Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

adidas Ultra Boost DNA 5.0 Zebra G54960 Men's Running Shoes Sneakers

Adidas Ultra Boost Dna 5.0 Zebra G54960 Men’S Running Shoes Sneakers

Brand New

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ZEBA Men's Shoes Size 12 Black Red Handsfree Slip On Athletic Sneakers Tennis

Zeba Men’S Shoes Size 12 Black Red Handsfree Slip On Athletic Sneakers Tennis


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Zeba Women’s Shoes, Size 8.5W, Red and Black, Handsfree, Slip On Sneakers

Zeba Women’S Shoes, Size 8.5W, Red And Black, Handsfree, Slip On Sneakers

Brand New

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Zeba Hands Free Sneakers Women's Size 10 Grey Pink Athletic Walking Shoes EUC

Zeba Hands Free Sneakers Women’S Size 10 Grey Pink Athletic Walking Shoes Euc


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Zeba Men's 'Handsfree' Athletic Sneakers Tennis Shoes Cosmic Black/Red Size 11 D

Zeba Men’S ‘Handsfree’ Athletic Sneakers Tennis Shoes Cosmic Black/Red Size 11 D


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Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

How Does Zeba Shoes Work?

This brand makes athletic shoes for both men and women. These shoes are made to provide long-lasting comfort just like normal sneakers without having to tighten them.

Zeba shoes are available in a variety of colors, including blush pink and steel onyx. You can also get them in wide and narrow sizes.

The company states that customer comfort and convenience are the top priorities.

The FAQ page provides information on many aspects of the company’s journey. It all started from the desire to make stylish and affordable shoes that could be worn by anyone.

Are Zeba Shoes manufactured in America?

American-made products are now more valuable than ever.

Zeba stated that despite attempts to manufacture their shoes in the U.S., due to the custom nature their products, they were forced into partnering with Chinese manufacturers to keep their business viable.

I Tried The Boston And New York Styles, And Both Looked Great And Were Customizable To My Feet

Two styles of Kizik sneakers were tested by me: the $150 New York and the $160 Boston. The Boston Sneaker comes in 11 different sizes ranging from 8 to 14, and there are three colors — Black, Date Tan, and Castle, which is a gray shade. The New York Sneaker comes in the same sizes and colors, but there are also White and Coffee colors.

When I opened the boxes, I was hit with a couple of odors. First, there was the pleasant new leather scent from the full-grain leather upper. However, the soles had a chemical stench to them when I brought them close to my nose. This dissipated over time.

I wear a size 15 shoe in most brands, but I’ve grown used to squeezing into 14s when that’s all that’s available. The 14s were in date colors, which I found to be just as comfortable than a 15.

The Boston Sneaker was my first attempt. Although my left foot fit comfortably, the shoe was tighter for me right. My right foot is wider than mine. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the tongue to provide more room. The shoes felt stiff and uncomfortable at first. However, after about 10 minutes, they began to feel more comfortable. It seemed that the New York Sneaker fit more comfortably from the beginning. It felt like it had more support for my medium arch. The tongue didn’t have to be adjusted at all.

The shoes were perfect for my medium arch. The tongue has two Velcro strips that can be adjusted to adjust the Velcro. You can lower your tongue to adjust the Velcro. If too tight, raise the tongue and loosen the Velcro.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Ctm Carbon Ultra

On the latest special, Clarkson rolls a Bentley Continental GT through Madagascar’s backroads. Elegant and powerful, the modified safari V-8 coupe storms through mud-slicked roads that could swallow a school bus, but rolls into town with grace.

Craft’s CTM looks a lot like the Bentley. The monstrous chassis is wrapped in a loud, but beautifully simple, upper. It rides on a sturdy cross tread and can take you to places no other shoe will.

While most supershoes require a slow pace, the CTM didn’t have any. It didn’t feel awkward or jerky when we were warming up and cooling down. It didn’t force us into an unnatural cadence.

That’s where most of us will see the value in the CTM. You are where the plate and your rocker will meet. It can be used daily to train or go slowly if you need it.

It will continue to work hard, even if it is not asked.

