2024’s Ultimate Guide: Casper Dog Bed Review – Comfort & Quality Assessed

Discover why the Casper Dog Bed is the top choice for pet owners in our comprehensive 2024 review. Learn about unparalleled comfort, durability, and design in our in-depth assessment. Sink into this informative guide and decide for your furry friend today!

Casper Dog Bed Review

Casper Sleep Inc.




Russell 2000 Index


Founded April 22, 2014

; 7 years ago



Founders Philip Krim

Neil Parikh

T. Luke Sherwin

Jeff Chapin

Gabe Flateman

New York City


New York

, U.S.
Area served
Canada, United States, Europe





, dog mattresses
Revenue Increase
$439.258 million(2019)


-$88.746 million (2019)


-$93.04 million (2019)


Total assets

$230 million (2019)


Total equity

-$307.094 million (2019)





casper dog bed review

Product description

CasperaEUR(tm), the same engineering team who designed all CasperaEUR(tm’s products for dogs, created the dog mattress. This is an extremely comfortable sleeping surface that our four-legged friends can enjoy. Combining our mattress-making experience with extensive research on dogs, we created a comfortable sleeping environment that accommodates caninesaEUR(tm). The majority of pups’ lives are spent sleeping. Dogs are the best species to have a comfortable sleeping surface. This bed is made with durable support foam combined with pressure-relieving memory Foam. Even the most well-behaved canine will have moments of bad behavior. But no matter how rough they play, most dogs canaEUR(tm)t rip through our durable cover material aEUR” itaEUR(tm)s made with one of the strongest bonded microfibers available. Because itaEUR(tm), is tough, other materials are used in high-performance footwear that will withstand years. Thanks to its solid construction, the bed doesn’t sink or slump over time. Before laying down, dogs dig or scratch. The instinct to scratch and dig is something they have inherited from their wild ancestors. They used to move around in dirt looking for cooler ground, then brush off any remaining debris. Excess material is added to our surface in order to imitate doggies digging at the earth. So dig in, doggies. Pups are known for their ability to squeeze in tight places. Their instinctive response to predators has taught them that they are most comfortable in enclosed spaces. Dogs can lay down on the supportive foam cushions of the mattress to feel safe, literally or metaphorically. Material – 2-Layer foam Construction Visco Elastic Polyurethane Memory Foam Polyurethane support Foam Polyurethane, Polyester, and Olefin. Cover requires assembly. Remove the cover and wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. For stubborn spots, try an enzyme-based spot cleanser. Tumble dry low. Use an enzyme-based spot cleanser to get rid of stubborn stains.

Product Dimensions : 19 x 26 x 6 inches; 6.25 Pounds

Item model number : 950-000058-001

Datum First Accessible: March 21, 2018.

Manufacturer: Casper Sleep


Customer Reviews:

casper dog bed review

Casper Dog Bed

Lindsay Boyers, The Spruce Pets/ Lindsay Boyers. Buy Casper Dog Bed on Wayfair. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

Casper was not the first to invent the bed-in a box idea. However, social media helped the sleep retailer to quickly rise to prominence as one of the top brands. Casper expanded beyond mattresses for humans with a dog bed a pretty fancy-looking one, too. Casper mattresses are loved by me, and I wanted to find out if it would work for my four-legged friends.

Lindsay Boyers

Casper Dog Beds arrive in the same manner as regular mattresses. They are vacuum sealed and then rolled into a small box. It came in a smaller, lighter box. After removing it, I cut open the plastic wrap, and all of the pieces immediately started to expand. I was expecting one intact dog bed, but it requires assembly with five separate components: the mattress and four supportive foam bolsters. You also received a blanket and a toy for your dog.

Lindsay Boyers/The Spruce Pets There are two sections to the mattress cover. The main mattress section is covered by one zipper, while the second zip closes all the bolsters. Zipping the mattress together was simple. It took some fiddling to insert the bolsters. While it was tight, and difficult to get all the pieces in place, I finally got the zipper closed. The parts continued to grow and become more symmetrical.

Lindsay Boyers / The Spruce Pets The Casper Dog Bed may not be a striking decor item in terms of looks but it is pretty. The bed is a great deal better than most other dog beds. This mattress is shaped like a memory foam one with edges that are padded and outlined. The three available colors are gray, blue and light tan. They can be coordinated with any home décor. Gray was my choice. I liked how it matched my gray-and-navy bedroom.

