Jbw Watch Review

Jbw Watch Review

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jbw watch review

Jbw Watches Review – Is it a good watch brand?

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Bling-bling! It’s all about the Bling-bling!

India’s brand makes some of the best-designed watches models that I’ve seen over the past few years. For sure, they’re as attention-worthy as they come. Are these good choices for those who, beyond their looks, value quality and precision?

According to the great saying, not everything glitters is gold. JBW is this true or are there other competitors trying to imitate the style of JBW? These and other questions will be answered by this JBW watch review.

Just like any other piece of writing, the JBW Brand Review also begins with a brief overview of its history. JBW watches are a young brand, no matter how you look at them.

We would have to begin in 1950 if we wanted to trace the beginnings of JBW’s business. That was the year that the Meghani family became the mavericks in the timepiece industry by starting to sell Swiss watch models in the untried market of India.

The family then opened four retail stores in Dubai, UAE, after the huge and very prompt success in India. Akber Marki, the 2nd-generation leader of the family business, made the next significant move when he moved all the distribution to the United States in 1990.

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jbw watch review

Jbw Watches: How Expensive Are They?

The price of a JBW watch will depend on the collection, its overall quality and, most importantly when it comes to this brand, the number of diamonds it’s been decorated with.

Company likes to call its watches Entry-Level luxury due to the quality of their watches and the fact that they are reliable. It’s quite honest to say that I don’t see anything wrong with this statement.

These low-end models will be available on Amazon and Jomashop for less than $100.

As you move up in the price range, your watch will likely be more elegant. The watch can have a more refined look with sapphire crystal dials and richer diamonds. Jet Setter Platinum Series can run well into the thousands and boasts as many 570 diamonds.

Explore the JBW Collections and you will see that the majority are inexpensive, with most available in between $200-$500.

This review will give you a good idea of the value and worthiness of JBW Watches.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to judge whether a specific brand is good. When doing so, we have to look at your own expectations of what a proper watch should be like and also try to compare the brand with watchmakers in a similar price range.

jbw watch review

Reviews 7,595

Excellent Great Average Poor Bad Worst customer service EVER! Paid almost $30 for overnight shipping, only for fedex to claim it was delivered to my door at 4:02pm. I was home all day and never got a package. It was my ring doorbell that I lost and no package arrived. I reached out to JBW about the issue and the basically said oh well. Because packages get stolen daily, I will need to file an investigation with the police. This is the definition of customer service. This will never happen again. My bank was going to challenge it so I ordered it through Amazon. The watch arrived just as expected, amazing condition and shipped to me as per my expectations.

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Their returns system is awful. Their customer service is inaccessible. I am really waiting for their reaction regarding how partly possible to return some items. Because I’m Danish, when I type the order number or ZIP/postcode, these two things don’t fit together. I wrote to the customer service for several times and no answer at all.

I bought an IWC Portugieser Automatic 40 at PS3,800 through JB Watches Madrid via Chrono 24. The watch shown in the photos was in very good shape with gold numerals.

I was sent an IWC Portugieser that had significant wear and silver numerals. It also came with a blue strap. I was informed by the seller that it had been made a mistake. He agreed to return postage and packing from Ireland to Spain. One month and many emails later, I had still not received the refund for postage. This cost almost PS200 since I had to cover the entire item and arrange for it to be collected at the hospital.

Thankfully after numerous phonecalls, Chrono24 eventually refunded me this cost, while the seller only replied with abusive emails saying that I was ‘sour and bitter.’ This was all in all a very unpleasant experience, and it put me off of the used watch marketplace. This seller should be avoided at all cost.

Although I’ve never posted a negative review about a business online, this man was so rude that it made me feel that I had to.

A Armani watch was a birthday present that I got, but the strap fell off within weeks. I’ve tried to get into contact with them, but the email they have supplied is fake and the emails have bounced back. You should not place an order through this site.

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.Jbw Watch Review

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