2024 Bellelily vs SHEIN Showdown: Unbiased Fashion Reviews & Insights

Discover the ultimate comparison between Bellelily and SHEIN with our comprehensive 2024 reviews. Dive into a detailed examination of Bellelily fashion, customer feedback, and real shopper experiences. Click now for trustworthy reviews and make informed shopping decisions!

Bellelily Review

bellelily review

Bellelily Review. Are they legit, safe or scam? (2021 Updated)

Bellelily sells tops, swimwear, and dresses for women at an affordable price.

Belle Lily claims to be “an incredible online shopping destination” where you can find tops, dresses, and pants. Belle Lily’s website promises it will be the best online shopping destination, offering all of the fashion products that you require to become that “most beautiful woman”.

This raises the question of whether it is just an advertising blurb or if Belle Lily actually has high-quality, fashionable fashion clothes. Is it possible to find the right price for this product?

Yes, Bellelily is legit. Bellelily is legitimate and will not take your cash or credit card details. The store ships all fashion products to its owners quickly and without any problems. However, does Bellelily deliver the best online services (easy ordering, speedy delivery, excellent customer service, etc.) that you would expect? First, does Belle Lily offer legitimate services to customers or are they just another scam website that will rip off customers who don’t know?

This Bellelily review will examine Belle Lily in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more.

bellelily review

Bellelily: Is it Safe?

Online stores must be legitimate. Even though a store is legitimate, it doesn’t mean it will rip you off. Your sensitive information can be leaked to third parties who are not authorized. That said, the ideal online fashion store should be legit and safe.

Belle Lily said that in this regard, it values and respects the importance of privacy. The company also stated that they are 100% dedicated to protecting customers’ privacy and security. Belle Lily SSL encryption protects any sensitive information you give to it. It is undoubtedly the most secure commercially.

Belle Lily’s safety is assured by the addition of SSL technology.

Zappos reviews are a great source for reliable and trustworthy stores such as Bellelily.


bellelily review

Item of poor quality

Belle Lily has a reputation for delivering low quality products. This is a frequent complaint. Take this example:

Angela Singleton on Trustpilot writes: “First off, I want to tell you that I only gave 1 star simply because I had too. If I was given the choice, I wouldn’t have offered any. As a Christmas present, I ordered a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt I received was shocking to me.

Brittany Cotton DuBroc on Trustpilot states, “I recently bought a BelleLily sleeveless dress I found in an ad posted to Facebook. I should have reviewed the reviews… I thought that the dress shown looked made of cotton. The dress I received looked to be made out of cheap costume material. It wasn’t the same dress depicted but a terrible knock off. The cost of the items is $20. I don’t believe that anything shipped from China is as good or accurate.

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Melissa Jones from Trustpilot states “… I ordered from BelleLily and they shipped me some poor quality, half-sewn clothing. Eight items were ordered, and none of them was worth the cost. The sleeves of both my jackets & shirts took too much time to sew properly. The sewing was poor quality and low-quality. I’m out of my 120.00 I offered to send the items back for a refund and they refuse…”

Trustpilot: Cynthia McClarigan claims that this company is “a complete joke.” 9 of the items I ordered were not what I thought I had ordered. All of it is made cheaply and has a ridiculous appearance. It ships from Hong Kong. Before I bought, I ought to have done some research on the company. According to the company, they do not offer a refund/return policy.

Michelleisasc of ResellerRatings said that her clothes look stunning online, but are very expensive in person. Continued the review, “I’m extremely disappointed having spent $190 for my goods.” Seeing the photos on their site and receiving the subpar items in person I am shocked and disappointed. Avoid this company!

The reviews reveal that “poor quality complaints” can take many forms. This is the most prevalent one. Items received can sometimes be different from the pictured item that was used to inform the purchase decision. The majority of these complaints are so frequent that they become a problem and not a random or unrelated occurrence. However, it is possible that the item you receive from Belle Lily may not be what you ordered.

bellelily review

What is the best way to return to Bellelily

Bellelily’s returns policy or inability to have one is what customers find most frustrating. The website states that the company’s quality control staff will inspect and verify your shipment before it ships. They also promise that they will do their best to resolve any issues you have.