Its removable cover is machine washable. I was able to wash it in cold water. It then dried in the tumble dryer on low.

casper dog bed review

Verified Casper Dog Bed Review

Amber C., Rover employee was testing the Casper dog beds in size medium together with her Boston Terrier puppy and her pug. The experience of Amber C. and her observations about the Casper dog bed from her dogs was positive with some caveats. Read our verified Casper dog bed review below.

When I opened the bag and unpacked the bed, the mattress inflated. I found the medium to be true to size. It was big enough for two medium-sized dogs or, in my case, one small dog. When I covered the bed, both dogs were very interested.

Casper’s modern design and gray color made it look great in my home. I also liked the ease of access to it from my dogs. My dogs liked the bed, but liked it even more when I put a soft blanket on top (they seem to prefer beds with plush material over the cover the Casper bed comes with).

It was easy to use, looked nice and there wasn’t much I didn’t like. As the years went by, my dogs began to prefer other beds. Because the Casper bed has a very thin edge (or lip), my dogs loved to put their heads on the Casper dog bed.

Final note: I find the cover a bit loose, and have to take it off every now and again.

casper dog bed review

Customer Reviews

You can read what Casper customer reviews have to say about this dog bed. Casper dog beds are unique and durable. Customers love the Casper bed for their comfort.

Helpful review : “Some nights our puppy disappears and can be found in our room on his Casper sleeping and snoring. Is he now with Casper?

Shop Now in Casper

We are glad you found the perfect pet bed with this product review. Casper Dog Beds are great. If so, congratulations and good luck as you continue your search.

Sweet dreams!

casper dog bed review

Casper Dog Beds Are Expensive but Worth Every Pound

My dogs fight about who can sleep there.

Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau Camryn Rabideau Camryn Rabideau. Reviewed editors make the recommendations. Reviewed may make a commission on any purchases made through these links.

One part of myself wonders why anyone would buy pet bedding for their two pets. I know that nine out of ten times they choose to sleep on my couch over mine. The Casper is our favourite memory foam dog bed. Although it isn’t the first time I have bought a dog bed, this is not the last. Although the cost will make some cringe, it’s a thoughtful design and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

casper dog bed review

What is the Casper Dog Bed?

Credit: Camryn Rabideau Reviewed The mattress is constructed from multi-layer foam with foam bolsters all around.

Casper dog beds are the “Ferrari of dog beds.” This dog bed is the result of the same design team that created its signature box mattress. But, Casper claims they did extensive research on dogs. What was the result? This dog bed is made of a mixture of memory foam that relieves pressure and dense foam. You will find supportive bolsters for all sizes. The microfiber cover has tight weaving and is covered with microfiber. You can even see the excess material in the cover to replicate how your dog would paw at dirt when it scratches.

Three sizes are available for this bed. We’ll be talking about them in the second. (Deep breathe, pricing coming The small bed is priced at $125 while the medium costs $150. Large beds are $225.

casper dog bed review

What size are you looking for?

Casper’s dog beds come in three sizes.

There are three sizes small, medium, and large and while the sizing might seem self-explanatory, I think it warrants a deeper explanation.

You see, I bought a large bed for my 50-pound golden retriever, Addy, as that’s usually what she needs. The bed is far too big. My boyfriend and I could comfortably curl up together in this bed. It measures in at 45 inches by 36 inches, which she does not mind.

Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau The large Casper dog bed is big enough to share.

Casper recommends that you follow their sizing guidelines and not just buy the same size as your pet. Casper suggests the medium size bed for small dogs and cats (or dogs) between 30 and 60 pounds. Larger beds are recommended for dogs and cats over 90 pounds. It is important to remember that both a large-sized dog or a large-sized man, who weighs in at 50 pounds each, can sleep comfortably on the large.

casper dog bed review

It’S Well-Made And Durable

Credit: Camryn Reabideau. Casper says the bed has extra fabric that allows dogs to “paw at loose earth.” One of the common issues I’ve run into with pet beds is that they’re simply not durable. A few months after use, cheap bedding can start to become lumpy, and the seams may rip. Addy, my dog isn’t the most gentle of sleepers. We’ve also had problems with the cover material getting ratty after going through the wash.