Different Styles Of Rothy’S Shoes

Rothy’s shoes are available in four original styles: The Point (The Loafer), The Sneaker, The Sneaker and The Flat (The Flat).

They have a variety of sneaker options. Below are more details about sandals.

Due to sensitive toenails, The Point was not for me. The Loafer did not speak to me the same way as The Loafer. Pretty, aren’t they? Don’t even get me started on the color choices. There are so many options, and they’re always changing. It was really hard to make a decision.

UPDATE: Here’s a review of the Rothy’s Loafers & Points.

Here are the 2 pairs of Rothy’s shoes I bought:

Do Rothy’s flats live up to the hype? YES! That’s my short answer… but keep reading for all of the details.

Rothy’s review #1: The Flat in Lemondrop

The round-toe flat is the signature of their brand. It can be worn up or down, and it is stunning. The unique construction of this flat is amazing and it has fun v details on the foot. This was an easy choice for me as yellow is my favorite color.

Size: 9, but exchanged for a 9.5. I’d say these run on the snugger side. You’ll find more information below.

Cost: US$125

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Greats Royale Knit After Hours Review

The Royale Knit style is perfect for a fun night out. This shoe’s best feature? A GREATS sneakers review discovered that they’re machine washable and can be easily air dried. The Royale Knit After Hours feature a custom performance insole, making for optimal comfort, day and night.

These shoes are perfect for earth lovers, as they’re made with yarn yarn from recycled single-use and ocean plastics. One pair of shoes is equivalent to 7 bottles recycling. GreatS Royale Knit After Hours come in two colors: dark with black soles and white on white.

Craft Ctm Ultra Running Shoe Review

If you scrolled through Instagram this past summer, you might have caught Tommy Rivs raging in a pair of black-and-white auto camo running shoes. The inked graffiti pattern hid the shoe’s details, but Rivs released some details in his comments.

The partnership with Craft was formed to achieve the holy trinity: “Combine the highest level of technology and materials married with style and comfort.”

Craft sent us an early pair of the Rivs collaboration. The CTM declares it is gonna break all the rules out of the box.

Eschewing the traditional colorways of solids and subtle flair, the CTM embraced the prototype pattern and released both the men’s and women’s shoes in a bold zebra stripe. The styling is bold and proud, just like Rivs.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Rothy’S Sizing Info

Ah, Rothy’s sizing… this is what everyone wants to know and what I was stressing about before I ordered. There’s no reason to. Keep in mind that the Rothy’s return policy is top notch. You can order with confidence as they offer both free shipping and return.

If you live in San Francisco, your size can be exchanged at Rothy’s, at your local exchange center, by mail or directly at Rothy’s. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the sizing because you have nothing to lose by ordering since returns and exchanges are 100% free for unworn shoes within 30 days.

The Rothy’s sizing guide on their website says to order your normal size in both The Flat and The Sneaker, so I did, although some reviews in The Flat said to size up. It was a mistake. Being a 9 in height and medium-width, I decided to take my chance. Upon receiving The Flat, I felt it was a little snug in the toe box area so I exchanged them for a 9.5. Anything that squeezes on my big toe nails is not recommended. The 9.5 worked great and is what I should have ordered the first time.

You may need to size up if you’re between sizes or have wider feet.

This is my Rothy’s sneaker reviews. The Sneaker ran true to size but it hugs your foot. There is no rub. It’s a snug fit and not a loose shoe you could wear socks with. In my 9-inch regular size it’s comfortable and doesn’t feel too snug. It is, however, a tighter fitting shoe. If your feet tends to swell, or you need a little more space, consider going half size larger. I’d probably be fine in a 9.5 as well.

Rothy’s size note: I do not recommend Rothy’s for people with wide feet. They best suit people with medium or narrow width feet. But again, you have nothing to lose by trying since the Rothy’s return policy is hassle free.

The Quality Of These Eco-Friendly Shoes

Rothy’s shoes are not cheap or plastic-feeling. Both pairs I bought are really classy and well made. I can’t stress that enough and am so impressed with the quality of these shoes.

The coolest part about Rothy’s flats is their texture and you can see it well in my photo above. Although the seamless knit looks almost like a sweater it is much more durable and stable than a regular shoe. If you didn’t tell me they were made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles, I wouldn’t suspect it in the least.