An unfortunate reality of shopping online is the fact that some clothes might not fit. It is normal to order the wrong size. A legitimate company will have a return policy. You won’t likely be allowed to return the incorrect size if you get it.

TrustPilot’s reviewer stated that China was required to reimburse them for shipping the package back to China. As a rule, legitimate sites have a return policy. While scam websites charge extra for return shipping costs in order to deny you a refund.

Bellelily claims to be located in Shenzhen in southeastern China

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Numerous online reviews have indicated that some customers received a very small discount, typically 10% off, on their next order as compensation.

They are not able to provide customer service in a timely manner.

TrustPilot is full of horror stories about customers being asked to send photos of their clothes, so that they could be compared.

bellelily review

For the Fall, Layers are Essential With The Bellelily Review

Here’s the third, final Bellelily reviews. And this time, it is a review of a third Bellelily product. This layering piece is perfect for fall, as the temperature is dropping.

The quote of the day is: “Learning cannot be attained by chance. It must be pursued with ardor, diligence and perseverance.” Abilgail Adams These sponsored posts were completed as a Bellelily Review with layers for fall. See the following posts which feature different products.

A Winter Scarf That Will Keep You Warm at Home.

I’ve included more about the company below along with the reasons for working with Bellelily. We’ve all been curious about such sites. The three of us will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

bellelily review

Layering Pieces

The perfect transition piece to fall is our layering collection. Recently, we showed you how three of us love to make our summer clothes work for fall.

Fall Colorful Transition Outfits to Warmer Weather for Styled Summer Outfits.

We gathered together three cardigans, kimonos and other layers that we liked to wear in Arizona. Below is our full Bellelily review. You can get these items for as low as $30. Unfortunately, you can’t know exactly what material is used and how long it takes to get there.

Bellelily provides additional layering pieces at the bottom of the post, that may be similar to the ones I am showing.

bellelily review

Bellelily Review: Bellelily Pros & Cons

BelleLily (, a well-known online women’s fashion store, competes with others like Nike Adidas SHEIN Athleta Victoria’s Secret. Based on an in-depth BelleLily Review, we found that BelleLily, when compared against its competitors, is a middle-range brand. Below is the complete review.

Fair trade products: Is each shop selling fair trade products Is each store fair trade certified?

Face Masks: Which stores stock face masks in their shops? Can I buy face masks at each store?

Made in USA Products: Is each store selling products that are made in America? Are all stores able to manufacture products in America?

Cruelty-free Products: Does each store sell cruelty-free products? Are all stores selling cruelty-free products

Eco-friendly materials: Does each store use eco-friendly materials? Does each store use recyclable materials?

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As of December 21st, 2021, Knoji had 65 BelleLily ratings and reviews. The Knoji editors have reviewed BelleLily, and the Knoji shoppers community has rated it against 0. Top brands. They also evaluated BelleLily on store and product features like ethically-sourced goods. Knoji ranks in comparison to other female clothing shops based upon how many features they offer and on a five-star rating scale. These factors, combined with 65 BelleLily reviews give BelleLily a score of 4.1 points out of 5. BelleLily offers 0 total features such as . BelleLily’s score on reviews also influences its popularity which is lower than other companies.

bellelily review

Our Final Verdict:

Bellelily appears to be one of those suspicious sites based on the facts.

Click > HERE to see the list of suspect sites. Or scroll down to our scams category to view information about different types of scams. You also have the option to navigate to our homepage to read the many informative articles that are divided into various categories. You can also share this review via your social media platforms with friends and family to let them know about this online shop.

Many online shops claim to offer huge discounts on many items, however most are frauds. Don’t trust these websites and make sure you do your research. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

You are very welcome!

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