We have had our Casper Casper dog bed for one year. It still feels and looks the same as when we bought it. The bed is used by Addy to dig into it before she settles down. She also chews on the bones. It isn’t even wrinkly!

Additionally, the foam which makes up the bed is in good condition. There are no lumps or bumps. The bed’s high-quality construction helps justifies its price.

casper dog bed review

We’ve only discovered one downside

Credit: Camryn Ribaiau Reviewed. Addy falls asleep in her Casper bed after a hard day.

Casper is my favorite dog bed. But there is one problem I dislike about it. My beloved Addy was very potty trained and decided to pee on our Casper Bed right away. I don’t know if she was marking her territory with her actions or just being silly, but this “accidental” revealed one flaw in the Casper Bed: It’s not waterproof.

Although liquids can take some time to absorb into the cover, once it does, the liquid will not be able to seep through the foam beneath. Memory foam is notoriously difficult to clean. My luck was that Addy saw me and was able get the cover off of the bed before any urine had soaked into it.

With that in mind, this bed might not be the best choice for puppies or if your dog is prone to accidents. Although the cover can be washed in the machine, the foam inside could get damaged by an accident that occurs while you are not there.

casper dog bed review

Casper Dog Bed Review: Does It Really Worth it?

This review will help you decide if Casper is worth the investment.

Today we will go over the key features and advantages of this orthopedic foam bed.

We’ll also take a look at the cons and find out if they outweigh the benefits.

Let’s lastly compare the Casper to similar dog beds.

Are you ready to start?

What’s the Casper Dog Bed?

Casper Sleep Company’s Casper memory foam dog beds are mid- to top-end.

casper dog bed review

A well-rested dog is a smarter dog

You may laugh at this at first, but science shows it.

Much like humans do, our dogs learn when they’re asleep, and much like in humans, a good night’s sleep can make a big difference in the development of our dog’s brains and in their day-to-day lives. It is our goal to provide the best possible care for our furbabies. A better night’s sleep can lead to happier, healthier days both for them as well as us. Casper Dog Beds can provide a comfortable and relaxing sleep for your senior pet dog, as well as your new puppy, who may have arthritis in their joints and bones.

The Rest Of The (Bedtime) Story Because sleep is so important to our dogs (and to us), it really is something we need to consider investing in. This is important to remember when you look at Casper Dog Bed. It is quite expensive ($125 small, $150 medium, and $225 large). When you walk into Target’s pet section, there is a lot of sticker shock. Many boutique pet shops sell dogs beds from $20 to $80. That was a big hesitancy on my part too. With the Casper guarantee of 100 nights, it is much less risky than the large-sized dog bed I bought for my daughter. It feels solid, is washable easily (the tough cover can also be washed in the machine). ), and the high-quality memory foam Casper is known for will keep its shape over the long haul. And, with unique features like hidden zippers inside of sewn-in pockets and heat bonded seams that keep fur outside of the cover, the thing is made for longevity.

Best, though, is the customer service and business practices that Casper employs. Casper Dog Beds may be ordered either online, by telephone or in person. If you do, you’ll love talking with the representatives, who actually like dogs and want you and your dog to be happy. The delivery will make you feel festive.

I’m one of those people who researches the heck out of everything I buy (particularly when I am spending $150 on a dog bed) and I typically pay attention to the one- and two-star reviews more than the five-stars that sometimes tend to make me wonder if they’re Autobot reviews. The thing is, there really aren’t a ton of issues customers seem to have-and my guess is that’s because Casper paid so much attention to the construction and details of the bed and offers some pretty fantastic customer service to boot. This, plus the fact that they offer a return policy where I can ship my baby to them in case I don’t like it within three months of purchase, is what convinced me.

Although Casper is a high-end dog bed, it’s not hard to understand how it could cost too much. But, if your budget is tight, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a caring pawrent. There are other options available to you. They might not be as durable and as beautifully designed as Casper bed is, but there are some decent cheap options that could work for you- while you save some bucks to treat your fur baby to the real deal for Christmas or birthday. Our team is pawsome and can assist you in finding the right alternatives to treat your dog, no matter what budget. You’re welcome!

.Casper Dog Bed Review

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