Rothy’s flats have an eco-friendly, carbon-free sole (no black carbon!) A removable, cushioned insole is available that’s made from foam parts of recycled shoes and can be machine washed with the rest of the shoe. The brand uses only non-toxic, vegan adhesives. It’s evident that they embody sustainability and style.

It doesn’t stop there. The brand uses recycled and renewable materials in the streamlined packaging as well. Check out the vegan box. Although I do not go looking for vegan brands, it is a nice addition. You can exchange the shoes for a different size by using the sturdy, biodegradable cardboard that came with your order.

Their website says that both the boxes and cards are recyclable 100%. The box can be resealed so there is no tape to use during returns. I also like the thoughtful packaging.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​


  • Sometimes designs are too simple or plain.
  • The shoes are made of leather, meaning they might take some “breaking into” in order to be comfortable.
  • There are only medium-sized sneakers.

GREATS has created the Greats Royale Knit to fulfill a new mission: to eliminate plastic waste from our oceans and to recycle it into a trendsetting sneaker. GREATS invites you to be part of the trend-setting sneakers movement while also saving the environment.

  • Each year, 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end-up in the ocean.
  • 7 plastic bottles go into the creation of each pair of Royale Knit
  • Since the start of this project, more than 75,000 bottles were removed.
  • Packaging used in the packaging is made from also recycled materials

Rothy’S Sandals Review

Rothy’s also launched a line of sandals and I have the Triple Band in the sangria color and the Knot in black as show below.

Here’s my mini Rothy’s sandals review. Both styles retail for US$115. These fit true to size. Unlike flats that I sized up for, these are a 9 in my non-Rothy size. These shoes are not closed toed so I recommend you buy your normal size. The first couple of times I wore the Knot, I only wore them for a couple of hours because I felt a little bit of a rub starting, but after breaking them in, it wasn’t an issue.

The strap material is made of the same beautiful woven recycled plastic that their flats are made of and the Triple Band in Sangria is particularly gorgeous in person. Both styles can be put in the washing machine (cold water and no dryer) which was surprising but a major plus.

These Rothy’s sandals come in two styles. They have thin soles and don’t offer much cushioning so they are not shoes you’d want to wear to walk long distances on hard surfaces. That said, I’ve worn both pairs all day long for running errands and they worked out great. The Triple Band is my favorite style of both because it’s more comfortable and holds the foot better than the Knot. Overall, these are solid sandals and on par with Rothy’s quality.

Sadly, you will have to snag sandals on Poshmark (code OUIINFRANCE for $10 off) since Rothy’s doesn’t make them anymore.

Take $20 Off Your Order

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Greats Royale Plaid Review

The sneakers have a soft leather and mesh lining and are perfect for everyday wear. They also come with a pair of OrthoLite insoles, a rubber sole and comfortable OrthoLite insoles. You can match the sneakers with your plaid shirt or wear it plainly to make them stand out.

The sleek shoes are available in both men and women at a price starting at $159. They are breathable, comfortable and lightweight thanks to the supple leather combined with the mesh lining. Reflective accents and and an extra pair of reflective laces give The Royale Ripstop extra flare.

For comfortable and flexible all-day wear, the Royale Ripstop features OrthoLite insoles with a rubber sole. These insoles are available in four colors: grey, navy and black for men and pearl pink and dark green and for women.

The Ride

Craft’s Vault Foam is used to form the chassis underfoot. This modified EVA is lighter than traditional EVAs and feels firmer.

Instead of collapsing in to the cushion every step, the midsole absorbs the force and pushes back each time you take a step. This quality also contributes to the overall durability of the midsole, which for a $250 shoe, we’ll take.

Your foot will feel like it’s in the cockpit when your foot rests on the deep-molded cushion. Engineered with an aggressive stack height, drop, and rocker design that begins to break under the ball of the foot, you instinctively roll through the gait cycle.

The carbon plate is part of the CTM. And it feels rigid, to be sure. The shoe feels a lot like softer rocker shoes, but the departure angle directs the runner forward.

