. We were seeing some very impressive hardware, and it was possible to set lap records. The Jeep was unable to keep up with track tires. I was curious how the tires would perform under more aggressive driving.

cooper discoverer at3 4s review


Discussion. His supplier refused to offer warranty as I didn’t want an uneven pattern of tread while driving through snowy Colorado. However, since the treads are not wear-resistant they won’t take it.

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So I looked into other options. When everyone was talking about Falken Wildpeak, A/T3W tires, it made me believe that this would be the best tire. I was shocked to learn about Cooper Discoverer AT3-4S.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S | Cooper Tire…cooper-discoverer-at3-family-|-4s-lt-xlt.html I tried finding out more in-depth reviews about them from our forum but only found @Screamin post who just got them and the usual press release. These 4S/LT/XLT models are brand-new for summer. They haven’t been in use long enough to get through all of their kinks. The 4S, which is classified as severe weather, has the 3peak Snowflake symbol. However they should be better for the rest the year than ATW’s. After a lot more digging, I found this review online at Taco. It convinced me to buy them. Cooper might be the person who wrote this review, though it sounded just like what I expected from a tire.

Because of its increased weight and lower speed rating, I didn’t want to upgrade to the LT285/75/16 or LT265/75/16 XLT. 56 lbs and 126R in the XLT, 48 lbs & 112R (2.469lbs/49lbs), and 3S 265/75/16=41 lbs & 4S 116T (2.756lbs) all from Cooper’s website. Just in time to make it to Ogden on Tuesday for my Xterra PAN/AM Championship, they will be done! I look forward to seeing how they perform and will keep you posted. I to try to get an Imogene pass in a few weeks once I’m done racing for the summer and have some more time.


What Are the differences between Cooper at3 and At34S?

May 29, 2018

Are Cooper Discoverer At3 4S Good In Snow?

It is engineered to grip on every surface. The Discoverer AT34S blends on-road skills with off-road ability.

Are Cooper At3 Tires Quiet?

Due to tires’ Whisper Grooves which are designed to lower road noise, these tires can be extremely quiet.

Cooper Discoverer’s At3 Ply:

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT features a two-ply nylon casing with twin steel belts that are reinforced by a nylon ply. These belts prevent the tire’s deformation during driving and improve its durability.

.Cooper Discoverer At3 4S Review