As a rock plate, the carbon plate is quite effective. Overall, the shoe feels less tippy than other firm, high-cushion trail shoes (like La Sportiva’s Jackal). It felt more stable, controlled and comfortable, with less tendency to cause ankle roll.

The cushion can be a hindrance to true trail feeling for those who prefer the tactile feel of the ground. But, the forked plate yields a touch of lateral torque, allowing you to better negotiate trail erratics.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Rothy’S Flats Review + Rothy’S Discount Code For $20 Off

For my readers in the USA, have you heard about Rothy’s flats? Although they aren’t yet available in France and shipping worldwide is restricted, I was curious after reading so many reviews about Rothy flats online. And since this is lifestyle blog where I talk about what I like, well, here we are. Rothy has made it. They are loved by Meghan Markle! They’re made of recycled water bottles which I like and I was looking for new items in my wardrobe. I placed an order for The Sneaker and The Flat.

People who have met me know that I am not very meticulous when it comes hair, make-up and footwear. I prefer well-maintained nails and comfortable shoes to perfectly coiffed hair, and high heels. I was delighted with Rothy’s flats. They were a great way to dress up casual shoes without being too formal. I anxiously awaited my order, and a few days later, they arrived… but before I get into my full Rothy’s review, let me tell you what the company is all about and why I support them.

UPDATE: June 2019, I reviewed Rothy’s Loafers & Points.


Most super shoes have limited use and shelf life. These elite shoes have light uppers and thin outsoles. They also come with soft cushioning.

Furthermore, these had better be really fast miles under a light, efficient runner. Science shows that the stiffness from a carbon plate reaps dividends when clocking 10 mph or faster. For most of us, this shelves the super shoe until race day. This is a large sum of money for one task.

CTM has a unique flavor. It has a thicker, more durable outsole and a resilient midsole foam. And while the upper is super-light, it feels more durable than most mesh shoes on our shelves.

It doesn’t have a sandwiched mesh to snag or catch. It feels light but stout, capable of withstanding trail debris or wearing through in high-friction areas.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

A Review of Greats

The brand offers premium quality products at a fair price for the consumer looking to buy luxury sneakers. GREATS sells modern, high-end Italian sneakers. Their goal is to be “One of the Greats” and not just be great. The company was founded in Brooklyn in 2014, making it the first brand to be based here. Its headquarters is now located in Williamsburg, which is just a few blocks away from the original location.

Greats footwear is handcrafted in Italy, off the coast in Civitanova. This area is known for producing premium shoes. It takes many days to make a pair GREATS sneakers. The materials are set on a custom outsole, where the finest leathers are then topped off and tied together with waxed cotton laces. The shoes are then carefully assembled by the artisans.

Are Zeba Sneakers Comfortable?

Description of the product We are confident that you will love Zebas, no matter if you struggle to bend down or want an extremely comfortable shoe. We produced Zebas with the highest quality materials available and they’re both comfortable and built to last. Zebas are a PERFECT gift for anyone who has trouble bending down.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Are Zeba Shoes Comfortable?

Zebas can fit everyone. Zeba Shoes make a great gift. Zebas are extremely comfortable and have an excellent fit.


  • Long-lasting shoes
  • Use social media
  • This will provide the most arch support
  • Free Shipping to the United States
  • Shipping internationally available

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Where Zeba Shoes Are Manufactured?

Zeba Shoes, a smaller company than the others, is not able to manufacture shoes in America. So it was not possible for them to manufacture the shoes in the United States and they began to find a manufacturing partner and now Zeba Shoes Reviews are manufactured in CHINA but the quality of the shoes is guaranteed.

Are You Sure It’s Worth the Purchase?

Well, that’s what I have for the Yeezy Zebra Review. The Yeezy Zebra is a completely new shoe that has revolutionized the sneaker industry since it was released. Everybody wants a Yeezy these days and I don’t blame them. If you can snag it at a retail price then scoop it up. Is it worth the purchase for resell? To a degree, yes. I believe everyone would enjoy these shoes. Good luck on snagging pair from the next release!

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Are Zeba Shoes Good For Your Feet?

Zeba Shoes are excellent for those with Back Pain, Parkinson’s, MS, Arthritis, Foot Drop, and those recovering from surgery. Zeba Shoes are designed for everyone, so even if you’re just looking for a comfortable and convenient shoe, you’re going to LOVE your Zebas. Zeba Shoes are also an amazing gift for a loved one.

Greats Court Review

For the basketball lovers out there, The Court gets its look from classic b-ball heritage. The Court is similar in style to The Royale and features a margom sole that will keep you comfortable even during the busiest days.

The exterior is made of pony hair with upper leather accents, and a crackled metallic heel tab adds boldness to the look. They are cushioned with OrthoLite insoles, a rubber sole and soft leather. The mesh interior is suitable for everyday wear.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Greats Royale Review

The Royale is a stylish classic with a starting price point of $179. The brand’s most popular and versatile sneaker, the Royale can go with any outfit. The Royale is made for both men and women, available in a variety of colours.

Greats Royale Suede Review

These casual sneakers have a contrast nubuck heel tab for added style. OrthoLite insoles make them extra comfy and laidback. The Royale Suede, if you want a subtle but elegant look, is the best choice.

Zebra Shoes Review | Zeba Sneakers Reviews​

Return & Refund Policy

According to Zeba shoes reviews, the items can be returned within 30 days of the purchase due to any concern. The items should be returned in the original packaging with any labels. See out here for more info:

Zebra Shoes Review

Zeba Shoes Reviews Zeba Shoes designs shoes that are easy to slip on and take off.

Zeba claims that shoelaces need only be tied once so customers don't have to bend down as often.

How does Zeba Shoes work?

The brand produces athletic shoes for men and women. They are designed to offer long-lasting comfort, just like regular sneakers, without the need to retighten the laces.

Zeba shoes are available in a variety of colors, including blush pink and steel onyx. They also come in extra-wide and medium width sizes.

According to the company, customer convenience and comfort are top priorities.

Their FAQ page outlines many aspects of their journey, which started with the idea to create stylish, affordable, and low-maintenance shoes that can be worn by everyone.

Is Zeba Shoes made in the USA?

American-made goods are more important than ever for Americans.

Zeba stated that despite attempts to manufacture their shoes in the U.S., due to the custom nature their products, they were forced into partnering with Chinese manufacturers to keep their business viable.

Competitors and Alternatives

Zeba's rivals include Vans and Kizik, which offer a wider range of products than Zeba.

Kizik offers slip-on shoes and dress shoes for women and men. Their design philosophy emphasizes ease of use, which means no struggle and no pulling.

Vans is a well-known brand that makes comfortable shoes with many slip-on options. Vans shoes are designed for adults and children, unlike Zeba or Kizik.

The best-selling Kizik shoes range in price between $59.00 and $139.00. Vans' highly-respected Classic Slip-Ons are only $50.00-$80.00. Vans, unlike Zeba or Kizik offers customers the chance to customize shoes with color and style elements, as well as special features such slip-resistant, low top and platform.

Both our competitors brands have received positive reviews and loyal customers followings. Amazon reviews love Kizik shoes and praise them for their comfort, style, functionality, and style.

Some customers have complained about the quality and sizing of Vans shoes. Vans has many satisfied customers. Zappos gives their shoes five-star reviews from thousands of people.

The bottom line

Zeba is a relatively new company that has built a loyal following over a short time. Zeba's innovative shoes are high-quality, comfortable and easy to wear.

We think Zeba is a great choice, but there are cheaper options.

Please leave your Zeba Shoes reviews.

zebra shoes review

Are Zebra Shoes Comfortable?

Very comfortable shoes, very easy (and this is an understated term ) to wear, great looking, and I receive compliments. … These shoes are fantastic! They’re so simple to put on, and take off.

Are Zeba Shoes Comfortable?

Zebas can fit everyone. Zeba Shoes makes a fantastic gift. Zebas have a snug fit, support and are very comfortable.

Zebra Shoes: From Where Do They Come?

Our manufacturing facility is in China at the moment and we ship from there via Fedex (arrives in ~4 business days).

Are Zeba Shoes Slip Resistant?

Hands-free Zeba Sneakers in Jet Black. You can order this style in sizes up to 16 for men. The insoles are slip resistant. We think that you will enjoy our insoles.

.Zebra Shoes Review

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